Children (always) in Need (3)

I cannot fucking stand it. The big build up to the BBC annual shitfest that is Children in Need.

It’s bad enough that we have to tolerate the substandard rubbish that will be masquerading as entertainment on the night itself. At least we can turn that off, but the big build up…..jeez it goes on and on and on. Rammed down our throats.

Our kids are brainwashed in school and forced to take part in this crap. The chuggers are out in the streets rattling their big red buckets. You can’t get into work without being accosted on the doorstep. This year the cunts are even knocking on doors.

One chugger cunt even called me a “tight fisted shit” when I told him I wasn’t interested in donating.

It’s all part of the Christmas build up when charities go into overdrive to part us from our hard earned dosh. Their message is simple. It’s the season of good will when we should think of our fellow man, so give us your money.

Well my fellow man doesn’t give a shit about me, so as far as I’m concerned he can fuck right off and preferably take fucking Pudsey with him.

Christ how I hate that bloody bear…

Nominated by Dioclese

71 thoughts on “Children (always) in Need (3)

  1. Children In Need?
    How dare they? as the Swedish climate goblin would say.

  2. The only ‘Children in need’, are our young white girls.

    They are in desperate ‘need’ of being protected from these heinous P*aki grooming gangs.

    I’d throw a few quid in to fund the capture and castration, (or execution), of these evil little bastards.

    I wonder if the Beeb will acknowledge the sufferance of these vulnerable young girls during Children In Need?

    Will they fuck.

  3. “Celebrities In Need Of Exposure”
    Machine gun the fucking lot of them and chuck Pudsey on the bonfire…

    • Would love to see that Pudsey go up in smoke.

      The final scene on Children In Need could be me wafting a blowtorch around Pudsey’s fur, with Arthur Brown’s “Fire” playing over the speakers.

      “Your gonna burn”

    • Pudsey’s eye patch, the colours, his stupid demeanour are just sickening.

      How can a furry bear be so vomit inducing?

      • How about Lugs Lineker being incinerated inside “The Wicker Bear”?

        Cinematic perfection…

      • Lineker is an ideal candidate for Pudsey’s cremation.

        The last things smouldering on the stage would be Lineker’s ears and a few charred cheese and onion crisps.

  4. I only give to animal charities.
    The way some animals are treated is nothing short of barbaric.
    Glue made from gorillas, sweaters made from turtles necks and tape made from ducks.
    Whatever next..?

    • Gorilla 🦍 Glue is actually made from melted down sooties.

      Will bond to anything, especially 12 year old girls.

    • Wallpaper paste from sir savilles ballbag. He was the chief milk devil to be obeyed and all who follow have to eat a bit of his spunk. our cunt of cunt hero the master of massive ears and lover of refugees spoke forth and stated in a mass of glory from his almighty followers of the prick on the great twitter said ‘how much am i getting to promote this fucking shit?’.

  5. At least Pudsy is a vaguely normal looking cunt in a suit. We have Fat cat, a grey faced orange creature in a boater and lederhosen. Fucking weird.

  6. Google how much the staff at Children Always In Need are getting paid.
    Charity work is meant to be unpaid.
    A lot of the money raised will be going on staff wages.
    Schools should not be pushing it on children and parents to donate.
    It has nothing to do with education.
    Glad my youngest is home schooled and doesn’t have to endure the sanctimonious supercilious sycophants.

  7. These last few weeks at the kids school it’s been ‘We need money, for this, money for that, cake sale this week, Mufty day next week, firecunts night, more money, hallocunt, more money. Now it’s children in need, where no doubt a lot of the money will be siphoned off for the legions of illegal immigrant children in their canoes washing ashore.

    What fucks me right off (and there are more charity ads on TV than ever before). Don’t these cunts realise that believe it or not we are still in a pandemic and there are a hell of a lot more people harder up now than they were before, coupled with the rate of inflation moving faster than a whore takes her knickers down.

    I think it’s insensitive and perhaps all the cunty MP’s who have second jobs that have been caught out moonlighting (and holding their consultancy meetings in the houses of commons) on taxpayers money should be made to donate it all.

    Everyone’s a cunt (not on here, though some might be).

  8. I am proud to say I am a tight fisted git and I will never donate to Children Not In Need as I am bored shirtless of their tiresome adverts.

  9. Never really seen it, never donated and never raised money for it not even as a child.
    Almost the same for Comic Relief however I did watch a few as a kid as there was nothing else on TV.

    I was always left disappointed as Rik Mayall would never appear on it after his cover of ‘Living Doll’.

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