Overprotected GPs (3)

I have a heart condition which requires me to take medication. One of them can cause liver damage and I’m supposed to be tested every 6 months.

I haven’t seen my GP for nearly 2 years, I haven’t been tested. The last contact I had was a phone call, where I reported my blood pressure over the phone using a monitor I bought.

When the fuck are these pantywaists are going to resume normal service?

I’ve told my kids to sue the fuckers if I die of heart related or liver illness.

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Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

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  1. S’pose that if you wanted a bit of gender reassignment or other form of deviant procedure they’d have got you down there in a flash. Took the missus to a flu jab clinic yesterday and looked at the staff car park … nothing under £40k and all within two years old. So they’re still picking up their pay cheques.

  2. Be quicker and easier to arrange a piss up with Lord Lucan on the Moon. Sick to death of the cunts on the doctors reception. Interrogation techniques devised and formulated by Reinhard Heydrich. So long as your just arrived from Afghanistan, no bother at all.

    • Can imagine Greta Thunderbox as a GP receptionist…
      You want an appointment to see a GP? How VERY dare you!

  3. Have just spent 1hr 10 m in a queue-(telephone), to speak to a receptionist at my Gp’s surgery.

    When I finally got through, I asked whether I could have a face to face-to be told that a duty doctor will decide whether I qualify.
    I know some folk are time wasters, however, this new NHS is a fucking disgrace.

  4. I don’t think these doctors get it. It’s US who are supposed to be shit scared not THEM.
    As a matter of interest what are priests and vicars doing about providing spiritual comfort for their flock in these dark times?
    Do they say “i’ll talk to you on the phone cunt”?
    Genuine question. I’m sure Miles knows.

    • It’s certainly ‘dark times’ in Sheffield lately Freddie. I feel like a white spot on a domino in Sheffield city centre.

  5. This is all part of a much bigger problem. GPs aren’t taking loads of time out from seeing patients, reducing their working weeks, playing on the local golf course or watching Loose Women as insinuated by some.

    Some facts. GPs are leaving the profession in droves. The number of patients seeking GP appointments is simply growing in line with the UK population. NHS England ‘demand’ that practices work at least core hours (08:00 to 18:30) 5 days per week. If there aren’t the GPs available then you ain’t gonna be soon immediately. My wife works well outside these core hours (07:30 to 19:30) daily plus she has to deal with paperwork in her spare time.

    NHS England is staffed by papershuffling cunts who are not interested in the abnormal rate that GPs are leaving the profession and few are taking up the posts at a junior level.

    This will lead to payment of a fee to see your GP. This isn’t too far away.

    My wife had an appointment booked with a fuckwit yesterday who battled to see her so she could chase her for her dead hiusbands’ death certificate from the coroner. I asked why the fuckwit didn’t phone the coroner’s office instead and stop wasting GP time. All this and cunt-brained patients is one of the major issues stopping genuine cases like Jeezum seeing their GP.

    • Good Afternoon Paul.

      The government surely know that due to the size of this country’s population plus the lack of resources/manpower, the NHS is unsustainable.

      Yet the likes of the RNLI and Gary Lineker think it’s a wonderful idea to increase the population further by the hundreds of thousands per year via the dinghy brigade.

      It would be mildly funny if it wasn’t so fucking horrific.
      More importantly we don’t want to be racist now do we.


    • Always good to get some inside perspective, Paul. Cheers.

      I think the £25 to see a GP will be necessary and maybe that isn’t such a bad thing. That’s what happened pre-1945 when our population was maybe 10 million fewer.

      It should weed out the spurious GP botherers and even our poorest can usually find this from their mobile phone contracts and Lotto tickets

  6. Probably overwhelmed like all our free public services.
    That and they aren’t arsed if you are alive or dead.

  7. I have Peripheral arterial disease.
    And apparently i’m a heart attack waiting to happen.
    Probably sooner than later because i’ve had no cholesterol or other checks for 2 years.
    The ship is sinking fast under mass over population and an assortment of other problems .

  8. I don’t know about the UK but I have heard that it was pretty shit before the Kung Flu, with a wait of 3 weeks to see a doctor.

    It’s a fucking nightmare in Spain.
    GP’s have not been working since March 2000.

    We are still paying the same fucking tax though.
    They are doing telephone consultations only, with a 3 week backlog in my area.

    Lazy cunts.

  9. It’s my understanding that GP receptionists have no right to ask you about your medical complaint or any personal information related to it, as that would fly in the face of the General Data Protection Regulation, 2018.

    That said, the GP services up here in the Lakes has been second to none, even during lockdown. My wife recently saw her GP F2F on 3 separate occasions over the last 11 months – no fuss, no 3rd degree from receptionist. Just face masks, gloves and hand sanitiser was all that was required.

    Guess we’re lucky!

  10. So we have arrived at the point I predicted:

    Survival of the richest.
    Medical tyranny.
    Medical discrimination based upon ethnicity.


  11. My old dad trained as a Doctor in the 1950s. As a junior he was on call 24 hrs a day seven days a week with one sunday afternoon off every three weeks. No one got tired. He thinks todays GPs are lazy, useless, cunts.

    • My GP growing up in a rural community, was exactly the same-on call 24/7👍

      How I long for the England of my youth😢

    • Sending people, for tests isnt being a doctor. Amazon and AI can do that, which they will putting GPs out of business.

  12. I haven’t been to my GP in donkeys years but the last time I did, the waiting room was crammed full with dirty fucking peacefuls who in typically selfish fashion, took up all the seats and steadfastly refused to give them up for the clearly more frail, infidel patients. It was likely a case of, Papa Peaceful goes there with a boil on his arse and takes the whole extended fucking family, unruly, noisy fucking brats included and all speaking in their grotesque sounding mother tongue of course (maybe one of the family at least was to serve as a translator?)

  13. If you scroll down that BBC link there is another article titled “BAME doctors are more likely to contract the virus.”
    It doesn’t explain why. Presumably yet more white privilege. Well done BBC you cunts.

  14. Not been a doctor’s in years.
    So cant accuse me of wasting valuable time.
    I self medicate with hatred mixed with xenophobia.
    Seems to work?👍

    Some fuckin right sicknotes and hypochondriacs on here.

  15. GP’s may soon find that they can be easily replaced by an Algorythm, and a Tele Tubby appointment as is now happening where I live. Could prove interesting this.

  16. GPs have been hiding away since the start of the pandemic. They are like the 1st World War generals keeping a safe distance while the front line troops – nurses and carers – face the risks and dangers. Lions led by donkeys.

    • General Melchett: Don’t worry my boy, if you should falter, remember that Captain Darling and I are right behind you!

      Captain Blackadder: Yes, about thirty-five miles behind you.

  17. I switched my GP practice last week. The previous practice where I’d been at for decades had become harder to access than Fort Knox!

    Only contactable by phone, and then I’d find myself on hold for fucking ever in a queue of up to 20 other poor sods waiting to get through, totally unacceptable.

    The practice I’m now registered with could not be more different. Like doctors surgeries used to be.

    It’s your right to switch surgery if you want, as long as the surgery you wish to register at will accept you, and they have to have a fucking good reason not to accept you.

    • My Practice was acquired very recently by Octagon. Their investment and accounts show remarkable profits.

  18. Just pretend you’re foreign. There’ll be all over you like a rash. Keep repeating “Me no speak English” and they’ll probably put you up in a hotel and give youa personal nurse, nubile and qualified in “sports massages”.

  19. Have been able to access nurses etc, face to face, no problem. My wife needed A&E a bit back – no problem and they were excellent. But since the pandemic no chance of a GP. It is a fact that they are seeing millions fewer as face to face appointments. But I have yet to see a coherent explanation.

    • Yes, I’ve heard about you ‘ accessing nurses ‘.
      You foul monster.
      I assume you got bail ……..
      Unless they have internet access at the remand centre.
      You’re an absolute shower

  20. This is how it goes at our surgery. I had to contact my GP to tweak my BP meds and liver function tests.

    0800 start calling.
    0830 get through but all appointments gone.
    Ask for telephone consultation, all gone please try again tomorrow or use the app.
    Time now 0900 ish. Get on the app and nothing available please try tomorrow.
    When I do eventually get through the maze and into the place, press buzzer, mask on before entry and wait. Door opens and sit in a room with every fucking window wide open.
    Sat behind the counter in their bullet proof bunker are 7 receptionists making tea and talking periods or whatever?
    Now if these fuckers can’t book you an appointment after 0830 and won’t give out test results or repeat prescriptions, what the actual fuck do they do?
    Because I’m fucked if I know.

    • I asked a receptionist that at the last practice before I moved to a new one because of their appalling service:

      “I can see 9 staff back there, most of whom are just talking to each other while the phones ring. Now I know why it takes 4 fucking hours to get through.”

      It was quicker to walk the mile each way and make the appointment face to face, although they would try to fob you off by saying that you had to ring. One time I stood there and rang them from my mobile.

      And that was before COVID.

      • You were lucky to get through the door.

        At my old practice they locked the door at the time of the first lockdown. Last time I went there they’d installed a cheap intercom adjacent to the door through which a receptionist would advise you to fuck off and phone if you felt the need to waste their precious time any further.

      • I did say it was before the pandemic. My current practice is the same as yours although, to be fair, they are mostly fairly good about answering phones. Seeing a GP is another story.

      • The practice I’ve now switched to is excellent. I have no need to phone because I can walk straight through the door and speak to a receptionist, all of whom (so far) have been polite and helpful.

        I should have switched a year ago – would have saved myself considerable hassle and waste of emotional energy.

  21. As an addendum to my first post:

    I have just received a “text” offering me a telephone appointment in 10 days time.

    Not going to put personal medical information on here-but trust me, I didn’t request a face to face to discuss an insignificant matter.

    The absolute shower of shit👎

  22. Those Zoom appointments with a doctor don’t work very well. Especially when you’re asked to stick your finger up your own arsehole, then realise that he isn’t a doctor and you’re in the wrong meeting….

  23. I had occasion to visit the A&E dept of our local hospital last year. The place was busier than normal. The nurses said it was because the local GP’s wouldn’t see anyone so they took themselves off to A&E. Apparently the doctors in Sheffield, not far away from my home town were seeing people normally. Ridiculous situation.

    • It’s a lie, Bertram, they are not seeing people as normal. I live in Sheffield which is turning into a total toilet, I’m sorry to say.

  24. GP waiting rooms are becoming a meeting place for bennies dossers with imagined ailments, and druggies queuing for their fucking methadone. Cunts.

    No wonder GPs are using their receptionists as human shields. Trouble is, the malingering cunts blocking up the system mean that people who are actually ill have to go to A&E – thereby causing ‘pressures’. I suspect that the Covids is meant to be the final solution.

  25. 7 of the cunts plus 2 trainees at our practice. All of them hiding behind the Waffen SS trained receptionists who wont let you in unless you’re double jabbed, wearing a mask even when exempt, temperature of under 37 and triaged first by phone call which takes about 3 days to grt through. You then get told you cant have a blood test because some cunt didn’t mske enough glass vials. As if they had a lull in demand during Covid. Cunts cunts and more cunts.

  26. I think it depends on the surgery. I had an eye infection last week and was immediately given an appointment to see the GP. Usually it takes a week to see a GP, so I’m wondering if it’s a way of filtering out the hypochondriac cunts.

  27. The NHS is still too busy pulling the ‘COVID’ card. They now like to sit around doing fuck all. That period of clapping and banging pans has gone to their heads. They all have a fucking chip on their shoulder. Heros my arse. Fuck off.

    • They did well with your lobotomy, though. Visit an ED or have a chat with your local ambulance Trust. You’ll learn the dictionary definition of ‘Busy’.

      I could tell you all stories that would make the most ardent cunter, gasp.

      • Evening DCI.
        Uniform stank of piss?
        You turned up like that for work and I was your boss youd get a disciplinary.
        Smarten yourself up lad!!

      • Hows tricks DCI?
        You get much chançe to get away with the missus?
        Or can leave be cancelled due to the situation?
        After months of being busy its gone a bit quiet for me this week.
        Not to bothered,
        The lad who works for me has hurt his back,
        Pulled it or something,
        Was struggling to lift things today, could tell he was hurting!
        Face looked drawn, bit grey.
        Gave him the rest of the week off.

      • Busier than ever, MNC. Sign on, out of the doors, no break, yesterday, shit-loads of very sick children at the moment. Hope your mate’s better, soon. Paracetamol and ibuprofen, heat packs should improve it. If not, may need an MRI. Fingers crossed.

  28. Don’t think leave can be cancelled, but, don’t give them ideas😉 Just the usual family stuff with Mrs DCI. Looking forward to Christmas, off this year.

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