Grantchester – TV Show Gone Woke

Grantchester – ITV.

A quick nomination for the above, please. Thought I’d watch something, set in 1958 so no diversity. Fuck me, how wrong I was. Half the staff at the holiday camp were black, one of them was a black poofter. A true representation of 1950’s Britain.

And let’s not start on ‘Vigil’, a BBC PC shitfest with the cast of the United Nations running a British Trident submarine. One look at the trailer was enough for me.

(No specific link, admin as it was an episode).

Nominated by: DCI Gene Cunt

90 thoughts on “Grantchester – TV Show Gone Woke

  1. That copper emptied the clip into the cunt while he was on the ground. Fucking hero but would be crucified in this cuntry.

  2. I wouldn’t watch this drivel if you actually paid me but I have noticed that EVERY fictional puke inducing couple on TV is of mixed race..especially in commercials.

    Where do the people who puke out this nonsense live? certainly not in my world where I have found that most races and religions seem to stick to themselves.

    Sure women wander of for some black sometimes but I have even seen white women with Indian/Pakistani wives and I know that doesn’t happen very often at all.

    • Whereas I used to flick channel to cut out the commercials, I now make a game of watching them. I have no fucking idea and no interest in what the commercial is trying to sell me, but it is called ‘spot the white commercial’. Unless it is a talk-over commercial, it will usually contain dark-keys to some extent (even when the commercial is a cartoon!!). And you are right about the mixed race shit. Every other couple will be mixed race – in spite of the last published UK census (2011) showing that only 2.2% of UK households are mixed race. And have you noticed how increasing allusion is make to queer couples – of both genders?

  3. TV is a racist cunt. If its not Bridgerton, Black to Front or a black Anne Boleyn, whites are being written out of history and being replaced by dark keys.
    Kids are going to grow up thinking this is fucking fact.

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