Visa and Amazon

Seems that Amazon may no longer allow its customers to use Visa Credit Cards when paying for items from its site. The reason Amazon gives is because of “the continued high cost of payments in terms of fees charged.”

This will take effect from 19th January 2022.(This only affect Visa Credit Cards and not Visa Debit Cards or Mastercard etc.)

The problem involves Visa increasing its fees, and therefore Amazon retaliated by slapping an additional 0.5% surcharge on all Visa Credit Card purchases in Singapore and Australia (with more countries to follow).

Inevitably, the loser is the Amazon customer in both countries, stung with the Visa fee increase, and the Amazon surcharge on top.

However, more closer to home Visa slapped an additional 1.5% fee on cross-border payments between the UK and the EU purely because of some EU loophole that suggests there is no longer a cap on fees for countries who are no longer a member state.

Therefore, Visa, can run roughshod with British consumers when they use their credit cards, and not just for Amazon purchases.

That said Amazon does have a close affinity with rival company, Mastercard. Amazon’s own credit cards are underwritten by Mastercard, and by pushing Visa out of the frame it means Amazon/Mastercard has a nice monopoly going on that the Office of Fair Trading (or whatever the fuck they’re called these days) need to take a look at.

Whatever happens, the customer will probably end up being shafted one way or the other. Amazon is worth £1.7tn, Visa $400bn and Mastercard $320bn as of 2021. It would be interesting to know how much corporation tax these cunts pay to the UK Treasury?

So not only can the UK public look forward to a whole raft of price/tax increases next year, this will just add to the misery index forced upon the Little People, while the rich cunts laugh all the way to the bank!

Anyway, if you have a Visa Credit Card linked to your Assizon account be aware that it may no longer be valid come 19th January.

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63 thoughts on “Visa and Amazon

  1. I have never purchased from Amazon and never will
    I despise everything about this awful organisation
    They clutter our roads up with questionable drivers
    Too much open to fraud and have ruined shopping for most
    I normally pay with a credit card because of added protection
    Not many will agree with me but Amazon is as evil as the bbc

  2. Credits are cards are soooooo 20th century! Who uses a credit card on Amazon anyway? Debit card, yeah, but credit card? Most purchases on Amazon are under $100. Credits cards are for expensive jewellery and you’d be mad to buy bling on Amazon without seeing it first. You can make a credit card work for if you are a right smart cunt, ie. free shit, air miles, trip to Epstein Island, but it’s a hassle.

  3. Fuck Amazon. Not used it for years. Everything is overpriced. I use eBay, I only had a couple of problems which I was fully refunded. And Jeff bezos can go fuck himself the hypocrical billionaire bellend.

  4. Considering how much their business has increased in the past two years, you’d be right in thinking that they could give their customers a break, but no.
    It’s going to backfire, because I too have now found the joy of buying on ebay, using PayPal which is linked to my Visa, so Amazon can fuck theirselves sideways with a pineapple!

  5. It won’t be long before Mamazon control the World, which will be ruled by Bezos the Merciless from his base on Mamazon Prime 1 (previously known as the Moon).

    • There’s definitely more to Amazon than we are told. No way that Bezos fully owns, runs such a behemoth. And he goes up to the sky in a dick-shaped rocket? I mean… how many people still think that all the shit we see is real these days? LOL!

  6. This is a good news story in one way, self cunting cunts.

    Anything that urges people to use either company less is a good thing.

    Shop locally, use cash wherever possible to make it more difficult for the cunts to impose their tyranny through the horrors of a Central Bank Digital Currency, which they’re plugging hard now, almost as hard as the vaccines.

  7. Ive never bought off Amazon and never will.
    Not because of any concern over market fairness or capitalism in the 21st century.
    Simply because the people who deliver look the kind of people who sleep in a Belarus forest.
    Or land in dinghies in seaside towns.

    • A bedraggled woman from that wacko Hermes firm delivered me my carpet samples the other day and she made a sort of grunting noise to acknowledge me when I came to the door and she didn’t hand me the parcel, just laid it up against the door frame as I held my hand out. People are de-evolving right before our eyes.

      • Where do you get your flashers macs Miserable? Are they bespoke from a posh gentleman’s shop in London or handed down though the family?

      • Theyre awarded to you LL.
        Certain differences in the tailoring denotes rank.
        Theres a training mack for newbies, young flashers.
        A intermediary mack for level1-2, and peeping Toms,
        Then the Grandmaster® mack.
        This is strictly for professional or time served flashers.
        Drip dry, multi pocketed and comes with a fake arm.
        Theres also a polar edition for Eskimos (sealskin lined!)
        But ive never seen one.

        If like me your a fan of Colombo,
        Peter Falk is wearing a honorary mack awarded by the Peak District Flashers association by head flasher Dirty John Sharples.

      • It sounds like a grubby version of the Freemasons but with less human sacrifice. Is there an initiation process where you are in your intermediary mack and have to flash Fanny Fiddler before Dick spots you and releases the hounds?

      • I don’t know if your angling to join LL,
        but we don’t take your sort!!

        We are a honest bunch who express ourselves through indecent exposure.

        Standards need to be maintained!
        Let you in and may as well rip up the rulebook.

      • Cunty, you really ought to see the video clip I have, of a peaceful delivering a parcel to daughters house. He was absolutely off his face. Staggers across the road, throws the parcel into the front and then leans over the fence to shout for Hughie in the neighbours front.
        Caught on camera. They sent it to, yes, Amazon!

      • I understand Miserable, my little member hibernating like a dormouse in winter would bring shame and ridicule on the fraternity.

      • I’m sorry LL.
        But I stand at the piss stone in the pub, unzip my fly and all you hear is the thud of meat hitting porcelain.

        Ive had to have my winky insured!
        Endowment policy 😁

        Like a gorillas arm holding a grapefruit.

  8. Amazon is more expensive than Ebay, so I use Ebay – I wanted to set up an Amazon business account but it involved payment and jumping through hoops so no.
    If using Ebay check out the business details before buying, and delivery times.
    I used ti have loads of credit cards when I was earning decent money, when I was made redundant I cut them up and paid them all off except for my Morgan Stanley Dean Witter card – when 9/11 occurred all the financial records were destroyed and I neve heard another word from them again.

    • Excellent, Vernon. Every cloud, etc.
      That’s also why I use ebay now. Cheaper prices for the same item, better at delivery, rarely late, frequently earlier than expected. No hassle if the item ordered doesn’t arrive, refunded, no problem.
      So far, I’ve never had to return anything and only had one no show.

  9. So they are being overbearing cunts ?
    Not happy with telling us what cunts we are for ruining the planet?
    Expensive having a space ship?
    Money a bit tight?
    Have to pass on the fee?
    Course you do.
    Because you are a cunt.
    A money obsessed slave driving cunt.
    Fuck off.

  10. I’ve been fed up with Amazon for a little while now. The whole business of delivery being free if you spend over £20. But only if it’s supplied by Amazon. Less than £20 and you can almost guarantee a £4.95 delivery charge. So I started looking elsewhere and often find what I want cheaper and with free delivery, no matter the fucking price.

    • I’ve brought stuff over the years but never been tempted by their Amazon Prime trial mainly because I wouldn’t use it enough but didn’t like the idea of something that would likely be a fucking nightmare to get out of.

      • They make it so easy to click on the link by accident, something I have done at least a couple of times, but nearly fucking impossible to find the cancellation button without looking up instructions to do so. I’ve never continued after a few days into the trial.

      • exact same sellers are always on ebay and always with zero postage, cannot fathom why anyone would ever use amazon

    • Yep Moggie.
      I bought some butterfly decorations, £ 4.99, free delivery.
      Were they worth it, Hell yes.

  11. I’ve been using Amazon since it was an online second hand book shop.
    I’ll still use them, but less and less if they’re going to try and force my hand.
    My Visa credit card allows me one month’s interest free credit, so I can buy expensive stuff that i need right now, like new car tyres, and pay after my wages are in the bank.
    I’m happy with that arrangement, so no, I wont be updating my method of payment.

  12. I don’t have Visa credit cards, but when I wrote this nom what really irked me was the fact that because the UK had supposedly left the EU Visa decided to exploit a loophole whereby non-EU states were no longer protected by a price cap, and hence the 1.5% extra fee for SFA.

    So not only are Amazon cunts, but also Visa. And it makes me laugh that even though we really haven’t fully left the EU (Brino) we’re quick enough to be punished for daring to do so.

    I wonder of Mastercard will do the same?

    • Thanks for the heads up about the Google browser Techno. I had to update.
      Another organisation which has dreams of ruling the world. God help us if Google and Amazon ever amalgamate.

      • It’s just another reason to either hike prices or twist a strategy to their advantage and blame Brexit, Techno.
        “Yeahh, the apples that are grown in the field next to your house are doubling in price because…erm… EU…erm… single market ….erm.. Directive 5.3 … apple quota…..”

      • Evening C-G.
        How’s your Christmas so far? Have you decked your balls with tits of Holly yet?

  13. Never bought a single thing from amazon, the postage looks expensive and i wouldn’t buy enough items in a year to warrant buying their expensive subscription, amazon is slave labour anyway and when the vax mandate comes in they won’t have any staff at all…fuck em hope they go bust

  14. I use Amazon with my Visa, they are cunts.

    Never paid any interest to Visa, always pay it off each month.

  15. I do use Amazon and ebay. I like Amazon in certain respects, especially for techie things ebay doesn’t always have

    I also choose free delivery where possible, and quite often the items will arrive next day.

    But apart from the convenience Amazon are indeed cunts

    • Fleabay is full of chinky shite.
      Its hard not to accidentally buy something the Judy Denches profit from.
      Have to read it like a legal paper just to be safe.
      Sometimes email the seller asking if its British made.

      Sometimes buy off Etsy too.
      Mainly gifts for family.

      • The thing to look at, and something I often forget to check, is the delivery time. You buy something you need the next week only to notice the estimated delivery is 6 fucking weeks or more.

  16. I don’t blame Amazon for not paying more tax than they’re legally obliged to. No way I would volunteer to pay more, so why should they? They’re a business, not a fucking charity. They should self identify as a religious institution and pay nothing.

  17. Why the FUCK can’t they ring my doorbell? They just lay it at the door and jump back in the truck. Ring the FUCKING DOORBELL!!
    This is not too much to ask.
    By the time we see it or get the notice it could have been stolen.

  18. An absolutely spot on cunting.

    It’s the way these multi billion profit companies behave that seriously needs attention. Monopolies. Bigger than the GDP of nearly everywhere yet still greedy for yet more. SMEs priced out of existence

    After all the fucking empty rhetoric there’s still no sign of a proper tech tax. If it were levied at 20% of turnover plus 80% of profits they’d still be coining it.

    A £20 minimum charge for parcels might generate a bit of revenue too….. and stop these bloody endless delivery vans clogging up the roads.

    Amazon and co….. oh do FUCK OFF!

    • It was the buy now at this price that told me it’s a fucking CUNT company. If you are stupid enough to press that button, it automatically sends your entire history into a database. It knows that you, and millions just like you, are a fucking idiot.

  19. Well, just popped out to pick someone up, the fucking idiot delivery cunt from Amazon- left a relatively expensive item, just inside the gate-hundreds if yards from the house and out if sight.
    The fucking cunt.

  20. I love Amazon, it saves me from ever having to go to a shop. On top of that, I loved the recent deal whereby upon signing up for their own credit card, they gave me £40. Credit card has since been cancelled.

  21. Amazon are cu to and that is why I never use them. I actually pay more rather than give money to these tax avoiding cunts.

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