The Shortage of HGV Lorry Drivers

Best I could do, sorry.

From Yvette Cooper’s favourite built-up shoes, and “Junior MIss” fashion range, to my favourite jam to your favourite whatever, to (according to Anna Soubry, who is crawling back into the limelight, following her recent Wireless 4 “Any Questions” appearance), – IKEA furniture, to Eddie Izzard’s favourite brand of pink lipstick, everything is in short supply, due to “a shortage of lorry drivers”.

The latest, and certainly, potentially most dangerous – even more so than Dame Keir’s favourite moisturiser – is the flu injections for the elderly and health impaired:


Of course, the BBC, the Guardian, Daily Mirror (Starmer’s favourite arse wipe) and Independent like to pin this purely on Brexit, as does Lord Nancy Andrew Adonis,who Twitters constantly about it. Another chance to Brexit bash – how this explains the USA’s shortage of lorry drivers, I can’t imagine. Perhaps when she closes her mouth and her legs, Soubry can enlighten us.

In the case of flu injections, I suspect the NHS and Boris are so obsessed about Covid they have fallen down on the flu jab – flu poses a far greater danger to the elderly since, unlike the teenagers (11 to 45 these days) they don’t inhabit the night clubs where Covid and it’s variants are to be found and spread (I have even given up my weekly viists to the Steaming Pussycat Strip Club, which as you know, is in Soho).

I hate to say it but Boris is becoming increasingly lax – as are some of his ministers. We have no opposition party to speak of, so Boris is doing Dame Keir’s work for him as well. Or instead of.

Get your fingers out, Boris, and Ali Baba, or whatever the Health’ Secretaries name is.

Nominated by – W. C. Boggs

43 thoughts on “The Shortage of HGV Lorry Drivers

  1. Wait a moment my fellow cunts; I am channeling a spirit of a departed Remainer from the other side….’yes, yes, this is indeed all due to Bwexit as is the global pandemic, the death of George Floyd, global warming and the next door neighbours cat going missing.
    See what you waycist voters voted for now?!’

  2. This is ‘driver shortage, Europe’ on Google.

    ”Mainland Europe is experiencing an estimated 400,000 lorry driver shortage
    Germany was missing between 45,000 and 60,000 HGV drivers last year
    France has faced a shortage of around 43,000 lorry drivers since 2019
    The shortfall in Italy in 2019 was estimated to be around 15,000, analysts said”

    Brexit has a lot to answer for.

  3. The DVLA are the biggest cunts in all this. On strike due to Covid work conditions? What about shop workers, emergency services who’ve worked through it all? Workers losing job offers and unable to train up as they haven’t got there HGV /LGV licences. What’s the Transport Minister doing about it? Sweet fuck all.

  4. Fuck all to do with Brexit. There’s a shortage on the continent an all.

    It’s due to all the highly skilled lorry drivers leaving European mainland via rubber dinghy. Blighted has so much more to offer in terms of handouts, benefits and free stuff…..

    Boris, Patel, Starmer, Adonis, Lineker are all cunts. Get to fuck.

  5. Is that cunt Cooper still drawing breath? I was hoping the evil little skeletor look a like would book a trip with Lord Adonis( no you ain’t you’re an walking corpse ) on Branson pickles ship and shrivelled up in the sun.

  6. When there is a shortage of my scotch and rum then there will be trouble.

    Other than that,I know journalists or at least what passes for them now,are simple minded cunts who peddled tripe.
    No shortage of oven.

  7. Not only drivers but every fucking business is begging for employees. Never seen anything like it. Too many lay abouts settling for unemployment benefits. Socialism is a cancer for a society. It destroys incentive to produce. These lazy fuckers who have been on their asses for months would be no good anyway if they had to return to work. Pathetic cunts.

    • 1 million job vacancies and around 1.6 million unemployed, probably half the 1.6 million are just idle fuckers who will never have a job.

      • Just the other day Wireless 4 ran another of it’s dark key sob stories. The lockdown impacted more on black youths than white, and they went on t say the black lads wouldn’t go to the job centre. Pride?. Laziness? – I know not, but I did wonder how they were managing without claiming benefits – perhaps they are in the retail trade?

  8. Maybe poor wages and shot hours contributed. Maybe if they made lorry driving a well paid profession 15 years ago to attract new blood the shortfall we now have due to retirement etc wouldn’t be so bad.

    • Also, myriad reports of “rest facilities” being unavailable or absolutely filthy if open, meaning that lorry parks etc. have by default become totally unsanitary.
      I no longer drive, and HGV is certainly NOT something I should want to do.
      Cunts like Adonis, Linekunt et all who keep going on about Brexit should be hanged upside down from the lampposts.

  9. I wouldn’t drive for a living on Britain’s potholed and overcrowded roads myself.
    But if there’s a shortage of able labour, then for the first time in decades, employers are going to have to up the ante and pay decent wages or go without.

  10. No surprises here. Boris was and still is an arsewipe devoid of any ability save of course, the unfettering of zipped fly. government requires over 24 Advisors to help Boris cope. And who are they ? The most ardent remainers one could find.
    Fat Bastard was a remainer, and still is, tying us into his oven ready shit show. Any sensible fucker would tear it up.

  11. This was mentioned a few weeks back.
    There was a firm offering to pay to put people through their HGV test and get licensed up.
    Thousands of lorry drivers jobs on offer,
    Same with kitchen staff and pub chefs.
    No excuses for anyone to be unemployed at the moment.

    • Lorry driving is hard work,
      Im not sure the young up and coming lot are going to make the grade?
      Long hours reading at the wheel
      Sat on your arse all day long,
      Eating Yorkie bars.
      And have they got the stomach to bludgeon a prostitute to death on a badly lit industrial estate?
      Or transport 30 asphyxiated illegal immigrants?
      10-4 good buddy,
      This is Rubber duck breaker break,
      You got a smokey on your tail.
      Over and out.

  12. It’s a load of bollocks been spouted by remainers trying to get us back into europe, and I think they will eventually succeed.
    I started driving hgv class 1 in 1989 and left the industry in 2011 because pay and conditions were getting worse.
    I phoned an agency last week to ask about going on their books, driving for morrisons, I had worked there before, I was told I’m not what they’re looking for, but ring back nearer Christmas.
    Remainers and europeans are no better than peedifiles.

    • They won’t succeed. People are more astute with their lies now. More people would I think vote brexit.

  13. Sourberries? Fucking Sourberries? Is that hatchet faced bitch making a comeback? As soon as there’s the slightest whiff of remoanerism that cockroach emerges from under its stone. Crawl back under there you stinking, arrogant bag of dogshit.

  14. Nothing to do with Brexit.

    Like that shipping container that ‘just went sideways’ in Suez, there is something dodgy going on.. hate to say it but it really does look like someone is trying to engineer shortages and stress the supply chains on purpose.

    Probably a bit of build back better if you know what I mean.

  15. IKEA shit is made in China. That is why you cannot get it, supply issues in the might commie cuntry.

  16. They’re all sitting at home on furlough watching Shed & Buried. It’s not fucking rocket science.

    • I’ve been on hold for over 60 minutes some days trying to do my job. Thank fuck for business development managers they are the only ones who seem to care.

  17. Maybe if it wasn’t a thankless, shite job with horrific working hours and suppressed wages we wouldn’t be in this pickle? 19 – 24k starting wage, pushing to 40k if you’re lucky in return you live out of a lorry for half your life, no fucking thanks. Why are wages shite you might ask? Because up until now Romanians, Poles and Lithuanians have been quite happy to suppress wages, you’d think Yvette might have spoken up for the local working man given she’s Labour….but of course not a word on that matter.

  18. This is always what happens when the cut the money for these jobs and many other walks of life, people fuck off and do something else and then all of a sudden its a mad goat fuck trying to get people to do the job, lorry drivers, nurses, police, mechanics, firemen, army, farmers, you know all the jobs that people get fucked over regularly doing, the list is never ending, especially when you can stack shelves in Aldi for the same money with zero stress.
    When lorry drivers were having to fight the tidal wave of shit off their trucks in Calais, getting a massive fine if any of the cunts managed to sneak on and got found by border control.
    No mother trucker was paid enough for that shit, so fuck it do something easy and local, so now their going to have girls driving trucks through places like Calais, that’s a great idea, hopefully said women’s will be so fucking ugly the rapeugees with just stick to smashing in the back door of the trailers, but somehow I doubt it, and what will the froggy five oh do about, cue gallick shrug= fuck all, that’s why the cunts eat snails, they are that lazy it’s the only food they can catch….

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