Bob Marley – Still Jammin’

This guy died 40 years ago but it´s impossible to escape from him and his shite music. I´ve just been in a restaurant in northern Spain – the Basque Country where they are fiercely proud of their origins – and what did I have to endure? Basque folk songs about how strong and noble they are? No. Some never-ending live concert of Bob Fucking Marley. “We Jammin´ We´ jammin’ Jammin’ Jammin’ Jammin’ Jammin. And I hope you like jammin´ too”.

No I don´t like jammin´ Bob. I hate jammin´and I hate you and your dismal plonky plonk “reggae”.

I visited Jamaica about 20 years ago for a conference. Not the shithole reality of Trenchtown but the Disneyworld of Montego Bay. Every time I sought refuge from boring PowerPoint presentations in the bar I would immediately be surrounded by groups of wannabe Bobs singing “No woman, No cry” and “Don’t worry bout a ting, ’cause every little ting gonna be all right.”

One should not speak harshly about the dead but please make an exception for me Mr Administrator. Fuck Bob Marley!

Nominated by: Mr Polly

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  1. I like Bob Marley’s music and have most of his albums loaded on my iPod.

    I’ll get my coat 🙄

  2. “One should not speak harshly about the dead “….Croaking won’t change the fact that most people were utter Cunts when alive…and the fact that they’re now dead means that they can no longer do anything that will benefit me ( or sue),so why shouldn’t I call them out as the Cunts that they were?

    Bob Marley was a typical Sooty…. Even I can think of nothing more harsh to say about the Cunt than that.

  3. Well said Mr Polly. I rate Marley, along with the who, Beatles, rolling stones as totally overrated cunts.

  4. Bob Marley just goes in one ear and out the other.
    I don’t want to offend anyone’s music taste but to me it’s reggae for the masses, bland safe and very boring.
    The sort of shite local radio endlessly play along with Coldplay.

  5. Bob, like many of his kind, was a promising footballer. (No interest in architecture as far as I know) Was a Spurs supporter I believe. Then he discovered da weed and Rastafari! That fucked him.
    Still at least his music kept him off the streets.

  6. Don’t worry Mr. P, as we move into October we will soon be hearing ‘ So here it is Merry Christmas everybody’s having fun’ in every shop we visit.

  7. I extracted the urine in my nom yesterday about the lack of black contributions to classical music. But you can’t deny their influence in pop and rock music, particularly through Blues Music. And Reggae, which is not bad when done well, Influenced many 70’s British bands like The Police, The Specials, Madness, Bad Manners and all those Ska bands.

    I don’t count Rap in that. Rap is the soundtrack the Devil plays in Hell, just to make things even more miserable.

    • Indeed many a band in the 80’s got there influence through ska and reggie. I would like to nominate the Clash as being one of the best whitey bands to play da reggie well.

  8. It’s music for white people who have been on and found out that a relative 15 generations ago was briefly married to a black man.

  9. In my opinion there are/were far better reggae and ska artists than Marley. Lee Perry, Upsetters, Toots and the Maytals, Dennis Brown to name a quick handful.

    Marley watered down the essence of it and flogged it to the masses who couldn’t take the real thing. A bit like what that other helmet Cliff Richard did with rock n roll.

      • WAS great Mickey. He died just over a year ago.

        Lee Perry was amazing though. Mad as a bag of rabbits, absolutely barking and stoned off his tits on da ganja. A musical genius….

  10. What amuses me most, is when white kids “discover” his music and overnight, turn into Rasta-wannabes 😂

    You know-cannabis leaf T-shirt-or that ubiquitous one showing Marley, sucking on a joint.

    Usually pale, often ginger, scraggy dreadlocks, nose piercings, heroin chic and mostly young wimminz😂

  11. This is an issue that can only get worse as the old musicians who survived the 70s and 80s etc pop their clogs. There’ll be Fat Reg impersonators invading the pubs of Watford when he goes. In fact, Macca has already achieved similar status while still alive in as much as everyone from Walton reckons their dad/grandad went to school/played guitar/played drums with him. I wonder if Zanzibar is full of Freddie Mercury impersonators?

    • I read that Bob was a bit of a bully.
      He lived in London during the punk period, think after hed been shot in Jamaica?
      Anyway some music journalist said Bob intimidated him in the bogs,
      Bob acting all yardie with his trench town mates.
      But apart from scaring music journos,
      Think hes the best reggae has .
      Did some catchy stuff!!

  12. Marley was all the rage back in the late 70s/early 80s. The 6th form common room at my old school was decked with Marley posters (and that Che Guevara cunt), and the girls used to bring in loads of singles and play them on the record deck, and then lounge on the sofas “just chillin, maaaan!” while sucking on a John Player No. 6

    They looked bloody stupid, especially a couple of snooty bints, who probably wouldn’t even know what a spliff was, and certainly wouldn’t want to live too close to “those people with the funny voices and hair!”

    Personally I didn’t mind his music. Made a welcoming change from the end of the punk era in the late 70s to the mod/new wave/new romantics stuff in the early 80s.

  13. Jamaica’s near the Bermuda Triangle, isn’t it? Pity Bob didn’t disappear into it along with his entire back-catalogue and that stupid tea-cozy hat.

    • I prefer Eric Claptons version of “shot the Sheriff” to Bobs.

      * Backing singer for Eric on this was Yvonne Elliman who had a hit single ‘if I cant have you’

      Pointless facts for pop pickers!

  14. Only listen to Classic fm and Planet Rock, haven’t heard any f his muzik for yonks……

  15. He was ok for his time, but his music hasn’t aged well. Very bland and childish sounding if you listen to it now. Plinky plonk lovie dovie shite.

    I do find that honkies who are still obsessed with Bob Marley are wankers. Worked with a wig ger a few years ago. He had dreadlocks in his late 40s. He went to a very posh and pricey school as a kid, but spoke with either a fake working class northern accent (see Owen Jones for details) or a yardie one, depending on his mood.

    Right arrogant libtard as you’d expect. A sneering know it all. Who hilariously got fired for being fucking shit at his job. And yes, he constantly fucking stank of weed. He claimed he had a religious right to smoke weed too and I heard he’d been arrested once for smoking a spliff in a pub.

    Wanker lol

  16. Drunk women like his music. I used to go to a club in the 90s that ended the night with that song when the lights came on and you got to have a good look at the slag you had been drinking and dancing with all night. That song was the signal that it was time to either get the fuck away from her or close escrow. Good times. But yes his songs are worn out like Katie Price’s hatchet wound.

  17. The only Marley song I like is ‘Could you be loved’.
    The rest is cack, especially No woman no cry, which immediately makes me hit the off button.

  18. The thing with Marley is most people only know the ‘hits’ and the stuff on ‘Legend’. Some daft cunts actually think that ‘Legend’ is an actual album, instead of a best of compilation.

    I liked a bit of the Wailers in my younger days. ‘Catch A Fire’ was a great album, ‘Concrete Jungle’ is a top track. Mind you, I liked UB40 in their early years. Before they became shite.

  19. Don’t mind Bob Marley though I certainly wouldn’t have ever considered myself a fan.

    I would say that Exodus is a good album and the title track itself excellent.

    Just my opinion.

  20. I liked the Wailers, but Dave and Ansel Collins (with Sly and Robbie) were better. That Double Barrel album was a classic. Lee Scratch Perry (RIP) and the Upsetters were also better.

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