A Pane in the Glass

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Am I cynical and just know that this was staged.

The link shows a man entering a building and seconds later a glass window crashes to the ground, a lucky near miss or was it always destined to fall at the moment.

The window came from the mans brothers room Mohammed three floors up, ah now we are seeing the a little more evidence that the rules of chance may have been distorted.
Now the window was dodgy but any normal cunt would have put some duck tape on it and kept it closed until it could be repaired

Mohammed says his brother now has PTSD from the near miss and deserves some compo, fuck me, I knew there was a punchline.

Cunters you decide am I a cynical cunt or are Mo and his brother a pair money grabbing cunts.

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36 thoughts on “A Pane in the Glass

  1. I saw this on the news a couple of weeks ago and as soon as they said “social housing” and East London”, I knew it would be some scrounging Mo. Anyway nobody gives a flying fuck, just what do you think this is, Grenfell Tower? Maybe they should say they are a friend of David Lammy to speed things up.

  2. A tragedy the gimmigrant isn’t dead. If I lived in Hackney with all those Peacefuls around i’d have PT fucking SD too.
    Fuck off out of my country goatshaggers.

  3. Is his day job driving a cut and shut into the back of a nice motor and claiming for whiplash, by any chance.?

  4. Compensation will be one flying carpet from Abdullah’s carpet emporium of Leyton, one goat (for recreational purposes) and one 12 year old white girl, above Mo’s Kebab and Halal Meat Centre in Forest Gate.

    Very splendid, please?

  5. I don’t mind so much that the window didn’t land on his head but for fucks sakes why didn’t the chimney finish the job?

  6. “Some sort of compensation for my brother.”
    It missed him you cunt! Any other bastard would be grateful for such a lucky escape but not these parasites.
    You whitey. You gimme bad house, no goats. Me want money. You racist.

  7. I agree that Mo’s brother should get compensation and, since it’s Mo’s flat, he should fucking pay it.

  8. Are they sure that the window wasn’t loosened by a white schoolgirl trying to escape ?…perhaps they can sue her too.

    • Haha!

      What a fucking racist for not letting them kidnap and gang rape her!

      Good job the dad didn’t turn up and start knocking on the door demanding they release his 12 year old daughter. He’d have been nicked too, the racist.

  9. If I was as rich as that Bezos cunt you know what i’d do? I’d buy the whole street where Lammy lives and fill it full of these p*ncing bastards.
    Money well spent.

    • Or fill Owen Jones’s street full of pie keys. I’d pay to see his face when that lot move in.

  10. Always PTSD and anxiety with these cunts. I thought they liked things that went bang?

    Soon as the thing smashed the first thought would’ve been ‘kerching’.

    Money grabbing cunts.

  11. Another “alleged” scam to add to their grubby little list of “How to Get Compo: 101”

  12. And yes, pure coincidence it was his brother’s window that just missed him as he just happened to walk through the door at that exact moment.

    Don’t believe a fucking word of it. The local council will be full of peacefuls so no doubt Mo will be given a million or so for his ‘PTSD’.

    I’m the one getting PTSD, watching my country go down the fucking shitter, while every other cunt seems to be celebrating it and saying it’s me with the fucking problem.

    Fuck it. Let the cunts have what they want then. I’ll probably not be here 40 years from now.

    Mind you, these fucking parasites will run this country into the ground by then, with their tax dodging, bennies claiming, insurance fiddling, NHS non stop using for fuck all bollocks.

  13. I used to walk around ignorant to all this. But now my eyes are open, I mutter all sorts of shit to myself when I spot these cunts swanning about in my country wearing their 6th century desert clothing. Or if I see gangs of young rappers with no jobs, speeding around in £50,000 Audi’s/BMWs. Or the Turkish ‘barbers’ with no customers, managing to afford a brand new Range Rover and a six bedroomed home in the posh part of town.

    Thanks media and ‘leaders’!

    Enoch, why didn’t they listen?

  14. Ive had fast release glass fitted in my house.
    Its guaranteed to hit a passing paki.
    No disheartening ‘near misses’ for me!

  15. Compo claiming is now one of this country’s most innovative and successful service industries. It ingeniously draws upon an ocean of cash derived from the hard work of honest people. Fucking fat waster cunts engorged on bennies, topping it up with compo to pay for enormous sofas to park their obese arses on, and gigantic fridges to hold their supplies from Farm Foods.Useless sponging cunts.

    Good morning, everyone.

  16. After a truly dreadful day in this country yesterday, the BBC really need you to gear about the good the dark keys and other BAMEs do – There Is Nothing Like A Bame, in sport for example – here is what the BBC Woke sports page looked like at 0800 in 16th October . :Look at the pictures – what do they have in common?:


    • Yeah, the BBC have got such a hard on for the BAMES at the moment the gays and trannies will soon be whining and throwing their toys out of the pram.

      • Good to see Rashcunt’s manager telling him to focus on his fucking job though. In a diplomatic way he’s saying ‘enough with this do gooding shite to boost your image, do your fucking job.’

        You know, the one he’s paid about 200 grand a week to do?

    • £200 k a week, that is well known.if he wishes to stay in the public eye with all his ‘good work’ he should authorise HMRC to publish his income tax records. I bet that they would make fascinating reading.

  17. I love how insurance companies can discriminate by sex, but dare not go near race.

    Surely, their analysts must look at the numbers and say, ‘These cunts with the peaceful names cost us 50 times more in payouts per capita than every other cunt.

    About time they grew a pair and charged Abdul and co 50 times the premium.

    Not a chance though. Just go bust then, you stupid cunts. You can only out the costs onto every other cunt so many times.

    But at least, as your company goes bust, you can wallow in the satidithst nobody called you a racist.

    Imagine an insurance company that said Abduls will have to pay much more due to their claiming from them much more? There’d be a stampede of honkies going to insure with them.

    Nobody would fucking dare though.

    • It’s all complete bollocks. Wtf are actuaries for if not calculating risk? If they won’t do their job properly then premiums for the same cover should be the same for everybody and fuck the differences in risk.

    • I take your point Cuntybollocks and I agree with you, but I would point out that in car insurance at least the law was changed in about 2012 I think, to prevent insurance companies charging different premiums on the basis of sex. This despite the fact that women have fewer and less expensive prangs. And where did this nonsensical piece of PC, woke legislation come from? The EU of course.

  18. It’s like welcoming rats into your house rather than putting down traps and poison? WHY?????

  19. Instead of cash, they should offer counseling and treatment for PTSD and anxiety, not cash.

    These are medical/psychological conditions that require medical/psychological treatment, not a cash handout.

    I bet he wouldn’t turn up to a single fucking appointment!

  20. Compen-fuckin-sation! FFS … PTSD … I’m for disordering his head with a post to induce a bit of traumatic stress. Cunt!

  21. The only compensation paid out, should be to the poor white cunts who have had their area polluted by these stinking swarms of human filth.

  22. These dirty Cunts will try anything for money unless it involves hard work, I will never accept them into my way of life, I wish the average Muslim no harm but we are miles apart culturally and morally.

  23. Me very poor – persecuted – victom. Me not understanding your words but me very scarred by negligence.
    Me traumatised – you give much money compensation.
    I no get help , it cause you racist and me victim….

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