Yet Another Black History Month [3]

(Why not call it a year instead! Only a matter of time. – Day Admin)


The month denoted to socialists, globalists, and the over-compassionate, subservient indigenous folk, to pay their respects to the history of the black community.

Waitrose, John Lewis, and M&S promote this unnecessary propaganda, and it subsequently causes division. It would take a magnus opus of a cunting to even begin to explain why the remaining 11 months of the year should be celebrated in other ways.

Spasticus was 20 years old in 1990, and this crap didn’t exist back then. In my experience, quite the opposite. During the 2 years that I lived in SW London I was verbally abused several times, ‘White bastard’ etc. I’d done no wrong, just a hippy wandering down the street minding my own business.

So when I saw a BHM poster in their entrance yesterday, I complained to the local M&S via social media. Told them I didn’t appreciate being brainwashed.

Maybe take a leaf out of the cancel culture book. Gang up, and pin the cunts to the wall using their own techniques.

Nominated by: Marcus Maximus Spasticus

And to add insult to injury, there’s this from mystic maven

Black History Month Tube Map

I’ve seen it all now, every station on the London Underground map has been renamed after a black person.

It’s real – click here.

Only black people, mind, not Asians, Orientals etc.

Not much diversity there then.

Probably just a matter of time until they decide to make it permanent.

Strangely enough, I couldn’t find Stab Central though.

Nominated by: mystic maven

64 thoughts on “Yet Another Black History Month [3]

  1. Strange that the well known Islington councillor turned Leicester MP hasn’t been substituted for the Angel tube station.
    Fuck Black History, who gives a fuck anyway, they will want to celebrate the first one to walk upright (Lammy is trying but the fucking Chip is way to heavy).

  2. I think these train station names are changing just for a month.

    I reckon they might stay for good. They said the kneeling for George was just for 8 games at first, remember?

    I can see a similar thing happening. BLM types and other Marxist scum will demand the names stay, perhaps with protests when they come to change the signs and timetables back.

    Can you see the likes of Khan not agreeing?

    This country is finished. Leave if you can. It is done!

    • I’d quite like it if my nearest train station (Murdoch station, I think he was the Pommy villian from MacGyver) was renamed President Field Marshal Idi Amin Dada station with a picture of him in full uniform at the entrance. I think it’d give it an air of importance.

      • Im surprised Idi never won any comedy awards?
        Me an my old grandad thought he was a hoot!
        He should of gone on Opportunity knocks!
        Would easily have won.

        And I mean that most sincerely folks.

      • Watching the ‘English’ Premier League at the moment. Spot the white British honky.

        🎵When your whole football team looks like Idi Amin, that’s enrichment 🎵

      • 🎵 When your team takes the knee for that crook George Floydie,
        that’s enrichment.

        When the stand’s full of flies, and the pitch’s teeth and eyes, that’s enrichment.

        When Jug Ears is on the box sucking Saint Marcus’ cock, your in love. 🎵

    • Doesn’t the DLR have a station called Mudchute/poochute or something similar? Just rename it Suckdick Khunt?

  3. Possibly a similar map should be produced with the names of people (regardless of their colour) who have been stabbed/shot near to that particular station.
    BTW , still have not heard any news about how Sasha Johnson is progressing.

    • I celebrated Black history month by mistreating the kids stealing off the missus and not showing up for work due to drugs.
      Hurrah I say for the ni9no9s!
      Gawd bless em!!

      • Indeed. I’m celebrating it by leaving the Mrs when she gets up the duff, stabbing some random to initiate myself into a gang, wearing my jeans around my thighs and blaming everything on da big bad honky man.

        Now get on your knees for me, you racists.


  4. Black history month?, okay let’s start with the Belgian Congo massacre then!, oh you mean only the nice parts, cunts!!!!

    • Good idea!
      Let’s celebrate the achievements of Idi Amin. What a guy. Robert Mugabe, a hero to us all…

      • I’d personally like to thank Mugarbage, I now live a much happier and safer life in Pembrokeshire, their fucking loss I suppose

  5. Since Caucasians built a damn sight more than 11/12 of western civilisation, the other eleven months should be dedicated to celebrate white history.

  6. I think it would be informative if schools concentrated for a few days on the 1960s Zambian space program. Initiated by top scientist Edward Makuka Nkoloso who formed the National Academy of Science, Space Research and Philosophy. Recruiting 12 astronauts Nkoloso began intensive training which included putting the astronauts in oil drums and rolling then down a hill to simulate weightlessness, cutting a swing rope mid swing to simulate free fall and walking on hands which he believed would be the best way of getting around in space. His ambitions were vast with 16 year old Matha Mwamba chosen to be the first person to land on Mars. Who says black people are fucking useless?

    • He must have got the barrel rolling idea from last of the summer wine or maybe the other way round 😂

      Comedy Gold

  7. I am celebrating BHM with a non stop viewing of my Zulu DVD, 24/7 and all month.
    It’ll be great! 😁☻

  8. As a descendant of General Alonzo C. Jackson, of the Conferderate forces, whose daughter married my great-great etc grandfather, who fired the last shot of the Civil war, I am VERY proud of my WHITE HISTORY👍

  9. They should just have a “Mithering Minority Month”…squawking Sooties,yammering Y1ds,moaning Muzzies,querulous Que£rs, Benefit bludgers and Harry Halfwit..they could compete to see how could whine the hardest before all meeting up to fight it out amongst themselves.

  10. I’ve said it before. If retailers wish to focus their attentions disproportionately on a minority, they should hopefully reap a minority profit. I saw a poster outside Sainsbury’s declaring their support for black history month and wondered how they actually support it? Do blacks get a discount? Will they open another checkout if they see a black person waiting? Black only checkouts perhaps? If I blacked myself up and carried a trumpet to look like Louis Armstrong, will I get extra Nectar points? It’s all virtue signalling bollocks.
    I’m really looking forward to our retailers putting their weight behind white history month. So are the Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Chinese etc when it’s their turn. After all, aren’t we told we should celebrate diversity? Maybe I’m wrong and some races are more diverse than others.
    Either way, I’m beginning to think I can’t handle this fucking madness much longer.

    • Whilst I’m at it. Did anyone see that talentless prick Will I am on itv this week? Apparently he loves the uk, but we’re all racist bastards. Cheers for that you septic cunt.

    • Delighted to announce that my shop at Wankbury’s this week, a total absence of BAME shoppers👍

      Every little helps😀

      • I live in Leicester and almost the only place you can absolutely guarantee a total absence of BAMEs is any blood donor session. The cunts don’t want to give ANY thing away for nowt.

  11. … sorry didn’t get the memo so unfortunately I forgot to celebrate. Never mind November the 5th is nearly on us … we’ll do what we always do and celebrate the burning of an effigy … this time we’ll do what they do to the films and make Guy a bliiick fella … we’ll do it sensitively of course and bring in a religious flavour … there’ll be a cross and everything.

  12. Most melanin-rich members of society don’t a flying fuck about history, whether it’s ancient Egypt or modern America. It’s just not cool in the ghetto to talk about history. Or you get Afrocentrism cunts who swing to the other extreme and claim that Negroes built the Giza pyramids and that melanin gives you magic powers. They got all their “knowledge” from a 1970s Earth, Wind and Fire album cover while baked out of their minds on bionic chronic cannabis or a “Dr” Phil Valentine YouTube video.

    We live in the now. History is cool as fuck, but it’s over, it ain’t comin’ back, brothers and sisters. Crack on with the future and stop rewriting history and blaming whitey ever 90 seconds.

    • “He a good boy! He dindu nuthin’, goddamit! Muthafuckin’ po-leese always be fuckin’ wit’ us, jus’ coz we is seen as a buncha no-good niggas. Ain’t nuthin’ changed ’round here since 1965! I marched wit’ ma momma in Washin’ton but ever since crack hit these streets in 1989, we done took five steps back and ain’t nobody got no job so they shoot each other over diddly squat just to prove they is a man. It’s a muthafuckin’ disgrace.”
      – Old Momma Biggins, Harlem, New York, 2021

      Possibly a made up quote by a Scotsman.

  13. What we need rather than Black History Month is Black Geography Month. Indeed White Geography Month. Chinese Geography Month. It would just consist of of programmes showing people where they belong. Black people in Africa, White people in Europe, Chinese people in China.

    • …..and somewhere a hand scrabbles desperately for a keyboard……”What about the Jews?….you Adolf you”


      Afternoon,Miles. Keeping well?

  14. The station map….Oh my god! I’ve seen it all now.
    I’m a little confused though; Do BLM trains stop at Tyrone’s Meth Lab Station?
    I was thinking of getting the tube from there to Machete Junction but don’t really like travelling through the Hack Me area…

    • I laughed out loud at your great sense of humour Re: Tube Station Names 😀
      Then I cried coz I realised that the joke is on all white british people who are being slowly but surely erased from their own country and their own politicians sinse the 1950’s has supported this decline.
      We never needed bus drivers etc etc after the war. The women were more than capable , look at the womens land army and all the women that built the tanks, bombs, bullets, trucks, trains and kept the shops running.
      We NEVER needed immigration. That was a MASSIVE LIE by the Labour govt of the time who wanted to conduct the greatest social experiment the world had ever seen. Their melting pot utopian fantasy has failed. The experiment is open ended so it will only stop when there is nothing left of great britain. Think i am mad or a conspiracy theory nut. Do your own research into post war labour policies on race in britain and what the aims and objectives were.
      Its not easy to find but as they say in certain films. The Truth Is Out There.
      And it is.
      But it will never ever ever be allowed to become mainstream conversation. Try it and see how far you get. You will be met with disbelief and accusations of racism , fascism etc etc and labelled a conspiracy theorist nutter.
      Go on, find the truth and see how many people even bother to listen.
      You won’t I am sure.
      Anyone under 40 has been so conditioned from birth that they would believe all black skinned people are Gods. Oh!! They already do believe that :-0

  15. I’m sick of it all!

    3% of the population comprised almost completely of economic migrants and mostly arrived in the last 70 year does not warrant a moment of attention let alone a months worth. Anyone black who contributes will get recognition but I don’t see why stabbie little cunts should bask in the reflected glory simply because they share the same skin colour.

    I’m not willing to accept this is a multicultural country, because it’s not. I’m not buying the social engineering or the brainwashing. The UK is not a black nation, it’s not Asian, it’s white British. Anyone accepting otherwise is selling their ancestral home to the lowest bidder.

    They can stick pride month up their arses with it.

  16. If we demolished and removed everything that Whitey had built and created in the capital, and removed ‘Nasty Old Whitey’ himself, – what would we be left with in London I wonder?

    No Tube…..that would be gone for starters.

    Maybe just a festering, stinking Thames with a few BAME’s cocking their lazy arses into it taking a sloppy dump.

    In fact, none of them would have even made it here if it wasn’t for Whitey’s technological advances.

    They should be indebted to Whitey.

    After all, they have ‘everything’ to thank him for.

    But yet Cunts like TFL and others fail to acknowledge this, and continue to fuel the fire, and fan the flames of the hatred of Whitey.

    And Stormzy……turn that telly off, you culturally appropriating wankstain.

    Now there’s a good lad.

  17. B. Lack. African ‘ istory 1000 years ago. Slash stab rape enslave. Rule with iron fist ( metaphor). Fast forward 1000 years. Pretty much the same. Sadly. Sad.

  18. A few yrs ago I did not mind Black / Asian. But fuck me, now I am boiling at every mention of their kind, they have in now way enhanced the wellbeing of our once great country, can anyone prove me wrong.?

  19. Me and a mate celebrated White History Month last week. Knocked off work on Friday a couple of hours early, well all the dark keys at work were on a three hour train session about Black history during work time. We though, play these cunts at their own game.
    We went to a local museum showing an exhibition on local pubs and breweries and we then went on a pub crawl.

  20. 1-2-3 Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Fucking sheep all clamouring over each other to suck each cocks yet again! Left wing white privileged middle class cunts who just love a bit of ‘look what I’m doing for the community’. Fuck off you cunts!! I guarantee you’d turn your fucking noses up or move out of your nice leafy neighbourhood if it became overrun with the cunts. Mugging, raping, stabbing and thieving! You cunts wouldn’t last in a council estate – you’d piss yourself after 20 minutes!! Sick and tired of the whole thing now. Fucking tedious! Where the fuck have all the white gone to from our TV screens?

    • White Lives Don’t Matter anymore. Shut the fuck up you prvalliged cunts and get back in your box.

    • You’re a tedious cunt yourself,.fella . Never. heard such a ridiculous rant.
      Ooh err in sure some twat from this site will intervene.. Keep supplying. That twat up north with pies. Goodbye

  21. Hay, lisen up u white trash.
    Shotop yr mot.
    Ya whitey bumberclarts. Ya got no balls. Ya got nutting. Dis cuntry bilong to us now arlreet. You spineless. Ya cant do nuttin, so shut up ya pasty face afore ya get mashed up innit . White is Shite – u rememba dat

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