The Red Wall

The Red Wall.

The so called “Red Wall” deserves a cunting because it’s all we ever hear of in the news, as if it were the beginning and end of everything. Red Wall MP’s are a moaning bunch of cry babies and really ought to shut up. I’m more tired of them than I am of the deceitful, bumbling Boris. They deserve each other.

Red Wall hysteria started as soon as they and Boris were elected and hasn’t let up since. Boris even posed for a photograph with them where they all looked like the attendees of a particularly rough special needs school. The press has waxed lyrical about how the Red Wall represents a seismic shift in British politics. Along the way the egos of the fragile and sensitive Red Wall politicians has expanded exponentially. They actually think they are important.

But they are not important. They are cunts. Now they are rebelling against the headmaster of their special needs school because they realise the party may be over. They are threatening to cross the floor and one actually has. They cry in the Members Tea Room because the Chief Whip said some rude words to them. How dare the Chief Whip? Doesn’t he know they are important? They claim to be Conservatives but not one of them will stand up and fight for true Conservativism (as opposed to Johnsonian social liberalism). They sit there blubbering because they are wet social democrats scared that when they get home their coal mining dad will belt them for pretending to be conservatives.

A towering wall of cuntishness and I’m fed up with the lot of them.

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84 thoughts on “The Red Wall

  1. Funny thing about the conservative party,
    Most aren’t conservative.
    Seems to be made up of fuckin wet liberals with a healthy dollop of green spastics.

    I wouldn’t be seen dead voting for any of these sex cases.
    That albino has fucked his party right up!
    Taxes, taxes, taxes, trying to chisel back loss of revenue from covid pandemic,
    But its his government that squandered most of it.
    Fuck the tories
    Fuck labour
    Fuck them all.

      • The late Alan Clark, AKA the late Toad of Toad Hall, was a total cunt.

        He spent his time as an MP lusting over Margaret Thatcher and fantasising over her “dainty ankles” – although he said he “did’nt want to jump on her”. Probably because a sexual encounter with Thatcher would have been terminal.

        He had a fantastic collection of vintage sports cars, though. Otherwise a total cunt.

      • This little gem is sighted on Wiki for Alan Clarke,

        While involved in the Matrix Churchill trial he was cited in a divorce case in South Africa, in which it was revealed he had had affairs with Valerie Harkess, the wife of a South African barrister, and her daughters, Josephine and Alison. After sensationalist tabloid headlines, Clark’s wife Jane remarked upon what Clark had called “the coven” with the line: “Well, what do you expect when you sleep with below-stairs types?” She referred to her husband as an “S, H, one, T”. – A fair summation from his wife I would say.

    • Afternoon, Mr Miserable.
      That’s pretty much exactly how I feel at the moment. And I can’t wait to spoil my ballot paper next G.E. Bring it, cunts.

    • All that money to ‘save the nhs’ and now, in typical Tory fashion they want it paid back by the plebs. Smartish.
      There’s no tangible alternative to the ‘Conservatives’ either. Labour is now the party of LGBT and dark keys, and nothing else.

      • Totally and exactly – add in soy-boys, objects like Eddie Izzard and the total homo lezbo”entertainment” industry and stinking feminists, and commies, all those ultra Fascists who only agree with free speech if it accords with their own perverted views, all overseen by a Brylcreemed ridden arsehole

  2. They just want their chair at the table.
    Red yellow green grey they give not a fuck.
    Raise it all to the ground and put a Duke of Wellington in charge of the shithouse.

    • Politics has degenerated to primordial levels this century. We need a total clearing of the stables this decade. Put the Mafia in charge, at least they have codes of honour, unlike the shower of narcissistic numpties we have these days.

      • “yo! Fat Tony.
        Wadda ya gonna do bout fishing quotas?”

        “Any of youse mugs wanna come fishing with us?”

      • I’d like to see power devolved to local councils and then more people would show up to council meetings and put pressure on the councillors. I don’t really give a shit about the big picture of Britain, I just want my city to be clean and vibrant. The SNP are so fucking useless and so are local councils. Everyone feels like this in their city/town/wife-swapping village. It’s time to get back to basic politics, ie. the state of your own house, street, area, city. Small governance works, but once you get to macro-politics, it all becomes dehumanised and eventually psychopathic, a country and world ran by psychopaths. A ‘psychopracy’. I just coined a new word! Mars bar, please!

      • That’s the crux of things pal, de-centralise gubmint, those cunts don’t know what it’s like where I live, local governance, elections and regular public meetings are necessities.
        You elitist airy fairy fuckers are going to be held accountable, any malfeasance and the mob fucks you up big time, so deface your ballot paper, on camera, in front of the polling booth.
        Give parish councils more authority , no to globalism and NWO and let those lamp posts bear many fruit.
        Power to the people.

      • “Local Governance” Power to the people ? Muslim enclave, Ganga Territory, Slope City, Wonga Ville. Spikland, Polandia !

        That would be the end game !

  3. Last weeks defector to Labour, Christian Wakeford, managed to call Kier Starmer “Kier Llama” at his unveiling at a press conference. Hardly the hero worship and cult of personality Magic Grandpa enjoyed, they are fucking welcome to him. He will sink like a Somali in the Channel and soon be forgotten about, Anna Sourtits and Chuka Umbongo anyone?

    • Chukka is currently touring in a Little Richard Tribute Show. He is one of the Shirrelles, for those whose memory goes back that far. Anna has a large chest for sale at her Soho flat.

  4. £90,000.00 + expenses, no fucking wonder the cunts are worried. Back to aldi stacking shelves for most of them….🤞

  5. Point of Order!!

    Shouldn’t it be referred to as the ‘Former’ red wall, it’s been repainted blue but may be moving to a kind of purple.

    Is the report out yet? I watched the BBC2 coverage of PMQs and in the run up to the actual Parliament show all they could talk about was ‘is it here yet’, Islamophobia and fucking Rashford having a jolly with some cunt who dislikes Jews.

  6. I’d have thought that they were actually representing the views of many voters who feel utterly betrayed.

    • They are there for £80k and massive expenses my lovely MP Lee Anderson is about as Tory as The beast of Bolsover, Union man labour until he was independent then a true blue, blocks every one who questions him.

      • Aye,no doubt that they’re mainly a bunch of untrustworthy Cunts who’d rob their own Granny but I reckon a lot of them will have been getting swamped with complaints about Boris and his parties from constituents.

  7. Cunts crossing the floor are extremely rare to say the least but it’s a symptom of the shitfest Parliament has become. These Red Wall motherfuckers probably never expected to win in the first place but now they’ve dipped their greedy snouts in the trough they want a lot more of that, thanks very much.
    This Wakeford cunt has obviously got a panic on and has decided to join what he perceives as the winning side like the miserable little shitstain he is. Is he French or something?
    They are all cunts….red wall, blue wall, green wall, Hadrian’s Wall, the Great Wall of China…..all fucking bastards. I piss up their fucking wall.

    • The only wall Granny Rayner knows is the one she got pregnant up against by some spotty yoof.

      • I doubt she knows the father’s ID…

        We’re having a gang-bang
        We’re having a ball
        We’re having a gang-bang
        Against the wall.

        That was probably what happened…

  8. Sick of reading about these fuckers. If they want Starmer the beer drinker then vote for the shitstain and suffer the consequences.

  9. 650 people who should not have the job they have, do not do the job they have and are not for for the job they have – but, like shit to a blanket appear impossible to shift – how much longer can the UK survive with such patently lousy people “in charge”?
    The freakfest that is mainstream politics just guarantees more of the same – it is like choosing who to go to dinner with out of Jeffrey Dahmer or Hannibal Lector.
    Time to get rid.
    Of them all.
    The people need to vote in independent candidates or we will just have more (and worse) of the same.

  10. Much as I dislike pampered MPs we have to remember that keeping them – and their constituents happy – is the best way of keeping the Queen of Woke, Mary Ann Starmer out of Downing Street and his bunch of nancy boys, darkies, feminist communists,apologists for Muslim kiddy-fiddling and that cheap tramp Rayner. It might well be a price worth paying.

  11. Im Redwall typical.
    Only time ive ever voted tory.
    Because of Brexit.
    And christ did I learn a harsh lesson.
    I didn’t want that skid mark Jeremy Corbyn because I thought hed be a hopeless lefty cunt whod fuck up the country.
    Well I got that anyway.

    • Its a mess alright Miserable. Putin must be in his bunker laughing to himself whilst Boris is investigated for illegal birthday parties and Biden is taking his afternoon nap and dribbling on himself.

      • LL@ – “Rule breach” as opposed to illegal.
        There are no covid laws, just rules they pretend are laws to intimidate people.

    • Mnc@ – All I ever voted was Labour, but at the last election I could not in all good conscience vote for any of them, and I suspect a lot of traditional Labour voters only voted Tory because they knew what a disaster Labour would be.
      But Johnson seems to be on a now daily mission to destroy the Tories so they will boot him into the HOL when they get hammered at the forthcoming local elections.
      None are worth a vote or a job.

    • Could that cunt have been any worse though? I really do wonder. No more “least worst option” for me – spoilt ballots are the way to go.

  12. What annoys me is how the Tories have performed the last two years in general and in previous Labour strongholds. What a wasted opportunity. I know I sound boring as I’ve said it a few times, but the electorate of Sheffield would vote for Ho Chi Minh if he wore a red rosette. Years of abject failure by Labour over the last 40 years yet they still get voted in in Sheffield. The 80 seat majority will dwindle down to single figures if Doris is in charge at the next election. A change must be made.

    • Bob, you are not wrong.
      They’d vote for Shergars rotting corpse, if it wore a red rosette.
      Blinkered idiots, A’m votin’ Labour, ’cause me Dad does!

      • Not only that, but when women got the vote, married women were accompanied to the voting station by their husbands, who told them who to vote for, and the voting officer allowed it.

  13. Watch the recent parliamentary committee debate on standards.

    Ian Hislop (cunt) was invited to provide evidence. No fan of Hislop but jeez, the fuckers on the committee. He did have a go go at them.

    For supposedly intelligent people they really could not see that an MP being paid by a lobbyist or employed by a third party was wrong, especially when then voting in legislation that they benefit from (Owen Paterson).

    It’s on YouTube, it’ll make your cock bleed purple piss. Especially the Tory (ex lawyer) that loves the sound of his own voice and tries to explain a free ticket to a football match given to an office aide, because they had ‘worked hard’.

    They are a fucking disgrace.

      • My local one is as pissed as a fart from morning to night, He sometimes tears of an angry letter to the local paper, though I suspect his buck-toothed 13 year old daughter writes them and he signs them. Usually taken suddenly drunk, er, sorry – ill, before the council meetings

  14. Walls are good for….
    Keeping cunts out.
    Keeping cunts in.
    Spraying graffiti on.
    ‘ I shagged Sharon here ‘
    ‘ It was nice ‘

    ‘ Get To Fuck ‘

    • And the latest heap of wank from HSBC and E I Addio, the shit-rown man in the shit-brown suit.
      Fuck me ragged, it’s even worse, and longer, than “We are not an island…”

  15. ‘All politicians are motherfucking shithouses’

    Adele; lyric from the 2015 album ‘Weasel Cunts’.

    • Never thought id see a Adele quote on here Ron!😀
      That legit?
      If so she’s right.
      Anyway what does that daft bitch know.

      • Mis. Adele knows how to demolish a pack of ten jam doughnuts in one go, and how to suck black cock.

        Thats about it.

      • Adele’s albums are named after her IQ-the next one will be tied “38”.

      • I think the number actually represents her BMI, CG.

        The next album is rumoured to be titled 40+.

        Or, she might ditch the numbers theme, and title her next autobiographical album, “The Dark Side Of The Coon”.

        Who Knows? But I’m already waiting with baited breath.

      • I think the number actually represents her BMI, CG.

        The next album is rumoured to be titled 40+.

        Or, she might ditch the numbers theme completely, and title her next autobiographical album, “The Dark Side Of The Coön”

        Who Knows? But I’m already waiting with baited breath.

    • Actually, that’s Adele 2015 ” My support crew are Weasel Cunts ( for making me take the blame)

  16. I really couldn’t give a fuck about politics or politicians any more.
    They’re all lying, nest feathering cunts.
    I’d willingly lay waste to the lot of them, with a baseball bat.
    David Lammy would probably soak up a fair bit of punishment, the fat cunt.
    Jacob Rees Mogg would crumple at the first blow, the soppy twat.
    Just fuck off.

    • Oh can I play?
      Political pig baseball!👍
      Id get a homerun on Diane Abbott,
      Shed go straight over the bleachers.
      That Johnathan Ashworth? 💥💥💥 Like fuckin Babe Ruth!
      Boris next,
      And the crowd are covered in Brains, this truly is a historic day for yank rounders!

      • Have Stuart Hall commentating. ‘ It’s A Knockout ‘ style.
        Save him for last.
        Have a hologram of Eddie Waring shouting
        ” He’s going for an up and undeeeeer ! ”
        As Stuart’s jawbone ricochets off The Speaker’s chair. 😀
        Evening, MNC 👍

      • Heehee 😀
        Evening Jack.

        Political murder as sport
        How marvelous!!

        “Hahahaha, and theres teeth everywhere!
        Hohohho and now hes attacking the belgians! Hahahaha”
        -Stuart Hall

    • We ought to have a UK version of The Purge where, for 24 hours, politicians, councillors, civil servants, council employees etc are fair game. I reckon just one of those days would dramatically alter the direction this shithole of a country is going in.

  17. What we need is a war. Come on you Reds. Ukraine awaits you.

    Seriously, amazing how the Charleston era came to a grinding halt with a depression and a world war. Probably the only way we’ll get a reset to sanity.

    • Dear greasy, oily gaylord Vladimir Putin.

      We aren’t scared of a bunch of honkeytonks from Russia!
      Bring it on!
      Bring your boyfriend.
      We’ll fuckin batter you.
      Your nothing but a bunch of disco dancers.
      Oh and when you show up put a shirt on luvvy.

      Your better
      Mr V.Zelensky
      Hardest man in Ukraine 💋

      Sent to the Russian embassy

      • Vla vla vladputien

        Russia’s greatest war machine

        Vla vla Vlad-putin

        Invader of the Ukrainian 🎶🎶

        With apologies to Boney M

        Still better lyrics than that cunt Bono writes…

      • Nice one Mis, you are the Kissinger of the modern day!
        Talking of hard men, isn’t Klitchko or however you spell his fucking name foreign secretary for Ukraine?

  18. Ffs, don’t wish that on us, we’re already being invaded by the weak and needy, aren’t we, all those poor young men, of fighting age, here to have their TB treated, I’m sure!
    I hope they are all being kept isolated, we don’t want another epidemic.
    Maybe it’s a new version of the vest wearing bomber.

  19. As a mark of respect my wife is wearing Meatloaf knickers.
    On the front they read I would do anything for love.
    On the back.
    But I won’t do that

      • I still think Blackford would tip the scales in a weigh-in.

        Boris is a fat cunt though.

        Avid cyclist? If Boris so much looked at a pair of handlebars, he would break into a cold sweat.

  20. Johnson answers his witch hunters by saying that
    3.Stop dishing out benefits to idle scum who don’t contribute to society.
    4.De-fund the BBC.
    5.Get rid of the concept of perceived “hate crime “.
    Make “wokery” a criminal offence.

    Admit that you can’t change how people think and acknowledge that you’ll never get rid of so called “waycizm” and homo/trans fobia.

    6.Stop giving the EU money and giving in to their demands. A simple “fuck you” is all it takes.
    7.Build twice as many acute hospitals ( and Major Trauma Units) that we have now.
    Train enough front line staff to run them.
    Make the NHS pay for dentistry and adult social care .People who’ve never done a day’s work can fuck off.
    8.Get your fucking thick head out of your Classics and learn some simple science.
    You’ll then realise that your flawed green agenda is a waste of money
    Stick your obsession with electric cars up Carrie’s stinking green cunt.
    Stop penalising people who drive petrol and diesel cars.
    9. etc…..
    I’m no expert and don’t pretend to understand politics, but I would have thought that all that that a Party needs to do to ensure that they will always win an election is to look after the people that voted you in and carry out their wishes. Stop wasting your time and money trying to be popular with the scum that hate you and have no intention of giving you their vote. You know it makes sense.

  21. Sent to me by a friend:

    Three contractors bid to fix a fence at 10 Downing Street…
    Three contractors are bidding to fix a broken fence at 10 Downing Street. One is from up North another is from Poland, and the third is a Tory Party Donor. All three go with a Tory Party official to examine the fence.

    The contractor from up north takes out a tape measure and does some measuring, then works some figures with a pencil. “Well,” he says, “I figure the job will run about £9000. £4000 for materials, £4000 for my crew, and £1000 profit for me.”

    The Polish contractor also does some measuring and figuring, then says, “I can do this job for £7000. £3000 for materials, £3000 for my crew, and £1000 profit for me.”

    The Tory party donor doesn’t measure or figure, but leans over to the Tory Party official and whispers, “£27,000.”

    The official, incredulous, says, “You didn’t even measure like the other guys! How did you come up with such a high figure?”

    The Tory Donor whispers back, “£10,000 for me, £10,000 for you, and we hire the guy from Poland to fix the fence.”

    “Done!” replies the Tory party official.

    And that, my friends, is how the Tory Party works these days.

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