2.7 Million Job Vacancies

I think I have gone full on conspiracy theory mode, and I think I have found some fucking bullshit.

Reports today that job vacancies has hit 2.7 million, wtf.

Has anyone really scrutinised all this or is it a case just accepting statistics, are all these jobs either unique or are still advertised but have actually been filled.
I know from my time with job hunting the same vacancy could be advertised through several recruitment agencies and the cunts never actually say where the job is until you have gone through the process and I applied for some jobs that were still advertised even after they were filled because the cunts couldn’t be arsed to take down the ads.

Well at least all the poor cunts who have been kicked out of the care home sector for not being jabbed will have plenty of jobs to go to.

If half the 2.7 million jobs are real than there is no excuse for the 4 to 5% unemployed from not getting off their arses and get to fucking work.

What is the solution, well we know what Labour want, leave the bone idle cunts sitting on their arses and import some more EU Labour.

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45 thoughts on “2.7 Million Job Vacancies

  1. I wonder what the percentage would be if you count the worthless, parasitic “royals” scattered about?

    • I dont give a crap who is the latest personality of the Crown. The fact of the matter is A king constrained by a parliament is by far the best system ever devised. Giving Women the vote has been a disaster from which we will never recover.

      • What like Tony Blair siphoning off tax payers money to the EU. Yeah good one mate. His nest is well feathered. Middle east peace envoy going well isn’t it.

  2. I fucking hate recruitment agencies. Run by cunts for cunts that cannot be arsed. I had the misfortune to visit one years ago. What a total waste of my time. The cunt I saw was younger than my daughter, she was fucking useless. I fucked off sharpish telling her I’d get my own job, which I duly did. What’s wrong with doing your own recruiting? when did employing some useless post graduate to find some lacky to work for you become ‘a thing’?

    • Bertram@ – Employers use agencies because it allows them to hire and fire at will, agency reps are liars who advertise phantom vacancies to get your details, they do not offer you work but you can guarantee the phone will be ringing over weekends when the chavs have knocked and they need bodies to do the shifts and make these parasites their profit, and it’s also a very efficient tax dodge.
      I still get occasional emails from them telling me of a “wonderful opportunity” to do 2 weeks minimum wage work in a warehouse 80 miles from home, I don’t mind hard graft but it has to work out financially – but we have a generation of lazy, entitled, know all wokeflake leftists who do not want to work, they want to sit in a room at Mummy and Daddys looking for what they will be “offended by” today and my solution would be simple – get a job within 3 months or no unemployment benefits.

  3. I reckon they inflate the ‘unfilled job vacancies’ issue because it somehow helps and justifies the narrative opposite immigration. They don’t require an eugmented workforce they just want to dilute the gen pop and they can use simple falsehoods to bring that about.

    • LOL … Hmmm eugmented … augmented is the actual word I was trying write but my fingers and limited brain capacity somehow conspired to work against each other.

      • It’s all a ruse to make you accept the thousands of “Potentials” arriving daily on the Dinghy Express.

      • Even assuming there were any, they’d be a drop in the ocean compared to the number of CCP agents already embedded here and operating today, not to mention our own indigenous traitors.

  4. I don’t know who to believe. A quick search for lorry drivers in our county suggests there is nothing like the 100000 nationwide shortage.

    • Just don’t trust the liberal media. The only thing they are liberal is the truth.

  5. Job Agencies are cunts.
    Give them a CV and they dont look at it. If they had they wouldnt need to ask ‘do you have experience working nights in a warehouse or cleaning schools?’

    Do fucking what? Any cunt for any job as long as they get a commission. Many use bait and switch tactics so the job you applied for turns out to be completely different to the one described during the interview.

    I’m sure most of these recruitment agencies are data-colection firms moonlighting as recruiters.

  6. Remember how there was going to be a turkey shortage, this year ?
    Well, now there isn’t.
    Thanks to the importation of EU labour.
    Phew !
    That was a close call, Carruthers !
    We’re being taken for fools.
    Get To Fuck.

  7. Fuck that, work for yourself and don’t give your life and money to some money grabbing cunt boss while being bullied by so called “managers”

    One thing I will say, there’s a fuck load of work around at the moment, I’m turning work down everyday because I have no available time plus as I get older I’m getting to be a lazy cunt.

    • That pic,
      Join us the prison service.
      If I wanted to spend my working day dealing with nutters, sexual deviants,liars, and theives,
      And risk getting bummed,
      Id of joined the Labour party.

    • Agree Spanky, have been working for myself for the last couple of years and it certainly beats working for anybody else. What line of work are you in?

  8. Recruitment Agencies, preying on peoples bad luck and desperation. I loathe the cunts with a passion after experience of dealing with the parasitic shithouses.

  9. Saw an ad for a cleaner in a coffee shop. Two hours per day at £9.50 per hour. The cunts wanted a CV before considering candidates for interview. They must be looking for Henry fucking Kissinger. Twats. No wonder the place was minging. None of the fucking customers had their own teeth.

  10. A little scam they used to pull in the oil and gas contracting days. Back in the day, all the decent engineers were honkies. We were pulling in good rates working as contractors. No fucker in their right mind would work staff. So, the big contractors used to advertise staff engineer jobs at shit money, knowing full well that no-one would apply. They then waited six months and went to the relevant government department and bleated that they couldn’t fill their vacancies. Lo and behold, umpteen visas issue for overseas engineers – mostly Indians and useless as fuck. Also, none of them ever seemed to fuck off back home at the end of the visa.

  11. The DailyWail vomit mentions driving instructors, a lot. I get it, but the great and the good have been wiping their arses on truck drivers for decades and the truck instructors have thrown in the towel. Fair enough, but I remember the Red driving school (the regular type) scam from years back. They advertise for jobs for instructors (which don’t exist) just to relieve the desperate from their remaining cash in ‘training’ fees.

    Well, I don’t know why I came here tonight
    I got the feeling that something ain’t right
    I’m so scared in case I fall off my chair
    And I’m wondering how I’ll get down the stairs
    Cream cheese to the left of me, piss flaps to the right
    Here I am, stuck in the cunt with you

  12. There are too many vacancies and not enough Brits, that’s why we need Africans and Syrians and people from Hong Kong. It’s got to the stage where we have boats waiting in the channel so we can kidnap foreigners out for a paddle in their dinghy and force them to come to our shores against their will. It wouldn’t be possible if Labour were in power, they have far too much respect for foreigners’ rights.

  13. Well the fucking Gv’mint cunts have just created an additional 30’000 vacancies in the care home sector.
    And on fucking Armistice Day too-which is sacred. A holiest-of holy’s to we Brits.
    Overseen by a fucking P.aki Health Minister👎👎👎

  14. I simply don’t believe a single word that the Government, or the Press say.
    They have been proven, over and over again, to be liars, cheats, frauds and downright charletons.

  15. Who compiles these vacancy figures? Is it the Home Office – because they can’t count who’s here or overstayed so I wouldn’t expect them to be any less accurate on the job vacancy count either.

  16. A zero hour contract classes as a Job. I’m not against them because they help start up businesses and qualifies individuals for things like workplace pensions and holiday pay based on hours worked, redundancy pay etc. I am against businesses who use self-employed people who constantly pay them because it comes under IR35 rules. Guess who got stung by that Gary Wanker, who else was against Zero Hours contracts. Good old Jeremy Steptoe Corbyn.

    If you run a Personal Contract Ltd company you best not be getting paid by the same people every month, because them ghostly wobbles will be knocking.

    • Also one of the other points I’m going to make, why does any one pay for labour membership because they are all cunts riding it roughshod on your money.

  17. I think I need glasses. I thought the title of this nomination was ‘2.7 Million Job Vacines.’
    Jobs are out there. I think a person is much more employable when already working.
    Get a job whatever it is, but also look for better or different job more suitable in the meantime.

  18. From my experience, especially in the public and hospitality, Essentially employers liked to split a proper job into about 6 zero hour contracts that all count as ‘jobs’ to get out of certain NI and pension payments, holiday and sick pay etc, essentially tenporarily fire people by saying theres no hours when things are quiet, So just divide the total by 6 is probably a bit more accurate

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