Expensive To Be Poor

Just recently, I’ve heard this phrase and I did wonder what it meant. After a phone in on BBC radio I now understand. What this actually refers to is that if you’re skint, it’s more expensive to live…pre-payment meters, pre-pay phones, expensive lending and poor quality of food you can buy.

Well, the reason pre-pay things are more expensive is that you are a less desirable customer and have at some point in the past been shall we say….”unreliable with your money”. I think companies have the right to charge more if they are continually chasing you for money because you tend to waste it on crap. Any company making obscene profits from these folk need closing down and the owners jailing.

Expensive lending? Well, if you’re on benefits the last thing you should be thinking of is borrowing money, you have no income FFS. A woman called the show who was on the skank complaining that she couldn’t go on holiday abroad or buy little Tommy that Nintendo Switch for Christmas unless she borrowed from loan sharks….Jesus wept.

You have to eat poor quality food if you are less well-off. This is complete BOLLOCKS as I have proved. I ate a sea bass, new spuds and fresh broccoli for less than the price of a McDonalds breakfast…stop buying takeaway food you mongers and get down the supermarket.

I remember a photo recently of a queue for a food bank and they pointed out the Apple phones, trainers, football tops and other junk people have wasted their money on before thinking of feeding themselves or their kids. Makes me sick.

Expensive to be poor my anus.

Nominated by: Spanky Mc Spank

48 thoughts on “Expensive To Be Poor

  1. Poor people should be sterilised or left to starve.
    The planet cannot sustain them.
    If you’re thick as pigshit, you shouldn’t have children and perpetuate your simpleton lineage.
    Without the poor, there’d be no council estates, no Ant and Dec, lower taxes for the rest of us, less chance of getting the shit kicked out of you for looking askance at some fucker in a pub, no Argos-brand jewelery, no microwave chips and no fat scroungers on obesity-related motor scooters.
    Push them into the sea along with all the darķies, rinky-dinks and pıkies.

    • I do like the Tesco triple cooked oven chips, one of my more extravagant sins 😂
      Don’t tell MNC, he already thinks I am posh 😉

      • Mmmm, they sound lush.
        Don’t reckon I could taste ’em though. I reckon I’ve got chınky flu, felt like shit this morning and went for a test, awaiting the results.
        If I do have it, I wonder if I’ll go slitty-eyed and start being horribly cruel to innocent, delicious dogs?

      • You will be fine, bat flu isn’t as tough as it was in the old days (2020)
        But taste is one thing that seems to disappear for a long time if you get it.
        I had my flu jab a week ago, they are dragging people in, only went out for a pack of ibuprofen 😂

  2. it’s sad not that they eat shit for food and wear shitty coloured tracksuits with matching mascara no it’s sad that they feel looked down on by there own if they are seen to better themselves
    They are not individuals, they are of herd mentality and always involved in each other’s shit drama on a daily basis.

    • You are right, getting on and striving for a better life is seen by many of the great unwashed as deserting the ranks.
      ‘Why are you going to work for minimum wage, I can get that much on benefits’, failing to see that going to work gives you the opportunity to get promotion or a better job.

      • The same can be said for blacks who study hard and progress in life whilst the mindset amongst some see exceling in education as a white thing. The aspiration to be something other than a rapper or play basketball is somehow seen as a rejection of their culture.

      • My eldest has just started his engineering course at college. 15 were on the course, 5 bl@cks dropped out within the first week and haven’t been seen since other than occasionally sign in and then fuck right off (good)
        The other 5 yard apes attend, take NO interest in proceedings (hand tools = n1gger Kryptonite) and sit at the back ooking and chimping into their phones! The remaining students are all… well there’s no other way of saying this… white!

        So in reduction, 10 more deserving and genuine students have had their rightful places usurped by thesefuck-idle porch monkeys and the class is effectively running at 33% efficiency; hmmm… can’t think of a single real world commercial business tolerating numbers like that.

  3. It is strange how people on low incomes seem to have a desire to spend more, it is as if they are making up for having no money by spending money they haven’t got.
    When it all goes tits up, they cry about it, I don’t have sympathy for the poor because rather than trying to make their lives better they end up making it a whole lot worse.
    Vegetables are relatively cheap and so are things like mince beef and chicken isn’t very expensive and you can make food go along way if you have a little bit of imagination. I can’t abide these cunts who say they can only afford cheap food like Maccy D, fucking idiots.
    The old eating or heating gets up my fucking nose, put a fucking jumper on, it’s not like we live in the Arctic, People with 4 kids but no job, well you cunts, why did you breed if you can’t afford to support the kids, you can get rubber for free from family planning you useless cunts.

    Fuck the poor, you live within your means, not what you desire.

    • If your poor, loan sharks are the answer,
      And Bright House.
      Get some nice trainers and a bag of skunk and worry about it another day.
      I like the poor.
      Little pinched faces on the men, big round Oliver Hardy faces on the women.
      And sportswear?!!
      They bloody love it!
      Like Jimmy Savile for a tracksuit , you walked into a benefits office youd think you were at the training for the Olympics.
      Maybe Paralympics.
      No, they poor are great,
      I love them.
      Theyll do things for money,
      Often as entertainment at dinner parties I’ll pay for two tramps to fight to the death.

      Viva poverty!!!👍

      • Afternoon MNC, I will admit to knobbing a few council-type birds in my 20s…very good too, the slutty little minxes.
        There’s some extra spicy about boning a bird for whom you have no respect and knowing that they’re going to end up having 3 kids by 3 different men, one of them a chocolate drop, don’t you think?!

      • I do think Thomas.
        And as a young man worked my way through half Stockports female underbelly.
        Little scrubbers😁👍
        I used to take my fun where I found it, and if thats scuttling a woman in a scruffy flat whos pissed because social services took away little Courtney and Skylar?
        Well, who am I to judge? 😀

      • Thomas-I was an “equal opportunities” cocksmith, although I tended to go for classy girls, I tended to avoid “lower order” watering holes, like the plague.
        I always found the richer ones were “dirtier” too👍

      • I like your style, nothing like making use of the poor, they love it, had a couple skanks in days gone by. One was quite fit, would have been a catch had she been born rich 😂

  4. My cousin in Italy told me that she is now so poor she has started having sex with strangers for food, she’s a pastatute….

  5. Goodnom Mr Spank.

    Endless moaning from irresponsible lard-arsed cunts. All grist to the Liebour/marxist mill. Meanwhile, there are old ladies having to decide between heating and eating, and people who make an effort to do something for their communities are stabbed to death by evil third world cunts. Fucking disgraceful.

  6. Poverty is a relative concept. Being poor in this country is very different to being poor in Pakistan or Africa. That’s why they all want to come here the cunts. The “poor” are just another victim group to be wept over by rich, virtue signalling bastards who don’t actually give a fuck about them. They are a “problem” which can only be solved by the said rich bastards pushing us around, telling us what to do and making us fucking pay for it.
    File poverty alongside the BAMEs, the gays, the trannies, the immos and fucking climate change. The rich cunts will tell us what to do, it’s for our own good, you know it makes sense.

    Oh, and you know those poor people in P*kiland and Africa I mentioned earlier? They’re your fucking problem too you cunts.

  7. Wonder why dolemoles are so precious about their trainers?
    If a council or charity pay me to move someone feckless,
    They tend to have lots of trainers in the box they came in?
    Cant afford carpet or to decorate, or feed the kids but those trainers are always boxed!
    I mix them up, put them in different boxes just out of boredom.

  8. There are over a million job vacancies.
    Get the great unwashed into these jobs if able bodied then put the rest into The Squid Game

    • I’ll have a go in the squid game Infidel
      Reckon I’d survive it too
      I’d be wearing a mask of course

      • Haha of course, no point in increasing the risk of death.
        I’d love to see quite a few in that game, the list is endless.

    • I’ll start the list for you then
      First up : schoolteachers who remain schoolteachers outside of working hours.
      Second up: bogus solicitors who encourages claimants to enhance their injury and the easy doctors who confirm this

      I could go on as well, even longer before I mention the feckless and track suity types
      So many to enter in that game

  9. People who refuse to think are the ones charmed by what sounds, tastes, and feels good. The lefties know how to appeal to them- blame those of us who apply some thought to our lives.

  10. It’s come to my professional notice that these ‘Types’ are usually fat trollops squeazed into leggings, mobile ‘phone never out of their chubby hands towing along fat-arsed offspring with faces like cushions and bean-bag bellies. Usually with a ‘Mask Exempt’ lanyard, proudly displayed like a Victoria fucking Cross and swigging from a bottle of full-fat Coca Cola.

    • And some of the feckless cunts have no shame and dial 999 as they have an appointmemt at the hospital but have no money for a taxi and can we take them there, making up some pathetic excuse. Absolutely true.

      • There’s certainly a lot of feckless cunts out there who could & should work. They seem to think that someone should knock at their door, offer them a job starting at 10am, ending at 2:30 pm, with two 15 minute breaks and an hour for lunch, but not everyone can be a judge.
        I feel sorry for the ones who’d love to work, but can’t, because they have disabilities that prevent them, or are caring for people with disabilities. These are the ones that slip through the cracks and need the most help, truly.

  11. The idea that you can’t eat well for less than the money spent of a mcdonalds is shite. These cunts have never visited the greengrocers or fruit and veg or fresh meat aisles at their supermarket so how can they know the price of the food?

    I offered to pay a dole scummer i knew £30 so he could eat a decent meal for christmas meal. He rejected my idea and bought him and his fiance ready meals – the cheap kind – so he would have to cook.

    THAT is the mentality of these cunts.

    • I’ve just cooked 2 casseroles, a beef and a pork. That’s 6 meals, with potatoes. Approximate cost, £9, that’s £1:50 a meal. It’s not hard, I find chopping things very satisfying, and the beef is delicious. The pork is in a slow cooker, smells fabulous.

      • I love to prepare healthy meals-we eat fruit and vegetables daily.
        No processed shit st the homestead.
        Still eating from our own veg garden, with meat from the butchers/supermarket, supplemented by my forays into permissions and our own land.

        Pigeon, Rabbit, venison 😘

      • I might adopt some pigs to annoy the pissful neighbours, the inbred psychotic squmbags.

  12. ‘Put them to work or put them down’.

    I want to see that on Richard Tice’s manifesto for Reform.

  13. Whilst good quality protein can be expensive, it is bollocks that making your own food costs more than takeaways. I like to make my own vegetable soup which costs about $8-$9 for four serves. A single meal from McDonalds costs $12-$13.

    If a fuckwit like me can do it, anyone can.

    I worked in East London for years before I can here. Yes, there were people who were poor. Sometimes very poor. But the real problem was not material poverty but poverty of aspiration. It used to frustrate the Hell out of me when the kids said there was nothing to do. You could get a child’s weekend travelcard for about two quid in the 90s. Why not go into town and look at buildings and statues? Needless to say, this suggestion often fell on deaf ears.

    Perhaps Dick could set up a kitchen for the underprivileged in one of the outbuildings on his vast estate?

    • Poverty of aspiration, well sums it up, i like that one Conduit
      Should be the mantra of all schools in all the world instead of you must be Quare to get square

    • I have a slow cooker and can get 2 meals, sometimes 3 out of a few ingredients that often cost me less than £10. The meat is the most expensive part, but well worth it.

      Beef casserole, lamb curry, lamb hotpot, chicken chasseur, etc.
      The smell of it cooking on an chilly day is out of this world. I reckon it would convert even the most zealous of vegans.

  14. Dunno about this one.

    I’ve seen both sides. I’ve seen the feckless types that spend their dole money on booze, ciggies and scratch cards and then down the food bank, and I’ve seen families where the dad has been killed in a RTC through no fault of their own and the families gone from 2 decent incomes down to 1 and they get no help from the system and have to make do.

  15. Now it is unfortunate, I live in a poor place, and guess what, they do not fucking listen.
    Upstairs is back on methadone and nextdoor is back on Vodka.
    Its not nice but fuck me it is expensive to be poor.
    Now dont call me st Benny but on Thursday the Mrs didnt take anything out the freezer ( lazy cow) so I popped into a supermarket.
    Mission, cheapest thing possible, result a tray of chicken drumsticks expiring that night! £1.29 for shit loads of chicken drum sticks! I explored further, bought premium reduced eggs at £1.35 and some bread crumbs.
    I did two baking trays of breaded drumsticks, obviously far to much for me,
    So I ended up feeding upstairs, next door and still had shit loads, next door offered me £4 for the food, I refused but that is why the poor are poor.

    • so teach them in school
      fucking home economics if that’s what it has to be
      its better than being broke all the time from takeaways and such shit
      WAKE UP ye shower of docile cunts and I’m not talking about the underprivileged

      • I expect teachers are wanging on all day about how many genders there when they could be teaching children practical things that will help them in life. What use is learning not to ‘mis-pronoun’ somebody if you can’t boil an egg?

    • yes oligist , but the teachers would first have to discuss whether the egg has a pair of bollocks or a floral petal before the egg is boiled and the egg has the right to decide that its niether he nor she.

      The vegans will want nothing to do with either. as its genocide of the egg population and are busy collecting nuts at this time of year

      all in all we have great debates here about who the fuck are we

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