Modern football (3)

Modern football is a load of cunt.

Of course, we already know this. But isn’t what is happening at Wrexham as ridiculous and as as much of a circus as it gets? Hollywood luvvie types, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are now owners of Wrexham FC.

First of all, why? And secondly, where will Wrexham be when the novelty wears off for both them and for Reynolds and errr Thingy? Reynolds gushed in true Hollywood OTT style ‘I am never sleeping again! Ever! Ever! Ever!’ after a 2-2 draw at Maidenhead (for fuck’s sake). The actors were accompanied to the match by a crew filming their every move. I bet they fucking were. It wouldn’t be done to just be like normal fans. would it? And of course, some (but not all) Wrexham fans lapped it up and licked their celeb arses. One such cunt (some pub landlord) was all over Reynolds like a rash and drooling to BBC News. Pathetic.

I am naturally wary of all Hollywood celebrity Septics who claim to love ‘soccer’, but this is taking the piss. The national game as a plaything for dodgy Ivan oligarchs, Florida carpetbaggers like the Glazers, and gulf state fascists is bad enough. But now the Hollywood cunts have got a sniff of it and things can only get worse.

Can anybody else see this lasting? Can anybody see Reynolds and err the other one in the piss rain at a January FA Cup tie in a couple of years time? No, me neither. What a shameless stunt and what a pair of smug cunts.

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Nominated by: Norman

65 thoughts on “Modern football (3)

  1. Is the chap at the back trying to bum the one in front of him? His lovey-dovey grin would suggest so.

    • GoooaaaAAAA…. ugh.. L.

      Beautifully slotted right into the back of the lower colon! Exquisite finish. Just stroked it home. Not a lot power, but when the placement is that accurate.. unstoppable stuff.

      A good response to the humiliation of having one curled into the mouth earlier on today.


    • Looks like Reynolds is having his prostate felt, hence the smug pleased look, at the same time as that fat slag is holding onto his todger!

  2. Modern football? Kneeling, diving, cheating, wearing-their-socks-over-knees, whining, thick, virtue-signalling, preaching, mother-fucking cunts.


    • A perfect summation of the current state of affairs, DCI.

      Since my almost total loss of interest in football, I have come to realise something which should have been pretty obvious to me before I turned my back on the game. Which is…

      How moronic is it to scream, shout, get over excited and feel awful when your team loses but feel elation when they win, like you actually had anything to do with the outcome either way? All to show support for an entity which only wants your money and millionaire players who couldn’t give a fuck if you scream/shout/etc. or not. It makes no difference to them either way. They train, play the games and live the lifestyle if you’re there or not. Your mere existence is an utter irrelevance to them.

      The lockdown and lockout of stadiums proved they don’t need real live supporters. Having a crowd cheer them on makes them feel better I’m sure, but they don’t care either way. There hasn’t been a fair and equitable exchange between fan and player for a long time. Now the two are poles apart and the gap’s getting wider by the minute.

  3. Soccer again. 🥱🙄
    American “Football” should be called something else. It has very little to do with the foot. It’s a little closer to Rugby I think although I have no clue what the fuck is going on in Rugby.

  4. I wonder if Ryan Reynolds said to his manager, “I thought they spoke English here?” He probably has some fawning Hollywood flunky ready with hand sanitizer after greeting the great unwashed.

  5. Never heard of either of these tossers. Must be a scam of some sort. Either they’ve been scammed or they have a future one in mind.

    • They are probably doing a series for Netflix. Wrexham would only have cost them Tuppence Halfpenny so it will be cheap television.
      Television has wrecked football, once the Saturday 3.p.m kick-off was a unifying time for the nation and then we saw all the results at 5. Now a match is whenever the TV companies demand it.
      In the ’70s, before snooker arrived, football was the cheapest TV at about £10grand an hour compared with costume drama at £100grand.
      The football league chairman all got together and arranged a meeting to up the ante. Jimmy Hill was chairman of Coventry and they kicked him out of the meeting calling him a Judas.
      The tail is now wagging the dog.

  6. Stroppy millionaire footballers, spending more time spouting politics and having more strops when they don’t their way.

    Loyalty means fuck all when you wave a few extra million under their noses.

    If you criticise black players they’ll go straight onto MSM or Twitter and whinge about racism etc.

    Fans stupid enough into paying thousands in season tickets and travel expenses, supporting a club that doesn’t give two shits about them – as the recently “put on hold” European Super League will testify.

    TV sports channels more interesting in tick-boxing wimminz and other minorities, while also dictating what fans should and shouldn’t be doing or saying, short of calling them thick uneducated racists. And yet if you look at their own skeletons in cupboards you quickly realise they ain’t very squeaky clean either – stand up Alex Scott!

    oh and notice they’re not saying very much about the World Cup in Qatar next year, and how the stadiums were built using modern black slavery, in a country that doesn’t tolerate the Alphabets or Karens.

    Mainstream football can fuck off and die for all I care.

    • Maybe Alec ‘Magnum’ Baldwin will buy Aldershot?
      Blow their fuckin brains out.

      Shoot to score.

      • You ever been to Aldershot Mis?
        Massive Buddhist temple one side, peopled by whiskey sodden Gurkha’s, clutching their netting slips, shitty garages the next, Mr Clutch opposite it.
        Chances of getting a shoeing from the Aldershot “A” team.

        Where do I sign up?

  7. Who is that smug-faced cunt, and who the fuck is that bird? She looks like Liz Truss’s ugly twin sister who’s let herself go.
    Wrexham is buzzing, is it? Your team lost, you fuckwits. Do you taffs really think this pair give a shit about you? Your football club is now just a rich man’s toy, you imbeciles.

  8. I lost all interest in football when racist tax dodgers began kneeling for racist soap dodgers.
    But owning a football club is great if you are a grown Man who gets paid a fortune to play dress up and pretend and needs an offshore tax write off vehicle.
    And if Harry “the living dead” Maguire is worth 80 million quid I am coming out of retirement..

  9. Talking of slebs getting involved with football clubs, is Fat Reg still involved at Watford? Apparently he still loves coming from behind.

  10. In my day footballers were called Wilf or Ernie. They played with a leather `case-ball` which, when wet, had the consistency of a bowling ball. Today they play with a balloon and cry if they snap an eyelash. Overpaid fucking pussies.

    • True!
      I’ve still got the stitch marks on my forehead and tinnitus from another mistimed header! 50 years on !
      Fuck the modern game. I blame Sky TV, David Beckham and Sir Tomato Face.

  11. What’s in this for these cunts then??

    I don’t think Wrexham FC have really been newsworthy since Mickey Thomas hit that screamer against the Arse back in 92.
    (I could be wrong)

    They’ll no doubt be lecturing the fans on the evils of racism before you know it.

  12. Thankfully I’ve never been afflicted with an interest in football. I tried watching it once or twice as a kid in the seventies to see what the fuss was about, and I was bored shitless. Then, back in the nineties, I’d have something recorded on the VCR to watch when I got home from a late shift and be fucking fuming because the cunting football had over run, and I’d end up fast forwarding for forty minutes of that shit in case there was something left of the stuff I wanted to watch. Cunts.
    In fact, I don’t think anyone really likes it, as everyone is always moaning about it, the players, the teams, the managers, and that’s just the cunts they support! Then there’s the club owners, the expensive merch, tickets, Sky/BT sport, the political bollocks, the governing bodies.
    What a load of shite.

    • @GJ

      Rumour has it you were a big football fan until that fateful afternoon when goalkeeping legend David Icke let 3 in while playing for Hereford United in the early 70s and you never quite got over the pain.


      • He he! I’d never heard of the cunt until he turned up on Wogan in that fucking shellsuit saying he was son of god and everyone rich is a lizard crap.
        I imagine he couldn’t catch a ball these days with those freaky lobster claws he has for hands!

    • I’ll admit I actually enjoy the game, but not the absolute shit that surrounds it, including the tribalism around it.
      A good team is a good team, no matter what colours or badge they wear.
      Money has ruined it as much now as the hooligans did in the eighties.

  13. Well I think its a racist game. And although I may be dyslexic, I think there are far too many gingers in the game.

  14. Football. I used to follow it mid 80s to early 90s, mainly grassroots and non league. Then I grew up.

    Holiwood clebs. Brain dead virtue signalling wankers.

  15. Sorry. I’m at that ‘i don’t have a fucking clue’, age now. Who are these two arsewipes?
    I personally don’t give a fuck about football these days and it’s a real shame that it has came to this stage.
    Just why any silly cunt would pay to go to matches now baffles me.

  16. Isn’t it rammed full of total cunts?

    If so then an extra couple of septics will make fuck all difference.

  17. Went through Wrecsum once on way to Ruthin. Had to pick up a sort of midi bus at the bus station. It is the spice centre of Wales, if not the universe, and full of incoherent dossiers sprawled all over the shop. But I quite liked the town, it’s as if time has passed it by.

    • Ah, HB. The town that time passed by is Darlington. It even had a Whimpy there fairly recently.
      I remember that Whimpy burger thing that was a massive, meaty coiled sausage, served in a bread cake, and the hole in the middle of the sausage coil was filled with half a raw tomato.
      If anyone goes Phoar, I’ll track you down. These were innocent times.
      I miss them.

      • They were actually called a ‘Bender in a bun’
        Not sure if that name would pass these days!

      • And they were delicious, apart from the raw tomato half, in the middle.
        What passed for sophisticated in 1960/1970, or 2010 for Darlington.

      • Worked in Darlo in the late 80’s – are the pavements still covered in dogshit? Had growler for lunch – burger filled with baked beans in a bap, maybe that was in Chunderland, another shithole. Thankfully my memory is fading.

        Fucking hated the place, 3 months I’ll never get back, the people weren’t much better.

      • There was a Wimpy in Cosham near Portsmouth until the mid-noughties. Right near the Bingo Hall.

  18. Is this the latest thing?
    Oo, my ratings are falling, I know, I’ll buy a UK football club, that’ll put me in the headlines again?
    Been cheaper to get fake tits and a fanny and marry a cross dressing cage fighter, like someone I could mention, but won’t.

  19. I know it was a Norman nom as soon as I saw it, pretty much as you can be fairly sure it’s Miles if it’s a religious nom.

    Got me thinking, football and religion could both use some better publicity and with the passing of Jimmy Greaves what a great time to pay tribute to a great pairing Saint and Greavsie.

    Miles and Norm, Saturday afternoon deliberating about football and religion with great wit and incite.

    Over to you Norm for your views on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Sunday sermon. Later Miles will be interviewing Ole Gunshy Sulkar and Gurning Klopp about racism on the terraces and how to bring back the glory days of hooliganism.

  20. I fucking hate football fans, I used to be one till I was about 16. A bunch of grown male cunts fawning over massively paid wankers is either closet homosexuality or having nothing in life of any value. It’s a shame all the ‘firms’ of the 70’s, 80’s maybe into the 90’s all made friends and started bumming each other. What happened to all the aggressive white English men going out and kicking the shit out of each other?. As seen in all of our society, the natural aggression (of white English males) has been neutered. Freedom to express has gone. Pay your money, sit down and shut the fuck up because we don’t want it in football you loyal fucking sheep.

  21. Great track. Great band. Never heard of Norman Cook after the housemartins. What happened to him?

    • Cuntflu – I am assuming you are joking about Norm Cook or having lived under a rock for 20 years+.
      Became Beats International & then Fatboy Slim. Married Zoe Ball, now divorced. According to Guinness Book of Records has most top 40 hits under different names.

  22. Aah that Rob mchelleney? Who was in the BLACK series of Fargo. I fucking loved Fargo the tv show. It was fucking awesome. When bear shot the slut, I honestly cried, the camera shots, the pleadings, the music was fucking powerful. I guess the Coen brothers didn’t have a lot to do with the 2017 series because it was fucking wank.

  23. Nothing new, really, as Fat Reg was Watford Chairman in 1976. He was offered a drink in the Anfield boot-room (yeah I know, Watford v Liverpool, weird) and he asked for a pink gin (gin with angostura bitters).

    Pele once said that “America buys everything and now they have bought football.” And there a lot of people who say that the Yanks are conspiring on basically buying football, sorry, “SOCCER!!!” like they monopolised sport up the wazoo in the 1990s to the point where it really is, “all about the money”. It’s just seen as a commodity like oil, real estate, etc. It’s like the late great comedian, George Carlin said, “we have turned a perfect beautiful world into a giant shopping mall.”

    Go home, Yankee!

    • To be fair to Elton, he truly loves the club and the fans love him. He’s a rarity in football in that regard. All other owners don’t have an old fashioned love of football, they just use it as an ego-vehicle.

  24. Absolute shower of fucking cunts, the fucking lot of them! I don’t hate the game, but I hate the bunch of namby pamby, homosexualist ballet dancers that have corrupted what was once a beautiful game. It’s got that way since they stopped the pitched battles on the terraces. As I live in Asia I can have a lot of fun at the expense of these cunts. I managed to convince a bar full of locals that to play in the English premier league it was compulsory to be a raving Marmite Badger and also had to have an impressive criminal record for either drugs, DUI, domestic violence or sex offenses against children. I was going to state that 99% of fans were also practicing homosexualists or child molesters but thought it better not to push my luck!

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