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Channel 4 needs a cunting, possibly more woke than the BBC cunts.

I was browsing YouTube yesterday and found that the woke TV cunts seem to have invaded, and are using the platform to push their snowflake brainwashing agenda.

For what my eyes did come across was a propaganda post advertising their new YouTube show called……..(and maybe sit down and meditate before reading the title, because this enraged me to new levels)……..

‘How not to be racist’

Ch 4 Link

If you follow the link and go to the community page, it will be staring you right in the face.

I feel I don’t have to explain why this is possibly the the biggest cunting thing any person or establishment has ever come up with. Channel 4 have a program, where black people, tell white people, how to behave so that they don’t offend them.

Now, the last time I checked, that would be racism. Telling a group of people how not to act, based purely on the colour of their skin is the dictionary definition of racism. OH THE IRONY!!!!! I’m so angry I don’t think I can carry on. What is happening in this clown world we live in?!

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  1. Is it a spoof 😂, abolish the police in certain areas of Londonistan, I think it’s already happening. Black people are now untouchable, if they see a policeman on the street…… Raaaaaacism.

    • It’s one of the main reasons behind white-flight from the cities to the sticks. The day I’m told what to do by a dark one, will be the day I leave God’s great earth.

      (There is a scheduled nom about “white flight” due to go live in the next few days – Day Admin)

    • Well, I am convinced, Black people are definitely chippy, white people are racist because they tap dance.
      I am OK, I have no interest in black culture, I will stick with Lancashire clog dancing 😂

    • It is and what got my piss boiling was this quote as to the sole objective of this Cunte Joseph person:

      “break down race in Britain to show that white people must try harder”.

      Must try harder, it is our fucking country you bongo bint.

  2. Presumably they’re going to tell us not to vote Brexit because it’s raaaaaaay-sist. Bit late for that and if the wokies get their replay it’ll be rigged anyway.

  3. There’s only one race, and that’s the “Human race”, if you don’t agree your racist, watch the uppity egg and spoons worm their way out of that one cunters!

  4. The last thing of theirs I properly watched was Friday Night Dinner. I barely watch them or any TV for that matter nowadays.

    • Im going to watch this.
      To be honest I struggle to know whats racist?
      “Ook ook monkey want a peanut?”
      While scratching my armpits can be misinterpreted.
      As can burning large crosses on the lawn with the family dressed as ghosties!
      Interracial communication is a minefield!

      Watch how you go….😁

    • Well I know one thing; a lot of black people out there are starting to offend me.
      Fuck off, you chippy cunts (and don’t stab me on the way).

  5. These cunts did a programme last year “Is COVID Racist”.

    Aren’t these cunts part government owned (or at least were when they launched).

    There is so much of this shite going on at the moment that what will happen soon is every whitey walking down the street will be racist just for being born white – I am pig fucking sick of it.

    The racist card is being used for absolutely everything at the moment, uneducated children, cos I is bleck, lack of work opportunities, cos I is bleck. Da police stopping me, cos I is bleck. There was even a case in our girls school recently where a bleck parent kicked up beucase she thought her precious daughter was being held back for being bleck.

    No, it’s becuase she’s a fat heffalump cunt and has been causing trouble with the kids picking on them and not paying attention in class.

    If life is so fucking bad for you all, Africa is calling – fuck off, go via Calais and pick up some of the cunts there to take with you.

  6. Sanity must have become boring. Everyone seems to be giving the opposite a try. For a change maybe? Like man buns and tattoos on wimminz? Maybe sanity will come back in vogue before it’s too late.

  7. I really loved Ch4 when it first came out back in the early 80s. Totally “edgy” and different compared to the BBC and ITV.

    But over the years it become ever more like the Guardian for TV.

    • Actually Channel4 was founded to put large amounts of money into the pockets of a carefully curated bunch of greedy and cuntish producers, writers and directors at the Groucho club.They were never edgy. We just thought they were . Today they produce cheap shit to do exactly the same.

  8. Channel Foreskin…..fuck me…..I have no words to adequately express my hatred of those cunts.
    I’ll never forget the drama they shat out detailing in harrowing detail of what would happen to the country if UKIP got into power. It was fucking hysterical, alarmist, and utterly woke propaganda of the highest (lowest!) order.
    Bunch of mutherfuckers!

  9. I wouldn’t have a problem with it if they also produced “How not to be on the receiving end of racism”.
    The indigenous population of this country could then dish out some sound advice to our “guests”.

    Don’t turn a previously habitable district into a fly blown shit hole.

    Try not to do a Captain Oates when your partner gives birth.

    Avoid, if at all possible, pretending you’re a gangsta and stabbing people.

    Find another source of income other than crime.

    Really pushing the boundaries I know, but perhaps try to integrate.

    I could go on, but I’m sure you get the picture.

  10. In the interests of fair representation, there should be no more than 3 blacks in every 100 people appearing on UK television.

  11. The only people watching this will be white wokies who are already brainwashed and so posh they never go near a BAME anyway.
    Oh…….and cunts like me looking to take the piss.

  12. Wasn’t racist back in the day … fuckin’ am now. They did that … them n the MSM dross. Society destroyed by a bunch of fuckwits running off at the mouth without actually having anything constructive to say. Made me laugh when someone on here said the world could breakout into a series of civil wars. Well here’s the news it already has … not everyone is using physical weapons of war … yet!
    In the past few months I’ve witnessed a fist fight in the Co Op, the same shop held up by a ‘dark foreign looking geezer’ another fight at the service station and tirade of abuse with the real threat of serious violence at the local fete, a bloke throwing a claw hammer at a car hitting the passenger in the face and some cunt deliberately running over a dog ffs … and I live in a village and I’m not around all the time! WTF is going on … it really didn’t used to be this way. Oh and back to the point … all of the above involved persons of colour as the aggressor.

    • God’s honest truth this.

      I’m not a confrontational or violent person at all. I’ve had two real fights in my whole life. Both against black kids when I was a kid. Can honestly say I did fuck all to start either. One was a kid who kept throwing stones at me when I passed his house. My crime was asking him to stop. He came out and hit me. We fought. I got the best of it before some blokes passing split us up. He never bothered me again. The other one was a black kid who spat at me in the school corridor for no reason. Right in my face. I battered that one. Got detention for a week (so did he).

      In adulthood, I’ve avoided about 4 or 5 fights with blacks when they’ve been the aggressor. In nightclubs, mostly. Example, talking to a bird from work on a sofa in a club (just chatting, I had a bird who was at the bar). Dark key with all the chains comes over says ‘hi’ to the girl and said ‘Move!’ to me iñ an aggressive manner. I moved. Why? Was it worth getting into a fight over a bird I didn’t fancy (she liked the dark keys too – had a reputation for it) and explaining it to the bird I was with? But still, another example. But a part of me still wishes I’d told him to try and fucking move me. Others include a guy deliberately walking into me looking for a fight. Got mugged (and beaten) once in subway by two dark keys.

      And people ask me why I’m not keen on them or all this take the knee shit for them? Pretty fucking obvious.

      Never had similar things happen with honkies, apart from one honky kid threatening to batter me at school (he did fuck all in the end).

      My personal experience of black people has been that they’re more likely to be violent than other races, and more likely to go looking for fights. And I’ve never lived amongst loads of them!

      Maybe I’m just unlucky or I look a bit like a slaver from Roots, fuck knows?

      • True story and one I think you will like Cuntybollocks. In the early seventies my father worked with a man who had a son in the military. The lad was in his early twenties and was a royal marine commando. One time he had a weekend pass, came home to the West Midlands and on the evening went clubbing in Brum with some mates. In the early hours he decided to go home, left his mates and walked off across the town. He was walking through the old pedestrian underpass near St Martins, long since demolished, when four black youths thought they would roll him. One of them got away, he put the other three in hospital. The list of injuries was truly heart warming, broken jaws, cracked ribs, broken collar bones etc. A taxi driver who had seen what was happening called the police who turned out mob-handed and were delighted by the scene.

  13. Dear old Jon Snow can’t be long for the woke world of C4 news surely? I know he simpers to the Lammys and the Woolleys and the Swampys but no getting around the fact he is white. He wears socks and ties of colour but I don’t think this will save him. Somehow, the whiteys hold on in the studio but almost all the reporters are blek or Asian now. Might as well run up the BLM flag now C4. You’ve surrendered.

  14. I remember Channel 4 in it’s early days showed mucky films late on a Friday night with a little red warning box in the top right hand corner of the screen. If only they had started years later they could have shown my all nude production of Lady Chatterley’s Lover with lovely Liza Nandy as Connie Chatterley and Jess Phillips as Mellors with a strap-on. It got some very good reviews: “Cor blimey, Kinky Connie!” (The Sun)

  15. I’m not racist. I’m cuntist.

    I’ve worked with some great Africans (though not Nigerians!), and with some cunt Africans. Great Chinese; not-so great Chinese. Ditto Indians, Afro-Carib stars(1st and 2nd gen) and cunts (3rd gen onwards, mostly). Also with great whites and cunt whites. Hungarians, Turks, even French.

    Pouring into my country, on spec. and uninvited, because you don’t feel like making your own country work properly, is the act of a cunt. Telling me my culture and traditions must be replaced by yours is likewise the act of a cunt and I reserve the right to call you one – especially if you are white. And most especially if you live in Islington and/or work in the media.

    Long overdue is a public information broadcast-all channels, 3 times daily – presented by Sir Limply ( other possibilities freely admitted to exist), with a supporting cast of ISAC-approved cunters, entitled “How Not To Be A Cunt”.

    Only then will this tsunami of cunt be dissipated.

  16. The good old BBC still spouting pro-black revisionist bollocks, I see….

    The Buana Broadcasting Corporation is now saying that Laurie Cunningham was ‘The Cristiano Ronaldo of his era’. Now, don’t get me wrong, I liked Laurie. Lovely lad, good player, and I’m sorry he didn’t make it at Old Trafford. But its’ fucking ludicrous to suggest that Cunningham was in the same class as Ronaldo. The only similarities are that both men played for Manchester United and Real Madrid. But we all know that the ‘Beeb’ are bigging up Laurie because he was black and nothing more, and that’s an insult to him. Laurie was a very good player and he should be remembered for that, without ridiculously over the top revisionism and racially motivated pissing contests.

    • Cunningham was a decent striker for a few seasons, but to compare him to Ronaldo is a fucking piss take.

      They’ll be saying Carlton Palmer was the Zico of his day next.

  17. I forgot to include another part of this which truly perplexed me, the title. How not to be racist, implies that there is in fact a correct way to be racist. Maybe I should be watching, I may have been performing my racism wrong all this time.

    Or maybe it’s because the uneducated have taken over channel 4 and don’t realise that they’ve used incorrect grammar.

  18. Watching Channel 4 must be the closest thing possible to actually having a bucket of shit tipped over you head. As I would never knowingly watch it, or any of its filthy oeuvre, I say this based wholly on what esteemed ISaC patrons who are braver than me report on this site. I salute them for their selflessness.

  19. Maybe there should be a program showing ungo bongos how not to stab eachother, deal drugs and not be dead beat dad’s. I think that would be better as those things offend me.

  20. Soon enough i mean in the next 200 years we are going to be going completely woke for the white man, ripping down statues of Eddie Murphy, Morgan Freeman, Barak Obama, George Floyd and scary spice and various other coloured people who were held back by us honkies in the olden days and preventing them from flourishing.

  21. How not to be racist:

    1. Stop going on about ‘racism’.
    2. Stop blaming everything bad that happens on white people. Because it’s racist you thick cunts!
    3. Stop telling white kids that they’re born privileged and racist.
    4. Stop committing violent crimes like rape, robbery and GBH against whites at a much higher percentage per capita than the other way around. That is obvious racism.
    5. Stop demeaning yourselves by accepting token employment or educational positions due to your skin colour alone. Yes, it is tokenism and we all know it.
    6. Stop telling white people how to behave. Particularly when your own group’s behaviour is the worst of the worst. If I want advice on babysitting, I wouldn’t call Gary Glitter.

    Fuck off!

  22. This is not Channel 4, it’s ITV. Reading my TV Choice mag today, this is what we have at 9pm.
    “ The Blackprint – The musician explores what it means to be Black and British, embarking on a unique, nationwide quest to learn about the lives of Black Brits.”
    I wouldn’t mind if it was going to be followed by a programme about how white Brits are sick to the back teeth with having Black culture shoved down their throats.

  23. I recently got banned from my local pub because I disagreed with a black lady over black lives matter. I don’t mind black people, in fact, some of my extended family are black, but they do have a high rate of crime and have a low rate of literacy and logical point of view. My argument was that if you think black lives matter that much why don’t you go and create something which serves a purpose which helps people.

    I explained we are all slaves. White people in all, why on earth do they all feel they can be millionaires via skin colour.

    I used an example of how many Jamaican Michelin Starred Jamaican restaurants were in the UK not served out of a plastic container. The answer is zero. There is only one in the world.

    Point made. Chucked out as a racist. Tough love doesn’t exist, you could even tell the dumbest fucker the best idea and they’d ignore it.

    This is not a social experiment it’s a real problem in society. These people are racist.

    This lady is a darling, look at this shite with the netball team

    She is completely fair and look at the abuse she gets on every reply for we’ll reasoned arguements. They all have EU flags banging on their moniker. Pathetic.

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