Cunt of the Year 2021

Yes fellow cunters it’s that time of the year again when we get to nominate our favourite cunts for the prestigious award of ‘Cunt of the Year’

This year’s categories are :

* British cunt
* Foreign cunt
* Political cunt
* Sporty cunt
* Corporate cunt
* Covid cunt
* Luvvie cunt

Nominations will be open until the end of November when voting will then commence with the results revealed as usual on the stroke of New Year.

It would help us correlate the voting if you could please nominate your chosen cunts in the same order as the list above.

Fill yer boots!

73 thoughts on “Cunt of the Year 2021

  1. * British cunt – Tony Blair
    * Foreign cunt – Gina Miller
    * Political cunt – Tony Blair
    * Sporty cunt – Hamilton Rashford Mega Cunthybrid
    * Corporate cunt – GEORGE SOROS
    * Covid cunt – Xing Pi my pants
    * Luvvie cunt – That Cunt on Supermarket Sweep Ryan Cunt Clark Jones

  2. * British cunt: Nikki sturgeon
    * Foreign cunt: Emmanuel macron
    * Political cunt: Angela raynor
    * Sporty cunt: Gaz lineker
    * Corporate cunt: BLM
    *covid cunt: fuck face(Neil) Ferguson
    * Luvvie cunt: Meghan marble

  3. British Harry Halfwit
    Foreign Meagain
    Political Boris Johnson
    Sporty Marcus Rashford
    Corporate BBC
    Covid Dominic Cummings
    Luvvie Dame Elton

  4. British : Harry
    Foreign : Greta
    Political : Boris
    Sporty : Southgate short nose to Hamilton
    Corporate : BBC
    Covid : Adern
    Luvvie : David Attenborough

  5. * British cunt – Nicola Sturgeon because calling her British will really boil her piss.
    * Foreign cunt – Sleepy Joe Biden
    * Political cunt – Sturgeon again
    * Sporty cunt – anyone who plays darts, snooker or golf. If you can smoke or drink while you’re doing it, it’s not a sport.
    * Corporate cunt – Branson
    * Covid cunt – Ah hell, Sturgeon again for using covid as an excuse to have a daily party political broadcast telling us how wonderful she is.
    * Luvvie cunt – Brian Cox (the actor one) who keeps banging on about how Scotland should be independent and isn’t Nicola wonderful etc etc. Does he live here? Does he fuck, he’s happily ensconced away in America and has no intention of ever returning – too cold and wet apparently.

  6. British Cressida Dyke
    Foreign Biden
    Political Boris Johnson
    Sport Lewis Hamilcunt
    Corporate BBC
    Covid Fauci
    Luvvie Baldwin

  7. * British cunt: Pwince Andwoo
    * Foreign cunt: Emmanuelle Micropénis
    * Political cunt: Femi Oluwole
    * Sporty cunt: Laurel Hubbard (New Zealand trans “woman” weightlifter) or Alana McLaughlin (trans “woman” martial arts fighter who beat up its female competitor in Florida)
    * Corporate cunt: John Lewis Partnership
    * Covid cunt: James O’Shithead
    * Luvvie cunt: MeAgain Sparkletits

    • Correction:

      Political cunt: Boris Johnson

      Not that it makes any difference, cos he’ll win in that category by a cuntry mile anyway.

  8. * British cunt = Andy Windsor (formerly known as Prince)
    * Foreign cunt = Esmeralda Macaroon (little nappy wearing Napoleon)
    * Political cunt = Owen ‘smug faced cunt’ Jones
    * Sporty cunt = Andy ‘stinky’ Murraycunt (vacant expression)
    * Corporate cunt = British Bollocks Corporation (BBC)
    * Covid cunt = Wee Jimmy Krankie (Sturgeoncunt)
    * Luvvie cunt = Megain Marklecunt

  9. Brit, Harry the fuckmonkey cunt
    Foreign, Megain Mangle, gold digging ho
    Political, queer Charmer arse bandit
    Sport, Hammlecunt, treble cunt
    Corp, BLM, cunts
    Covid, Dominic Cummins, ubacunt
    Luvvies, Lilly the mong, shut the fuck up cunt

  10. It’s going to be a difficult choice with such a bumper crop of prime cunts to choose from it may be a good thing to present Participants Awards so none of the nomination’s think they’ve been out cunted.

    British Cunt – Harry Mountbatten-Windsor
    Foreign Cunt – Rachel Meghan Markle
    Political Cunt- Nicola Sturgeon
    Sporty Cunt – Lewis Hamilton
    Corporate Cunt – The BBC
    Covid Cunt – Dominic Cummings
    Luvvie Cunt – Sir Cliff ‘colostomy bag’ Richards

    If you are having a Cunt of Cunts award, the second one on the list will be an outright winner!

  11. British, Harry Halfwit Halfblood.
    Foreign. Macron.
    Political. Boris.
    Sporty. Hamilton.
    Corporate. BB fucking C.
    COVID. Their NHS.
    Luvvie. Patrick Stewart.

  12. British Cunt – Andrew Mountbatten-Windsor
    Foreign Cunt – Joe Biden
    Political Cunt – Diane Abbott
    Sporty Cunt – Lewis Hamilton
    Corporate Cunt – BBC
    COVID Cunt – Dominic Cummings
    Luvvie Cunt – Owen Jones

  13. * British cunt: Gary Liniker
    * Foreign cunt: Meghan Markle
    * Political cunt: Dianne Abbott
    * Sporty cunt: Lewis Hamilton
    * Corporate cunt: BBC
    * Covid cunt: James O’Brien, LBC radio.
    * Luvvie cunt: James Corden

  14. British cunt – Boris Johnson
    Foreign cunt – Xi Jinping
    Political cunt – Matt Hancock
    Sporty cunt – Tom Daley
    Corporate cunt – Mark Zuckerberg
    Covid cunt – Anthony Fauci
    Luvvie cunt – JJ Abrams

  15. * British cunt Hamilton
    * Foreign cunt – Macron
    * Political cunt – Webbe
    * Sporty cunt – Rashford
    * Corporate cunt – John Lewis
    * Covid cunt – All the denying cunts
    * Luvvie cunt – Chris Martin

  16. British: Harry Hewitt-Markle

    Foreign: Meghan Whatshername

    Political: Angela ‘Vicky Pollard’ Rayner

    Sporty: Jurgen Klopp

    Corporate: The Savilites (the so-called BBC)

    Covid: That professor cunt who couldn’t predict Saturday on a Friday. Ferguson?

    Luvvie: Nash Kumar

  17. * British cunt Hamilton
    * Foreign cunt – Macron/Ardern
    * Political cunt – Webbe/Rayner
    * Sporty cunt – Rashford
    * Corporate cunt – The EU
    * Covid cunt – All the cunts who, on their deat-bed, said ‘I wish I’d had the inoculation’!
    * Luvvie cunt – Emma Thompson/Reg Dwight

  18. British cunt Cressida ‘Sadick Khan’t
    Foreign cunt Sadiq Trudeau
    Political cunt Sadiq meJohnson, Mrs.
    Sporty cunt Sadiq Linekuntt.t
    Corporate cunt Sadiq Zuckerballs
    Covid cunt Sadiq Faucit
    Luvvie cunt Sadiq Cumberblubber

  19. British Cunt – Cressida Dickless
    Foreign Cunt – Greta Thunderbollocks
    Political Cunt – Joe “Puppet on a string” Biden
    Sporty Cunt – Marcus Trashford
    Corporate Cunt – Twitter
    Covid Cunt – The Dinks
    Luvvie Cunt – Migraine Sparkletits

  20. British cunt Cressida Waste of Space Dick
    * Foreign cunt Meagain Markle-Hewitt
    * Political cunt Ms Johnson (Princess Nut Nut) the CUNT behind the throne
    * Sporty cunt Rashford
    * Corporate cunt John Lewis
    * Covid cunt Neil Ferguson (Professor of Flabbot Statistics)
    * Luvvie cunt Meagain Markle-Hewitt

  21. British Blair always unbearable for ruining my country
    Foreign Markle pointless piece of lying shit
    Political Claudia webbe. Everything that is wrong with politics and a nasty cunt
    Sporty Rashford Crap penalty taker thick as shit
    Corporate no contest bbc I rejoice not having a licence
    COVID Hancock just a lying wanker
    Luvvie Schofield another lying talentless bad example

    Don’t know if my ultimate is still Blair of course it is

  22. MINE
    * British cunt : Harry Hewitt
    * Foreign cunt : Megain Maekel
    * Political cunt : Geoffrey Cox
    * Sporty cunt : Marcus Rushford
    * Corporate cunt : BBC
    * Covid cunt : Unvaccinated care workers
    * Luvvie cunt : Elton John

    MRS D
    * British cunt : Andrew
    * Foreign cunt : Macron
    * Political cunt : Angela Rayner
    * Sporty cunt : Emma Radacanu
    * Corporate cunt : Insulate Britain
    * Covid cunt : Dildo Harding
    * Luvvie cunt : Emma Thomson

  23. So many cunts, so little time…

    Brit; David ‘Hannibal’ Fuller
    Foreign; Meagain Markle
    Political; Emmanuel Microbe
    Sport; Lewis Hamilton
    Corp; BB fucking C
    Covid; Nicola Scurgeon
    Luvvy; Miriam Gargoyle’ Margolyes

    The wife;
    Brit; Harry Halfwit
    Foreign; Meagain Markle
    Political; Joe Biden
    Sport; Lewis Hamilton
    Corp; BLM
    Covid; Nicola Scurgeon
    Luvvy; Emma Thompson

    Mentioned in despatches;
    Woman of the Year; Laurel Hubbard
    Fat Cunt of the Year; James Corden
    Wank of the Year; Julia Hartley-Brewer

    • Correction;
      Apologies Admin.
      I just realised that I typed my own ‘Sports’ choice again in error for the wife. Should have read Gary Lineker as the wife’s choice.

  24. British: Wayne Couzens
    Foreign: Greta Gargoyle
    Political: Bikeshed Ange
    Sporty: St Marcus
    Corporate: Birkenhead Brick Company (copyright Eric Morecambe)
    Covid: Shergar Ardern
    Luvvie: Me-me-me-me Sparkletits

  25. British: Lewis Hamilton (for every atom of his sanctimonious existence)
    Foreign: Azeem Rafiq (Parking Stanley born Yorks cricketer for services to hypocrisy)
    Political: Kamala Harris (for pulling the strings of senile Joe Biden)
    Sport: Gareth Southgate (for costing England the Euro final)
    Corporate: BBC (nuff said)
    Covid: Piers Corbyn (anti-vaxxer seemingly duped in fake £10K sting to lay off AZ)
    Luvvie: Chris Chibnall (for turning kids TV show Dr Who into an orgy of wokeism)

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