Cunt of the Year 2021

Yes fellow cunters it’s that time of the year again when we get to nominate our favourite cunts for the prestigious award of ‘Cunt of the Year’

This year’s categories are :

* British cunt
* Foreign cunt
* Political cunt
* Sporty cunt
* Corporate cunt
* Covid cunt
* Luvvie cunt

Nominations will be open until the end of November when voting will then commence with the results revealed as usual on the stroke of New Year.

It would help us correlate the voting if you could please nominate your chosen cunts in the same order as the list above.

Fill yer boots!

73 thoughts on “Cunt of the Year 2021

  1. British Cunt Prince Andrew
    Foreign Cunt Marcon
    Political Cunt Biden
    Sporty Cunt Hamilton
    Corporate Cunt O’Leary
    COVID Cunt being forced into having a jab. Being forced is a Cunt.
    Luvvie Cunt Baldwin

    • May I respectfully interject to suggest a new category?. How about Traitorous Cunt Of The Year, for which I would like to nominate

      The Royal National Lifeboat Institution for providing a water taxi service to escort the great unwashed “economic migrants” to the Kent Coast, ensuring that the dirty cunts deplete our housing stock, NHS, Benefits services, and, in all probability, importing even more Covid cases and potential suicide bombers and radical arseholes.

      They should be like our beloved Horatio Nelson, and when they see a rubber boatload of this shit, turn a blind eye.

      Other options are available – Adonis, Starmer, Blair, Cooper and Balls for undermining Brexit

      NIcola Sturgeon for attempting to break up the British Isles

      Sadiq Khan for turning LOndon into a BAME paradise and for being a dirty little cunt

      but RNLI gets my vote

  2. * British cunt………Ponce Andrew
    * Foreign cunt…….Xi Jinping
    * Political cunt.,,,,..Nicola Sturgeon
    * Sporty cunt………Marcus Rashford
    * Corporate cunt…Mark Zuckerberg
    * Covid cunt……….Anthony Fauci
    * Luvvie cunt………Emma Thompson

  3. Br…Harry Half-Wit
    Corp…Premiership Football
    Covid…Matt Hancock
    Luvv….Dame Elton.

  4. British Cunt: Andrew Gladys Adonis
    Foreign Cunt: Emmanuel Napoleon Macron
    Politician: Dame Keir Starmer
    Sport: Lewis Crybaby Hamilton
    Corporate: The Race Industry
    Covid: Neil Ferguson
    Luvvie: Pompous Patrick Stewart

  5. British cunt – Prince Hairy
    Foreign cunt – Jacinda Ardern
    Political cunt – Boris the Cunt
    Sporty cunt – any wimminz footballer
    Corporate cunt – O’Leary
    Covid cunt – Mark Drakeford
    Luvvie cunt – Dame Elton

  6. Brit Cunt…..Dame Cressida Strapon
    Foreign Cunt …..Uncle Joe Biden
    Political Cunt……Jellyfish Johnson
    Sports Cunt….Gareth Wokegate
    Corp Cunt….The BBC
    Covid Cunt…..Matthew Hancock
    Luvvie Cunt…..that gay fucker with the big nashers, does the car adverts, can’t remember his fucking name. It’s early.

  7. British cunt – Harry Sussex
    Foreign cunt – Emmanuel Macron
    Political cunt – Nicola Sturgeon
    Sporty cunt – Lewis Hamilton
    Corporate cunt – BBC
    Covid cunt – Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
    Luvvie cunt – David Attenborough

  8. British Cunt – Boris Johnson
    Foreign Cunt – Klaus Schwab
    Political Cunt – Joe Biden
    Sporty Cunt – Gareth Southgate
    Corporate Cunt – Sky
    Covid Cunt – Experimental vaccine blackmail
    Luvvie Cunt – Gary Lineker

  9. British cunt – James O’Shithead
    Foreign cunt – Sadiq Khan
    Political cunt – Boris fucking Johnson
    Sporty cunt – Hamilton
    Corporate cunt -BBC
    Covid cunt – Matt Hancock
    Luvvie cunt – Fat Reg

  10. British Cunt – Prince Andrew
    Foreign Cunt – Granny Shagger Macron
    Political Cunt – Senile Old Jo Biden
    Sporty Cunt – St. Marcus of Rashford
    Corporate Cunt – BLM
    Covid Cunt – The Chinese Government
    Luvvie Cunt – Megain Sparkletits

  11. British. Harry Markle
    Foreign. Macron
    Political. Biden
    Sport. Gary Lineker
    Corporate. BBC
    Covid. Dr Hillary Jones.
    Luvvie. Steve Coogan

  12. British Cunt – Boris Johnson

    Foreign Cunt – Greta Thunberg

    Political Cunt – Biden

    Sport Cunt – Wokegate

    Corporate Cunt – National Trust

    COVID Cunt – Matthew Hancock.

    Luvvie Cunt – St Lineker

  13. * British cunt: Gary Linneker
    * Foreign cunt: Meghan
    * Political cunt: Sad Dick Khant
    * Sporty cunt: Gareth Southgate
    * Corporate cunt: BBC
    * Luvvie cunt: Katie Price

  14. * British cunt: Harry Sussex
    * Foreign cunt – Meghan Markle
    * Political cunt – Humza Yousaf
    * Sporty cunt – Gareth Southgate
    * Corporate cunt – BBC
    * Covid cunt – Jacinda Adern
    * Luvvie cunt – Alec Baldwin

  15. BC – Chris Packham
    FC – George Soros
    PC – Boris Johnson
    SC – Lauran Hubbard
    CC – HSBC
    Cov C – Sir Patrick Vallance
    LC – Rylan Clark – Neal

    • Britcunt- Boris Johnson
      Foreign cunt- Macron
      Politico- Boris Johnson
      Sports cunt- Mucus Rashford
      Corporate- British Gas
      Covid cunt- Matt Hancock
      Luvvie- Alec bullet Baldwin

  16. British cunt Harry the Halfwit
    Foreign cunt Joe Biden
    Political cunt Boris Johnson
    Sporty cunt Gary Lineker
    Corporate cunt BBC
    Covid cunt Patrick Vallance
    Luvvie cunt Meghan Markle

  17. British cunt
    Boris johnson

    Foreign cunt
    Sadiq Khan

    Political cunt
    Greta Thunberg

    Sporty cunt
    Gareth Southgate

    Corporate cunt
    Insulate Britain

    Covid cunt
    Anthiny Fauci

    Luvvie cunt
    Meghan Markle

  18. British Cunt – Matt Hancock
    Foreign Cunt – Joe Biden
    Political Cunt – Matt Hancock
    Sporty Cunt – Newcastle United fans (both for their treatment of Bruce and their disgraceful behaviour surrounding the takeover)
    Corporate Cunt – the NHS (for their relentless bleating on about being ‘overwhelmed’ despite wasting a fuckton in resources)
    Covid Cunt – all vaccine passport/mandate advocates. Who should be jailed for trying to infringe on the medical rights of others.
    Luvvie Cunt – Meghan Markle

      • Do it in three separate posts over several days and they’ll never notice. Or use three different handles.
        I never bothered to check when I was running the site because I had better things to waste my time on.
        Of course, I’ve tipped them off now. Sorry.

        (please don’t ban me Admin pretty please. I was only kidding

  19. Home Islands cunt: Blair, ALWAYS Blair!
    Foreign cunt: Grendel Thunderberk.
    Political cunt: Suqdick khunt.
    Sporty cunt : Lewis Hamilton.
    Corporate cunt: Ursula Von Der Leyen.
    Covid cunt: Xi Jinping.
    Luvvie cunt: Fat Reg.

    May I suggest for consideration by the hallowed Admins,
    Commonwealth cunt: Jacinda Ardern. (Not as bad as Rob Mugabe, but getting there).

  20. * British cunt – The media
    * Foreign cunt – The media
    * Political cunt – Nicola Sturgeon
    * Sporty cunt – Gary Lineker
    * Corporate cunt – Coca Cola
    * Covid cunt – Fauci
    * Luvvie cunt – Stephen Fry

  21. British. P.Andrew.
    Foreign. Ardern.
    Political. Bojo.
    Sport. Tom Daley
    Corporate. BBC.
    Covid. Hancock.
    Luvvie. Claudia Winkelcunt

  22. We are truly spoiled for choice, dozens could easily be nominated in each category, but this is my take on the premier-league-jewel-encrusted cunts:
    British cunt – Harry Halfwit Sussex
    Foreign cunt – Megain Sparkletits
    Political cunt – Dame Kier ‘take a knee’ Charmer
    Sporting cunt – Lewis Hamilton
    Corporate cunt – the BB-fucking-C
    Covid cunt – Matt Hancock
    Luvvie cunt – Steve Coogan

  23. * British cunt………Prince Harry
    * Foreign cunt…….Emmanuel Macron
    * Political cunt……Boris fucking Johnson
    * Sporty cunt……..Lewis Hamilton
    * Corporate cunt…Elon Musk
    * Covid cunt……….Chris Whittey
    * Luvvie cunt………David Attenborough

  24. British cunt………Tony Blair
    Foreign cunt…….Hair Sniffin’ Joe Biden
    Political cunt…….Boris Johnson
    Sporty cunt………Harry Maguire
    Corporate cunt….Bill Gates
    Covid cunt……….Anthony Fauci
    Luvvie cunt……..Steve Coogan

  25. * British cunt Ashley Banjo
    * Foreign cunt Emmanuel Macron
    * Political cunt Priti Patel
    * Sporty cunt Lewis Hamilton
    * Corporate cunt Steve Bezos
    * Covid cunt Matt Hancock
    * Luvvie Meghan Markle

  26. * British cunt – Boris Johnson
    * Foreign cunt – senile old biddy Biden
    * Political cunt – Boris Johnson
    * Sporty cunt – Cunthony Joshua
    * Corporate cunt – BLM Global Network Foundation
    * Covid cunt – Mainstream Media shit-stirrers
    * Luvvie cunt – Fat Reg

  27. British Cunt: Angela Raynor
    Foreign Cunt: Megain Markle
    Political Cunt: Priti Fat Cow Patel
    Sporty Cunt: Marcus Rashford
    Corporate Cunt: Mark Zuckerberg
    Covid Cunt: Boris Johnson
    Luvvie Cunt: Steve ‘Guys ‘N’ Gals’ Coogan

  28. * British cunt Gary Lineker
    * Foreign cunt Greta Thunberg
    * Political cunt Sadiq Khan
    * Sporty cunt Marcus Rashford
    * Corporate cunt The BBC
    * Covid cunt Piers Corbyn
    * Luvvie cunt David Attenborough

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