Welcome to Dhaka!

I was watching a YouTube documentary about one of the most dangerous roads on the planet: The Nawabpur Road in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh. It is the 4th most densely populated city in the world and the tenth largest.

Compare and contrast Dhaka to London.

Dhaka – 23,000 cunts per km2
London – 5,500 cunts per km2

Population Annual Growth Rate
Dhaka – 4.2%
London – 1.4%

Population (inc Metro)
Dhaka – 18.2 million
London – 9.8 million

Dhaka is also one of the most polluted cities on the planet, and just looking at the thousands of knackered out buses, TATA lorries, taxis and private cars, most of which are well over 30 years old and would all fail an MOT if such a thing existed.

There’s is a highway code, but no one bothers with it; lots of drivers don’t have a licence or insurance. Barely anyone stops after a RTA, and those that do can often bribe traffic cops to look the other way.

But this particular road also has one of the highest fatalities on the planet purely because of congestion, pollution and a lack of any form of traffic management.
19 million cunts tightly packed into a sprawling dungheap of a city, most of them living well below the poverty line. But they have to scrounge a living as best they can with the least government environmental regulation and law enforcement as possible.

Fuck knows what their carbon footprint is, but I bet it isn’t as low as the UK’s. And yet I doubt if Greta and the XR/IB mob will be remonstrating with Bangladesh authorities because it doesn’t serve their purpose of world attention.

Never mind the 19 million trying to earn a crust while living with poverty, starvation, destitution and respiratory diseases. And governments there and world governing bodies like the UN and WHO just stand idly by letting it happen.

Instead  let’s just focus on the First World, and force them to make all the sacrifices, even though most of Western Europe and North America are already bending over backwards to comply.

On a wider scale, here’s a list of the 25 most polluted cities on the planet according to one report. Now I know you can quite easily find a particular report to suit a particular narrative, and when I did a Google search for the most polluted cities, there wasn’t much in the of the way of consistency. But then again everyone with an agenda will pick and mix statistics to suit.

Anyway, here’s that top 25 shit-list, and you’ll quickly notice a common theme:-

Lahore, Pakistan
Ghaziabad, India
Delhi, India
Aguascalientes, Mexico
New Delhi, India
Lucknow, India
Muzaffarnagar, India
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Peshawar, Pakistan
Hapur, India
Patna, India
Kampala, Uganda
Kabul, Afghanistan
Chandigarh, India
Jaipur, India
Gandhinagar, India
Bamako, Mali
Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Baghdad, Iraq
Kolkata, India
Manama, Bahrain
Karachi, Pakistan
Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Hawalli, Kuwait
Visakhapatnam, India

And to give some contrast, here’s a top 10 of the least polluted cities from the same report.

Zurich, Switzerland
Hobart, Australia
Reykjavik, Iceland
Launceston, Australia
Honolulu, US
Vitoria, Brazil
Bergen, Norway
Wollongong, Australia
Turku, Finland
Funchal, Portugal

(Interestingly, Greta’s place of birth, Stockholm, didn’t make the top 10. Or even the top 25. Funny that!)

Dangerous Roads Documentary

City Comparisons

Most Polluted Cities

Least Polluted Cities

Greta and XR, where are you?


Nominated by: Technocunt


72 thoughts on “Welcome to Dhaka!

  1. Youd think little Greta would of mentioned this?
    She should hire a moped and travel through Dhaka to see for herself!
    Meet the locals (Dhakeys)
    And see the environmental damage for herself.
    Nothing funnier than a muppet on a moped dodging lorries with faulty brakes!

    • Carrying 107 boxes of live squawking chicken on a rusty bike that he’s delivering to an incest wedding that has 5,000 guests to don’t know each other because they are all from the same gene pool.

  2. Spot on nomination: nail hit squarely on the head there👍

    It’s COP 26 in Glasgow at the end of this month and the MSM etc are all starting to wet themselves about what a great thing this is. Meanwhile, things are exactly as you describe and pollution ain’t going nowhere anytime soon.

    I like the Reform Party’s manifesto commitment to peg UK emissions where they are and dispense with all this net zero bollox. Trouble is they’ll never bust into FPTP politics.

    • Cop26, is having a world conference in Glasgow, which means shitloads of chinless wonders, and pen pushers will be descending on the city from all four corners of the planet to talk about the environment for about 13 days.

      They just can’t see their own contradiction can they!

      • For these chinless wonders it’s all about the soundbites and not the actions. Another delicious irony of COP 26 is that, just around the corner, a local council spent £1mil on a Nissan Leaf fleet over a year ago and none of which has ever turned a wheel. The reason? Unusable because of lack of charging infrastructure. A microcosm of all that is wrong with Net Zero: taxpayers charged enormous sums they can ill afford for no good reason while practical needs are totally ignored.

    • I heard that the jocks have spent 2 million on electric Tesla cars to ferry the prats (they call them ‘dignitaries’ but fuck that) from the speech venue to Gleneagles hotel (where they’re staying).

      Problem is, they’ve got no way to charge the cars at Gleneagles. So they’ve spent a shit load on installing a very environmentally unfriendly diesel powered generator.

      If this is true, then what a fucking bunch of jokers. Can’t be arsed checking but I’ve heard this a few times now.

      I wonder how many dark child labourers died or got injured mining the cobalt for the batteries? Or how much Co2 was used in making the cars in the factory (or in simply mining and making the materials needed for the cars). Oh, and shipping the fucking things over? And what’s going to happen to these cars (and their batteries!) over the next, say, 3 years?

      They might as well all travel around in 1970s Isuzu wagons with faulty exhausts, that blow out huge plumes of black smoke. Because I’d bet the carbon footprint would be smaller. It’s almost as if it’s one big fucking virtue signal?

      Surely not?

  3. I had a mate that went on a tour of India. His wife’s idea, not his. They both came back with serious eye infections due to polluted dust. He said the whole country was like a fucking rubbish dump. No bin men, just cows eating rubbish, what the cows don’t eat is set alight.
    Sounds lovely.

  4. Only the honkies stole Greta’s future.

    And about time she was called out for saying that. She’s scaring kids with all this ‘the end is nigh’ bollocks. I know kids in the family who are genuinely frightened that the world is ending very soon due to climate change. As in before they grow up or as early as next month. Fucking teachers (and cunts like Greta/media)!

    And ‘stolen he future’ my arse.

    She’s a multi millionaire at 18, just for reading prepared scripts once a month or so and then moaning on Twitter. Nice ‘work’ if you can get it. Would you give up a ‘job’ like that?

    Don’t worry though, our jellyfish politicians are letting in so many cunts from these polluting shit holes, so that we too can see all our towns and cities look as ‘vibrant’ as the one in the picture.

    Oh joy!

    • It’s already started Cuntybollocks.
      I live in a nice village in Essex, well it was 9 years ago when I moved here. Now the litter from passing scumbags is getting out of hand. Mostly chucked in the bushes from the Eastern Europeans working at the local salad pack house or the pike’s on there way back from Mackie D’s.

      • Indeed. Greta is a multi millionaire teen, despite not even finishing high school. And she’s a millionaire because of ‘climate change’ (real or imagined).

        ‘Stolen my future?’ It’s the exact opposite Greta you mong!

        Go and spend your ill gotten gains and get some lad’s fingers up your snatch and enjoy life.

        But I guess she’ll want even more money and more attention, sadly.

    • We have a government who have become addicted to scaring people.
      Old people or children, it matters not to these corrupt charlatans.
      Every last one of these cunts should hang their heads in shame.

    • I went to a primary school in the 60’s where there was one black kid (I can still remember his name 50 years later). Now, whites are a minority. I talk, of course, of Leicester.

  5. We went to the Dhaka the other night. Place was virtually empty.

    “How is your meal, sir?”
    “Mind your own business, cunt.”

  6. The state of the world’s oceans must be brought to the forefront of the pollution debate.
    Recently, I went to buy some sardines and they were all dead and absolutely covered in oil….

  7. Admin’s trying to pull a fast one here.
    That picture’s not Dhaka, it’s Alum Rock Road in Brum.

    (I don’t know much about Brum, but when I chose the header pic I did think it was taken just outside Villa Park on a Saturday afternoon – Day Admin)

    • I stand corrected. Turns out it’s the queue that formed when the word got out that an additional 50 season tickets had become available.

    • Wait until we are all FORCED to have an electric car DCI. The national grid will collapse when we plug them in and electricity will be rationed.
      The new Smart chargers already stop you charging at peak times to stop the overload. No good if you have a long journey planned and an early start.

      • Can’t wait for electric ambulances! Wait until we’ve been waiting outside ED for five fucking hrs, trying to offload a patient, with the heater and stereo on!

        “Despatch, we have an issue”😃

      • @DCI, I went skiing in Zermatt many years ago, the only internal combustion vehicles allowed in the town were medical, ambulance/paramedics.
        They used common sense, I doubt we will have the same in this country.

  8. The header pic is Londonistan in another 10 years, next year there will be 100,000 crossing the channel with Priti Patel saying we have given France another £50 million (well someone has to pay for the rubber boats).

      • Rats have a six-week turnaround.
        These fuckers aren’t so quick. It’s a coin toss who you’d prefer as a neighbour. Nasty, disease-ridden bastids scurrying about the road….or rats.

  9. ‘Road to Bangladesh’ was a great film. As I remember it, Bob Hope was slowing down a bit by then. The scene with Bing and the ‘Dishi-Deshi’ belly dancers is a classic. To save money they did not film on location, but had white actors black up on the lot to reproduce the local colour. I suppose that is why Road to Bangladesh is seldom seen nowadays.

    Excellent nom, Techno.

    Good morning, everyone.

  10. I’ve noticed the plod in my local area driving around more and more frequently in these electric BMW things.

    With wheels like the type you’d find on a baby’s pram along with a nice image of a 3 pin plug decorating the side of the vehicle just to remove any doubt that it’s actually a toy go-kart and not a real car.
    Usually driven by a 5 foot female.

    Any bank robbers – watch out!

  11. Hey Technocunt your figures are incorrect, number 3 on that list should be Cardiff, especially the Cathays area in student season, where the cunts just chuck shit everywhere, vandalise the place as well as all the broken glass, syringes, piss stained matresses, knackered fridges, washing machines and dog shit everywhere.
    In fact i reckon Dhaka would make a nice place to visit in comparison…

  12. Prosperity is the result of freedom from oppression. That is why the first world countries are targeted for environmental regulation etc. Freedom limits the power of the cunts in power and they can’t abide that. These shit hole countries are that way because of rampant corruption, tyranny, religion, or a combination thereof.

  13. I stayed a night in Dhaka many years ago coming back from Thailand. It’s the filthiest shit hole I’ve ever seen. I was advised not to eat in the hotel as a fellow traveller (literally) nearly shat himself to death a few years earlier.

    I saved a few quid booking the flights with Bima (Bangladesh) airlines. My mates on the flight never forgave me for this. The flight entertainment consisted of locals hawking and flobbing up mucus into sick bags. Why do these people do this?

    The food was horrendous on the plane. A Bangladeshi next to me coughed up most of his meal, which stuck to the back of the seat in front for the remaining journey.

    The flight stopped off in 6 cities dropping these ‘people” around the globe. It was more like a bus trip, but not a good one. Dirty bastards. Dirty fucking bastards.

  14. I have just read that the local steelworks is going for ‘net zero’ whatever the fuck that is. While competing with China and India for fucks sake. I suspect net zero will be achieved when it shuts down as uncompetitive. The eco cunts will cream their keks at the prospect.

    • They’ll be celebrating more plebs getting chucked on the dole or scrapheap.

      “Another glass of low carbon wine Tarquin?”

  15. If SARS-Ncov-2 were a legitimate novel pathogen, Dhaka would have been absolutely decimated.

    The sheer density, filth, poverty.. there should have been bodies piled high on the streets.

    But no. No explanation as to why that didn’t happen either, and why their death rate was so low (until they started vaccinations in Feb.. when it went up shortly afterwards).

    Dhaka is my favourite circle that can’t be squared.

    • When you consider the disgusting media propaganda, the absolute lunatic behaviour of governments in parts of the west lately and in the same breath, the very existence of places such as filthy and overpopulated as Dhaka and the likes, it does raise a few questions.

      • They never talk about it because lies and liars don’t like pesky questions.

        I knew this pandemic was bullshit by the end of last Summer because of places just like Dhaka.

        Maybe the virus is racist and hates to associate with brown looking Indian’s. Maybe it’s the reincarnation of Prince Philip?

    • The Indians have extremely resilient immune systems. They have to in order to survive in such a shithole.

      Not like us soft Westerners. And they don’t count every cunt who dies “with” Covid as a Covid death. Unlike the idiot authorities in this country.

      It’s not fucking rocket science.

      • I guess you missed the ‘novel pathogen’ and highly infectious part eh?

        The mental gymnastics lol

    • Complete and utter bollocks. At the height of the pandemic there, 2000+ a day were dying. I know because I was getting the daily figures as part of my job. I was a COVID-19 Business planner and the company I work for had a large business in Bangladesh.

  16. When I was watching that “Dangerous Roads” documentary prior to putting this nomination together, it struck me how fortunate we are to live in a fairly civilised country like the UK.

    I know its far from perfect, but imagine being born in a place like Dhaka and having to live, eat and work in that kind of shite environment.

    People like Boris, Princess Nut Job, Greta and all those XR twats need to sample that kind of life for a year and then come back to the UK and realise what lucky cunts they are!

  17. Interesting isn’t it that all the over populated cities are darkey lands. Simple truth is these cunts spread their legs at any opportunity, somehow strength in numbers seems to be the norm, 8 kids per family when you are alreay piss poor and most of these nations are the biggest carbon polluters.

    Here’s the irony, these cunts want (and expect the whitey to do something about it) but hold up – we’re all racist aren’t we?

    Cunts can’t have their cake and eat it.

  18. I wonder how many electric cars they have in Dhaka?
    I wonder how many supermarkets are green in Dhaka?
    I wonder if there is a garden refuse collection in Dhaka?
    I wonder if they have recycling collections in Dhaka?
    I wonder if they they will be forced to get rid of their gas boilers and opt for heat pumps in Dhaka?
    I wonder if they cater for vegan/veggies in Dhaka?

    Answers on an email to those COP26 cunts!

  19. Sounds like any place, anywhere around the world where this type of creature turns up and sets up camp, they are dirty in their ways and don’t seem to mind living like cockroaches, they reduce prices of property quicker than subsidence.! You all know that I am talking about Stanley’s, I fuckin detest the Cunts.!

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