Griefjacking (2)

The death of Sarah Harding is tragic, of course it is. But the gushing from the media -both social and mainstream – is ridiculous. The BBC referring to Harding as ‘the Girls Aloud Icon’ is a joke. Girls Aloud were a very shit manufactured girl band with little to no talent. It is sad that the girl has gone, but icon?! Come off it.

As for the cunts on Twatter? Harding’s demise has drawn more tributes and ‘grief’ than a true great like Aretha Franklin got when she died. And the press – especially the low rent tabloids – are covering Harding’s passing more than the death of the late Charlie Watts, who was a true musical legend.

Harding’s death is a genuine tragedy, certainly. But the fuss about it and the ‘Dianafication’ of Harding is totally ridiculous. I am just dreading the day when a Spice Girl snuffs it. The griefjacking avalanche will be unbearable.

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Nominated by: Norman

55 thoughts on “Griefjacking (2)

  1. You just wait till I lead the mourning for Anthony Bair and Mandy Mandelson – if you have tears to shed, prepare to shed them then. Dame Keir will need extra, moisturiser that day, I can tell you.

  2. The thing is Norman that link was dated 5th September, it’s now the 15th and nobody gives a fuck. Point proven I think.
    I’d never heard of her before she snuffed it and I actually thought you were talking about that lezza bird who was murdered by the copper. Remember her? Candlelit vigils? Old trouts in the Lords demanding that blokes be banned from the streets after 6pm? Of course not. Yesterday’s news.
    And what about poor old Slasha Johnson? Whatever happened to her? Black Lives Matter? Only when the media say they do. They think we are fucking mugs.

    • In a very short paragraph in th Srandard last week it mnefrely said that the man accused of attempted murder (why didn’t he have a better aim?) will stand trial next March. Virtually no other details – perhaps one of her disgruntled clients?

  3. Grief like anything today, including births or a serious medical diagnosis, is just another thing for cunts to post about on social media. They even dug up Callum Best just to remind Twatter he is still relevant. That fucking moron Jade Goody died of breast cancer too and they had a Princess Diana style funeral broadcast live on Sky News.

  4. It hardly warrants W.C Auden does it?

    The stars are not wanted now; put out every one, Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun, Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood; For nothing now can ever come to any good.

  5. What makes my piss steam is the term ‘Passing’. What have they ‘Passed’ [sic]? Water? No, you cunts, they’re fucking dead. I’ve told families their relatives are dead more times than our resident Barista’s made coffees, and, you always say ‘Dead’ or ‘Died’. No going back from that. Another fucking Americanism creeping in.

    • Passed used to be a Spiritualist thing, avoiding the finality of the D-word, passing to the other side… I know, it’s death for me too!

      • We say ‘Dead/Died’ rather than the ‘Passing/Gone to another place’, etc, to confirm there’s no coming back and no hope. If you said ‘They’ve gone to another place/Moved on’, etc, it’s been proven it gives the family a glimmer of hope thinking we’re moving them to somewhere with better care. Or something like that. Hard but gently, if that makes sense?

  6. A bit like all of the people who came out of the woodwork about Caroline Flack when she took her own life.
    They didn’t seem to give a shit about the poor woman when she was alive and they could have actually done something to help her.

    Like when the media were pushing the message to “be kind”. Oh really?

    This was how kind the media was to her when she was alive.×824/showbiz_caroline_flack_article.jpg

    The magazine was from 2012. She was basically cyber bullied by the media for years and they encouraged impressionable teenage girls to do the same and nobody did a thing.

    Have they been held to account??

    Thought not.

  7. She was on Big Brother. Pathetically I thought looking for votes from ‘Team Harding’. Very fragile about her popularity.
    I think she matured quickly when her illness hit.

    Anyway I have decided that this Nom is not piss boiling enough. We need our our piss boiled of a morning to keep our spirits up.
    Gary fucking Lineker. Why are we always being presented with this footballer’s fucking political views. Yes a picture of the dinghy migrants on his Twitter feed juxtaposed next to the winner of the American Open Emna Raducanu. The caption ‘Oh the irony’.

    A great piece by Sarah Vine in the Mail about it. Prepare your penis for a red hot urine flow.-

  8. “Grief Jacking” A signal of virtue, A perceived “oneness” where oneness never existed. An opportunity to promote oneself….I don’t need to go on.
    Puke inducing ! And if Princess Died had not died, she would today be constantly in the press as the slag Princess.

  9. On a serious note, I am grieving over the death of Norm MacDonald. What a talent that man was.

    If anybody had him in the Deadpool you ought to be ashamed.

    • That came out of nowhere. I thought it was a hoax when I saw it on another forum as people keep saying that Joe Rogan has died and Norm has been active though Covid has made it seem that many comedians are off the radar. Very sad, Norm didn’t give a fuck who he offended and was funny as fuck.

  10. Can you imagine what it’s going to be like when Her Maj snuffs it? Even though she’s lived to a ripe old age and nobody will be surprised the media will have every cunt sobbing their hearts out. Griefjacking will be the new religion. Even I might shed a tear…..but only because I know the next one up is Charlie the Chimp and the Horse Faced Queen. Can you imagine that fucking idiot representing us to the rest of the world? It might be at that point the Chinkies decide to invade. Fuck me, even the Frenchies could take us with their usual 2 hour lunch break. After all they are now highly skilled in sending boats across to land unopposed on our beaches.
    Long live Her Maj I say! Put off the fateful day as long as possible.

    • Phil the Greek was dead for years before he was buried. They’ll probably stuff Liz rather than have Charlie getting on the throne. I wonder if the Ginger cunt and the Golliwòg will make a claim to take the seats at Buck house in some big court case ?

      • Good idea. They can do wonders with this hologram shit these days. We could keep her “alive” until the Chimp Boy snuffs it.
        We’ll have to take our chances with Baldybollocks.

        Long live Her Maj!!

      • Alright Freddie,
        Fucking hell, I hope when Her Majesty departs this cruel world they put her down the bottom of a freezer in a local Iceland or Aldi for a few years…what with Brexit and Covid 19 I don’t think the nation could handle it…the amount of fucking tributes, and Eulogies would be unbearable and thats from the english speaking nations. Imagine what those Fiji island cunts would be doing? They’d probably cook the poor BBC reporter sent there to report on their grief.
        Long live the Queen.

      • Welcome back B&W you knobhound. I don’t care what the cannibals do to a BBC reporter as long as I get to kick the shit out of the lying, two faced cunt first.
        Long live Her Maj and death and destruction to the BBC!

      • I think Madge is desperately trying to stay alive until flap ears carks!
        Can imagine him on his deathbed, whingeing Greta-style “You have stolen MY monarchy! “

      • Evening Norman, how are you? I’ve been aaaaht and abaaaaht and lost track of time. 😁

  11. Its a fucking disgrace all this grief jacking, people act so differently when online as opposed to real life. Yes its sad she has died and I did fancy a few the Girls Aloud ‘Band’ and still do. Sarah was’nt high on the list though so although sad its not a massive loss for me…I’m hoping that Irish one doesn’t pop her clogs before I’ve had an opportunity to introduce myself and Cheryl has always had special place in my rotten heart.
    Go fuck yourselves.

      • I like cash and I am a cunt CG but I’m not Cashley Cole. 😂
        How are you doing? I’ve been shagging for England lately. 👍🏽

      • With masks and social distancing, I hope😉

        Managed to smash an orientalists ladies back door in yet?🤔

      • Oilfield? Fucking oilfield? I typed fucking “could”!

        🍎, you have fucking excelled yourselves👎

  12. Hi MP, one mention of that arse cleft lineaker and my poor bladder goes critical. I try very hard not to even think about the cunt but so many triggers, dog shit, vomit on pavement, discarded condoms not easy in today’s urbanised rural environment. The horrible traitorous cunt was a footballer right, he kicked a ball around a lot and was handsomely rewarded for his ball control skills no doubt. Has the cunt done a BA in social science or something (science my arse) is he a qualified grief counselling expert. Is he paid by the fucking cunts who marshal the dingy hoards? I know the turd winder is paid very well by us for fucks sake! As for his ironic Twatter message fail to see a connection with someone who is now well off through their own hard work and talent and a boat load of goat fucking child rapist benefit frauds. Fuck off lineacker you boil my piss real bad.

  13. This reminds me of when that Angle, Jade Goodey snuffed it from cancer.
    What an inspiration she was, a hereo and roll model.
    Fuck off! She was a thick, fat racist cunt with barely a grasp of the English language who chose to play out her final days in front of the camera like the narcissistic cunt that she was.

    • Apparently Jade was a dental nurse. I always thought that was a responsible position requiring a fairly high level of knowledge and organisation. When I go to the dentist I usually clock an eyeful of the nurse’s tits, it helps me to relax.
      I can imagine Jade saying “watchu looking at ya dirty cunt?”
      Then the next time I go she jerks me off in the waiting room.

      • The dental nurse never fails to give me a hard on.. I always look forward to going there. She actually lays across me when fiddling with my upper occlusals.

  14. Apart from the news of Harding’s death on the day, i’ve not seen anything about her, but then I don’t really watch the news, read the ‘bloids or use the Twatter or Fuckbook.

    All I do know is a friend of mine used to get a lift with her to school and she was ‘cool’.

  15. While it is sad that a young lady lost her life so young calling the band a icon, who were fabricated from what I call plastic pop is an absolute travesty against real musicians. Had these talentless bints not been on Pop Idol Cunt, or whatever that shite used to be called then I am sure most would serving slices of ham on the deli counter of Asda, or standing behind a bar, serving beer to cunts like me.

    If Girls Acunt are icons then what does that make the Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Chilli Peppers, Foo Fuckers, etc.

    An absolute mockery..! The media needs to stop dishing out ‘icon’ status – it is becoming a bit like the titles the queen gives out twice a year – fucking pointless!

  16. I fuckin Loathe these cunts that publicly cry there eyes out and say how some talentless nobody will be greatly missed .
    It seems they are in competition with each other, Who can Give the best display of virtue signaling.
    Shallow empty fuckers the lot of them .

  17. Crocodile tears!

    I remember going to a funeral, where this social climbing, stuck up wimminz, wife of one of the deceased’s mates, was putting on a display of Gwyneth Paltrow proportions 😂

    At the reception afterwards, held in a local pub, I asked her straight-faced if she had come to the right funeral, as she had only been with her husband for two years and had been living abroad with him for most of that time-having never actually met the deceased?

    She looked crestfallen 😉

    The way she had behaved at the funeral, you would think she was the stricken widow👎

    Grief-jackers are indeed, cunts.
    Great nom, Norman👍

  18. Charlie Watts – never got any recognition in terms of honours (yet cunts like Rashford and a whole lot more one-trick ponies end up with MBEs). Spend almost 60 years of his 80 with the Rolling Stones and spreading British pop culture to the Western World.

    Yes he got some nice write-ups in the MSM, but none of them came close to the over-hyped bullshit of some two-bit part time singer like Harding. Yes, her death was of course tragic, but the drama over her death is one big piss take,

  19. I’m quite surprised that no one has noted that Katie Price was practically the first one in the queue to emote about ” her loss”
    Sarah was her bridesmaid when she married Andre, I don’t know how many years ago.
    I think both were paid, never met each other before, had publicity stun written all over it, which would explain the absence of any photos of the 2 together since.

  20. Public grieving is rife these days. The RIP squad always come out in force. I wish they would all just fuck off and worry about themselves and their family. Fuck the fuck off you sanctimonious cunts.

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