M&S Pronoun Badges

M&S have started giving out pronoun badges to their staff a part of a diversity (yawn) and inclusion drive. Staff can use He/Him/His, She/Her/Hers or They/Them/Their on the badges. So what no ‘Two Spirit Unicorns? Fascists.

Apparently this bollocks will “help start some very necessary conversations around gender identity and non-binary experiences”. Except it won’t., there is no debate or dialogue or any conversations. You either conform to this rigid unflinching gender orthodoxy or face the Twitter cancel lynch mob.

I don’t need to know some wankers pronouns to buy some overpriced sandwiches.

This isn’t just a cunt, this is an M&S cunt.

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86 thoughts on “M&S Pronoun Badges

    • If I go into a supermarket I dont give a flying fuck how some shelfstacker wishes to be addressed.
      I just want to find what im after as quickly as possible.

      If I was a M&S employee Id have my pronoun as ‘underpaid’ and ‘resentful’.
      This bollocks has gone far enough.
      I never shop there anyway,
      Im far too hip and trendy!

      If its artisanal im not buying!

  1. They really haven’t thought this one through.

    Most customers will get the attention of a staff member with a simple “excuse me” and then go on to ask what aisle the bread is kept on. No lengthy exchanges, no “getting to know you” bollocks.

    A fine cunting indeed. These are not just cunts; these are fucking woke, toady little M&S cunts. I genuinely feel for the staff who have to swallow this shit sandwich and toe the company line.

    • OR
      “You there!
      Yes you!
      Laddie buck.
      Show me where the bread is and hop to it!”

      Whilst clicking your fingers impatiently.😀

  2. These are the same pathetic, virtue signalling wank stains that sold LGBT sarnies and honoured the memory of St Floyd by an inclusive range of undercrackers. M&S are fast becoming the retail version of Gary Linecunt.

    • Somehow I’m not surprised by this … it must take a certain extreme kinda mind to be able to stock an entire store with horrendous products that are not in the least bit aesthetically pleasing. If you can do that and be proud then I have absofuckinlutely no doubt that your HR department is full of retards and deviant types that embrace the trash that forms the alphabet brigade. Your policies suck and I’m very pleased that you’ve enabled me to positively discriminate against you. Cunts … all of ya.

    • Morning Ruff👍

      A good cunting indeed,
      But don’t know why LL has his knickers in a twist?
      Hes more a Primark and Lidl regular.
      He wouldn’t be allowed into a classy store like M&S surely?
      His wellies dropping mud everywhere!

      • Fiddlers butter fork is ideal for tucking into one of Lidl’s own brand pot noodles I will have you know.

        Morning Mis/Ruffers/all.

      • Morning mate!
        Good nom👍
        If told how to address someone ill intentionally get it wrong.
        Mate or luv,
        Dont like it?
        Tissues on aisle 7.

  3. No doubt Sainsbury’s or Waitrose will try and out-woke M&S by insisting that all customers entering their stores must first bend the knee, and then sign a disclosure form to say you are a full-on woke and renounce all your sins (white privilege, voting Brexit, being English etc) otherwise you will not be allowed further entry and subject to mass cancelation on MSM and social media.

    • My local Waitrose has been mercifully free of woke bollocks so far.

  4. My badge would identify me as
    ” Dangerous when annoyed”
    I’ve had about as much of this shit as I can stand.

  5. Next M&S is going to promote flat earthism in the meat aisle, and the acceptance of having sex with kids in the baked goods section.

    • They will probably do away with anything to do with meat, dairy products and anything that harms the planet – on the say-so of Greta Thunderballs and her Little Helpers

  6. Have I missed something.

    These pronouns, if you can be bothered to use them, are only appropriate if you are talking about a person.

    Not to them.

    If someone has a badge that says ‘Mike’ then if you wanted to you would say, “Hey Mike, can you get that magazine from the top shelf for me. I can’t reach it”.

    It’s only if Mike refuses that you might call over his boss and say, “That lazy cunt Mike wouldn’t get the magazine that I asked for. I suggest that you sack they”.

    Or whatever.

    And then find a Pakistani shop where the soft porn mags are easier to get at.

    • Artie@

      Rather than mithering a overworked Mike to reach the porn mags for you,
      Why not take a small step ladder when out buying smut?

      Ive seen other ‘little people’ do this,
      Once saw Warwick Davis swaying precariously atop a ladder trying to get “50+Jugs’ magazine in WH Smiths.
      And he’s a A list star.

      • They should think about the spaccas who don’t have internet too with those jazz mags. They can’t reach the top shelf. If they’ve got arms or aren’t a flid, they like a wank just like the next man.

        I’d suggest a small platform lift they can use, perhaps with flashing lights and beeps to alert customers and staff when in use for safety reasons?

    • Agreed – I can understand work colleagues talking to each other like that (even though its total balls). But talking to customers is bloody silly because does that mean customers should wear similar badges so as M&S staff know how to address them?

      Bunch of arse

  7. This might go down well in Brighton, Edinburgh and some of the swankier parts of Stabistan but in the real world this is a load of wokie wank that nobody gives a fuck about. If I actually saw some cunt with a badge with they/their on it I would rip the fucking piss out of the little gay boy. Yeah, i’d get kicked out but that’s fine……there are plenty of other bastards who want my money. Treat me like a cunt and you don’t get it.

  8. Well I for one welcome the idea…at least now we’ll be able to denounce any Gay employee who has been lurking in disguise ready to bum a shopper who has innocently bent down to pick up a box of Mr.Kipling French Fancies…although this “pronoun” shit is a bit complicated….probably easier to make the Fruity Gentlemen wear a pink triangle.
    I wouldn’t be averse to extending the badge scheme to cover religion too…perhaps a yellow star to save the innocent shopper from upsetting any Jewish employees when searching for the pork-belly section.

    Stay safe,Cunters…insist on coloured badges for Undesirables…Run,Hide and Tell if approached…particularly by an M+S employee wearing a pink triangle and yellow star…he’s liable to scream ” Oooo errr Ducky…get him with the pot of vasaline and cucumber in his basket…busy night planned,sir….fnarr,fnarr” before wobbling off on his high heels to diddle you on your change at the till.

    At least God had the sense to make Dark-Keys black so that we could instantly be on our guard without the need for badges.

    • Great idea. Perhaps we could chip them like we do with dogs as well. It would make the world a safer place.

    • In all seriousness….how long before we all have to register our pronoun of choice alongside our vaccination status,colour,religion etc. on some Govt. database….just to keep us all safe,of course.

      • Morning,Field Marshall.

        It really wouldn’t surprise me if ,by Spring, vaccination passports had to be produced in shops.

        Covid is rife in a village near me…spread initially from the local Primary School apparently.

      • Morning Dick@

        Not far from me is the famous plague village of Eyam.
        During the Black Death the brave villagers upon a outbreak cut themselves off from the world to contain the outbreak from spreading beyond the village.
        They had a stone with a hollow bit filled with vinegar where theyd leave coin and the traders would leave grain and supplies outside the village.
        Maybe this could be introduced in rural Northumbria?

      • Good morning Mr Fiddler.
        Same where I am. Picked up a dose myself 3 weeks ago, including the missus, after my 11 year old boy got it from school.

  9. Well.
    When asked about gender and race in a survey, there is usually a ‘rather not say’ option. So this is clearly discriminatory to those who would ‘rather not say.’
    I would simply TipEx those words away.
    Or would that be too white?

  10. Only weirdos and twats need badges, let the rest of us who have managed for millennia carry on as normal.

    • This is true. Anyone who wears badges, especially a lot of them, is to be avoided. I got stuck with a loony cunt talking to me non-stop on a train once , he had about 50 badges on, one said ” I belong to a Friendly Club” – what the fuck does that even mean? These sort of people usually smell like polecats as well. It is Natures Warning, like a bow tie, or glasses worn on a chain.

  11. Do these cretins know what kind of punter is actually spending money in their shops? I know times have moved on a bit, but your average Marks and Sparks is still largely the haunt of the over 50s and blue rinsers. Most of the younger customers are buying a 10 quid meal for two or something for mums birthday. I wonder how long M and S would last if the older generation said fuck you? Same as those cunts who target dark key shoppers in preference to whitey I’d guess.
    Aim for minorities if you wish, but expect a minority of the market eventually.

    • I wonder also what kind of stink would ensue if a more senior customer, brought up with good old fashioned sense and morals, were to refuse to be served by one of these attention seeking loons?

  12. From the company that gave you a range of knickers and bras inspired by George Floyd, that well known connoisseur of women’s underware. What more do you expect?

      • They did a range of womens underwear to match dark skin tones, most of it ended up in the sales. Not being able to learn from mistakes, they continue to sell that stuff. If you go into Boots to buy make up, again, they have it in all the skin tones on earth and again, most of that stuff ends up in a sale bin. You have to wonder whether these places actually want to go bust.

  13. Excuse me, can you direct me to the vegan sausage rolls and the recyclable bathroom tissue please?
    Oh….I see you are cisgender, most unfortunate. Could you get me some cry baby, effeminate little pooftah who doesn’t know whether they are Arthur or Martha to help me out?
    I’d feel much more comfortable, thank you dear.

  14. I don’t want to have a challenging conversation about anything in a shop.
    They either sell me what I want or can get to fuck.
    Him Her They are all oddball cunts.

    • There may come a time when these ‘challenging conversations’ are mandatory.
      So you go to the cheese counter but before can buy you must discuss Liebnitz’ concept of eternal ‘monads’. (that’s monads not gonads). Or you fancy some cake but before you can purchase any you have to have a challenging conversation about Plato’s ‘Forms’.
      Then a walk round the lingerie department but now you have to debate on Marx’s notion of ‘dialectical materialism’.
      When you finally get to the till you’ll have a short examination on what you’ve learned before you can pay and go.

  15. I wonder if M&S made it compulsory for the staff to have these badges, were they allowed to leave that bit blank, or have ” Rather not say” there?

  16. It reminds me of a historical drama where Caligula is shopping at a slave market pointing to the ones he wants. Her, her, him, her, him, that.

  17. Who the fuck gives a shit how the muters and mongs identify? I notice the stupidly expensive (but low alcohol) gin that they are peddling this “season” clearly doesn’t know if it is really gin. Some of it fucking sings to you as you drink it! Everything is being infantilised to suit snowflakey sensibilities. Well there is the mother of all credit squeezes coming. Let’s see how the fairy’stay safe’ fuckers deal with that.

    Good morning, everyone.

  18. Why do companies pander to this shit, it’s not like these frèaks actually shop in M&S, same as the Tory government pandering to the cunts who’d never vote for them in a million years, I honestly don’t understand any of it!!!

  19. Marks & Spencers can never resist an opportunity to gather up it’s pissed stained old drawers and hitch a ride on the publicity bandwagon. I reckon it’s the pair old Pooter Rose used to wear with his make up and suspender belt, still has the shit stains to prove it.

  20. A couple of years ago you rarely saw mixed race couples in mainstream media adverts. Fast forward 2 years and they dominate!

    A couple of years ago you rarely heard of gender pronouns on mainstream media. Fast forward 2 years and although it isn’t quite so dominant, its certainly getting there as more and more businesses (not just retailers) are forced to jump on this latest woke bandwagon.

    What will be next I wonder?

      • New from M&S our Spring 2023 collection Equus for the women with a wild galloping passion & isn’t afraid to show it.
        With bridles and grips for every occasion.

        And our lovely new range of She-Man frocks for the gender fluid boy-girl who doesn’t want to be defined.

        This isn’t just M&S, its brazen perversion at M&S.

  21. I had to do a zoom meeting with Brighton Council, yes, those bunch of cock suckers.
    Me and another bloke were not going to have any of it when this crusty old lezzer that looked like Wurzle Gummidge asked each of us what pronoun we want to be known as.
    When it came round to me i acted like i didn’t know what the hell she was talking about. I said the names Fenton and i’m a geezer. The bitch made a complaint to my operations manager.
    I’ve got a year before i retire and it can’t come quick enough before i get out of this mad house.

  22. Viz have an advert for H&M&S where everything is bargain basement guaranteed to cost more than anywhere else – or the difference added.
    Sums up these robbing, virtuous cunts.
    If I asked the Aldi crew what their pronoun is I would get chinned.

  23. Surely this bollocks is costing the fools money now ? After all there are other shops available staffed by normal people.
    I think I shall require people to address me as “Your Majesty”. Has a ring about it and I’m sure people wouldn’t think I was crackers.

  24. Our EPCR (Electronic Patient Care Record) only recognises Male or Female. You’re one or the other, no inbetween!

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