Selling your house to a Stanley

I’ve just become a victim of what they are known for. Sold my house in June and they withdraw their offer at the last moment, in this case about 2 days prior to exchange.
I tried to move before the 30 September to avoid a proportion of stamp duty and the cunts have bailed out for reasons unknown.

I’ve spoken to friends and neighbours none of them surprised because apparently it’s common with them.

There’s no real way of filtering them out of a sale as I’d be hauled before some fucker and done for racism but I’m seriously going to try this time as my property is back on today and 9 out of 11 viewing tomorrow are called Mo, Naz, etc

I’ve been told to expect a reduced offer next week from the original buyers but that won’t be accepted.

Why the fuck do they do this? When I pointed out that they would be charged by their solicitor for searches etc I was reminded that the solicitor would probably be a nephew, uncle whatever.

Absolute cunts.

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87 thoughts on “Selling your house to a Stanley

  1. Once almost sold a house to a daki.

    He knocked on my door without calling the agent (I had a sign up).

    He lived locally and offered the asking price as a cash payment. I found out he was on the sick and had a large family. Like I find with a few of these fuckers, they’ve been on the take so much they’ve got huge amounts of cash floating about. And they have the gall to call out the four be twos.

    Anyway, I was interested and then had a sixth sense telling me not to trust the cunt. In the meantime a honky put up the asking price. It all went through smoothly. I always wonder how it would’ve gone with the peaceful as he lived locally, and may have been aware that I needed to sell up because of a new job and any last minute ‘knock 10k off’ shit would’ve fucked things up a bit for me.

  2. I’ll die before i’d give these cunts another property to move their anti english feral islamic rats into.

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