UK illegal immigration or ‘nothing to see here’

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Thursday 11th November was armistice day, the 103rd anniversary of the end of the first world war – a war we fought alongside France as an ally…. but the French are not an ally anymore.
We agreed to pay France £55 Million to help curtail the huge number of illegals crossing the channel from France to the UK, and what is the result ?
On Thursday, 1,185 migrants crossed the English Channel by boat to reach the UK. The French authorities stopped 99 others.

So far this year, 23,000 migrants have entered this country illegally by channel crossing, the overwhelming majority being young males.
No documents. No background checks.

They could be hardened criminals. They could be terrorists. They could be rapists or child molesters. They could be decent people seeking a chance to work hard for a better life. They could be coming to get a house, healthcare and benefits all free curteosy of GB mugs. They could also be carrying covid or all manner of infectious illness. We’ll never know, because they aren’t vaccinated or even tested for covid.

The UK government does nothing… “nothing to see here” – meanwhile they want to sack any health worker who isn’t vaccinated, and lecture the rest of us on how important another booster jab is.

What a bloody shambles……. Another nail in the coffin of ‘Great’ Britain 🙁

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These illegal immigrants are landing here in droves, what the fuck is going on about stopping this from happening, what happened to Pritstick Patel supposedly sorting this out, nothing, fuck all, jack shit is the answer to to that, the lazy, good for nothing, useless cunt makes all the right noises and pulls all the right faces, looking like that rug muncher from Alien, but is as much use as a pig roast in at ramadam.

While she is making a song and dance about sending 4 Jamokes back to the land of ganja, 400 probably waaaaay more that than that, Calais crossers have arrived here, what happened to all the hot air she spouted when she got the job, so as i see it she has done fuck all about the fucking immigrant scroungers turning up and with all the hot air she has produced has had a massive affect on global warming,

Prit stick Patel is a useless cunt, same as all the fuckers she is supposed to be stopping from landing in our fucked up country.

100 thoughts on “UK illegal immigration or ‘nothing to see here’

  1. They may be “in the country illegally”, but surely, they didn’t enter the country illegally? They were fucking shipped here by the British Authorities!
    The only fuckers that entered illegally were the fuckers that landed by rubber dingy and waded ashore.

    • Precisely. The RNLI and Border Force are complicit in trafficking ( and for a cut I’d wager )

  2. I’ve never seen a country like Blighty that welcomes it’s enemies with open arms, I think the way things are going 2030s Britain will look like 1930s Germany when the straw breaks the camels back, history always repeats cunters!

  3. The cuntish local council have put up 3 coach loads of these cunts in a town centre hotel. A mate saw them arrive, every one a fit and healthy young man, no kids, no women. I fucking hate what is happening to our country. We truly have no control of our own destiny now. I wish the Nazi’s had won WW2. At least we’d know where we stood.

    • Don’t worry, Bertram, the UK is safe in the knowledge that the spirit of Churchill lives on in our glorious leader. An alternative view is that he’s a useless fat jellyfish woke cunt who’s more interested in Pepper Pig than keeping our borders secure.

      • He has gone full mental. Getting his insantiy plea ready for the war crimes trial.

  4. Torpedo the fucking rubber boat wankers AND torpedo the sodding RNLI bleeders as well, who go to the pre-arranged “rescues”. . We need a Captain Bligh who would hang any survivors from the highest yard arm in the British Navy

    • Bligh reputedly a lenient captain, reluctant to use the ultimate sanction to enforce discipline. He was a sarky cunt though, which is probably what got Christian and Co’s backs up.

    • I honestly think quite a few WW2 veterans would’ve fought for the other side had they seen what became of blighty.

      • Wasn’t it Patton who shortly after the war said “We defeated the wrong enemy”?

        It’s becoming more and more apparent that whoever it was, wasn’t wrong.

  5. The bastards could be anybody from anywhere; terrorists, criminals, freeloaders you name it.
    Priti Patel is fucking useless.
    The French are intolerable cunts.
    The British people are fucked right off.

    We’re fucked, end of.

    • of course priti ugly is letting the filth in, she’s one of them, why the fuck is that smelly immigrant telling us what to do in our own country anyway, back home it would be squatting in the gutter wiping its arse with its fingers and decorating cow shit with rice…fuck it off out of it

  6. I see immigration is now the new word for invasion. I notice the MSM have carefully avoided mentioning that every one of these cunts will be closely followed, legally, by 30 fucking ‘relatives’, all of them demanding housing, benefits, mosques, fucking everything. And you can bet our modern ‘Churchill’ will drop his trousers (he’s a fucking expert at that) and, with a stirring load of bumbling, give them every last fucking thing they demand while telling the British people that diversity is fucking good. Is it? Then you’d best fuck off quickly and get a peaceful cunt in at No 10. Won’t be long now.

    • You all know where I stand on these invaders,
      Theyd be fuckin lampshades I had my way,
      Just a big mound of shoes to say theyd visited.
      But what are our leaders doing about it?
      Our PM addresses this crisis by talking about Pepper Pig?!!!

      Hes a fuckin nutter.

      • I have no idea who Peppa Pig is, apart from some kids’ thing, but I’m sure it’d make a fucking better PM.

        Morning Mis, morning all.

      • Morning Mogs.
        Yes, pepper pig is a animated TV show for toddlers.
        Our PM recently lost his train of thought and spent time addressing how he went to a pepper pig theme park.

  7. No more donations to the RNLI they are over funded anyway. Their volunteers are doing a job that should be done by the government.

    According to the mayor of Calais there are a number of UK organisations helping the migrants in Calais, they should all immediately lose their charitable status with no right of appeal.

    All of those who do manage to get through should be Covid tested and forcibly vaccinated and should be told the vaccines are made with pig products.

    That would be a start and something easy to do.

  8. At least some bloke – have forgotten his name and old job – spoke the truth, and said the reason they’re all coming here is that they know damn well we are a total pushover in the freebie handouts department. Patel is a useless curry-wallah, I think Mordaunt might do a better job. Mind you, the rate Doris is going (All aboard, “brumm, brumm”), she might well be the next PM. The tories will get NOWHERE with Boris at the next election.
    I’m spending Christmas in Berlin with ex. I’ll take a shovel, try digging up Onkel Dolf. As others have said, he’d be more use.

  9. Don’t know what your complaining about, if you get into wars with the Yanks then this is the result.
    Shame the Yanks are not closer to the wars they create with the help of others, then again their armed population would greet them with a hail of lead?

  10. And yet during the pandemic if you were a British tourist flying back from a holiday in foreign climes, you needed passports, vaccine certificates, this official document, that official document, go through airport security, potentially be patted down and asked questions etc. And then you’d have to spend 10 days in self isolation and pay a fucking fortune for the privilege.

    • I also remember reading about students being denied government student loans (which means no university unless you’ve got 50-60 grand knocking about) because they’d been out of the country for about three or four months at some point in the last 3 years.

      Lived the rest of your life in the UK and paid taxes? So what? Get fucked they said. Family all in the forces? Who cares. You’re not eligible. Not saying they should be either, but compared to this…

      Then, in comes some Romanian. Never spent a day in the UK. Paid fuck all in. Here you go Nicolai. Here’s your dosh.

      I think they’ve changed some of this now, but what a fucking joke.

      This country is finished.

      Let the dark keys turn it into Africa.

  11. Increased population means increased demand for both housing and building new homes.

    This is how a lot of MPs (mostly Tory but from all parties) make a nice few quid for themselves.

    This is why they will never do fuck all about it.

    Bring out the new Adolf because I’m at the stage where I’ll vote for the horrible cunt.

    • This is what I don’t understand with the Left and especially the eco-warrior clowns like XR.

      They want the country to go Green, and yet they seem to overlook the fact the population of this country is growing quite fast, thanks largely to the influx of foreigners.

      This means more demand for housing, more roads, more schools, shops, GP surgeries etc. This means either building on brown sites (not very profitable) or increase the urban sprawl by raping the Green Belt once again.

      This means less agriculture, fewer trees, more tarmac’ing and concreting over fields and pastures to accommodate more people., who will also demand water, electric and gas either through Green means or otherwise.

      More population, less green fields, more demand for natural resources, more CO2 emissions and other pollution.

      Yet the ecos don’t seem to think that far ahead outside of their Islington bubble

  12. Apparently, according to the Daily Supress, Cabinet Office minister Steve Barclay is being drafted in to solve the problem.
    If he is like Priti Useless, we’ll have another 1000 a day arriving.
    Also didn’t Kim Kardashian pay for a plane load from Afghanistan to bee flown in, not to the US, but to the UK.

  13. This will not stop until we collectively vote out the people who allow it – the choice is ours, we use it or we get more (and worse) of the same – handing out 10 year contracts to hotel chains to house illegal immigrants shows me clearly how bothered the Parliamentary freak show is about doing anything, but even THEY must realise this will smash them into defeat at the next “election”?
    Would Thatcher have had this? In between ripping Doris and Priti Eatswell a new one she would have been lobbing four pound shells at the maritime marauders! (I despised Thatcher for the casual, cruel and unfeeling way she threw half a Country to the wolves to enrich London, but she took no prisoners, won every fight that needed to be won, hated the EU and socialism and believed, as I do, that Great Britain is the best Country in the world).
    Get rid of the traitors and self serving fools of all parties and start again with new – and introduce a law that no former politician is ever allowed to stand for positions of power, responsibility or authority in the public sector again – they have had their chance and failed spectacularly in every area except self enrichment..
    Then on to the lefty bastards at the Civil “Service” – I foresee terse conversations, mass firings and payment of compensation for wrongful dismissal but were I Prime Minister I would rather use a bit of taxpayers money paying out for people I have sacked if it gets rid of these fkin bone idle socialist vampires and saves a wasted fortune in the future – my attitude to any kind of employment is harsh – turn up, graft, do the job right and if anyone else is not then they are dead weight and everyone else WITH a work ethic has to do more to take up the slack – there’s the damned door.
    The UK needs to be run more like a business and less like a taxpayer funded charity for every chancer and deviant from around the world – wealth creation and equality of opportunity for all is the only way forward in capitalism.
    I will put Jellyfish Johnson in charge of drawing pictures of Peppa Pig and pay him in shiny ribbons – he will be quiet for hours..

    • My first dictat (and I do mean dictat) would be to have the lawyers extravagantly murdered. They are the people responsible for this country being overrun with rapists, murderers, drug dealers, kiddy fiddler’s, peaceful terrorists and left wing MP’s. Boris is not responsible, even for his own cock, so this country is not part of his remit. I don’t want a right wing government, just one that looks out for its own people, not everybody except its own.

  14. We’re all experiencing ‘ The Great Replacement ‘.
    Isn’t it exciting, being part of history ?
    The Western Whitey is doomed.
    The Slavs will be luckier.
    Get To Fuck.

  15. Whatever you say about these invading cunts you’ll get your comment removed. I’m banned on every platform.
    We’re losing the war because our own puppet government want us whites genocided.
    Praying for a race war now.

  16. Apparently Sir Nigel is threatening to come back to front line politics precisely over this issue. That’s the only thing that can shake the Jellyfish, he knows the millions of votes he can take off the tories. There was a mini rebellion last night……18 votes against the government and 17 abstentions.
    I’m sure every constituency office in the country is flooded with complaints against this invasion of criminals and freeloaders. This shit has to stop, at the point of a gun if necessary.
    Come back Sir Nigel, your country needs you.

  17. ‘The French are not an ally any more’- they were not much of an ally in WW1 and even less so in WW2.
    On hearing that the French rolled over in 1941 King George wrote in his diary ‘We are alone- thank God’.

    • Sorry, the fuckers rolled over in 1940- could not even manage a year and the first six months saw very little action on land.

      • Yes indeed.
        I read a book recently about SOE during the war, and one contributor was quoted as saying rather acidly that the ‘so-called’ resistance was often non-existent in large parts of France. Then from D-Day onwards, and after the war ended, everybody and his fucking dog were claiming to have been in.

  18. Anyone who has not read Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints’ might like to check it out, if you can find a copy. Not an easy read. It is probably banned by now. I read it back in the 1970s and it was scary shit back then. I re-read it recently, it is all playing out exactly as he predicted in terms of the reactions of the liberal west to the invasion.

  19. Im not someone prone to conspiracy theories.
    But I believe totally that our government for their own nefarious reasons are enabling this.

    They say its hard to stop?

    1) for every 100 immos a french fishing vessels license is revoked to fish UK waters.

    2) no benefits or possible work till 10yrs service in the armed forces.

    3) heavy fines for anyone helping this occur.

    4) all illegals held offshore on a drilling platform or Hebridean island.

  20. Write to your MP, ask you friends and family to write to their MPs, complain like fuck about it.
    There is a lot of people getting pissed off in the country and it needs sorting.

    The was a clip on ITV of a reporter talking to the cunts as they were boarding one of the Forty odd foot ferries (with half a dozen French police standing around with their hands in their pockets. One cunt who was ‘interview’ said he had been in France for 7 years (5 of those in prison)

    Edward Leigh waded in the other day in the commons, ‘we need to pass emergency legislation to override parts of the human rights act to allow us to securely intern these arrivals’, there were a few tuts, well fuck them, he is absolutely right. The cunts come here because they get a place to stay, are free to wander around, no fucking checks.
    Lock the cunts up until they are vetted and processed and if they fail the asylum claim they are shipped out.
    If the cunts end up being locked up for several years then it’s tough but it will stop the flow.
    Some legislation coming through which allow only one appeal against a decision, that should stop shyster lawyers putting in appeal after appeal.

    Alternatively, ship them straight back to France and tell the French to sort them out, there must be a legal case for saying the Frogs are acting illegally by allowing people to leave their shores who are being trafficked.

    It’s a fucking disgrace and Priti Patel should have her arse kicked all the way to fucking Dover to personally great the scumbags.

    I should be getting a response from my MP soon, I will report on the answer he gives.

    • PS, I get pissed off with every cunt saying Dangerous Crossing, ffs.

      If it were dangerous with 25000 coming this year there would have been hundreds dying in the channel, in actual fact less than a handful have died, and two of those were trying to get here on a fucking Lilo

    • Sicky@
      I think ISAC should pitch a bid for the tender to run the internment housing for these immos!
      Itd get us out the house, earn us all a few £££!

      It’d be cracking!
      Id commit atrocities so heinous the nazis would faint!!😁
      They definitely decide to go back home.

      • First thing would be the food, bacon and eggs for breakfast, pork sausage roll for lunch and a nice pork chop for dinner.
        Cold shower every morning, using a 10 bar hose.
        Ankle chains at all times.

        Right those are the basics, over to you Mis for the zee evil doings 👹

      • Id piss in their drinking trough,
        Id blare out ACDC from 11pm till 6am.
        Constantly set off the sprinklers
        During winter and break the heating controls..

        Id wear jewelry made from their gold teeth like a satanic Jimmy saville!
        And sit on a throne of their bones in my daily court hearings
        While Terrys oven heated the room and cast sinister shadows of my cruelly grinning face..😁

        But in a nice way!

      • MNC@ – That’s a plan – all we need to do is have a plummy voice, pretend we have a PPE from Oxbridge and they will be throwing contracts at us!
        Failing that we could photocopy some of Sir Fiddlers ancestral titles and fake an aristocratic past – I know a Latvian guy who can forge anything for a hundred quid and a mate of mine has some disused and remote buildings far away from “nosey do gooders” – this time next year we’ll all be millionaires!
        And knee deep in blood..

  21. I see the Jellyfish attended a memorial service for that dead M.P. today. Should have been you, you gutless coward. I pray to Allah the Peacefuls get to him and his sort ASAP.

  22. There’s probably about 500 million swinging dicks in the world who would love to get the fuck out of their shithole hellscape of a cuntry, but that’s tough titty isn’t it?

    If there is one thing that God should do, it’s raise another continent out of the Atlantic and all intrepid, fearless and industrious folk could go their and create a civilisation from scratch, but no slaves this time (slaves make shit workers, let’s face it) and just try and create a swinging place.

    Or we could just fuck of to the Amazon. I could see that happening at some point. It’s massive, most of it has never had a foot on it. It’s weird how Brazil doesn’t do that – create more cities in the jungle. They’ve got Manuas or whatever that city is called, pretty cool looking place, they should create more cities.

  23. By my reckoning the situation is beyond remedy.

    Years of cowardice and liberal government have removed any pretence that we are still a proud nation that stands up to all enemies.

    Either the vermin win by sheer weight of numbers or eventually it dawns on the remaining English people that they will find themselves a minority to be dealt with as the caliphate sees fit.
    Perhaps then the decks will be cleared once again.
    It will be a titanic bloodbath that could have been avoided by patriotism and strength of character,sadly long gone amongst our leaders.
    The end result of all this soppy hand wringing over foreign rubbish thinking they can do as they please will be a new Hitler.
    How ironic.

  24. Sorry folks, sitting this one out for fear of burns from boiling piss caused by thinking about the country I wanted to return to one day not existing when I get back.

    Let me know when we’re cunting something less piss boiling.

      • With great trepidation Mr. F I ventured onto the Coronavuris thread last night. I rather sneakily insinuated that one of them was into tinfoil millinery.
        I think I got away with h it.

        Miserable left a comment I noticed as well. I think he got out unscathed. I salute his bravery by taking my non tinfoil hat off to him.

  25. BRITAIN FIRST will do with immigration what UKip did to the political elite over the EU, only when the twats fear they will lose power will they do anything about it.

    Being in control is all any of the politico’s are fucking interested in, they don’t give a shite about you, these cunts don’t have to live amongst the dross that has washed up on our shores for the last 60 odd years, if they did you can bet your trumper something would have been done years ago…


  26. I’ve got a begging letter from the R.N.L.I in the post this morning….front of the envelope says “We rescued three people today”….I was somewhat surprised at their modesty..what about the 150 odd raft-rats?…still, at least they’ve included a stamped,addressed envelope which I can use to send them my thoughts on their service.

    There’s some pictures of them in action in the leaflet….I must say I’ve never seen so many white faces…not a POC in any of them…the fucking racists.

    • RNLI are exagerating cunts, too. I was in one of their shows where they ‘Rescued’ someone, and, when I watched it, I thought it was a different fucking job!! Talk about over-egging the fucking pudding! Enid Blyton would have been proud.

  27. You should have seen how fucking difficult it was to get a new V5C sent to my new address.

    I wonder what documentation these cunts have to show on arrival?

    • I think it’s standard practice to destroy any documentation; makes it easier for a 30 yr old Pakistani to claim he’s an 11 year old fleeing from Syria.

  28. They like publishing stats to show many days the fat cats have to work to get the average salary for the year.
    They should do some that show how many days ordinary Joe has to work to support all the hangers on, the illegals and the support networks.
    I reckon it would focus the minds of people a bit better…

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