Amazon [10] and Visa

The expected change regarding the use of Visa credit cards on will no longer take place on January 19.

We are working closely with Visa on a potential solution that will enable customers to continue using their Visa credit cards on 

Should we make any changes related to Visa credit cards, we will give you advance notice. Until then, you can continue to use Visa credit cards, debit cards, Mastercard, American Express, and Eurocard as you do today.

Thank you for being an Amazon customer.

This is a copy of the email I had from Amazon, whose back pedalling has caused a tsunami, the utter, utter cunts.

Fuck off, Amazon. I’m never ordering from you ever again, on account of you being massive tax dodging cunts, staff abusing cunts, customer deriding cunts, and basically, yes that’s right, cunts!

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

(More info from this old nom – Day Admin Visa and Amazon )

42 thoughts on “Amazon [10] and Visa

  1. Amazon is a life saver for me right now. They have things available that my normal distributors don’t right now or it takes eons to get. Plus I’m helping to fund Jeff’s rocket dildo.

  2. Once Amazon completes their monopolisation goal of merging with Meta/Facebook and the conglomeration controls all non-supermarket electronic commerce, you’ll not have much of a choice, alas.

  3. The cunt that is Amacunt has Amacunt fresh shops in London. Places where hipster cunts go like giggling school children – no tills, just walk out.

    There’s one near where I live and ever single person going in and out looks like a cunt, the type that would sucky, sucky 5 dollar Bezos and jizz in his winky eye.

    Cunts all of them.

  4. I’ve never understood why people pay on Amazon with a credit card…I get quite a few things off Amazon but always use a debit card..

    • Should add that I like Amazon,as I say,I get quite a few things and have never had any bother with returns or cancellations…would feel unsure about giving card details to some of those other sites where you don’t know who you’re giving the information.

      Couldn’t give a fuck about how badly Amazon employees may be treated. It is also up to Governments to get together and work out how to fairly tax these multi-nationals….it seems that there is no will to do that and until laws are changed the likes of Amazon aren’t doing anything wrong…I know that I wouldn’t pay a fucking extra Penny if I can legally ( or illegally) get away with it.

      • What the man above said. I have bagged items off Amazon that I can’t get elsewhere and also pitch up the next day.

        If people have a beef about the tax they pay (or don’t pay) then it is down to Boris and his goonies to sort it out. No-one or company is going to pay unnecessary extra tax just to show what a caring individual or organisation they are, unless they are sanctimonious cunts of course.

    • That’s because, being a normal Yorkshire tight fisted cunt, I want something for nothing. In the case of credit cards it’s interest free credit, at least until the bill due date, when I pay it off in full.
      Between bills, my cash sits in my bank account where it earns interest, all be it a miserly amount, but it’s mine, all mine!
      Those pennies add up, I’ll have you know.

      • I see your point but I just like to pay for things and know that it’s done.

  5. The change worked for me. I swapped to a MasterCard recently and Amazon gave me £20. Result.

  6. As long as they put the likes of John Lewis outta business and rid us of the poxy high street and its shit offerings I’m ok with using Amazon …

    Have to say that ol’ Beeeezos has the whiff of cuntishness about him tho’

    • The High Street, Town Centre, in Sheffield has been taken over by tramps, drug users & rough sleepers.
      I wouldn’t go there in daylight, never mind night.
      It’s a total toilet, as is most of Sheffield.
      There’s a few decent areas left, but not many. I’m going to join Elder and Hubby when they emigrate to Canada.
      I’ve been invited.

  7. I like Westerns! Lots of them. I get them all to watch on Amazon Prime. Long may Amazon prosper.

  8. It was all brinkmanship to get the payment behemoth Visa to come back to the table with preferential terms.
    I’d already decided to fuck amazon off if they tried to tell me how I could pay.
    Too many companies take us for granted as it is I dare say..
    Anyhow now they are friends again I’ll continue to use them from time to time as it helps fund that despicable cunt Bezos giant firework.
    I hope I live to see the day it explodes with him in it.
    On the launch pad or on the way to Mars suites me.
    We are but worms to these billionaire cunts anyway.

    • Alternatively if he and his space bum chums could land next to my shed I’d be delighted to deliver them to oven.

    • I have something similar with PayPal, it simply refuses to accept the card I want to use as it has a much better interest rate than my others. They keep telling me that it’s a problem with MasterCard, despite the fact that it works perfectly well EVERYWHERE else, and I must (fucking must??) use another card. When I rang MasterCard about it they told me there is nothing wrong with either my card or my account and, in so many words, PayPal are cunts. I agreed and nowadays simply pay directly by card. Fuck ’em. At one point I even got an email from PayPal asking me why I had stopped using them, I told them why but they didn’t seem that bothered. Suits me, neither am I.

      • Moggie@ – PayPal are indeed thieves (they stole my money and had to be threatened with legal action before they refunded me) – there were so many complaints about them that Ebay stopped using them – and went to their own system where they now hold the payment for two working days – sly robbing fkers!

  9. I’ve been onsite a few days and been out of touch but did I just read that some smackhead Micks carried a stiff into a Post Office to steal its pension?

    Is that story real? really?

  10. The minute I know I’m flying back to the UK, I descend on Amazon like a herd of hungry Wasps. I order up everything I cannot get out here and at a much better price. I don’t have to dodge the filthy gimmigrants or housing association scratcher cunts that blemish the high street and then find what I want is a higher price or not in stock. Also, I don’t have to deal with lazy cunt shop assistants who insist on addressing me as ‘mate!’ I sit in the garden and just listen for the doorbell to ring. All hail, Amazon! Bringer of gifts.

  11. I have a sneaking respect for that baldie bastard. He took an online bookseller to the status of Bond villain world domination. That really does take some business acumen. For anybody who uses Amazon and knows how to read, try a book called The Store by James Patterson. Ironically, it’s available from Amazon, but check your local library first. You’ll find it strangely, and uncomfortably, familiar.

  12. At least Ama zon delivers parcels, often next day, unlike the fucking “post” office…..

    • The Post Office doesn’t deliver anything, Royal Mail do. They’re different companies, and have been for a while.

  13. I must confess to using Amazon, mostly with no problems but on the odd occasion when things don’t go quite right it gets sorted out fairly quickly.
    Having worked for a short time in Distribution centre I can imagine working at an Amazon warehouse will be a right pain in the arse but it’s a job and ok for the lower orders 😂
    Very pleased they are continuing to use Visa, I would be fucked without it 👏

    • I worked in a distribution centre (Fulfillment Centre, yeah, right) for 3 weeks on nights through an agency. I got some unidentified virus that laid me out for a fortnight. I was told that Amazon don’t get rid of staff because of illness. No, but the fucking agency do. Working there is monitored totally, and I mean pretty much every single thing you do is monitored.

      • Good job I didn’t listen to the job centre cunt who was trying to get me to work for Amazon. I dodged a bullet there by the sounds of it.

      • The money wasn’t bad, but the conditions were crap. I was once given a ‘verbal positive’. Wtf is that? Opposite of a verbal warning. I was fired a week later.

    • My dealings with Amazon have usually been very satisfactory. When I first read this story I was greatly relieved to find it was about credit cards. Mine’s a Visa Debit.

  14. Amazon don’t want to use Visa, no more, ‘cos they charge to much to process the payment. Which you, fellow cunters, have to pay. RBS are doing the same. Keeps costs down for us old cunts. Much as you moan about your “point of contact” payments, at least the big bastard banks are trying to protect us from even bigger bastard banks

    ps , never had any probs. with Amazon

    pps Amazon have killed the High Street. Cunts. But, I need a new pair of shoes, and, er, there is no shoe shop within 100 miles. Amazon, next day.!! No politics, just market forces, and all of you “shop local” cunts want to shop local – help yourselves

  15. Just go on ebay,find what you want,contact the seller,buy direct. They want our business.
    Fuck Baztardoss and his final frontier pomposity. He’s as bad as that pickle beardy cunt from virgin.
    In best Derek and Clive voice “wot a cunt”.

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