The MSM (12) and Emma Raducanu

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Congratulations to Emily for winning the US Open. At least I think that’s what it was because as soon as it happened all I could hear and see was the Lammy, Khan, the Beeb, The Guardian and the usual boring, vain, woke journalists saying that the win demonstrates something about, Brexit, immigration, multiculturalism, and racism. So now I can’t be arsed finding out more about it.

They also keep mentioning that it proves immigration is a good thing. Now, I’d imagine a girl moving from Canada, with Chinese/Romanian parents and playing tennis had a few quid so there’d be little argument there would there?

1000 Peacefuls coming every day illegally on dinghies and no papers is another fucking story. Tens of thousands of Afghans, some already picked up for terrorism, is also another fucking story.

I’m not aware of any racism directed towards Emma, but maybe one or two tweets from the multi millions on her Twitter will be found. I’d say that’s a sign that sport is doing WELL with racism.

Personally, she’s representing England so she’s English to me. I’m not interested in her heritage and it’s nice that she’s not is follower of “Old Peaceful”. Same with football, England has had black players, popular ones, for decades and it’s a tiny minority who would have an issue with it.

The cunts are the ones who keep bringing it up and something out of little to fuck-all. I’m bored shitless of all this endless campaigning in sport. It’s a total cunt.

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66 thoughts on “The MSM (12) and Emma Raducanu

    • Never saw the inside of a private school until recently. I’ve now worked in one. The difference isn’t the facilities or the staff, the difference is the kids. Polite, respectful, obedient, pay attention in class. Not the feral little cunts I went to school with.

      Free education for all means education wasted on many. The underclass do more damage to the average working class kids education than the existence private schools ever will.

      • I couldn’t agree more! Education is a gift and shouldn’t be wasted on fucking riff raff, baby factory benefits scratter offspring or foreign types unless they are exceptionally gifted. That why I like living in Asia as the kids of the average family study hard as hell, and have respect for their elders, and it’s the rich little cunts that don’t.

    • a posh fee-paying school in Orpington?

      Newstead Wood School has never been fee-paying. It isn’t posh, either. That’ll be Sevenoaks school nearby. (I knew Emma Johnson the clarinettist quite well at university, who went to both schools.)

      Yes, you do have a chip on your shoulder, don’t you!

      • Cheers. Hadn’t read that. He always writes good stuff. I’m bored shitless of every sport turning every game/occasion into this fucking palava. The Euros were fucking shit with all the daft women and kneeling. I get a nasty feeling though that it will be hard for Emma not to go along with it. The way it all started right after she won tells me PR are already on with it. It’s fucking relentless.

  1. Yeah, ever since Chicken George went to the big crackhouse in the sky the wokies have been targeting sport to hammer home their message. We saw this only too clearly with Nosegate and his poor exploited slave descendants and, of course, the Wokielympics. We shouldn’t be surprised that they have latched on to this bird.
    Suppose she was a bit posh, born and brought up in rural Hampshire and been a member of an exclusive tennis club? Would they have slagged her off for her “white privilege?” I suspect they would have kept schtum and swallowed it.
    Let’s hope, for her own sake, they don’t get to her and turn her into a female Lewis Hamilcunt.

  2. She’s going to get chewed up and spat out if she’s not careful. Everything she does will be scrutinised and every word she says analysed.

    I’d like her to stand up and explain to Lammy etc that her success in an individual sport is mainly due to her natural talent and hard work and that any reflected glory belongs to her coach and the people around her that support her.

    Where’s Lammy when some black kid knifes another black kid for being on the wrong side of the street? That happens most days and the cunt doesn’t link that to our diversity.

    I listened to multiple Muslims interviewed on the radio regarding the Taliban forming the government in Afghanistan. The majority were right behind them as they are an Islamic government. I didn’t know that the Taliban were a certain sect of Islam that is also predominant in the UK until one of the cunts informed us all during the interview.

    The term Muslim world was mentioned again and again. I considered writing a cunting based on what I’d heard but I doubt it would have made it through. I firmly believe Islam has no place in our country.

    Emma’s success isn’t British, Chinese or David fucking Lammy’s it’s hers. I will always maintain this is a white nation, any perceived racism is the result of the indigenous defending their culture and homeland. I’m not talking about actual racism just the systemic shite and the critical race theory bollocks. Every time a person of colour fails it’s the result of white people somehow, every time they succeed it’s despite the system not because of it.

    I really hope she doesn’t get drawn into all the bullshit woke agenda but then maybe that’s what she wants.

  3. The usual suspects seem to forget that back in the days pre referendum the stats for pick pocket arrests in London showed that one third of all arrests were Romanian. No idea what it is now but I guess that Covid had destroyed the pick pocket industry with virtually no tourism in London for 12 months or more.

    One shinning example of immigration doesn’t cancel out all the shit that has descended on this country for over a decade. Before the expansion of the EU no one gave a shit about free movement because it wasn’t an issue, well educated people from France, Germany and so one came to work in the UK but having an open door to Eastern Europe was a big mistake.

    A don’t get started on peacefuls and blacks, a disease with no fucking cure.

    This girl is British, I assume she has British citizenship, she cannot be English although like Radeem the cunt Sterling if there was an English tennis team she could decide to play for England.

    She won, she is or appears to be a straight up sort of person, just leave it a that.

    • Hopefully destroyed most of the feral bastard pickpockets as well. One tip for anyone venturing to a location favoured by thieving bastards. Wear a jacket with big outside pockets place two cocked metal mousetraps in each pocket. My slightly mad uncle when visiting London used to have a thick piece of felt studded with three prong fish hooks in each of his external jacket pockets and a metal mouse trap in his inside left chest pocket. I think it was one of his hobbies thief fishing as he called it. Caught a Brazilian at Baker Street station with the fish hooks, claret abundant. Cunt had to go to hospital said he had bumped against uncle, no chance hand in pocket was the only way to get as hooked as he was. Plod not impressed. This was in 1978, uncle long gone to the Elysian Fields.

  4. Cant stand the politicisation of sport. Lammy, Flabbott and co are out of touch with reality. Like the OP said, she was a mixed heritage english girl from a family with some dough and went to a posh school. Why paint a picture about immigration with this? As if the next boatload of afghans and Romanians will magically spawn the next generation of sports stars if we but give them the chance, not be a load of wastrels like 99.9% always are.

    If i am so white and english and privileged, why then at my school, did ‘tennis’ consist of dragging the wooden benches out of the gym to make ‘nets’ on the playground and playing with ping pong rackets? And there had been a decade of labour government at that point so why hadn’t they sorted it like they always promise?

    Lammy and Khan and co all need to fuck off with their race baiting liberal bullshit and focus on the class divide. On what planet do the likes of these think they can constantly act ashamed of white British people when that is the core of the voters they are trying to win?

  5. Predictably, Sir Nigel received it in the neck yesterday, for a perfectly reasonable and uncontroversial tweet:

    “A global megastar is born. @EmmaRaducanu winning the US Open is truly incredible.”

    Flabbott was quick to turn it into a race row. She wrote:

    “Extraordinary hypocrisy from @Nigel_Farage After her triumph at the US Open, he is keen to praise Romanian heritage tennis star @EmmaRaducanu But not so long ago he was saying he wouldn’t want a Romanian family to move in next to him”

    Doh… wake up dear – she’s British, not Romanian, you repulsive overgrown slug!

  6. The MSM already have a woke agenda, and this girl’s life will be scrutinised and distorted to fit it.
    It won’t be long before some innocuous comment made at school years ago will be transformed into tales of burning crosses and death threats.
    I hope she is the complete opposite of the Markle bitch and lets her talent do the talking. She doesn’t need to cave in to any woke bollocks to satisfy their doctrine at the expense of her own standards.

    • Some’friend’ from school will sell a message to the Guardian that she sent when she was 12 years old which demonstrates that Emma is racist/homophobic/anti trans/ anti Christ/pro BREXIT.
      The lass is a teenager who is a superb tennis player- end of.

  7. Foreign type wins tennis for the UK. Diversity is our strength.

    3 dark keys miss penalties in a shoot out. Diversity is our strength, even when it isn’t, you racists!

    As others have said, it doesn’t seem to be our strength when it comes to white girls going about their daily lives without being raped. Or when kids try to watch a pop concert without getting blown up. Or our towns turned into 3rd world ghettos

    If you say it’s a strength, don’t be surprised to see people proving otherwise.

    Fuck off.

  8. I feel sorry for her (well not too much she’s got a mill or so locked away now at just 18).

    The wokes are pulling on her like a piece of meat.

    Just leave the cunt alone. They’ll be trying to force her to say something woke soon.

    Come and stay with me Emma, until it blows over (ahem). What’s that? Oh these are new fashion. They’re called ‘triangle pants’. Feel them. Stiff as a beeoooooooaaarrraasgghhhhd!”

  9. She has overcome the nasty UK race system the same way that Hamilton has. Money and being middle class with a stable family life. Something the kaffirs might reflect on.

    • Totally right Cuntsable. Supportive, driven parents with cash can do so much in all areas of life.
      I went to an ex-grammer school which had ex-pupils like Norman Tebbit, Kriss Akabusi and Ray Winston.
      It still had that discipline when I was there but now it is a comprehensive full of sluvenly looking dark keys and parking Stanley’s. The surrounding area is a bit like Afghistan now.

  10. The UK is a sponge for the world’s trash.
    It will end in complete disaster.

    Tennis is fucking shit and the media are all vacuous cunts.

    Get Fucked.

  11. Emma is as British as they cum and the likes of Flabbot and Alistair Campbell are cunts for turning it into an immigration success story.

    There is only one sense in which this can be related to immigration and that’s that it shows the benefit of complete cultural assimilation rather than ghettoisation of backward communities of MudSlimes and DarkKeys that refuse to intergrate and cling on to their grievances for dear life. Of course, the best thing is to stop third world immigration altogether.

    I read today that third world immigration is responsible for dragging down the average IQ in the UK. From 105 to probably around 7 today (about the level of a chipmunk).

  12. Couldn’t give a fuck about this poncy upper class sport.

    Let me know when Serena McBeast throws a roid rage tantrum though. I do enjoy watching everyone tiptoe around the fact she’s jacked and clearly a bit juicy.

  13. As it is about tennis I’ve paid little attention to it.

    That it would be used as a political tool i never had any doubt.

  14. Calls have grown for Emma Raducanu to be made an MBE, OBE or even a Dame following her win at the US Open.

    It is not yet known if the Queen will grant an honour to the teenager, but Prince Andrew has stated he would love to give her one.🤪🤪🤪

  15. I remember a time when sport and politics didn’t mix (was always the unspoken rule).

    Now it seems every wokey BAME cunt is politically weaponising the issue.

  16. Reading all the comments on this nom I think we should be proud of ISAC and I feel privileged to be allowed to post on here.

  17. I think all this ‘kick it out’ stuff that we’re constantly subjected to is counter-productive. The overwhelming majority weren’t racist in the first place and are tired of hearing it.
    As far as Emma Raducanu is concerned, alright, there will be some who wish her surname was Wilson or Taylor, but the most important thing is that she’s eminently shagable. And she’s got that puffy-eyed recently-rogered look. When she lay on her back after serving that ace, I wasn’t thinking ‘well played girl’, I was imagining myself on top of her.

  18. Emma seems like a really nice girl from what I’ve seen of her.
    Sadly I have not seen her tits or pussy but here’s hoping 👍

  19. That Polly Toynbee slag from the Guardian (link not provided, no need to thank me) went as far to say that Emma’s win demonstrates that little girls are not as weak and delicate as (presumably the patriarchy) had them made out to be.

    Now, as amazing as her achievement was, correct me if I am wrong but she only beat another 18 year old lass in the final, it is not as if she whooped Goran Ivanisovic (see, I know my tennis).

    I wish the usual people would just shut the fuck up and let her enjoy her deserved success. We could do with her not having a mental breakdown as with that blek jap bitch.

  20. One child of immigrants goes on to the win the US Open for the first time in 44 years and every left wing cunt jumps onto it like it’s a daily occurrence, if it was people wouldn’t see immigration as such a fucking big problem would they? They seem to forget that list of twenty thousand plus potential terrorists we’re endlessly tracking, the crime, the cost, the lack of housing, competition for jobs – so no, some outlier going on to hit a ball well with a racket doesn’t quite balance it out. Cunts.

  21. I would say she’s more British than that moaning, sour-faced bastard Andy Murray. He’s happy to wave the Union Jack for two weeks in June and accept a gong from Her Majesty, when he’s not encouraging fellow Jocks to vote for independence. Raducanu might have a pair of tits like aspirins on an ironing board but she’s still fit.

  22. Well done young lady excellent win. British??? Born in Canada 🇨🇦 Chinese and Romania 🇷🇴 parents. Like I said well done. Msm ‘s wank fest over a GB 🇬🇧 win borders on the pathetic.

  23. Sport so couldn’t give a single shit about it, the player or where the fuck she crawled out of.

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