Whitey No Longer Existing

According to a Wikipedia article (well it clearly must be true – DA) and academia in general, white people (or the Caucasian race) is an obsolete classification of race.

Therefore, us whiteys do not exist as white people. I find this somewhat dehumanising, but that doesn’t matter. I’m white, so it’s ok for everyone to claim such things.

However, if this is the case, then surely such things as ‘white privilege’ do not exist? Next time some employer wants to send you on a ‘be less white’ course, tell them that ‘being white’ has been debunked by academia recently, so you’re not going.

It seems whitey exists when it suits them (to bash and racially abuse us to the point of dehumanisation now)? They can’t genocide you if you don’t exist either.

Dangerous stuff. Now this sort of thing really is ‘hateful.’

Not sure if I’m overreacting here, but this seems dodgy ground to me.


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Here we fucking go again.

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”NZ to stop calling soccer team the All Whites over fears it’s RACIST”

The reason they are called the All Whites is to distinguish them from the All Blacks. And of course their kit is white (Is that allowed?)

But hang on if the All Whites is racist. How come the All Blacks isn’t? And, like the rugby team, the soccer team is open to all races. So what the fuck is the logic?
There is a NZ Maori rugby team. Why isn’t that racist?
There is also the Azurri, Italian blues. Isn’t that racist against Smurfs? I know that no Smurf has ever been picked for Italy.
Then there are those Dutch cunts. Clockwork Orange. Yet David Dickinson nor any of the slappers of the various window licking reality tv shows have been selected.
And don’t get me started on those ‘Red’ elitists.

These cunts are going to disappear up their own, woke, arses.

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  1. White people will be a minority in the country given time. I was watching 24 hours in A&E this morning, there was a youngish looking moose limb on, his sprog had been run over. He gladly told the viewers he’d already got 5 kids, wifey still looked a a breeding age. The sprog was on the way back from the mosque after lessons on how to pray etc. They breed and teach that fucking book to their offspring, what hope is there?

    • None. We have been sold down the river by a generation of politicians and post-modernist theorists that are beneath contempt.

      There is only hope if ordinary people push back against this shite.

      As Orwell said, “the only hope lies in the Proles”.

      Unfortunately, we know how that ended.

      Sorry for sounding so pessimistic. Its how I feel sometimes. Hopefully, I’m wrong.

      • Well your vote is meaningless when cast so a greater effect would be had from a mass withdrawal from the franchise. A Mass refusal to vote gives them no sanction to wave in our faces. That would really shit ’em up and demonstrate that we’re on to them, game’s up.

    • Does anyone ever watch “The Sheriffs” and other collections programmes? I’m sad enough to live in Italy and still find the time to watch it. Except for that I don’t watch it anymore because it was wall to wall Bradford/Hudds groomers/smack dealers.

      They’d have a second hand car shop as a front and would always have collectors going round for debts/scam penalties. As soon as anyone turned up a whole gangs would be out kicking off. Fucking awful.

      Begs the question though, who the fuck would buy a car from one of their “dealerships”?

    • I watched a report on the TV about housing the Afghan invasion, ‘it’s challenging because there are large families and they need big houses’
      These multi bedroom houses are probably only available in nice posh areas and are privately owned so the rents will be high, all paid by ‘the taxpayer’

      Anyone got a five or six bedroom detached house available for a family from Afghanistan, Granny, Grandad, Parents and seven kids 😂

  2. Was reading The Bank of England has had a “Diversity Officer” (or some similar kind of absolute cunt) review all the paintings and sculptures in wherever the fuck they are kept. Some of them have been found to have “links to the slave trade” (yes, in the 1770’s) and have therefore been “removed” as they are part of an “unacceptable history”.

    A weird concept of history, deciding which part of it is “acceptable” or not and then deciding to erase, maintain or re-write it based on that. This is going to get worse, I think…


  3. What these fuck nuggets fail to realise, or choose to conveniently ignore, is that Western civilisation – the culture that the vast majority of the Earth’s people aspire to – is 99% the result of the white man’s endeavors. These cunts can try to culturally obliterate whitey, but without white males in particular, mankind would still be chucking spears at antelopes.

  4. Categories

    White = Human
    Slitty Eyes = sub human
    Black = Ape like creature
    Muslims = Stone Age tribe

  5. A good nom.

    White people in western Europe and the US of A are on course to become the 4 x 2’s of 30s Germany.

    I would say right on schedule or maybe even ahead of schedule, such is the brainwashing propaganda we’re currently witnessing.

    Are whites the only race of people in history to willingly commit cultural and ethnic suicide?
    And for what? A fucking guilt trip??

    Get fucked

  6. This shit has been going on in U.S sports for a while now, even more so since Chiggun George snuffed it. The Washington Redskins are now the uninspiring sounding Washington Football Club while the Cleveland Indians baseball team are being rebranded as the Guardians. Do any native Americans really care or more likely fake outrage from pants shitting liberal wankers in Hollywood and the East Coast who don’t even watch the NFL or NBL.

    • Interesting article – thanks for posting.

      The author concludes that most people’s with evolutionary adapted skin colour have since migrated to climates where their skin colour is no longer appropriate for that solar regime – it’s either too dark (no health problems in that) or insufficiently dark (Ie; Caucasians in Australia) which is dangerous (as the high incidence of skin cancer in Australia suggests).

      However, the biggest danger he says is a social one – primarily for dark-keys in Caucasian countries where their skin colour causes issues of social segregation and bias.

      What a dilemma? But there’s an easy answer staring the authors in their faces – one they dare not mention.

      • “The author concludes that most people’s with evolutionary adapted skin colour have since migrated to climates where their skin colour is no longer appropriate for that solar regime – ”


        “it’s either too dark (no health problems in that) or insufficiently dark (Ie; Caucasians in Australia) which is dangerous (as the high incidence of skin cancer in Australia suggests). ”

        With respect, not really. She dismisses the skin cancer aspect as the cancer develops mainly after reproductive peak age. And she believes that dark skin reduces the ability to synthesise Vitamin D, so there might be a health issue when black people move to Europe. The main health benefit to black people in sunny climates is that UV is less able to degrade folate, according to her.

        Jablonski is definitely pro ‘brotherhood of man’ but neglects the idea that skin colour s not the only characteristic defining what she would deplore me calling “race”. Facial and body shape, special adaptations (mountain-dwellers’ tolerance of low oxygen levels, eg) are the obvious ones. The devil is in the detail.

        Many Indians are as black as your hat – but these are the original Aryans, and with a respray would pass for white in a BNP meeting. There’s nothing else to distinguish them, and that is where racism is likely to become unjustifiable.

        Jablonski’s missed an important feature of human evolution: when someone visibly different turns up in most human societies (and I include single-community areas of multicultural regions), the will be regarded askance. That is not just because they are a different colour – they may not be – but because they are different, period. That too is an evolutionary thing. Even a different tribe of the same subspecies is a potential threat, and we can see that is still the case in, say, Ethiopia and Rwanda.

        Bugger. I’d intended to say nuffink.

      • Indeed. Looking at strangers askance is human nature. But many modern, advanced societies will accept them if they integrate. Therein lies the problem.

  7. All the anti whites, covid authoritarians and all the tards crying about the Afghanistan war can just go suck each others cocks or cunts and form their own country built on their antiwhite faggotry?!

  8. It’s a load of academic shite.
    Fancy gay talk.

    Wait for the new Hitler.
    The end result of a shrinking white populace and woke identity politics.

    Things are going to get very exciting indeed.
    Or our country and all Europe will simply become a mass of brown slurry.
    Dirty sly wicked savages.
    And Cunts.

    • Maybe Putin will end up putting all of us in the oven because as I have said previously he commands respect. One thing Britain is good at is diplomacy.

  9. They really do leave the goal open, the thick cunts.

    No white people equals no white priviliege, supremacy or fragility.

  10. I read somewhere that going way back we are all brothers from another mother, from the cradle of civilisation – Afriiiiicaaaaa….

    Once heard that if two black chickens fuck they ‘might’ have a whitey chick. Two white chickens fucking can never have a blacky.

    Natural selection.

  11. If you don’t like eggnog
    If you don’t automatically return a shopping cart upon seeing one unreturned in the parking lot
    If you find any thing above 1 out of 10 spiciness in food too spicy
    Enjoy classical music
    Enjoy reading
    Enjoy bird-watching
    Sorry sweeties you are not truly white if you do any of these!

    • Of course there are still white people who exist everywhere, and there are far too many of them in this country, despite the efforts of successive governments over the last sixty years. I haven’t set eyes on one coloured person today. I mean I haven’t been out, but I’ve looked out of my window. Not a one to be seen. And importing Afghans isn’t the answer, they’re not really coloured, just a bit swarthy. Get your act together Johnson!

      • Importing Afghans is never the answer they are a bunch of rapist low iq goat shaging retards. Check out Austria’s rape statistics before 2015 now they are biggest rape capital in EU next to Sweden

  12. Does the “be less white” course involve “blacking-up”?….I tried that last time I went to Carnival and I must say that my attempts at being less white weren’t appreciated.

    • I did the fast track course.
      Stole money from the wifes handbag, didnt go to work and got a distinction for peeling fruit with my feet.
      I’ll possibly pass under the radar,
      But the rest of you are fucked.

      OOK.OOK. 🦍

  13. Dear Muzzies and spear chuckers; on behalf of the heinous white race I would like to apologise sincerely for our white privilege.
    We are truly sorry for our brazen audacity in trying to civilise you of your savagery, in providing you with our clearly offensive medical, engineering and technological advances and of course for reaching out our hand (and providing you our lands) in the name of multiculturalism.
    I will now self flagellate (whilst streaming it on social media of course) in a typically earnest display of left wing repentance and self loathing. In the meantime, please have some of our women and children to beat/groom as you please.

  14. Did anyone else notice that we never had a problem with racism in this country before the skum of the earth came knocking on our door looking for handouts?

  15. Luckily over my many years in the building trade I have very rarely worked alongside Blacks and Parking Stanley’s, and that suits me just fine, somehow they seem to boycott most industries that involve hard work, Drugs, taxis and supplying low grade dog food on the other hand seem to be their specialty. Cash no Tax is their motto.!

  16. A lot People of Colour in Yankland are refusing the jab. Apparently there’s a rumour going round that it makes you infertile. Shock horror! Imagine not being able to pop out brats and claim the old bennies.
    Could explain why the Peacefuls over here are reluctant…… that and the fact that so many of them are illegals.

  17. This is not accidental, the destruction of Amalek (you, me, every gentile in fact) is a stated torahic objective to the degree that it is held to be a positive mitzvah and a duty.
    When that ideology is yoked to the financial, political and media levers of power there can be only one outcome.

    From their own texts and in their OWN WORDS…

    The Jewish Plan to Conquer the Gentiles & Rule the World EXPOSED (Part 2)

    Part 2 is heavy going and deals with the scriptural roots of this undeniably genocidal psycopathy but is essential listening.

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