Music Fans – Past and Present

Music Fans – Past and Present

Have been watching some rock videos both from recent times and “back in the day”, and I have to say the more recent ones still have some great music, but the audiences just don’t have a clue how to react!

For context, have been watching some old “Monsters of Rock” videos from the 70s, 80s and 90s, along with a couple from Queen, Sham 69, The Jam, The Clash, 808 State, The Prodigy, Motorhead, AC/DC and of course the Stones – all great music, but what really helped the atmos was the animated participation from the thousands of people in the audience, most of them totally zoned into the music, waving arms, shouting out the lyrics, head-banging and moshing and generally having a good time!

Compare and contrast to some more recent affairs, one of which includes a fave band of mine, Bon Ivor. They played a great gig in front of packed audience back in 2019, including some great hard guitar riffs. But the audience more or less stood there wondering what the fuck to do as they held up their phones and tablets to record the event!

And even though the band tried their hardest to get the audience to let themselves go and enjoy the music, they still just stood around like fucking clueless zombies!

I know I’m making a bit of a generalisation, but OMG don’t fans have any idea how to enjoy music these days?

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  1. AC/DC : Live at River Plate in Buenos Aries is one of my favourites. The atmosphere is insane. You can shove your iPhone up Simon Cowells arse.

  2. I’ve seen people filming things like an Olympic 100 metres final on their phones. Twats.

    Or taking selfies and filming a footy match behind them.

    Just fucking watch and experience it properly, you vapid bastards!

    Pathetic too are those shitty ‘watchalongs’ of footy matches with YouTube ‘celebrities’, who don’t watch the game at all as they’re on their Twitter for the entire time.

    Depressing to see families and friends sitting in restaurants or pubs on their phones instead of communicating normally too

    Phombies, I call ’em.

    • That’s good, CB, I’ve been trying for ages to come up with a name for these people. I thought of Al in Quantum Leap with Ziggy in his hand. a Quantum Creep.

    • I was at Donington when a burger van decided to drive part way into the crowd. People started to throw things, and as their aim got better, the objects started going through the serving hatch. The owner was on the defensive now as the inside of his van collected more and more detritus. He battened down the hatches but too late. The mob turned his van over. The police said the festival passed off with no incidents!

    • Loved the mid afternoon piss bottle scrap. I took it a stage further, and shat in a bobble hat, which I launched into the crowd. It separated in mid air like Saturn 5 booster rockets and the turd fell into the audience.
      I’m sorry. Not.😉

  3. The Tarquins took over everything too.

    Football crowds are mostly middle class now (at the big clubs). They bring their families and you can get thrown out for swearing or standing at a football match.

    Glastonbury is full of middle class families in yurts. Instead of rock bands you get girl bands lip synching.

    Bag o shite.

    • As an Arsenal fan, I quite agree. No fucking atmosphere. Although lucky to have some old skoolers around my seat, it’s nit a patch on the old days. I just wish my son could have experienced Highbury, rather than “the Emirates” (fingers down throat).

    • The uninspiring crowd at Glastonbury might be the result of the utter shite that plays it these days, or general gormlesness of those will to pay for such acts.

      Ed Sheeran, George Ezra, Lewis Capaldi, Lizzo. Just sit in your car and turn on the radio to hear these cunts. There’ll probably be more atmosphere.

  4. Sorry, couldn’t disagree more. I do not attend such events to have some pissed up or drugged up cunt, off their tits, jumping up and down in front of me. When some knob on stage tells me to clap my hands he can fuck off……you’re the performer getting paid not me cunt! And there’s nothing worse than a Wimminz (it’s always Wimminz) who knows all the lyrics, screaming them in my fucking ear’ole. Listen bitch!……I paid fucking good money to hear the professional sing not your tuneless, pissed up warbling.
    No, these fucking exhibitionist wankers ruin a gig if they are anywhere near me. I don’t care what they do with their poxy phones just sit down, shut up and stay out of my fucking face.

    • Spot on F t F.
      I heard Whitney Houston once made the crowd wait for ages when she was booked to appear in NY.
      Probably in the bath.
      Anyhow she finally appears onstage in front of the huge crowd and begins the look at me speech when some guy shouts out “Sing bitch.”

      • 😁😁 Fucking good one! That could have been me. It’s not like the old days……going to gigs costs a packet these days and fucking the paying public like that is a disgrace. I don’t pay big money to be treated like a cunt.

  5. Mobile phones, the killer of everything. Cunts don’t even chat in the boozers anymore, all mobile phones. Some club in Berlin has the right idea, no mobile phones, put the cunt in a locker and go and enjoy yourself.
    Admittedly there has been shit happen that at gigs/raves that i wish i had on camera but thats what your memory is for innit, close your eyes and…….

    • #Close your eyes, give me your hand, darling. Do you feel my heart beating? Do you understand?# 🙂

    • Yeah those cunts really piss me off. Sat in the pub bleep-blopping on your fucking phone. Socially inept twats.

  6. Everything has been sanitised.
    As Cuntybollocks said
    The Tarquins have stole it.
    Cant have lighters anymore
    Plastic cups
    Festivals taken over by z-list celebs
    No smoking
    Phone bellends
    Why go a gig to film it?
    What? your steven Spielberg or something?
    Get the fuck out of my way.
    Im glad I grew up when you could still have some fun.

  7. On the subject of phones, see the cunt Dad with child in a pushchair walk into the road mesmerised by the screen, right into the path of a speeding motorcycle. ( DM Clip last week )

    Phones should be used for genuine communication and in private.

    Last concert I went to see was the Searches ( fucking amazing ) Not a phone in sight! Great night.

  8. Did anyone see the silly remainer cunts holding up their EU flags on the last night of the Proms?. A couple of flannel bloomered old virgins at the front of course – probably Adonis and Mandy in drug, having the biggest orgasm since their last bit of East End rough trade.

    The BBC were delighted.

    • Couldn’t simply enjoy the show they’d paid to see, but simply HAD to try to politicise the event.
      I’m surprised that cunt with the megaphone didn’t put in an appearance.

  9. I went to an Ultravox concert about 7 years ago and it was a mixed crowd as far as age was concerned. Mostly Middle aged like myself but there were some hot 20 somethings behind me dancing their tits off and singing along. Whilst in front of me was a bloke in his 50’s constantly taking photos and adjusting all the settings on his phone rather than sucking up the experience.
    I found him a bigger distraction because of the fucking glare of his screen.

  10. I remember the days when if your phone went off in a pub you went outside in a big hurry to take the call. You didn’t want people hearing your inane chatter and you were embarrassed in case people thought you were trying to be a yuppie.
    No shame anymore.

    • I remember when you’d get ripped to bits with cries of ‘Buy,!Sell!’ if you answered a mobile call in the pub.

    • I used to love when the phone in the boozer rang, a chorus of ” Im not here” from all the drinkers hahaha.

  11. What makes me puke is the cunts at concerts who wave the lights on their phones (candles are sooooooo 20th century) so they can show that they’re ‘in the moment’ as Ed warbles out his latest meaningful ‘anthem’.
    Fucking pathetic wanker behaviour.

  12. I saw The Who at The Valley in the mid seventies. Proper gig, support from the truly Sensational Alex Harvey Band, then Keith Moon, fucking amazing. No problems motivating the fans. Total frenzy almost from start to finish. A major life experience. Now the kidz can see ginger tranny twats and think they are experiencing something amazing. I would find a mobile phone more interesting than that. Poor deluded cunts.

    Good nom. Good morning, everyone.

  13. That’s because these lazy wokey cunts are more interested in fingering their phone to get as many pics on Instacunt or Cuntbook that they miss the moment – heads pointed down towards the ground, like Neanderthals, an endless sea of sheep all more interested in me, me, me, look where I am.

    Bet if you asked most of the cunts there what song was on they’d say, ‘Dunno, was texting my mate’.

    This my friends, is the future of our country, the new leaders of tomorrow…

    Fuck climate change, these useless cunts (most who jump on the climate change bandwagon but still have every device under the sun and probably contribute more to this problem that we did when we were younger) are going to be the downfall of our society…

  14. Much of it comes down to the simple fact that this present generation are a bunch of fucking spastics with next to nothing in the way of social etiquette, communication skills and indeed, cultural appreciation – even their own culture in fact!
    Having said this, considering the fact that these very same mongoloid mutherfuckers have elevated the likes of Stormzy, Dave and that fucking talentless, scrag headed YouTuber, KSI to pop ‘God’ status, it’s perhaps little wonder that the assembled crowd might opt to be on their phones at the aforementioned’s gigs as opposed to listening to the fucking dire excuse for ‘music’ that these cunts turn (or turd) out.

  15. The brainless thick cunts spend a fortune to watch a band, then spend the whole time holding “phone” in the air. This results in a blurred out of focus film of all the other “phones” in front of them. And totally distorted sound track. The cretins them post it on YouTube….

  16. All the mystery has gone from bands these days.
    Back in the day when there was no MSM etc you only saw a band live or on Old Grey Whistle test. Now you know everything down to the shit on there underpants.
    No mystery anymore

  17. All of these collaborations between modern artists only create less quality.
    Ed Sheeran and Stormzy could release an album called, ‘Which One Of Us Is The Ugliest?’

    • The only credit I’ll award Stormzy is for his goal scoring prowess. He’s already scored a few blinders for Chelsea since joining them this season….

      • Come on, at least Lukaku is good at his craft, unlike Mt Vossi Bop.

        Both are very arrogant but one is at least good at what he does.

  18. When Elgar conducted the premiere of his 2nd symphony, he complained to the band leader “Billy, what’s wrong? They just sat there like stuffed pigs… ”
    Am glad I don’t have to go on stage…

  19. Filming gigs is as pointless as filming fireworks. I’ve seen people do both.

    I mean who the fuck goes home and rewatches fireworks.

    Kate Bush had the right idea banning phones from her gigs.

    Trouble is none of the millennial generation would know what do do without a phone.


  20. The girls at festivals who like to sit on their fella’s shoulders just to get loads of attention piss me off. Even if im watching it on TV. Always wish someone would shout out “we came to watch the band not look at your fat arse you cunt”

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