Superman (and Batman) Go Bi

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Superwooftah the Camp Crusader in a same sex relationship with Boy Robin. Holy Twatman Gotham City has turned into the Manchester of the Universe. I am most seriously confused as all the Super Heroes are shagging each other and BatWoman is a munter in a consensual relationship with Lois Lane. Pass the BatDildo Lois. What next The Hulk is shagging Lassie and Goldilocks and the Three Bears are reimagined in all their LGBT glory?

Big splash KAPOW that Superman has been redrawn by some simpering Oz cunt with slap head hiding beneath a flat cap and very irritating chin beard – the sort of beard if seen on a MMA fighter would demand a Ground, Pound and KO. Oh how the little cunt twitters and puffs on about how an honour it is to have the opportunity to draw the Caped Crusader and his son with cock rings, butt plugs and arse piercings.
The Joker is on us.

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Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

And then there’s this from Ron Knee


A short while ago I came back into the living room to find the wife laughing so hard that she was actually spilling her tea.

‘What’s tickled your fancy?’ says I, intrigued.

‘Christ’ says she, wiping a tear from her eye. ‘Have a look at this’, and points towards an article that’s up on her computer screen.

Great Caesar’s ghost! Can this be true? In another attempt to appear ‘inclusive’ and ‘diverse’, DC Comics has decided that its most iconic of icons, Superman no less, will ‘come out’ as bi-sexual.

I mean, can you Adam and Eve it? The most macho, alpha superhero ever, fresh from a hard day saving the galaxy again, returns home for a bit of a cuddle and canoodle with his ‘friend’ Jay Nakamura, a ‘Gamorran’ refugee, naturally.

You couldn’t make this stuff up. Er, well actually you can if you’re DC Comics and desperate to show how ‘progressive’ you are. Next thing you know, he’ll be wearing his shirt outside his pants, sporting a man-bun and drinking soy latté.

‘Look up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superperson!’

DC Comics? Fucking AC/DC Comics morelike. I’m getting too old for this shit.

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A late entry from Miserable northern cunt, regarding Batman from the 60s TV show in need of some young Dick!


A billionaire goes to a circus.
There he sees a supple, agile young acrobat named Dick.

Upon finding out Dick hasn’t any parents this rich man takes the boy dresses him in hot pants and mask and moves him in.

The billionaire isn’t married, no girlfriend, and dresses in a mask and head to toe black rubber.

He also has a secret cave where he takes this pliable lad for god knows what.

At no time does social services intervene,
Likewise the police.
The rich get away with anything.
Why is Batman so interested in young Dick?
Has he touched Dick?

Gotham has its problems,
Like any city.
But its a stain on its reputation if it ignores the handling of young Dick by “Older man”
Bruce Wayne.

I’ve outed him.

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116 thoughts on “Superman (and Batman) Go Bi

    • I lied:

      “He is a British national who, from initial inquiries, appears to be of Somali heritage, government sources have told the BBC.”

      (BBC News)

      Stap me. What a surprise.

      • “British national” and “of Somali heritage” don’t go together in my world. Sorry about that.

        Computer says NO.

      • The killer will get the same hysteria that the honky nut job got for killing Jo Cox, I’m sure. Yes, sarcasm.

        I wonder if the libtards will now call out the likes of Angela Rayner, Gary Neville and a few others ‘for fueling the fires’, by calling the Tories racist, islamophobic scum or similar etc?

        My guess is that all this will prove to be irrelevant anyway really. Just yet another case of how diversity is not a fucking strength at all.

        Send ’em back!


    • We’ve been posting about the David Amess murder since 2:47 this afternoon. See ‘The Real “Scum” of Great Britain’ nom, about two thirds down.

      • I am so terribly fucking sorry, Ruff. Unlike you (professor) I don’t spend all day every day here, obsessively correcting everyone else. Or for that matter listening to the news. Better things to do, you know?

        Jeesus. Who was Jewish.

    • Nope no one had Air David which is hardly surprising as he was relatively young and wasn’t I’ll.A terrible tragedy.I have friends who were his constituents and am told he was a real gentleman with strong views but a big heart and always treated people with courtesy and respect.

      R.I.P Sir David.Hooe the cunt that did it hangs one day.

    • I knew it was a peaceful as the media didn’t refer to the murderer as white which they almost certainly would have stated if he was.They also didn’t say it wasn’t terror related which is another red flag.

      • You have been proved correct in your assumptions Shaun, bbaljazeera been very sympathetic in their reporting of it.
        Unfortunately sympathetic in favour of the perpetrator. This can’t go on.

      • Been are now reporting it as a terrorist incident.How many loyal decent people have to die before we acknowledge the disaster of mass uncontrolled immigration?

        (Just a quick note, we have processed a nomination for the “incident” yesterday, and will go live very soon. So please keep this Post on topic. Thanks – Day Admin)

  1. He won’t be of somali heritage, he’ll be an actual Somalian. They think by doing this Somalian national spiel they can fool us.

    I’d love to be able to gauge the net effect of all Somalian immigration.

    I bet it is a massive negative .

    Savage cunts

    • I recall the BBC articles for Jo Cox’s killer stating his name and saying ‘who is white’ after it all the time.

      Contrast to now. One mention of Somali heritage hidden away.

      Let’s spend more on security for MPs they’re crying (up from under 200k p.a. to £4.5 million a year after Cox’s murder).

      Or maybe just stop bringing third world shit into our country? Maybe that’s a better fucking idea?

  2. Only just noticed, but in the ‘header’ picture, our hero’s a right ugly cunt. Jaw like a fucking bulldozer.

  3. Old joke.
    What’s this up my arse Batman?
    Cock, Robin.

    This whole normalisation of preversion disgusts me. We know they are there but for fuck’s sake it isnt the norm.
    In this superhero shite we have had an ‘advanced African nation’ Wakanda, I think. Which of course is entirely feasible as they make such a contribution to science and technology. Now we have degeneracy as right on.
    It aint and never will be.

    • Have you got the name of that ‘advanced’ nation right CC? I always thought it was Wankarda.

      Advanced African nation Bwaaa ha ha ha ha!

      • The irony is that Wakanda is an isolationist ethno-state.
        Uncle Adolf would be so proud…

    • Which African country is this fantasy land based on I wonder, Somalia, no, Nigeria, nope, Zimbabwe, strike and miss, or perhaps Ethiopia, definitely a no. Its a real puzzler this one. The country this fantasy place looks like to me is Singapore a self built city state in the tropics, with English laws and commerce but low tax and super hard working Chinese immigrants making the place a success, but no Africans as far as I can tell unless you count hotel workers.

  4. As I understand it, this comic book arc revolves around Superman’s son, clearly written by a lefty twat as apparently Superboy (?) has been attending pro immigration rallies, combating climate change and now as evidenced above enjoying some buggery. Is it any wonder comic sales are dying? I recall ultra violence and heavy satire in the comic books of old, now teenagers get to read about ass fucking and wokery, fuck that.

  5. Great nom chaps laughed my cock off , almost. Sorry benders fuck off.
    Very sad the stabbing and also the media’s continued efforts not to mention the stabby cunts a peaceful loon. Cunts

  6. Action the comic was very well liked, until Kids Rule OK stepped to far for some
    they were know gay scenes or innuendo s as far as i can i remember

    Hook jaw (the Great White Shark) should be employed as ambassador for channel crossings
    inflatables wouldn’t stand a chance .
    Action, a classic comic from the late seventies
    they don’t make em like that no mo

    • oh and now that I’m up late
      i still love Laure Andersons Superman
      and when justice is gone
      theres always Force
      *Here come the planes*

  7. Here’s a *cough* fascinating article on the great coming out. It’s by someone described as a ‘PhD Researcher in Comics and Architecture’, whatever the fuck that is.
    Oh, at the University of Brighton. Nuff said.

  8. Superman being gay was a surprise.

    Batman was never in doubt. Living in a big old country house with an old man who acts the butler and a ‘boy wonder’. A cave full of leather suits and gadgets. Going out at night to battle villains dressed in purple suits and green spandex.
    Never married. Rarely distracted by women in black leather or spandex. ‘Broken’ by a huge bodybuilder roid rager (Bane).

    ‘What are you?’

    ‘I’m the Batman…and i’m looking for cock’.

  9. Sick of all this tbh.

    It’s like being a 9 year old boy at Christmas and going downstairs on Christmas morning to find someone has take a massive shit on all of your presents and smeared “Fuck you! Your mum and I are getting divorced and it’s all your fault!” in excrement.

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