Welcome to Dhaka!

I was watching a YouTube documentary about one of the most dangerous roads on the planet: The Nawabpur Road in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh. It is the 4th most densely populated city in the world and the tenth largest.

Compare and contrast Dhaka to London.

Dhaka – 23,000 cunts per km2
London – 5,500 cunts per km2

Population Annual Growth Rate
Dhaka – 4.2%
London – 1.4%

Population (inc Metro)
Dhaka – 18.2 million
London – 9.8 million

Dhaka is also one of the most polluted cities on the planet, and just looking at the thousands of knackered out buses, TATA lorries, taxis and private cars, most of which are well over 30 years old and would all fail an MOT if such a thing existed.

There’s is a highway code, but no one bothers with it; lots of drivers don’t have a licence or insurance. Barely anyone stops after a RTA, and those that do can often bribe traffic cops to look the other way.

But this particular road also has one of the highest fatalities on the planet purely because of congestion, pollution and a lack of any form of traffic management.
19 million cunts tightly packed into a sprawling dungheap of a city, most of them living well below the poverty line. But they have to scrounge a living as best they can with the least government environmental regulation and law enforcement as possible.

Fuck knows what their carbon footprint is, but I bet it isn’t as low as the UK’s. And yet I doubt if Greta and the XR/IB mob will be remonstrating with Bangladesh authorities because it doesn’t serve their purpose of world attention.

Never mind the 19 million trying to earn a crust while living with poverty, starvation, destitution and respiratory diseases. And governments there and world governing bodies like the UN and WHO just stand idly by letting it happen.

InsteadĀ  let’s just focus on the First World, and force them to make all the sacrifices, even though most of Western Europe and North America are already bending over backwards to comply.

On a wider scale, here’s a list of the 25 most polluted cities on the planet according to one report. Now I know you can quite easily find a particular report to suit a particular narrative, and when I did a Google search for the most polluted cities, there wasn’t much in the of the way of consistency. But then again everyone with an agenda will pick and mix statistics to suit.

Anyway, here’s that top 25 shit-list, and you’ll quickly notice a common theme:-

Lahore, Pakistan
Ghaziabad, India
Delhi, India
Aguascalientes, Mexico
New Delhi, India
Lucknow, India
Muzaffarnagar, India
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Peshawar, Pakistan
Hapur, India
Patna, India
Kampala, Uganda
Kabul, Afghanistan
Chandigarh, India
Jaipur, India
Gandhinagar, India
Bamako, Mali
Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Baghdad, Iraq
Kolkata, India
Manama, Bahrain
Karachi, Pakistan
Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Hawalli, Kuwait
Visakhapatnam, India

And to give some contrast, here’s a top 10 of the least polluted cities from the same report.

Zurich, Switzerland
Hobart, Australia
Reykjavik, Iceland
Launceston, Australia
Honolulu, US
Vitoria, Brazil
Bergen, Norway
Wollongong, Australia
Turku, Finland
Funchal, Portugal

(Interestingly, Greta’s place of birth, Stockholm, didn’t make the top 10. Or even the top 25. Funny that!)

Dangerous Roads Documentary

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Most Polluted Cities

Least Polluted Cities

Greta and XR, where are you?


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  1. Moving down the road to India, the River Ganges is one of the most polluted rivers on the planet thanks to industrial and human “effluent” from the millions of people who live alongside it.

    Indian government has spent millions on cleaning it up but with no success, not least because its a holy river with millions of people bathing and “anointing” themselves in it during religious festivals.

    I would like to hear what Greta and COP26 has to say about that!

    • Ugh, that sounds dreadful. Goodness only knows what breeds in there.

      Not to mention the bacteria.

  2. Ever noticed how when a billionaire decides on a whim, to go into space, even if only going to the edge of space for 10 minutes, you never see nor hear Pippi Longstocking (Greta) or the XR mob condemning it.

    Funny that….šŸ§

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