Greta Thunberg (5)

St Greta has been sounding of to her disciples about “climate villains”. And guess what – the biggest climate villain is the UK.

Our Lady of Thunderpants reasons that the Industrial Revolution started in England and therefore the climate crisis also started here – “ Of course, the climate crisis .. more or less it started in the UK since that’s where the industrial revolution started, we started to burn coal there, so of course the UK has an enormous historical responsibility when it comes to historic emissions since the climate crisis is a cumulative crisis”, Thunderpants thundered.

To add to the UK’s enormous mass of cumulative historical guilt, we have made the situation worse by authorising new oil drilling operations in the North Sea. “Hypocrisy”, said the Holy One.

The UK is also guilty of “ creative carbon accounting” by not counting international shipping, air travel, or exported fossil fuels in its emissions reports.

In castigating the UK, St Greta neglected to mention China which accounts for 27% of the World’s greenhouse gasses. Surely China is the biggest climate villain?

Now the Holy One has thundered from on high, Britain’s Industrial Revolution will no longer be regarded as a great achievement but a historical crime. Just like slavery and empire. In Gretaland it would never have happened, and we’d still be running around in bearskins with flint knives.

What more can we expect from the holy prodigy, whom according to her mother, has the psychic gift of being able to see the colourless and invisible gas of carbon dioxide being emitted into the air.

As former Archbishop Roman Williams has said, we are blessed to have her in our midst.

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(Has she checked her white privilege I wonder? – Day Admin)

(We have a separate nom due to go live soon regarding Insulate Britain – the eco protest group. So please keep your comments focused on St Greta. Thanks – Day Admin)

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  1. I was watching a documentary about some of the world’s most dangerous roads, one of which focused on the Newabpur Road in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    The city itself is one big shithole containing well over 8 million people, most of them living in poverty. The road in question is like any major arterial road leading into a city centre at rush hour, but in this case its about 10 times worse, and isn’t restricted to just rush hour times, but throughout the day!

    Most of the cars, lorries, trucks etc are about 30 years old, most of them are just rust buckets on wheels. No MOTs, no cat converters, probably all running on diesel or leaded petrol.

    The air pollution is appalling, there’s smog and all sorts of poisonous shite going on as millions of cunts commute along this particular road (there’s a highway code but no one pays any attention to it. One big free for all).

    No idea what the carbon levels are like, or pollution levels. But I bet they piss all over most western cities. And yet St Greta and her eco warrior cortege (XR in particular), don’t seem all that keen travelling to places like Dhaka and telling the 9 million cunts there to get rid of their ancient cars and trucks and turn to electric or good old rickshaw instead!

    Can’t imagine why.

  2. What do you do if you have a child who has ‘difficulties’ ? Most of us would make the best of it and carry on with care and support.
    There is another way though. Exploit the child for your own purposes and expose her to relentless scrutiny. The cause may be bullshit but the rewards are there if you have the right interests and investments.

  3. In honour of St. Greta, I shall now eat a burger big enough that proud songs shall be sung of it in years to come and subsequently fart myself an ozone destroying and permanent carbon footprint of world note.
    Fuck’eth her!

  4. Well now that she’s 18 she is deserving of a good cock up her hoop. No lube allowed either.


    • Funny you should say that. There’s a Greta thunberg deepfake porn video. Surprisingly realistic.

      • Is she squealing out “how dare you?” between orgasms?. David Attenborough getting his man juice in her gob.

  5. Her latest speech, in Milan, (she gets around the bitch) makes it all very clear. She starts by slagging off the world leaders (not Biden or that Chinky cunt obviously) reading out their bullshit and adding “blah blah”.
    Fair enough you might think.
    Then she gets on to the point of it all …….inequality, poverty, resetting the world, fundamental change, change, change. All read from a piece of paper written by some commie, power hungry cunts.
    The Chinkies and Guptas are industrialising precisely to get out of poverty and inequality you dolt. Inequality with us because we did it 200 years ago. They want some of what we’ve got and don’t give a fuck about the Polar bears you cunt.
    And neither do you bitch, you’re a fucking tool.
    Let’s hope this bloke she’s got puts her up the duff pdq. Might shut her up for a few months.

  6. I just hope I’m around long enough to see her get that lightning bolt of realisation that it’s all bollocks and she’s just been used by her parents and handlers to make billions.
    Then the subsequent court case against them for not getting any of that cash and the “ you stole my childhood” line brought out against them.
    Sweet irony awaits.

  7. I was watching Thoughty2 on YouTube yesterday and he plugged a company called Wren (see The idea is you do a quiz on their site to calculate your carbon footprint and then you pay them money monthly to offset it.

    My monthly bill with them if I signed up to this would be almost £30 a month and I don’t take flights or use gas! They’ve raised $760,000, pay themselves rather well and spend your money on advertising to get more people raked in. They plant a lot of trees with the remainder and support bio-char projects. The blurb on their site is chilling “Climate change is the largest crisis humanity has ever faced but we can fix it..” I don’t know whether to applaud them or hate them!

  8. Sounds like a brilliant scam to me. How snide and cynical do you have to be to dream up something like that? Some cunts deserve to be taken.

    • I’m quite tempted to copy the business model and set up a site on Wix. How hard can it be to fill it with climate guff, vegan recipes, pictures of the Mongberg, a subscription thingy and siphon off a few quid to plant trees! Maybe a digital gift card on Etsy might be a seller. Glad I read this nom today, maybe next year I’ll be a millionaire!

  9. The fucking little spasticated special needs mong needs her cunt kicking off. I’m sick to teeth of her continually criticism of this country only because we’re a soft fucking target. The Home Office should ensure the cunt never sets foot on these shores again so she can fuck off somewhere else and run that country down. See how far you get with that, you thick as pigshit Swedish meatball.

  10. She a weapon/mouthpiece for woke morons to spew utter shite while avoiding the repercussions, anyone who speaks out against her is attacking a environmentally conscious kid. Everything she says is prewritten by her team, completely scripted, which is likely why they chose a robot with aspergers as their conduit.

    You’ll also note Greta never addresses China. Despite raking in a fortune from us as we push to go green, it’s China that is still building coal powerplants. Makes you question where a lot of her money comes from….

  11. Should have been euthanised at birth and her sister.
    It woukd have been a kindness in the long run.

    • Greta has had a go at goofy woke kiwi premier Jacinda Hardon.
      Saying shes done nothing on behalf of New Zealand to tackle climate change.
      A New Zealand pizza company called Hell Pizzas has taken umbrage and financed a poster campaign in Stockholm Sweden (Greta’s hometown)
      “Go to hell Greta.” 😁

  12. Don’t worry about all this shit sweetheart, play with your LEGO and Barbie Dolls, pretty soon you will be taking someone’s fingers up your snatch and you won’t give a fuck about the Environment.!

  13. My idiot(supposedly first daughter) defended her” I see co2” comment but the middle one said “yeah she’s an idiot “ I know who’s going to university!

    Greta is a mentally challenged Mong that needs to get her ass back to school and finish that play-do statue of a poo so she can pass primary school!

  14. One thing to say to the little twat. I am not responsible for what someone else has done, therefore I feel no guilt whatsoever about the industrial revolution, pillaging the pyramids, atomic tests and so on. Concentrate on the problem in hand ie Current CO2 emissions from China, India and USA. Talking shite about what happened x hundred years ago ain’t going to help is it.

  15. I wish this mong would fuck off to the Far East where the real problem lies.
    China has over 1000 coal fired power stations and is building many more for its neighbours.
    It has also poured more concrete between 2015-18 than the USA poured in the whole 20th century. So much so that the weight of China has now moved the North Pole.
    China has one power plant that is over half the size of California.
    Why don’t dick heads like Thunderpants and Insulate Britian fuck off to China and have a pop at them?

  16. Greta Thundercunt says black lives matter but if that were surely true then she would have no problem getting gangfucked and spunked on by a group of double darkies Shes a little vegan racist window licking cunt until she does

  17. She’s always resembled the puppet at the end of Close Encounters to me.

    it’ll all end in her standing on a rock in the Deccan traps, with thousands of wallahs in bedsheets and nappies chanting the five-note sequence.

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