The Religion of “Peace” (2)

(Given the appalling events yesterday (15/10/21), this Post has been bumped up as a priority – Day Admin)

The religion of peace. In light of the stabbing in Leigh on sea yesterday. I would like to pose the question when are this soft as shit government going to crack down on these sharia cunts?
They can’t all be suffering from mental health issues F.F.S Isn’t it about time Priti useless and the jellyfish took the silk glove off and showed the mailed fist to these cunts?
The muslim council of Great Britain should be told the patience of this country is wearing thin and it’s time mosques started closing in retaliation.

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Nominated by: CuntyMort


As a child (I was one once) my parents could only take me on holiday every second year, and that was nearly always to Southend and invariably we would take the pen top bus to Leigh On Sea, a few miles away – away from the permanent funfair and amusements, Leigh On Sea was lttle more than a sleepy fishing village then.

Yesterday Sir David Amess, who did so much for animal welfare ws murdered there – apparently by a British Somalian Muslim. No doubt Kahn and co will stay “diversity is our strength”. It is not – it is our weakness and our shame that we have become such a soft touch.

Nominated by: W.C. Boggs

If I may Admin, I’d like to give a eulogy to one of the UKs greatest MPs, that today was taken away from us in the name of diversity!

Mr Amess, a man who devoted nearly 40 years of his life to the people of his constituency was knifed to death by an evil coward who even though I’m not religious, I hope there is a hell this creature will rot in for eternity,

Mr Amess devoted his life to both improving the lives of people and animals, putting forward legislation that was not not always popular with his party contemporaries, but had the balls to do so, he was a proud patriot of our country, he was an avid Eurosceptic who I believe always wanted what was best for this country,

I give my condolences to his wife and five children who have lost a rock in their lives, you can be proud your father did his best to make this country a better place, and you can be proud your father was also murdered in cold blood doing what he was good at, helping his constituents, whether they voted for him or not!

David Amess

The world is now a much poorer place without you!😢

Nominated by: Captain Quimson


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  1. Just like with the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017, where 20 odd people were killed, and over a 1000 injured thanks to an Islamic terrorist – Salman Bedie, I think – blowing himself up, and all for the sake of “peace”

    That atrocity, along with this one, will be very carefully airbrushed out of our consciousness because it doesn’t suit the current narrative.

    The apologists will be out in force; and if you disagree you’ll be branded a racist, Islamophobe

    • Exactly. That atrocity happened roughly the same time as the Grenfell fire. One was a deliberate act of terrorism targeted at innocent children and families, the other a tragic accident. Yet which one is the media and the Left still banging on about today?

      I’ll give you a hint: it’s not the one caused by a bomb of peace.

  2. I was hoping the killer is a boat wanker so fat arse Patel might actually do something but it won’t be.

    • Even if it was, the government would just wring its hands and wail nothing could be done. And in the meantime, carry on letting the dingy divers wash up on our shores to infest the country.

      • Vermin are still poisoning our country . Murdering , Raping, Drug Dealing, Mugging, Thieving, Scrounging, Committing Fraud etc etc etc .

  3. I had never heard of Sir David Amess before yesterday, but it was his kind of views that the red wall voted for. We thought they were also held by the fat useless cunt in Number 10, unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth.
    This is nothing less than an attack on democracy but it won’t be reported as such.
    Bliar and successive leaders after who have done nothing to stem the tide of filth arriving on these shores, have Sir David’s blood on their hands this morning.
    R.I.P Sir David Amess.

  4. The appeasement of these human filth is a disease that festers everywhere in the UK.

    I have no doubt whatsoever that that the nearest ASDA to where Sir David Arness was murdered will have their ‘Happy Ramadan’ banners all over the shop. Just like they did in Manchester after the mass murder at the Arena.

    Self important cunts like Gary Lineker and Lily Mong will still be tweeting’Migrants welcome’ as Sir David’s family grieves.

    The BBC will use their entertainment programmes to sell the religion of murder and those who practice it. Some little bitch on Doctor Whoke going on about Parking Stan Lee heritage for a start.

    Same goes for the press. Who will trot out their ‘One bad apple’ and ‘Lone Wolf’ headlines. Which is what they do every time one of these smelly filth commits yet another murder.

    Thick morons think that buying bumble bee stickers and singing Oasis dirges will change things and shows defiance. Fucking imbeciles.

    Utter cunts like Khan and Burnham openly letting these murderous dirt know that they can get away with anything. The police turning a blind eye (Operation Augusta) doesn’t help either.

    Cowards and virtue signalers who will squawk like mad when a smear of scum like Chicken Floyd George gets his. Yet they will say nothing when a piece of Somalifilth butchers a Member of Parliament. And anyone who has the guts to do so is labeled a ‘racist’ and an ‘muslamaphobe’.

  5. We did not consent, to this unconditional surrender to medieval savagery.

    A war against western democracy and against white Western European’s is being enabled by gutless cowards.


  6. I’m sick to the back teeth of this filthy cunt of an ideology, including the less radical aspect. It shouldn’t be in any civilised country. It’s brought no benefits, in fact it leads to the scamming every benefit going, and that’s what it always teaches. The cunts have shafted every health service in whichever country. They’ve systematically raped and groomed underage girls and continue to do so. They’re into the heroin trade, they’re into killing at a whim and also with premeditation. They’re truly, malignantly racist and supremacist. They’ve blown up, disfigured and maimed schoolchildren at a pop concert. They’ve blown up football stadiums. They’ve mowed down Christmas markets and carnivals. They’ve slaughtered and beheaded soldiers in the streets of London. They inbreed to fuck and have incomprehensible spaz deformities all over the shop. They dress and think like it’s the 7th century. They’ve invented fuck all of use at any time in history. I’m sure one or two of them are okay but that’s the exception that proves the rule. The rule is: This ideology, religion, or whatever the fuck it is, is a complete cunt.

    • What has happend to the white british people ?
      We all curse and swear about OUR country being destroyed by these foreign CUNTS but no one has the balls tp do anything about it .
      We fought 2 world wars and endured the Blitz but we dont even kick the crap out of the dirty raghead scrounging anti british racist cunts.
      The UK has become a country of cowards

    • Its not a religion.
      It is a backwards stoneage CULT that bent anti british politicians let in as the great experiment reaches its 81st year.

  7. One of the few MP’s I respected.
    Media already going with the “mental illness” routine – but their constant lying infuriates me – when the name and identity of the arrested Man was not released and there was a nervous hesitation from the “reporters” it was immediately obvious by what they DIDN’T report what the situation was – and yet another fucking fantastic success for “tolerance, equality and diversity” – did Kim Leadbeater being chased around Batley and Spen by a savage baying mob of specially bussed in muslim “protesters” teach nothing about how these vile cunts operate?
    NO current politician will do what needs to be done – removing islam from the UK, and anyone who votes for this bag of bastards – of any party – at the next election has only themselves to blame for the ongoing devastation.
    Time to grow a pair and vote in people who ARE prepared to do something or accept we are fucked.
    A binary choice now.

    • Would be in full agreement Vern.
      But there is fuck all left for the likes of us to vote for.
      only one option left in my opinion… Its time

  8. Islam like christianity is a vetigial perversion of its despicable abrahamic progenitor. He sucked jewish schlong, can’t summon much sympathy. Quite ironic really ending up as the victim of that most insidious and relentless messianic zionist drive to flood Edom (christendom) with violent antithetical fighting age males to precipitate the final war of Gog and Magog. It’s all laid out in plain sight in their texts should anyone care to look.

  9. David Amess turned up at the annual Christmas pet celebration services at Chelmsford Cathedral. My wife’s late Aunt ran a sanctuary and organised these wonderful services every year until her death at 85 years old.

    David Amess was a genuine MP and a caring man. Taken from this earth too early by evil shite.

  10. Hitler was a total cunt – he targeted the wrong religion. We need to eradicate these fuckers.

  11. Even though David was a conservative and pro-Brexit politician, and a caring man (by all accounts) I feel he was betrayed by his colleagues in the cabinet for their terrible apathy towards immigration and multiculti nonsense, and would never vote for his party.

    A very sad and totally unnecessary loss.

  12. SuckDick said that “our prayers are with him”
    Wonder if they’re the same prayers the Somalian was wailing before he committed cold blooded murder.

  13. Mea culpa from the awful Rayner harridan for her comments a couple of weeks ago ? Conspicuous by her silence.

    • That horse faced, monkey spunk cunt will be Prime Minister in the not so distant future the way things are going mate.

  14. This thing is all over the international news, yet it took literally minutes of googling to locate the name of the scum who has been arrested in suspicion of this.

    • No mention at any of the Premier league matches or MOTD.???
      seems a slaying of a prominent member of Parliament in his local church is not worthy,.

  15. 1/2 public – “Totally sick of this shit & weak police & gov response. Time to stop unlimited illegal migrant”

    other 1/2 public – “we need people to come to country & all shortages caused by brexit & racist ukip voters”

    Gov’t – “evil actions…blah…lone individual…blah…majority ethnic voters (I mean UK citizens) not to blame…blah…inclusive…multi-cultural harmony…blah”

    Celeb Cunts – “racist, homophobic hate filled yobs taking advantage…blaming poor hardworking migrants….more asylum seekers welcome..we should be ashamed Britain cruel past, etc…”

    Media – “shocking..sad…pics of flowers..police investigate mental attacker…not migrants..backlash..poor ethnics…how many days can we milk endless headlines…breaking news, blah”

    Prayers & condolences to David Amess’ family. A sad loss of a gentleman & patriot of this sceptered Isle – Rest in Peace.

    May the evil murdering scum rot in the fires of Hell.

  16. We urgently need a gathering of like minded Christians for tea and crumpets one day soon.

  17. Wheeling out the local Imam and his rag head colleagues everytime this happens is a fuckin insult.

  18. Way back in the early days of American, one of the colonies mysteriously lost its population. The next wave came across the buildings but no people.

    Apparently what had happened was that the local Indians had befriended the colonists so on thanksgiving day they invited them into their homes for a meal. At a prearranged signal, each Indian rose up and killed every member of the household as they sat around the table.

    If you fast forward 400 years it begins to sound like history is repeating itself…

    • …sort of. What ‘mystery’ there was was a fictional creation for the purposes of a stage play in 1937 of the events at Roanoke Island. Ryan Dawson’s brother Scott is, like him, a native of Hatteras/Outer Banks and an archeologist/researcher who actually did the digging and closed the book on the so called ‘lost colony’ myth.

      The Lost Colony was Never Lost! by Scott Dawson

      …very interesting.

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