Football and its Fans

(New owner of Newcastle United, Mohammed bin Salman – Day Admin)

The stupidity, moral bankruptcy and gullibility of football and it’s fans.
I refer to Newcastle being taken over by racist, warmongering (Yemen) terrorist backing murderers,(allegedly). i.e. the Saudi royals.

”Alan Shearer says the Saudi Arabian-backed £305m takeover of Newcastle is a “special day” for the club’s long-suffering supporters.”

Yes, a respected ex footballer thinks this is a good thing. That’s how fucking low football has sunk in the cess pit.

The Geordie twats no doubt are looking forward to all ties with the Toon being severed like an adulteress’s head in a car park, and a team of mercenary allsorts costing 100’s of millions going by the name of Newcastle just like the Gorton pigtrotters do for Citeh. With a manager from Europe. To pander to the Chinese television audience and give a bloodthirsty despot some respectability.

Taking the fucking knee will never be more ironic.

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75 thoughts on “Football and its Fans

  1. As far as the Premiership goes:
    The beautiful game…played by arseholes and watched by morons.
    Who’d give a fuck about 22 multi-millionaires kicking a ball around a field?
    At least it’s slightly more honest and less greedy the further down the leagues you go.

    • It was either peddle bin Salmon who bought them or kim il yung.
      If your a rich evil super baddie its the in thing to own a football club.
      Pol Pot was still going hed own Tranmere rovers.
      I could pretend im outraged but in all honesty I couldn’t give a fuck.

      • Pol hadn’t a pot to piss in so he had to set his sights to the lower leagues and offered Tranmere one millllliiioooon pounds .
        They nearly bit his hand off

    • The weather forecast for Newcastle tomorrow
      It will be Sunni in the morning but turning Shiite in the afternoon

  2. Halal the lads (I stole that).

    Should be interesting to see beheadings at half time for missed penalties. Rainbow laces? Can’t see that being allowed. They’ll be chucking any suspected gaylords off the fucking stadium roof.

    Will split arses have to sit at the back too? And if you’ve got a big nose, I wouldn’t bother trying to get in either.

  3. Fucking al bin Shearer, what an arse crawling little weasel. How long before we see him in a bedsheet with a tea towel on his head welcoming the new overlords.

    • Him and his mate, The Taxdoger, are the two biggest cunts in football. Not satisfied with the vast overpayments they get from the BBC they will suck any camelshagging cock for an extra couple of bob.
      So pious about homophobia and raaaaay-sism they would sell their arses to any murdering, terrorist sponsoring bastards. Total cunts.

  4. Great nom to follow the poor, Mo Bin Salmon could buy the whole of Newcastle and have it designated a sand dwelling enclave.

  5. I’d still rather watch a game of football than any other sport. Cricket is dull, American football is bollocks, basbais shit, ice hockey is wank, basketball is for tall rapîsts, netball is for girls, Aussue rules is a jumping game, swimming is for gays, skateboarding isfor kids, snooker is for plebs, and rugby is full of unskilled, overweight squincter squirels.

      • F1 was fucking great up until Senna died.

        I loved the old turbo days, with the old fashioned mechanical gearbox operated by taking a hand off the wheel. Those engines screamed and the cockpits shook and rattled. And the tracks were more open with longer straights and fewer chicanes.

        Now, it’s all computerised shite, smooth and quiet compared to the good days. Drivers are all boring robots or blm gays. Tracks have fewer overtaking opportunities.

        Bag of shite. Even if I had all the sports channels worldwide for more or less fuck all on IPTV (don’t know nuffink about it, sorry), I still wouldn’t watch it.

        Used to fucking love it though. Big Senna fan when I was a kid.

      • BTCC is still pretty good, CB…plenty of bashing and scraping of the cars and no cunt taking a knee.

      • Fucking hell Thomas, keep scraping and you’ll be through the bottomof the barrel shortly!

      • Don’t dis the Hunt. He was so much more than a publicity jockey. Talent, fanny magnet, bon oeuf at Al. Cunting poof braided hair knob jockey isn’t worthy of talking about great British institutions.

    • I’d rather watch rugby, but enjoy Arse-ociation football and Rugby football. Sphincter squirrels or not, they act less like it than the modern footballer, and are paid less for being far more athletic.

      The overweight ones tend to hang around the front but they need to be big fuckers. My brother played loosehead prop.

      Tried watching American football but it was very stop-start and never really got into it. Played by big fat boys so i’d probably be quite good.

      • And officiated by old farts at deaths door in their little black and white uniforms throwing hankies around for gods knows what.

        “Linebacker sacking early offence tackling from the rear, its 40 yard penalty, blah blah blah”

  6. Shearer has always been a grasping mercenary cunt. Remember the little rat signing for those inbred ferret fanciers Blackburn Rovers because the Ewood sugar daddy Jack Walker offered Shearer the most money. So he joined other cunts like Sherwood, Flowers, Hendry, and Le Saux (total cunt) in the Greedy Bastards XI and a prototype for the Gorton Globetrotters.

    Then the media were fooled by Shearer’s ‘noble’ decision to join Newcastle United. Nothing noble about it. Blackburn owner, Jack Walker refused to do any business with Manchester United (the childish vindictive old cunt), and Newcastle were the only club who offered the high amount of money that the Ferret Fuckers demanded. So, Shearer to Newcastle was the only option.

    Alan Shearer was also appointed as a temporary manager of Newcastle United for the last eight matches of a season but he was only able to win one of these games and Newcastle were relegated. But he refused to accept any blame for the Magpies downfall at the time. He quickly fucked off and left whoever was left behind to clean up the mess he helped to make. He helped to get his ‘beloved’ Newcastle into the shit and when that shit hit the fan, he fucked off quicker than the Beatles fucked off from Liverpool in 1963.

    Shearer also did his best to get Roy Keane sent off, and he did that successfully. I am just sorry Keane didn’t knock his teeth out.

    • And remember when he kicked Neil Lennon in the head and got away with it because he was captain of England and Mr goody two shoes? “Mary Poppins” they used to call him behind the scenes at Newcastle.
      Mind you, I wouldn’t mind kicking Lennon in the head, the weirdo ginger wanker.

      • I remember whem an envious Shearer said MichaeOwen wasn’t “a natural goal-scorer.”
        Geordie fuckwit.

      • Is that the same Michael Owen that took millions in wages while claiming to be injured. Scouse cunt.

      • I heard Shearer threatened to resign the England captaincy if he was sanctioned over the Lennon incident. The blazers at the FA were aghast at the thought of the negative publicity and stepped in to hush it up. That says a lot about what kind of person he was and possibly still is.

    • Alan Shearer is a full weight cunt on the BBC gravy train. He thinks he’s the font of all knowledge like that other pious cunt Lineker. Shearer should get his circumcised the fucking bald prick.

    • Top comment Norman.

      Arab Shearer, despite being the greatest premier league player of his generation (in my opinion) is undoubtedly still a giant among cunts.
      Despite the goals, he sacrificed trophies for money and that’s about all there is to the cunt.

      What the fuck is with the constant licking of his top lip when he talks an all?
      Fucking gimp.

  7. One thing you can say for that cunt Ashley at least he doesn’t pontificate and lecture everyone else. He’ll be scuttling away with his dirty A-rab money and you’ll never hear from him again.
    He might give his slave workers a little bonus to celebrate his good fortune but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  8. It is going to be so tiresome and tedious. Sky TV hyping up the latest ‘battle’ between the Gorton Globetrotters and Mohammed bin Salman FC. Year in, year fucking out..

    But we all know that without the oil money, neither of them would get a sniff of a trophy.🤣

    • Pair of yo-yo clubs when I was a kid (and up until fairly recently in Abu Dhabi FC’s case)

      Anybody who knows the game knows that they were fuck and all without the dodgy money.

      Chelsea had some moderate successes in the late 90s but were pretty much fucked before Roman rode to the rescue with his rubles.
      Man City, like Newcastle, were just fucking shit.

  9. It’s the outrage from the likes of Spurs that makes me laugh…the ” Big 6″ are just upset that someone might be gatecrashing their cosy little cartel…it’s not that long since they were all for pissing off to a European Super league.

    Premiership football is so far removed from it’s original fanbase that it wouldn’t surprise me if,in a few years time, the “Big 7” Clubs decided that they would all be based in London and just played each other.

    • I’m hoping this Saudi cunt is so rich he buys City and Chelsea and turns their grounds into public shit houses.

      It seems some fans from these clubs aren’t happy. Unfit owner/Yooman rights etc.

      I bet it’s all true. But Abramovich, of course, was not Russian mafia and did not hijack a train full of aluminium. And it was pure coincidence that all the rival bidders for the power companies in Russia died in mysterious circumstances just before the bid. Any cunt that came out of the Soviet Union will huge assets, surrounded by dead bodies, was clean as a fucking whistle, of course.

      The City mob? Fucking hell, where to start with those dodgy fuckers?

      I’m enjoying seeing these fucking hypocrites kicking off about it though.

      Fuck them!

      • Evening,CB.

        Aye, but it’ll be funny listening to the wailing and gnashing of teeth when Newcastle cherrypick the Big 6’s best players.

        As you say…Fuck them.

      • Not sure what you’d cherry pick from my team, the Arsenal. Still counted as a ‘big 6’ team somehow. Downhill badly after idiot ‘fans’ hounded out Wenger.

        Our ‘talented’ young manager has spent over £250 million assembling a team to languish in mid table.

        The new young keeper he got looks good though (Ramsdale) and the teenage Brazilian, Martinelli (who our thick cunt manager either ignores or plays out of position) is a massive natural talent. And Smith-Rowe is a talented youngster.

        Probably won’t make the bench of the team this Saudi cunt will want to assemble though. Wonder what the current Newcastle squad make of all this? This fucker who’s bought the club won’t want to keep any of that shower of shite.

        He’ll have that Saint Maxywhatsit cleaning his goats after the January transfer window.

      • If that is what they have planned. I’m not so sure.

        I hope Newcastle do get some investment but Staveley’s plan seems to be a bit bigger than that.

    • Jealousy and hypocrisy. Money talks in football now, the so called big boys have had their noses put out of joint. Fuck the lot of them. It was ok when the ESL was going on and the Premier Leaguemeant nothing. Some shit club in the north east are maybe going to have a few good years and change the face of English football, nobody said a word about the dirty russian money, or the cunts at City. Another club has elbowed it’s way to the top table and it was never part of the big boys plans. Oh dear I’m fucking weeping. Ha’way the lads.

  10. There’s so many cunts in this tale of hypocrisy, it’s difficult to know where to start.
    The Newcastle supporters have fucked over every manager since Keegan and instantly turned on Ashley because they need people who understand the Newcastle way of playing football, whatever the fuck that means. So obviously a murderous Middle Eastern state is just the type of owner they’ve been looking for all these years.
    Shearer has made himself look an even bigger cunt than usual, and gave the bbc a headache with his glowing remarks about the takeover. He’s obviously got his eye on some way of muscling in on the Arab oil money. I bet Linekunt must be well jealous.
    The premier league might as well tear up their “right and proper ownership” rules as they’ve clearly been the recipients of some brown envelopes. How else could this be anything other than state ownership? Fucking stinks!

    • London financial services-accommodates some of the dodgiest money’s of the world through its spider web of offshore holding spots
      I guess that’s why these oils and oligarchs and marching powder types get to love what the system has to offer
      Just my tuppence worth

      • I’ve seen that documentary The Spiders Web, the second British Empire. Apparently it only cost fifteen grand to make.

        BBC should take notes.

  11. Another nail in the coffin for top flight English football.

    Can’t really blame the Newcastle Utd fans who actually pay to watch their side for getting a collective hard on.

    Doesn’t particularly matter if the money comes from a middle east oil state where good old Wahhabism is the religion.

    As long as the Toon army can rub shoulders with the other so called top clubs such as Abu Dhabi FC and Chelski, and spend equally immoral amounts of ‘wonga’ on foreign mercenaries enabling them to buy a few trophies, the fans won’t give a fuck.
    And who could blame the daft twats.

    They cough up to happily watch the spineless braindead cunts kneeling every week for Burn Loot Murder, so a heavy investment of dirty arab money certainly isn’t going to put them off.

  12. If there’s one fanbase that doesn’t deserve a big money takeover it’s Newcastle fans. They’re arrogant, entitled, professional victim cunts as it is.

  13. If the government does business with these people why are the rest of us meant to hold our noses bad refuse the money?

    Every time we intervene things get worse for the people, whether it’s economic sanctions or military action.

    I’m not interested in how other people run their countries.

    North Korea is sanctioned in every way but Lil Kim doesn’t seem to be suffering whilst North Koreans die of starvation.

  14. The game itself is fine but the bodies in control of it are terrible. Too many chiefs, and all that.

    Money has made the top leagues not worth watching; the teams have foreign owners and have no connection to local fans. The new stadia are bland and have other sports and events in mind. Then you have crap like the Super League. A terrible idea but many pointed to the Premier League already having done a similar job with English football.

    Who knows what the PIF will do wilth Newcastle United. Invest or treat it as a cash cow as the Glaziers have done with Manchester United. Amanda Staveley says there would be a review of the club operation including the commercial arm, and the current squad of players shouldn’t be languishing where they are.

    Don’t get too excited yet, Novacastrians.

  15. At least at Half time the fans can enjoy Watching women getting Stoned and some petty thief having his hands chopped off.!

    • Good on the Hungarians.

      Kneeling for BLM is the new religion in England and blasphemy against it shall not to be tolerated by the FA, media or woke police service.

      Unfortunately it looked like the soppy cunts were shitting themselves there and getting a kicking.

  16. well I don’t give a fuck about football, but the build up commentary was hilarious.
    Contaminator looks at crowd and relays to radio listeners what they see.
    supporters in Arab dress, one has a white and red shermagh the colours of Saudi, ooh that one has a black and white one!, that is Palatalisation, oooh ther is a chap over there with… a tea towel on his head head.
    when the PC BBC try to express their education.

  17. Makes me laugh when I hear Newcastle described as a ‘big’ club. They haven’t won the league since my late grandmother was at primary school and their last ‘major’ trophy was the League Cup in 1969.

    Money. Money has wrecked modern football. I can remember when dodgy dealing was that wankstain Clough grabbing an envelope full of used fivers in a motorway service station. Now very ordinary players go for tens of millions and earn tens of thousands a week.

    In 1981, Ron’s beloved Aston Vanilla won the league but Ipswich really should have done. Unfortunately, they had a core group of only 14 players who played over 60 games in the league, FA Cup and UEFA Cup and failed on two of their three fronts. Bobby Robson always said his greatest regret in football was not winning the league at Ipswich rather than the 1990 World Cup.

    You can’t complain about this takeover at NUFC if you support the World Cup in Qatar. Two countries with exactly the same human rights problems, following exactly the same murderous ideology. FIFA lost all credibility as a sporting organisation when it sold the world’s premier sports competition (fuck the Olympics) to the petro-gangster states of Russia and Qatar.

    Fuck them.

  18. Black lives matter! Mass murder, war crimes, female oppression, slavery, terrorism, etc not so much, provided the scum responsible are happy to pump money into the club. I’ll take footballers seriously just as soon as they start taking a morale stance that actually dents their wallets, until then fuck off with the woke shite.

  19. Yeah, if these knee crawling wankers were the SJWs they claim to be there’s no way they would go to Qatar or take the cuntloads of dirty money from the thieving bastards who own their football clubs. I don’t mind them taking the dough but for fucks sake don’t lecture us about what racist, bigoted cunts we are and tell us to get “educated “. You are embarrassing yourselves you knobs.

  20. Jhadi united you’re going to go home. You’re going to go home Jhadi united you wish you were home. This take over once again had Cameron and Blair over it. Sir Bobby wouldn’t be happy.

  21. I just hope and pray that Newcastle buy that useless overrated gobshite, Marcus Rashford, and they rid Manchester United of the little turd.

    They can have that sack of shit, Anthony Martial and all, for free….

    • I can see Rashcunt being sold by Ole. He’s the sort of ‘talent’ our thick cunt manager Arteta would buy off you for a stupid amount though. Seems like Ole’s had it with him not focusing on his game (Rashcunt, via his sports agency run by that Jay Z twat, is more focused on making money by promoting his image).

      He needs to buck his ideas up, because that Greenwood kid looks talented and more importantly, hungry and very focused.

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