Greta Thunberg (5)

St Greta has been sounding of to her disciples about “climate villains”. And guess what – the biggest climate villain is the UK.

Our Lady of Thunderpants reasons that the Industrial Revolution started in England and therefore the climate crisis also started here – “ Of course, the climate crisis .. more or less it started in the UK since that’s where the industrial revolution started, we started to burn coal there, so of course the UK has an enormous historical responsibility when it comes to historic emissions since the climate crisis is a cumulative crisis”, Thunderpants thundered.

To add to the UK’s enormous mass of cumulative historical guilt, we have made the situation worse by authorising new oil drilling operations in the North Sea. “Hypocrisy”, said the Holy One.

The UK is also guilty of “ creative carbon accounting” by not counting international shipping, air travel, or exported fossil fuels in its emissions reports.

In castigating the UK, St Greta neglected to mention China which accounts for 27% of the World’s greenhouse gasses. Surely China is the biggest climate villain?

Now the Holy One has thundered from on high, Britain’s Industrial Revolution will no longer be regarded as a great achievement but a historical crime. Just like slavery and empire. In Gretaland it would never have happened, and we’d still be running around in bearskins with flint knives.

What more can we expect from the holy prodigy, whom according to her mother, has the psychic gift of being able to see the colourless and invisible gas of carbon dioxide being emitted into the air.

As former Archbishop Roman Williams has said, we are blessed to have her in our midst.

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(Has she checked her white privilege I wonder? – Day Admin)

(We have a separate nom due to go live soon regarding Insulate Britain – the eco protest group. So please keep your comments focused on St Greta. Thanks – Day Admin)

82 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg (5)

  1. Is there no limit to this girl’s stupidity?
    Whilst at university one of my mates showed me one of his essays upon which the professor had written ‘ Unworthy of detailed comment ‘. That sums up her utterances perfectly.

    • I think we are about to see a new Greta.
      Because shes got a boyfriend.
      Thats right, and hes not the Elephant man,
      Looks like a normal young lad.
      She’ll mellow,
      Now shes being slipped a lenth.
      Icebergs wont have quite the same draw.
      Co2 gases arent quite as exciting as being fingered against a wall for a teenage girl.
      You watch!!

      • If he’s normal, isn’t it tantamount to interfering with a Syndrome?
        I’d always assumed that if she got a boyfriend, he’d be a Harvey Price sort of windowlicker.

      • Pity the poor boyfriend then.
        If he doesn’t do the right thing, say the right thing, eat the right thing, finger her the right way, take up the arse the right way then she’ll scream “how very dare you!”

        Imagine if she gets pregnant and ends up having a couple of kids just like her! No doubt they will follow in her footsteps as being spoilt little brats telling the western world how to live while they enjoy the high life from their ivory fucking towers!

      • In the old days of psychiatry, hysterical women were given orgasms by the doctors. Look it up. That’s how Freud got started with his theories of sexual repression, etc.

        Yeah, wee Greta needs to take a chill pill via the old baby-maker.

        It’s her parents who deserve a cunting. Those two demented Daleks are the ones who brainwashed their fragile wee girl into becoming a shrieking, hypocritical ecology ‘expert’ spaz.

      • Reminds me MNC, I haven’t fingered a teenage girl against a wall for fifty years. I might go out and see if I can find one this afternoon.

      • All allegedly and future guesswork:

        She’ll seduce him one night and the very next day, the lad will get a knock on the door from the rozzers and he’ll be arrested for rape while crying, ‘”B.b.bbut she led me to her bedroom, undressed herself and then me and said ‘come and get it big boy, I need your cock!'”


        She craves attention remember?

        You watch!

  2. Monstrous gobshite though she undoubtedly is, there is something quite alluring about her cheeky little face. I’m sure once she learns what her mouth is for, I doubt if we will here from her again until she breaks into the world of ‘adult entertainment’.

  3. She’s correct, I’m fucking incandescent and actually causing global warming reading this shit. Fuck off you mong.

  4. I looked up idiot in the dictionary, it had a picture of Greta next to it.
    Perhaps if she kept her gob shut there’d be significantly less harmful gases released into the atmosphere.

  5. Like Uncle Joe (who i’m sure would love to sniff her hair) just a mouthpiece for the cunts pulling the strings. There’s something very sinister and creepy about the pair of them.

  6. When the grandkids watch The Moon and Me, the clown Colly Wobble reminds me of this arrogant bitch. Take a look if you don’t know what I am on about.

  7. She is just a Soros puppet with möngölism, nothing to see here, “we accept her gooble gabba”

  8. I accept that she is right, she is our saviour.

    All hail Greta, preferably the one the size of golf balls.

    Not sure what she thinks her ranting will achieve, most western governments are already moving to reduce CO2 (the UK are aiming to have the biggest cock in the yard).

    Like most things, the media decide who will be heard and Greta is a perfect media sap, but most of the great unwashed are more interested in old plastic tits and Harvey or who is on love island.

  9. Aren’t we all going to be wiped off the planet in 10 years? Great, bring it on, no more Greta Mongberg.

  10. So she should return to living in a cave.
    She’d have to shout very loudly indeed from there for anyone to hear her ravings.
    Especially after the entrance was dynamited.

  11. Admin:

    Vegan meat products, St Gwetta of Mongberg. What next? Marcus Rashthoughts thoughts on racism.

    A veritable smorgasbord of cunts.

    • That Rashcunt advert.

      “Who can say ‘wagwan’?” (not the ‘stupid racist white boy in the advert, it seems).

      I’ll answer that properly. If you use ‘words’ like wagwan, then you belong in some fucking yardie gang in Kingston, Jamaica.

      It shouldn’t even be heard in this country, you fucking cunt. So that’s who can say wagwan.

      I got thinking about Rashcunt’s angle. He makes money off this shit (he admits this).

      Also, a lucrative ‘career’ after his playing career is over are the ‘government advisory’ positions you see on places like Tony Blair’s Global Change or whatever it’s called website.

      7 figure salaries/jobs for the boys.

      Don’t be surprised to see the cunt in one of these roles when he finishes playing.

      In it for himself, like all the other modern day do gooding cunts.

      • The veil slipped recently: a post on his twitter feed had to be hastily edited, as it revealed the musings were actually from the Sports/media agency, Jay-Z owns. The stupid fuckers forgot to log in with Rash-thoughts profile picture 😂😂😂
        It is on a podcast from the “Lotus Eaters”👍

  12. So she can see invisible gas being emitted? I suggest she takes a visit to the House of Lords to see lots of invisible gas being emitted by its members. Both ends, of course.

    Thunderpants is merely the next in an endless line of giant con artistes for the gullible of the 21st century whose daily cerebral intake needs to be served to them off a plastic spoon. We had Blair in the 90s/00s and look where that ended up.

    I predict this tedious, whining goblin will be a multi millionaire (with a portfolio of uninsulated houses in London) by the time she is 20.

    • Already is a millionaire.
      Her folks remind me of a grotesque version of those parents that force their offspring to dress up and perform like a dancing duck, at pageant’s.

      Gwetta is the “Elephant man” for the 21st century.

      Gwetta Merrick.

      To plagiarise that Jeff Goldblum film:

      “Take a good luck,
      Prepare for the worse
      The mongiest cunt
      In the universe”

      • She’s a phoney as are most of the shrieking eco-warriors. There’s was actually a legit Scandinavian ‘deep-ecology’ old geezer in Finland, named Pentti Linkola was died in 2020.

        He talked the talk and walk the walk regarding looking after our world. But Greta zooms around the Earth in a jet, drives a car, uses plastic and probably burns tyres in her back garden when we aren’t looking, like this classic ahead-of-its-time Fast Show sketch…

        (2 minutes)

  13. Admin is right – is she aware of her own white privilege? She’s a millionaire by all accounts, and is the media darling, and all the celebs want to be associated with her so that they can all have a mass ogy of virtue signalling, and telling the western world that WE (not them) must change our ways in order to save the children of the future.

    All very well when you have money and influence, but when you’re on or near the poverty line and told you must change your ways further and make additional sacrifices, then that’s quite a different story.

    She is like Migrain – hasn’t really accomplished anything in her life other than to virtue signal and dictate to others. She is the spokeswoman of the Gen Zs, and as a consequence they will be suckered into believing whatever bullshiit slides out of her arsehole, not realising that they too must change their ways and go without, unless you’re rich of course!

    How very dare you! Now go have a 4 way gang-bang and fuck off!

  14. LOL … Hey Greta … I have a Triumph Thunderbird that I have named Greta in your honour. It a beauty … it’s 1600cc with a big bore conversion (taking it to 1700cc) and a supercharger. Makes loadsa noise n loadsa power … proper fuckin’ planet burner. I love the way the neighbour’s hate it! … but Greta it’s all done for you my li’l angel. Cunt!

  15. How cute she kooks in that picture…where is she now I wonder…I feel…I feel the need and go and serenade her…oh Greta…

    ‘If you were the only girl in the world
    And I were the only boy
    Nothing else would matter in the world today
    We would go on lovin’ in the same old way
    A Garden of Eden just made for two…

    ‘If you were the only girl in the world
    And I were the only boy’

    • Miles, that song, coupled with your avatar and the mental image of you serenading poor Greta is actually making me feel scared for her!

      Actually I’ve just remembered I don’t care about her.

  16. Google “Greta Thunburg without script”. That’s all I needed to know about that bovine-faced idiot.

  17. I wonder who her boyfriend is? Cliff Richard, Peter Mandelson, Lord Adonis and his potential child bride to follow up his “Lavender marriage”?, or perhaps Russell-Moyle or Chris Bryant are thinking of going straight?

    • Probably our PM, Boris Thunderbird, is slipping her a length. He’s gone more green than Greta.

  18. She’s now way into her career as a professional eco-warrior, you know the drill; film, book and lecture circuit, jet-setting around around the world whinging ‘the vorld is on fi-urr’ to any cunt daft enough to listen, and making a nice few bob in the process.
    She needs to get a slap around the head, a shag and a proper job, and to stop annoying the rest of us with her sanctimonious finger-wagging.

    Good morning one and all.

  19. She’s just a puppet, your anger should be towards her ‘Enablers’, follow the money.
    The crazy lefties think they are going to do a world reset on their terms but I assure you it’s no going to be a reset they counted on, there will hand wringing and gnashing of teeth. All this shit I predicted 30 years ago and other stuff, got most of it right.
    It’s like watching a fixed race, I know the general outcome but the participants don’t know its rigged. Greta doesn’t know better, poet I am 😉

  20. I fucking hate this smug entitled know nothing little cunt.

    Who the fuck does she think she is? Telling world leaders that they’re not doing enough. Despite the fucking ridiculous shit they’re going to be forcing on us (new boilers, leccy cars paying more for less power in the home, under the guise of these fucking companies doing us a favour, the cheeky cunts!). The net zero shit. The changes to farming that will be brought in. All expensive and all will do fuck all. Except make most of us skint. Even if man does have the main impact on ‘climate change’ (and that is far from being certain), China and India fuck things up to the point that what everyone else does, doesn’t matter.

    She wants the west to stop relying on cheap labour in China and India. Well, fuzzy tits, are you going to feed billions of the cunts when they start starving to death when you close down all the factories? Guess what? It’s up to the Indians and Chinese billionaires/leaders to pay their slaves properly. Not us. And they won’t have profits reduced by some gobby mong from Sweden.

    Maybe she can pay some of it? She’s worth over a million by conservative estimates. More realistic estimates have her worth around £10 million.

    This is why, love him or hate him, Trump is missed. He pretty much told her to go fuck herself. Blanked her and called her an angry little girl who needs to start enjoying life.

    No, this cunt is an Aspergery type who’s stuck on one issue. She also craves attention. I wonder what she’d do with Twitter for a week? This shite she’s doing gives her loads of attention and cash, so she’ll never stop and nothing will ever be enough

    And just who the fuck is she to say what is or isn’t ‘enough’ anyway?

    Fuck her. And why doesn’t any shit bag leader have the balls to say this to her?


    Cunt of the year for me. Sick of the cunt.

  21. So is the silly cow suggesting that the temperature must be kept constant at the level it was when Watt got his steam engine going?
    I can’t believe how many people buy into this shit.

  22. As her section order has expired, we will have to tolerate this irritating oik for a while longer.

    I do note however that she makes no mention of the global contaminations caused by Volcanoes pumping shite into our atmosphere.

    She needs a good fucking with the rough end of the rag mans trumpet !

  23. The irritating little mong is just a spunk trumpet for her Marxist old man and the rest of these cunts who are of the same ilk such as Roger Hallam the king of road blockers around London.
    None of them give a fuck about their fellow human beings , they just want to create chaos. Go to China or Russia and demonstrate , go on i dare you.

  24. Saint Greta? Of course, everything she says is scripted. She is the most famous TV puppet since Basil Brush. Only difference was Basil was more smart and entertaining.

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