Michael Fabricant (2) Bad Hair Day

Michael Fabricant and His Extraordinary Hair

Earlier today I watched with fascination as MP Michael Fabricant tried to put a positive gloss on his boss’s involvement in the notorious ‘Partygate’ scandal.

The source of my fascination was not however the content of the interview itself. Rather, I was fixated by the spectacle of Mr Fabricant’s amazing hair. Could this preposterous barnet possibly be real I asked myself, or (as seems more likely) is it in fact a ludicrously bad syrup?

Initially I was of the opinion that the nation must be told the truth. But after briefly pondering on the matter, I decided that in this case, the truth is actually irrelevant.

Either way, the man looks like a total cunt.

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Nominated by: Ron Knee

62 thoughts on “Michael Fabricant (2) Bad Hair Day

  1. The lad’s always good value for money comedy wise I reckon. At the moment a bit of light relief is sorely needed (as the bishop said to the actress).

  2. He looks like Donald Trumps hippy British cousin or he has a toy Pekingese squatting on his head.

    Morning cunters.

  3. Fuck me that’s ridiculous!

    No doubt such elaborate wigs and the maintenance thereof is claimed on expenses.

    Quite the dandy.

    Quite the cunt.

  4. His Surname is Fabricant from the latin origin “Fabricat” something made up….yes his surname dipicts he is a liar and his wig looks like one of Diana Doors old ones. CUNT!

  5. My understanding its an outrageous syrup, but he knows it and plays on it. The other odd fact about him is he has a house with a male friend, but he has never come out about his sexuality not that I care, but it adds to the strangeness of him. On balance I don’t mind him too much but he is on balance a massive bell-end.

  6. In the early 60s a boy at my school had a wig like that, it’s a national elf wig.
    We threw it down every toilet, played frisbee with it and booted it round the classroom floor. He was a great kid and we liked him, we just hated that thing on his head and so did he, He gave up wearing it eventually as his mum kept putting it in the twin-tub and it got all matted like a felt beehive.
    Fabricunt must have got that from a charity shop, the national ELF haven’t made those for decades.

  7. Told this story before to Miserable but worth retelling.

    That programme with the Frenchman a blind date in a restaurant. This time Celebrities. Michael Frabricant.

    As an aside here doesnt his name match his wearing of IT? Fabricant’s fabricated hair?

    Certainly not Fab. Like the ‘mop tops’. They had strong healthy hair.

    Anyway they got someone for him eminently compatible; a Conservative lady who worked for the party at a local level.

    Like a house on fire they were getting along-enjoying the food and wine; their political beliefs matching each other.

    Finished the meal, laid back, time to relax.

    The mistake she made was her becoming too relaxed (the wine had flown prodigiously) and she started to talk candidly.

    The subject moved on to projecting an image in politics. Then his image in the public eye.

    Oh no she isnt going to mention it. Surely not. She isnt going to mention it.

    I better say here IT was especially skewiff that day. Like balanced on his head.

    She’s not going to mention it.
    She did.

    Silence. Shock and horror. Deepljy hurt he was. How could she say such a thing? The lady mortified at his reaction. Sorry sorry sorry.

    No good. She’d mentioned ithe unmentionable.

    Sat in excruciating silence for the rest of their time there, amongst the empty plates and glasses, looking round.

    ‘I think we better go’ said he. ‘Yes’ she said.

    Did they meet afterwards to decide if they wanted another date?

    No that was it -they didnt meet but were interviewed separately on ‘how the date went’.

    M Fabricant still appalled at what had been said to him. The conservative lady still (a bit) mortified but saying he was childish in his reaction.

  8. Talk of the devil – Fabricunt is live on TalkRadio as we speak.

    Morning all. 👍

  9. Fabric ant has ridiculous hair and it makes him look a twat – an impression confirmed whenever he opens his mouth. Get a hair cut.

  10. He is obviously a Star Wars fanatic: he is sporting the Luke Skywalker wig, from the original film.
    Disappointedly, he left his blaster and light sabre at home☹️

    He heads up the Westminster fan club, other members include:

    -David Lammy as Jabba the Hut

    -Diane Abbott as Ja Ja Binks

    -Jezza Corbyn as Obi-Wank

    -Q,weer Stammerer as Luke’s Aunty

    -Pritti Useless as Princess Leia

    -Boris Johnson as an Ewok

    -John Bercow as R2-D2

    -Jacob Rees-Mogg as C3P0

    -Ian Bloatford as the Death Star

    -The Lib Dem’s as the band from the Mos Eisley Cantina

    and of course, the star

    -Tony B. Liar as the evil Emperor


  11. Reminds me of when Spitting Image used to take the piss out of that obnoxious little twat paul Daniels, his syrup used to spin around and fuck off, ” Not a Lot”….Arsehole..

    • I think mr Fabric conditioner looks great.
      Like a young Robert Redford.
      Obviously a ladiesman.

      I didn’t even realise it was a wig.

      If the Tories had more good looking heterosexual lads like Mickey they wouldn’t be as popular as cancer.

  12. He is good comedy value, his hair is all part of the show.

    If only the Barnet had a voice 😂

    • I wonder if he’s got a name for it. I suggest Kevin or Brian.
      Bryan the Syrup has a certain feel to it I think.
      Fucking hell, if I lost my hair I’d rather go aroundwith a Jean-Luc any day of the week.

    • Me mam would bollock him wearing a hat indoors.

      “Take that hat off please”

      Im not wearing a hat.

      “Don’t play silly beggars,
      Get that hat off indoors’

      Madam I assure you its not a hat.

      “Gimme that fuckin hat right now!”

      Short scuffle,
      Michael de-wigged and given a backhander.
      Stood in the light of day,
      Bald as a badger.

    • Alan Bennett, would I feel, be a perfect voice over for the said hair piece…humble , pensive yet assured. CUNT!

      • Oh if only.
        Bennett would get a good half an hour’s monologue out of it.
        ‘Talking Heads’!!

  13. Most certainly glued on with some old horse hooves from fiddler’s estate.

  14. It has a sheen and rigidity of nylon about it. It is not blonde, but the bright yellow colour of a cotton duster.

    I wouldn’t stand too close to any fires or sources of ignition if I were him.


  15. Hamsters matured in the colon of Fat Reg were cruelly imprisoned in cages as Jeff Bezis impersonator Fabricunt said “grow that golden hair my daaahlings”..

  16. It would be a pity of we were all the same, you need some characters in life. I quite like Michael, he is a bit of a cunt, but then aren’t we all?

  17. Rather than the farright neo nazi look of shaving my head,
    I regret not taking to wearing a wig when I went bald.
    A Tony Curtis or a Dave Hill from Slade would be my syrup of choice.
    Too late now,
    Lost my bottle.

    • Mnc@ – Or the ultimate – a William Shatner wig – if you can fight to the death with an evil alien and not disturb your syrup or burst your corset that’s the one to have!

      • Foxy@
        Billy Shatners problem was his wig suited him.
        Too realist also.
        You want something that doesn’t match your eyebrows and is made for a much larger head like Mr Fabric pants.

      • Billy Shatner was a jew you know?!!
        I found out recently.
        Doesn’t look it does he?!

        Spock does.

    • MNC I too shave and have too much testosterone pumping around my body. Bald and constantly thinking about shagging……I wanted to go for the Leo Sayer (Kevin Keegan 80’s) wig but alas, I too bottled it. People with hair are cunts! #theetoo

    • If you are going to do it, may as well go full throttle and go for the Elvis wig circa 1976 in his fat jumpsuit with a burger in one hand.

  18. Looks like he should do an air guitar duo with “Jesus wants me for a sunbeam” B Liar. Or in a 70s police drama.

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