UK illegal immigration or ‘nothing to see here’

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Thursday 11th November was armistice day, the 103rd anniversary of the end of the first world war – a war we fought alongside France as an ally…. but the French are not an ally anymore.
We agreed to pay France £55 Million to help curtail the huge number of illegals crossing the channel from France to the UK, and what is the result ?
On Thursday, 1,185 migrants crossed the English Channel by boat to reach the UK. The French authorities stopped 99 others.

So far this year, 23,000 migrants have entered this country illegally by channel crossing, the overwhelming majority being young males.
No documents. No background checks.

They could be hardened criminals. They could be terrorists. They could be rapists or child molesters. They could be decent people seeking a chance to work hard for a better life. They could be coming to get a house, healthcare and benefits all free curteosy of GB mugs. They could also be carrying covid or all manner of infectious illness. We’ll never know, because they aren’t vaccinated or even tested for covid.

The UK government does nothing… “nothing to see here” – meanwhile they want to sack any health worker who isn’t vaccinated, and lecture the rest of us on how important another booster jab is.

What a bloody shambles……. Another nail in the coffin of ‘Great’ Britain 🙁

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These illegal immigrants are landing here in droves, what the fuck is going on about stopping this from happening, what happened to Pritstick Patel supposedly sorting this out, nothing, fuck all, jack shit is the answer to to that, the lazy, good for nothing, useless cunt makes all the right noises and pulls all the right faces, looking like that rug muncher from Alien, but is as much use as a pig roast in at ramadam.

While she is making a song and dance about sending 4 Jamokes back to the land of ganja, 400 probably waaaaay more that than that, Calais crossers have arrived here, what happened to all the hot air she spouted when she got the job, so as i see it she has done fuck all about the fucking immigrant scroungers turning up and with all the hot air she has produced has had a massive affect on global warming,

Prit stick Patel is a useless cunt, same as all the fuckers she is supposed to be stopping from landing in our fucked up country.

100 thoughts on “UK illegal immigration or ‘nothing to see here’

  1. Country is fucked.
    Try leaving and returning the country legally Forms tests. Bollocks left right and centre. Get on a fucking inflatable in France. Bingo. Free boat 🚣‍♀️ ride house and benefits. Put Boris priti and the rest in Terry’s oven. Fucking Cunt s. Evil useless cunts

    • Simply put everyone of these ‘desperately searching people’ into the house of a whinging lefty cuntoid who goes on the MSM to decry foul play to anyone opposed to this country defending it’s borders.

      I guarantee that’s they last you’ll hear form that whinging cunt on the TV.

  2. Until we have a leader like The Donald, we are fucked. We need no nonsense types like him not fucking career politicians. Also, I was watching a programme about the overthrow of Saddam Hussain last night. As soon as he was caught he said “You will have civil war in one year”. How right he was. As with Hussain, Gaddafi I was always of the opinion “better the devil you know”. Now we have chaos in the Middle East. A certain Mr Blair who opened the floodgates to terrorists from both countries. The Americans were seriously going to ask Saddam to talk to the Iraqi people after he was captured to try and calm the country down. He was asked how long it would take for him to sort the country out. He replied “one hour”….”45 minutes to have a shave and 15 minutes to talk to the people”.

  3. I don’t blame the French at all. They’ve arguably got a bigger problem with mud slime terrorism than us, so if they can offload 1000 goat fuckers every day, what’s not to like? The icing on the gateau is that the Bullingdon Club buffoon is paying them with our money to supposedly stop it. All they have to do is catch a few, 10% maybe, so it looks like they’re making an effort. The ones they detain will be on the next dinghy out of Calais anyway.

    Baisez-vous, rosbifs!

  4. Come on cunters, think of all the architects, engineers and doctors crossing the channel. . . . .
    Where do they get the money from for the crossing and their phones…….
    I await the next INCIDENT by a “migrant Christian convert” who should have been deported.
    We are fucked, fuck em all.

    • pity (not) none of these goat shagging scientists and doctors thought to take a dingy puncture repair kit with them….lmfao

  5. Gunboats,submarines,searchlights,barbed wire,machine gun posts and patrol dogs will keep these water rats out instead of our “National Taxi Service”.Shame on our bloated government in Westminster.Come back Sir Nigel.

  6. We don’t have a fucking clue who these goat worriers are. Check out this BFP video at 47:08 where one of these cunts is caught by a vigilante gang for trying to meet and rape a 13 year old girl.
    We could also do with defunding the RNLI who keep bringing these cunts in.

    • I for one have defunded them, your Lordship. They used to be just about the only national charity I donated to, but not any more. Shame, really.

  7. I dont understand how they can possibly be asylum seekers if they are coming from France.

    Is there some sort of war there that I didn’t know about?

  8. Attach a telescopic arm onto one of those lifeboats.

    Stick a big pin on the end of it, and use it as a dinghy jabber.

    A couple of stabs in the side, and then race back to port.

    I’m a heartless bastard I know. But let’s just tar all illegal immigrants with the same brush, and assume that they are all better off dead.

      • I’d like to hear the sound of the dinghy deflating.

        We could oven them once they wash up at Ramsgate or wherever.

        Margate could do with a boost.
        Perhaps an oven there could prove a popular tourist attraction?

      • margate is over run with them, every old boarding house and hotel is packed solid with goat shaggers

  9. Boatloads of them turn up on the beaches in Spain.
    Mainly on the southern Andalucía coast.
    Sometimes in plain view of tourists and locals enjoying a day out.

    I live further north but we have had boats turning up on the beach 50 meters from my house.

    The Guardia Civil can monitor their arrival but are there to protect the public from these cunts, not to welcome them.

    Once in the country they are given nothing, perhaps a bottle of water and a brief medical examination.

    They cannot be legally employed, even if they wanted to be.
    There are northern Africans working in the farming industry in the Almería province, but as they are paid next to nothing, they don’t hang around long.

    So despite being the closest country to Africa we have very few problems with illegal immigration.

    These people quickly make their way north, through Spain and France to Calais.

    Once there almost every one of them will get into the UK.
    None of them will give up and fuck off back to their home countries.
    Some may make their way into the Scandinavian countries that are almost as generous as the UK with benefits, but the Holy Grail is Great Britain.

    You really can’t blame the French.
    If Britain could offload thousands of these cunts every day in rubber dinghies and get paid for it, then the general public would be delighted.

    The answer is to give the illegal immigrants absolutely nothing and immediately return them to their last port of call.

    The French should then do the same.
    Reversing their journey.
    But while Britain has such a weak response to the crisis, why should they?

  10. Write to your MP, write to 10 Downing Street and tell them they’re current strategies are not working and that unless they sort it out you won’t be voting for them again.

    No point moaning on here or Twatter etc. Write an old fashioned polite letter. Some cunt has to open it, read it – takes time. Imagine if they were inundated with letters.


  11. Who is to blame for today’s loss of life in the channel.

    I can guarantee it won’t be the people smugglers, who make millions out of misery and our governments incompetence.

    It will be us for failing to rescue them.

    Is there anything we can’t be blamed for or compensated against

  12. Ha ha ha ha afew less to make a life here.Tough shit.I say keep coming through winter and suffer.End up in the bottom of the sea.Brown goat staggers.

  13. Don’t be surprised if the answer is to bring them over nice and safe and cozy on the Cross Channel Ferry, thousands of them every day. Wokies are already screaming for it and they will be fully backed by the MSM, especially the BBC.
    I can almost feel the Jellyfish wobbling as I type.

  14. Interesting that the BBC is giving shit loads of coverage to the drowned ethnics, fuck all when the fucking big dingy with the fucker who’d just got out of a froggy jail after serving 5 years heading / arrived here. Makes you think…

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