Michael Fabricant (2) Bad Hair Day

Michael Fabricant and His Extraordinary Hair

Earlier today I watched with fascination as MP Michael Fabricant tried to put a positive gloss on his boss’s involvement in the notorious ‘Partygate’ scandal.

The source of my fascination was not however the content of the interview itself. Rather, I was fixated by the spectacle of Mr Fabricant’s amazing hair. Could this preposterous barnet possibly be real I asked myself, or (as seems more likely) is it in fact a ludicrously bad syrup?

Initially I was of the opinion that the nation must be told the truth. But after briefly pondering on the matter, I decided that in this case, the truth is actually irrelevant.

Either way, the man looks like a total cunt.

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Nominated by: Ron Knee

62 thoughts on “Michael Fabricant (2) Bad Hair Day

  1. My wife said, “I wonder what he looks like bollock-naked”
    Now I can’t get the image of that out of my head.
    Thanks a bunch !

  2. It’s isn’t real
    It can’t be real
    I refuse it to be real
    Even the wig has stated there is nothing it can do to improve him being less of a cunt.

  3. Nah, can’t be a wig. Who would make a thing like that and expect some cunt to pay money for it? Here’s my theory……..

    Michael’s Mum has been cutting his hair since he was a kid. She’s getting old and a bit senile now and you can see the results for yourself. He can’t get it cut professionally because she’d notice and get upset. He’s all she’s got the poor old dear. Michael loves his Old Mum so he puts up with it. It’s quite sweet really. Even a lying, bullshitting, brown envelope grabbing MP has a heart.
    It’s the only possible explanation.

  4. Wiggy ! My local’ish’ MP
    You just can’t help staring – and it’s worse in real life….like passing a car crash…you don’t want to rubberneck, but cannot stop youself
    WIGGY !

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