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Channel 4 needs a cunting, possibly more woke than the BBC cunts.

I was browsing YouTube yesterday and found that the woke TV cunts seem to have invaded, and are using the platform to push their snowflake brainwashing agenda.

For what my eyes did come across was a propaganda post advertising their new YouTube show called……..(and maybe sit down and meditate before reading the title, because this enraged me to new levels)……..

‘How not to be racist’

Ch 4 Link

If you follow the link and go to the community page, it will be staring you right in the face.

I feel I don’t have to explain why this is possibly the the biggest cunting thing any person or establishment has ever come up with. Channel 4 have a program, where black people, tell white people, how to behave so that they don’t offend them.

Now, the last time I checked, that would be racism. Telling a group of people how not to act, based purely on the colour of their skin is the dictionary definition of racism. OH THE IRONY!!!!! I’m so angry I don’t think I can carry on. What is happening in this clown world we live in?!

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70 thoughts on “Channel 4 (5)

  1. At least the adverts will represent a fair section of society.

    Nope, just noticed the bloke with the talking dog on the flash advert is now a velcro head.

  2. Further to my comment above, the excellent 24 Hours in Police Custody is available on the catch up.

    There’s a common thread running through all the ones I’ve watched so far. And I don’t mean “Noh-Commenh”

  3. Report them to OFCOM for racism, quoting the very explanation of racism from the dictionary.
    OFCOM will then have an obligation to remove the program.
    Job done.

  4. I’ve known how not to be racist since I was about nine.

    Don’t go around calling South Asians ‘p@ki’ or ‘bud-bud-ding-ding’
    Don’t go around calling East Asians ‘chinky’ or ‘slopes’.
    Don’t call black people ‘n!ggers’, or ‘c00ns’.
    (even though i’ve had three black people call me a n!gger out of friendly understanding or because i got very brown in the summer. Another friend who is white but spent a summer in Mauritius was called ‘The N!gger’ by both white and black college friends because he returned darker than the mixed race lad on our course. It was a running joke that he would become the ‘Blackest Man Alive’ by the end of the course).

    Whether people choose to stick to that advice is up to them and can’t really be enforced, as recounted above.

    I imagine the only people who will watch it are the white wokies who are terrified they might be racist. I’ve been accused of racism once by an Asian lad who said me talking about Kashmir was racist and I simply said ‘no it’s not’ and he shut up.

    Other accusations don’t count because the accusers were white.

    Now that’s racism.

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