Keith Richards [3]

I´ve never liked the Rolling Stones particularly Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. One of the reasons was because I never understood how two Englishmen – one lower middle class and the other upper middle class – could spend their whole lives fantasizing that they were Blind Willie McTell slaves from the southern United States singing the blues after a hard day picking cotton and being whipped by the overseers.

My life-long antipathy was confirmed when I switched on a Netflix programme called “Keith Richards Under the Influence”. It starts with a quote of such banality – “Life´s a funny thing you know” – that even Prince Charles would have sneered at it. Keith is obviously so spaced out that all he seems to do is chuckle at his own remarks.

At one point he “sings”, “I love my sugar but I love my honey too. I´m a greedy motherfucker and I don´t know what to do.”

Ever heard of retirement Keith?

Nominated by: Mr Polly

144 thoughts on “Keith Richards [3]

  1. Yeah, the fucking Yew Tree dodging, colostomy bag wearing cu……..No, wait! Did you say KEITH Richards??

    • I saw a hilariously stupid conspiracy theory last week about some crazy bitch who claims that Jimi faked his death and became Morgan Freeman!

      Those “he faked his death, you know, look at TheEz piKZ!!! THATS HIM, DOOD!!!” brain-drains are hilarious.

  2. Eh… Keith Richards, a cunt? Mick’s an asshole, that’s for sure. Keith is a funny guy, he’s never took himself or the rock and roll circus seriously. He gets his arsed licked a lot from Johnny Depp, chat show gimps, etc. I love 60s and 70s music, but we really need to get off the whole, “he’s a rock GOD! A true legend!” sycophantic idol worship. They are just guys who are or were great at coming up with banging music, took the drugs, did the shagging, blah blah blah and now live in spectacular mansions and mostly tow the line regarding the status quo (no pun intended) except a few like Clapton, Van Morrison, but they never say, “fuck the government and media” like I would if I was an old, wealthy and had the public’s ear. And look at Springsteen and his endless arse-licking of Bath House Barry, the man who bombed people, legalized media propaganda in 2014, lied his arse off, fucked up the lives of millions of blue collar people whom Bruce is supposed to be a champion of. Another showbiz hypocrite flake.


    Fuck off.

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