Hershel Fink – A Stereotype No More

Hershel Fink anti-Semitism row

What’s the problem? He is a billionaire controlling CEO of some big corporation. Lots of Jews in that position. We all know the Jews like to control things.

I cant see the problem.

Anyway if they change the character’s name I suppose Shylock will have to be changed. Shylow maybe.

Say they changed the name to George.McDonald of somdthing couldn’t that be constued as being anti WASP?. But its ok to be anti WASP.

What about changing it to Iqbal Patel. Certainly now there are very rich Indian tycoons. But would that be allowed?

Just thought-what I am doing is sticking up for stereotypes. They are stereotypes for a reason. They are typical of a class or race.

A lot of humour indeed serious creativity rely on stereotypes. It’s shorthand. But sometimes you need shorthand.

What comes to mind? Say ‘The Man Who Would Be King’. Two adventurous colonial soldiers in India. Freemasons. Proud to be British. ‘Billy Fish’ a great character. Full of admiration for them. Admiring of the the ‘British way’.

Stop there! Billy Fish would be a stereotype of the subservient Indian. There’s a similar character in A Passage To India.

If those two films were being made now….well I don’t know how they could be made. There would have to have a disclaimer; something like (TMWWBK) ‘this motion picture contains stereotypes of subservient Indians. Please be aware.’

But more deeply. We need universally recognised ‘characters’. Or ‘types’. Or its just like creating the wheel every time you do a play.

All this putting black people in ads. People don’t believe it because it is not typical. You could almost say it is not stereotypical.

We are losing all humour because we cannot talk about types anymore. Because somebody will be offended.

“Hershel Fink anti-Semitism row: Royal Court theatre backers withdraw – BBC News” BBC News Link

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44 thoughts on “Hershel Fink – A Stereotype No More

  1. I recall the row over ‘Camp Coffee”s depiction of the colonial type with the attendant chai wallah.

    Variations that were deemed more palatable were the whitey sitting down but the wallah standing by without the coffee pot to eventually both sitting down and ‘enjoying’ a cup of their horrible stuff.

    They’ve yet to show the white man being stood over by the wallah with the whip hand but it is only a matter of time.

  2. For the record i’m Jewish ex Royal Navy and of course pro Israel I don’t offended by a lot of stuff unless it’s directly aimed this is nonsense and censorship of the worst kind

  3. I still lament the absence of a smiling G.olliw.og on my breakfast marmalade of choice.

    It’s PC gone mad, I tell you!

      • Golliwog etymology:

        – Golli comes from Egyptian Arabic ‘ghuli’ which means ‘ghoul’, that’s where the word ‘ghoul’ comes from.

        – Wog(s) comes from, W.O.G.S. – Working On Government Service (in British-controlled Egypt, 1882-1956)

        So it means ghoul/ghost/lost soul due to being a miserable indentured worker. The dolls made light of this and ‘wog’ became a synonym for ‘nigger’. So, you understand why people found it offensive in the 1960 onward, but companies kept the golliwog image going into the 1990s.

    • possibly the bow tie, implies he was a science nerd and we all know science is racist because gollies don’t understand it

      • The bow tie-as worn by Dark-Keys Black Panther types-to signify membership of the Nation of Islam.
        Usually worn in tandem with a badly fitting suit jacket and large “Dennis Taylor” style glasses 😂

  4. Its all a question of hypocrisy.

    I have no doubt that using a Jewish sounding name was intentional on the part of the writer and not sub-conscious. A left wing playwright knows exactly what he’s doing.

    Of course the one thing he would not do is name a character that’s a mugger Rastas Umbongo Chiggin-licker, even though it would be accurate, because that would be “waaayccism”. But Jews don’t count in the left wing mentality.

    By the way, jews really don’t like to control everything any more than anyone else.

      • I never considered sea-jews Navy Cunt!!
        Any of your lads could part the sea or walk on water?😁

      • He’d Avi the sailor man
        Hates people from Pakistan
        He’s strong to the finish
        kosher meat with spinach
        He’s Avi the sailor maaaan



    • Herschel is an old Hebrew name that means a deer as in the animal. Fink is an old Slavic, Germanic, Yiddish name/word which means finch as in the bird.

      A lot of ‘Jewish-sounding’ names aren’t Jewish. Norman Jewison, great veteran filmmaker, made Fiddler on the Roof! Surely Jewish! No, Protestant:

      Meanwhile, Harrison Ford is… Jewish! “As an actor, I feel Jewish” he says. He has a Jewish mother, good for him not hiding his Jewish side.

      The whole, “who is a Jew?” is not always a bad question. That site I link is ran by Jews in New York who try to figure out who is proud to be a Jew, who isn’t and who i shown anti-Jewish behaviour, so Mel Gibson is listed, Hitler and other ambiguous people like Jesus, Noah, etc. Great site. I’ve used it many times to get a balanced, factual-but-funny perspective on Jewishness. A lot of people fall into the “jEwZ rUn EvEryTh1ng!!!!!!!!!! SATANISTS!!!” and those people are dumb and don’t look into things beyond a Bitchute video. Of the 17 million Jews in the world, I’d say about the standard 2% are sociopaths or psychopaths just as 2% of people in general are psychopathic/sociopathic, but of that 340,000, I’d say maybe 5% of those would be dangerous cunts and those ones seem to have gravitated into positions of immense power. But the same can be said for any other ethnic/religious group. There are psycho Christians in politics, especially in America., those evangelical cunts with huge white teeth. Mormons. Atheistic cyborgy types from indiscernible backgrounds. There seems to be all kinds of cunts in power in the world. Chinese dominate China, obviously. There’s Jews and Freemason in China, no Jews in Japan, though. It’s an infinite spiderweb of individuals, groups, institutes, cults, secret societies and there aspects of the power structure of the world that can’t even be speculated about, not every 20-foot-high iron door can be found let alone opened.

      Psychos run the world, duh, but their time is running out. We have sussed them out as they got far too brazen in the past 20 years and exposed themselves, it didn’t take much to see how the world really works and who the clowns are who think they run the world. 2022 might be the year that it all comes falling down for these gimps.

      • Actually, I am hardly surprised that it went into moderation.
        Are you taking your meds, my dear?

      • No Freemasons in China. It’s banned in China. There are some Jews in China but expatriates working there, not indigenous. I’m half Jewish from my mother so I only aspire to control half the world.

      • “I hear your haaaalf Jew-ish?”

        “Only the good half. Ha ha”

        ©️Martin Scorsese

        *You are a “goodfella” and I claim my 5 bucks for a hot beef “sammich”👍

      • The two links is what dunnit. More than one link and a post automatically goes into moderation.

      • LOL! Only took almost 5 hours for my post to appear and nothing was censored, because it’s factual. Whatever. It’s not like anyone gives a shit. It’s just my take on things. Our mutterings on this site mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. To use this site as a serious platform is… pointless? LOL!

      • If you want to include a second link it’s best to do so by adding it immediately as a reply to yourself. Then another reply for a third link, and so on.

  5. The article mentions that “The Royal Court theatre backers withdrew”.

    The backers are “Weil, Gotshal & Manges, the theatre’s only “gold” corporate sponsor”.

    Ah! So a law firm headed by Jewish lawyers objected so they changed the name of the character to Henry Finn.

    Basically, we’ll take our money away if you don’t do as we say!

    • Weil, Gotshal & Manges are one of the largest law firms in the world and founded in the USA in the 1930’s. Far too large and diverse to be described as a firm of “Jewish lawyers”.

    • Yeah, but now they have created a Streisand Effect and now loads of people who were uninterested knows the character is supposed to be Jewish. Do people never learn that when you protest, you draw attention to yourself and the thing you want kept private? LOL! Most people wouldn’t have had a clue that Herschel Fink was meant to be a mendacious Jew and not a person of German origin. Loads of non-Jewish Germans named Herschel. My post above goes into this. It’s being moderated at present.

  6. The whole fuss is typical bullshit. Fuck all wrong with stereotypes.
    Thieving sheep shaggingTaffy’s.
    Thick Paddies.
    Tight fisted Jocks and even tighter fisted Yorkies.
    Chinless southern English cunts.
    Mealie mouthed half baked god botherers
    Pee do priests

    Didnt do us any harm. Apart from the priests. And am surprised the 4 be 2’s can be bothered with it.

  7. Stereotypes are very useful.

    They perpetuate ignorance and fear of difference in the lazy minded and hard of thinking, making them easy meat for manipulation and control.

    What’s not to like?

      • Stereotypes are great fun. But anyone dumb enough to take them seriously is a blithering idiot.

    • @RTC….Have you been instructing urchins on the finer points of “picking a pocket or two” today ?


    • British humour (real British😉), is all about affectionate puss-taking.

      Words are just that. Words.
      People need to wind their fucking necks in and act like adults🤔

  8. I used to like ‘The Men From the Ministry’ wireless programme with the excellent Richard Murdoch and Deryck Guyler. Looking back, of course, I now realise that it was grossly unjust stereotyping to depict government advisors as bumbling buffoons and petty bureaucrats.

    • The man who would be king is a brilliant film.
      Billy Fish was meant to be a ghurka.
      As for stereotypes Ive always found them to be spot on!
      Saves time!

      Billy Fish “are you gods?'”
      Peachy “No Billy Fish. We are Englishmen, the next best thing!”

  9. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. If you morally want to make a stand, refuse the funding in the first place.

  10. The Jw ish stereotype is true because of high iq and they don’t drink. The English stereotype is true because we do. The black stereotype is true because the make up violent crime statistics way over their presence in the population. Patterns aren’t racist . They are either true or not true.

  11. They should have changed the name to Philip Green or Robert Maxwell…nothing stereotypical about that pair.

  12. Has the admin died? I have had two posts in moderation Limbo for two hours. Maybe he is on Christmas piss-up early doors this year! LOL! 🙂

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