M&S Pronoun Badges

M&S have started giving out pronoun badges to their staff a part of a diversity (yawn) and inclusion drive. Staff can use He/Him/His, She/Her/Hers or They/Them/Their on the badges. So what no ‘Two Spirit Unicorns? Fascists.

Apparently this bollocks will “help start some very necessary conversations around gender identity and non-binary experiences”. Except it won’t., there is no debate or dialogue or any conversations. You either conform to this rigid unflinching gender orthodoxy or face the Twitter cancel lynch mob.

I don’t need to know some wankers pronouns to buy some overpriced sandwiches.

This isn’t just a cunt, this is an M&S cunt.

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86 thoughts on “M&S Pronoun Badges

  1. M&S clothes are very dull and dowdy.
    There specifically designed for Jehovahs witnesses or men that have never fucked, drank alcohol or took drugs.
    A bit like me really. I’m just off now to buy some M&S i’ll fitting ankle freezer Farah trousers in a nice powder blue and a pair of white loafers .

    Can you still buy safari suits in M&S ?

      • Just down there, past the don’t give a fuck rainbow patrol cars, next to the starmer defence panel.

  2. A bonkers woke irrelevancy. Who goes into anywhere and addresses one of the staff by their pronoun?
    If you can’t find something, you ask where it is; no need to add ‘are you he, she, it, or they?’.
    Just plain stupid.
    Well cunted LL!

  3. M&S is now added to the list of shops I now avoid because of BLM and lefty wokeism, joining Lush, Anne Summers, John Lewis and Sainsbury.
    Should make the Christmas shopping a bit quicker this year.

  4. My pronouns are “Fuck” and “Off”
    That’s all the idiots are getting, or would be if I ever went there…

  5. How about a badge to be worn by and identifying all M&S executives responsible for this farce that simply reads: ‘Cunt’?

  6. I don’t think i’ve ever used pronouns in a shop as i usually deal with the one person at the till and fuck off.

    What a waste of time and money.

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