Natural Selection Dodgers

Fuckwits who deserve to get sorted out by natural selection, but live to be a fuckwit another day.

Link to story.

This is for all those fuckwits who can’t even cross a road without help, you know the cockwombles I’m talking about:

– retards who ride across the road infront of you on lecky scooters when you luckily slowing for a junction;
– fuckmonkeys who walk into the traffic oblivious of the danger because they are up dating their facebook page…lol;
– dick heads who fling car doors open without checking mirrors, or just pull into already moving traffic;
– retarded inbred Swansea fuckwits who should have just been flushed down the bog at birth.

See this gormless slapper who in my opinion must have already cheated natural selection too many times, luckily for the bus company a driver with dashcam footage handed the film in to the bus company, or that knuckle dragging cabbage from the shallow end of the gene pool would have sued their arses and therefore cost every fucker more money.

This is even worse in Londonisbad, still im sure she wont do it again, but then again, she,s from Swansea so who the knows, natural selection awaits…..

Nominated by: Fuglyucker

22 thoughts on “Natural Selection Dodgers

  1. Warning…if you click on the link, you’ll be directed to a news site that contains “Welsh” words.
    As a result, the keypad thingy on my phone now consists of nowt but double ‘l’s and ‘y’s
    And it’s full of phlegm.

  2. I love reading the Darwin Awards, some of them are priceless in terms of bizarre stupidity.
    Perhaps we could have a Darwin lite selection, where they don’t actually kill their self, but simply display an unparalleled level of idiocy, especially ones who, when interviewed, say something like:
    ” I had no idea it, great white sharks, bears, insert as appropriate, where dangerous”

  3. This is just natural selection at work. Idiots crossing the road checking their “likes” in Reatard-Book or Twatter deserve to be removed from the gene pool.

  4. A slight hobby of mine is finding instances of thick cunts dicking about on their phones whilst falling off cliffs,getting run over,being shot etc etc.
    Keeps me going in the face of outright M.ongs.

  5. Have occasion to visit coastal parts with known opportunities for suicide. Britain’s coastal heritage with its world class sea vistas despoiled by placards on fences for Samaritans and parked up vehicles with orange day glow stripes. Ambulances and God Botherers response cars at the ready. All this just to stop some demented cunt taking a dive off the cliffs. What about civil liberties? A number of condensed motors at the bottom rusting away in the salt environment.
    Needless YT always ready to do me bit and give them a word of understanding and sympathy and like I say it is their human right so point out the best parts of the edge to go over and leave them to it. Should be available on the NHS – a nice country walk followed by a sea plunge will do their mental health a world of good. The country is vastly over populated now so any depopulation gratefully received.
    Top Yourself Your Country Doesn’t Need You. You know it makes sense.

  6. Well said Sir Limply. There should be a special train running from Londonstabistan to take the Peaceful trash back to the coast and point them in the direction they came from. Lilos and water wings supplied free of charge.

    • Excellent Freddie, with instructions in suitable languages.
      Put the waterwings on your arms, hold the lilo in front of your face and upper body, of course the xmetre fall won’t kill you.

      • Wouldn’t it be more affective if the water wings go on the ankles,,, just saying,,, miss print in the instructions, wasn’t me I promise…

    • HS2 should be a train running to Unkle Terry’s holiday camp. (Sponsored by Zyclon Industries).

      Equal opportunities for all cunts👍

  7. I have witnessed several near misses today:

    -Nosediving cunts on mobiles

    -A couple of wimminz with a toddler in a pushchair, who, rather than walk 50 yds to a crossing, walked out in front of traffic, assuming someone would stop. Luckily for them, as a motorcyclist, I practice defensive driving. Silly bitches….

    -A Peaceful wimminz stepping out in front of a car. Sadly he had good reactions😉

    Fucking cunts, all!

      • Nowt now Thomas-although I fancy getting a classic bike to go with my “Older Cunter” status. Maybe a Triumph trident or something.
        What do you ride?

      • Oh, quite a few! Nowt too new though.
        I’m Suzuki man through and through…at moment I have a GSXR1000, GSXR750, TL1000R, an old 1976 Kettle and a ’78 GS1000. All quite crappy but I love riding ’em.
        Done 100 miles on the 1000 today to and from work at ballistic speeds.
        How the fuck I’m alive I’ll never know!

      • I was a Honda fan myself: VFR 750 / CBR 600 / Fireblade.
        Had Yamaha’s as a nipper: DT175 / TZR 125

        Only Suzuki I had was 50 CC TS or something. (Fucking long time ago). Had the use of a GSXR for a while-great bike.

      • *Inclines head as we pass*. Have just chopped in my SV1000S – dearly loved, but dear to run and getting on a bit – for a Tracer 700. Bit bland, but just a bit over half the fuel consumption, and handles beautifully (aftermarket shock). Perhaps more sensible for my age…

      • Wahay other bikers as well as fellow cunters, I’m now at the age where I have had to go from super bikes to adventure bikes for the sake of my aging crotch, stiff knees and to be more upright, oh a various things heated, there’s nothing like warm hands and having your nuts toasted on a cold day….

  8. Have you all finished wanking?
    Fuck sake, it’s not referred to as a doner cycle for fun.
    Don’t encourage idiocy.

  9. The ZX10R was the doner bike for sure, it really was a guided missile, now it’s a Triumph tiger rally pro, that replaced to 800 xcx that some careless cunt took me off last year.
    But biking, cunting, bbq, ing oh and copious amounts of alco consumption keep it all bearable for me to deal with all the cunts I have the missforune to come into contact with every day….

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