Gina Miller (15) Party Games

Fuck me – it’s back. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, Gina Miller, who looks like a long-retired hooker is back. She has formed a new political party:

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I just hope she puts up a candidate in every constituency and looses every deposit, then she will have to go and suck Soros’s wrinkled old dick up for more cash to put in her handbag (allegedly), as she says “It don’t come cheap dearie not with me”.#

Who the fuck gave this old bag the impression that she was important? Certainly not the ISAC crowd.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

And this from CuntyMort

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Cunters, for your delectation I give you this sites pin up girl old banana gob F.F.S didn’t she fuck off back to bongo bongo land? This vacuous bint now wants to form a new political party.

If this pig with lipstick gets in you can bet your bottom dollar she will be sucking EU sausage and Blighty will be back under the European jackboot P.D.Q.

All cunters on this site will be serving a 25 year stretch for crimes against the queen cunt.

68 thoughts on “Gina Miller (15) Party Games

    • The fuck we didn’t succumb to the Reich IV and left the EU.

      Interestingly this bitches mouth muscles are weaker than the Dr in Mongolian Death Worm LOL.

      This bird makes Mr Fishburne look like Mr Punch

  1. Yeah, good luck with that, dear!

    I suppose if your candidates lose their deposits you’ll declare Britain is full of racists and blah blah blahdy bleedin’ blah!

    That said she’ll probably get lots of support from MSM, social media and the Woke.

    Anyway, have popcorn at the ready. This might be rather fun to watch!

  2. We definitely need a new political party in this country but not from the likes of her.

  3. We all know what happens to new party’s don’t we. Just ignore this pretentious limelight loving nobody, it might go away.

    • Shit name.
      True &Fair.
      Sounds like a solicitors or a shit pop duo from the 80s.
      How about Bad Losers?

      • True and Fair – I straightaway thought of a shampoo – shampoo wars – her and that other ugly old hooker Claudia Winklman fighting it out in the knocking shop showers (I’ll say no more in case it gives some of my fellow cunters thoughts of an erotic nature, though God knows who’d find their raddled old gashes erotic).

        Back to naughty Gina – I wonder if Chukkup Umanna will rush to jump on this new bandwaggon – like he did the last one – the Sinclair C5 of politics? (R.I.P, Sir Clive). Will Anna Soubry join him to suck his dick?

        I wonder who she blackmailed to fund it – you can be fairly sure that grasping old cunt wouldn’t put her hand in her own pocket. Too canny for that.

    • I dunno much about her other than she was born in Guyana and her father was a big wheel over there. She looks to be Asian, maybe descended from indentured workers.
      Anyhow she’s a mouthy bitch.

  4. Reading the article she says she wants to move on from Brexit and accepts the result, which I don’t believe for one minute.
    She knows the next general election is no more than 3 years away. Perhaps she’s laying an early ground plan to get Remoaners and other disenfranchised waiverers to support her new party with the hope of challenging Liebour or the Tories.
    But we’ve seen quite a few rebel parties come and go over the last 5 years (The Change Party, being one that lasted all of 5 minutes!) So I don’t think Gina’s party will last more than a couple of years at most – just a token gesture probably, before she disappears up her own well used hoop!

  5. She will split any pro European votes so will decimate the Lib Dem’s even further and take away a few hard liners but that’s it.

  6. The Soros insinuation-probably true😉

    Gina Miller could be a real “7Up” girl:

    -2 in the arse
    -2 in the cunt
    -3 in her capacious mouth

    The rancid old fucker.

    • She loathes Britain almost as much as we loathe her. She resemnles a tired, old Mama-san whose aged gash has been wacked so often it’s all hanging out like hardened vomit stains.

    • The SDP – they have obviously heard of the new party I am starting next week – The Strict Discipline Party. I will be inviting naughty wimminz who have veered to far to the left, to come into my study – me sitting behind my big desk wearing a gown and mortar voard, with my collection of canes.

      I look forward to welcoming in particular, Lisa Nandy, who will receive the fall course of correction – she will bend over the desk, just in her little panties and receive a dozen strokes from the stiff willow cane that will have been soaking in water overnight, to enable an even more flexible instrument to leave it’s mark.

      I also hope to encourage Jess Phillips and Angela Rayner and the Sultana girl in to discuss their problems and meet out the treatment they need.

      The “men” – I use the term loosely – like Burgon, Lewis, Russell-Moyle, Bryant, Adonis and Mandelson will need somewhat harsher treatment. I do not rule out the return of capital punishment. Needless to say, in breaks from the TV soaps, the spouse will be sitting in the front row knitting….

      • WC-you have obviously given this very careful consideration👍

        In consideration of your dedication to her, I feel that all at IsAC should crowd fund the purchase of Ms Nandy and have her delivered to Boggs towers.

  7. Despite all the negative comments here I’m sure someone will get the horn sooner or later!

  8. It will just be another Lib Dem kit bash. Yet more traitorous rats to feed on the rotting carcass of a once great nation. What a fucking cunt.

    Good morning, everyone.

  9. I shouldn’t worry. A vanity project which will go nowhere, just like Change UK.

    It makes me laugh that these parties describe themselves as occupying the “centre ground” in British politics. They don’t. The centre ground wants controlled immigration, is patriotic, pro-Brexit (or at least accepting of it even if they voted remain), supports law and order, traditional policing and is anti-woke. Rather than being “centrist” these parties are woke, elite fronts a long way from the centre ground.


  10. When a party calls itself ‘True and Fair’ you know that it’ll be anything but.
    This goes double when its leading light wears a pair of dodgy flares at the launch.
    Just another embittered, Remoaning gobshite. The translation of ‘calling the govt. to account’ is ‘I can’t get my way’.
    Fuck off you wanker.

    • Spot on Ron. As in the way countries which are dictatorships normally have the words “democratic” or “democracy” in their name. And of course any country whose name ends “-stan” is automatically a third world shithole.

  11. It’s simple really. If she hates what Blighty has become and think the eu is utopia then why the fuck doesn’t she go live there instead of being a septic tick on the UK

      • No fucking idea why that went there.

        (Perhaps your horn got in the way of your keyboard when you posted this in the wrong place? – Day Admin)

  12. Perhaps a good seeing to would mellow her.
    Whose up for a gang bang / bukkake ?
    As long as i don’t get the Bum and certainly before Thomas The Tank Engine gets stuck in 🤪💪

  13. I am a Remainer (but not a Remoaner), and I accepted the Brexit result.

    But cunts like her are a real embarrassment, not only to the democratic principle that we lost the vote regardless of the narrow margin, but also for the constant screaming, name-calling and shouting that its all “so unfair boo hoo!”

    Remoaners see themselves as intelligent, open-minded, friendly democratic people; and yet as we’ve seen over the last 4 or 5 years a lot of these so-called “betters” resort to playground bullying and name calling against those ignorant racist gammon Brexiteers.

    Miller is one such person, and is now trying to reinvent herself as a trusted politician in the making that will lead Britain to a fairer society. But we all know its just window-dressing. She didn’t get her way through name calling and hurling abuse at the 50 odd percent who voted leave, so now she’s trying a more pragmatic, less hostile approach.

    But no matter how she portrays herself she is not to be trusted, and only the weak minded would fall for her benign words of reconciliation.

    • Norman Baker (LimpDump) was on Talking Pints with the Nigel last night. Farage said to him (my thoughts exactly) that if the referendum results had been reversed, the Limps would NO WAY be clamouring for another vote.
      Even though Baker was only drinking water, he ended up coughing and spluttering like a Raddled old alky.

  14. The new party True and Fair

    There is only one truth, which is ours, there will be no discussion, our word is final

    Fuck off Gina, back to your own shithole.

  15. The bitch was probably surprised by the amount of publicity and attention she got from the remoaner media and is missing it badly. Just a rich narcissist who fancies being on the telly all the time. True and Fair my arse.
    She is right though…..a lot of people feel disenfranchised by the present crop of Westminster dullards and traitors. Banana Gob ain’t the answer though, that’s for sure.
    Fuck off you old tart.

    • her and naga from auntie beeb should set up an EU memorial fund because it’s fucking dead and will be speaking russian by 2022.

      oh but don’t forget the french ‘warned’ russia.

      ooo it’s so scary…france is soooo scary….

  16. Let the Hunger games begin … Shes got a very lovely face eh?!

    What a witchy scowl this bitch has I bet actual real witches have a more pleasant looking face Haven’t seen a single photo of her smiling

      • Flabbot is too fat to be a witch needs to lay off on the chiggun. I take that back I have just recently just seen a photo of this cunt and its a very evil smile.

        That is in close comparison to how Queen Cersei smiles after being told thousand villager peasants were massacred by kings Special death squads just for fun

  17. Despite Gina’s extended family having significant financial and political power in her country of birth, Guyana is still a third world shit hole. Why this money grabbing CUNT thinks it has anything to offer to the U.K. is beyond comprehension. I am sure that the old CUNT’S talents would be more appreciated in Guyana, a country in which it knows better than to interfere.

  18. Gina reminds me of that Pepperami advert “its a bit of a animal”.
    A twig like leathery,wizened, scowling little cunt.
    Pack your bags and fuck off back Gina.

  19. I don’t have psychic abilities but I confidently predict that Gina Miller will go the same way as Tena Lady Swinson. Good, let Miller waste her time, money and energy on a wild goose chase and then have to sit in a pool of her own depression wondering what went wrong.

    And what’s up with that stupid spiral logo for her party? Perhaps it represents the Brexit turmoil in Gina’s pitiful little mind.

  20. This new political party with have nothing to do with altruism, or a desire to do better for people, or an attempt to change a broken political system.
    It’s a vanity project at best, as she has enjoyed her her time in the limelight, her infamy, and there were enough cunts who worshipped her to inflame her ego.
    At worst, it’s another self righteous twat who thinks they know best, and wants the power to make those that don’t agree follow her rules.
    Who needs more politicians?

  21. We need an ‘Enough of the bullshit party’.

    Manifesto is simple.

    1. We will have equality of opportunity, not outcome. Best man for the job. Get fucked if you don’t like it.

    2. In some areas of London, blacks are a majority of the population. And yet, if a black man calls you ‘A white cunt’ the cops or media won’t give a shit. However, if a white man were to call a black man a black cunt, he’d lose his job, be vilified in the media, do a stretch in prison and find it impossible to get another job. A death sentence of sorts, in effect.

    No, our policy would be while we don’t approve of nasty name calling (and cunts naturally will find it hard to get on if life if they’re cuntish to everyone), we won’t criminalise it. Call me a white cunt? Go for it. But don’t cry if you get the same back. Although we won’t tolerate unprovoked targeted harassment (shouting ‘get back to Africa’ through their letterbox etc).

    3. No more of this woofter worship. No more parading half naked tranny freaks with confused kids through town. No more tranny story hour in schools. I won’t make bumming illegal, but keep pushing for your behaviour to be pushed as a good thing to kids, and I’ll bring in a law where you’ll be given 20 years if found to be ‘one of them’.

    4. Dinghy riders chancing their luck will be given a warning from a navy vessel once in our waters. Then warning shots. Then they will be blown to bits. It will take one warning shot to end this crap in my opinion.

    5. Grooming gangs will not be tolerated and they will be given the choice of being hanged or having their meat and veg removed without anesthesia followed by deportation.

    6. Rapists, diddlers and terrorists hanged if 100% bang to rights (video evidence/DNA plus admitted it etc).

    7. BBC – trials for the bigwigs for crimes against the native population. A huge overhaul to make it genuinely unbiased.

    8. TV ads. Enough with the dark key shite. Yes, black people live here and need representation. But not to the point it makes Blighty look like Nigeria.

    9. Knee taking at sports- Banned as a political gesture. No political gesturing will be permitted.

    10. Immigration – controls in place to stop greedy business owners exploiting illegal (cheap) labour at the expense of the general population. It drives up house prices and reduces workers’ pay, conditions, job security (zero hours shite) rights and pension plans.

    11. Education – massive overhaul. A review of materials used (communist and degenerate in nature). Teachers alinged to the Communist Party to be banned from teaching for life. Teachers will be made to teach, not indoctrinate. Prison for the worst offenders.

    Re Britaining – these areas which look like downtown Lahore or Mogadishu will be forced to make their areas look more traditionally British. That shitty Sari shop? We’ve got too many of those in this town. We’ll offer you 150% of its value. We’re forcing the sale. And turning the shop into a traditional British cheesemongers for some cunt to run. Fuck off if you don’t like it. We’re making Bradford look like a British city again. Cheers.

    Get fucked it’s a nice dream.

    • only 8 up-ticks? Mmm, I’d have thought this was just common sense. Perhaps the wife is right and I need to stop watching RW stuff on uTube. I live near Bradford so maybe I know more than most?

    • Wait, you actually mean to fix societies problems? Rather than exacerbate them while talking tough (Tories) or worse yet embrace total depravity/lunacy as you chase a socialist pipe dream (Labour)?

  22. Ah, Banana Gob…

    This former *cough* ‘model’😉 is like a turd that refuses to flush.
    And we all know how this scrubber climbed the business and political ladders, don’t we? Model, my arse…. The world and his dog know what she is….🤔

  23. This peice of shit is like the smell you get when you step in dog shit. No matter how much you scrape your foot in the grass, the stink still lingers.

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