Aishnine Benjamin (BMA Race Baiter)

Aishnine Benjamin is a cunt, isn’t she.

As shitty job titles go, this unpleasant harpey’s is up there with the shittiest: Head of Equality, Inclusion & Culture at the British Medical Association.

As if her appalling opinions and worthless career weren’t bad enough, she recently wrote a piece entitled “Dear White People” which was a list of instructions regarding ‘white privilege’, which only exists in racists’ or morons’ imagination.

Which is your favourite? Mine is number 5: Be uncomfortable.

There’s no such thing as white privilege but there is such a thing as a race-baiting, division-creating cunt.

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Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous

37 thoughts on “Aishnine Benjamin (BMA Race Baiter)

  1. The only culture this idiot should be concerned with is the one being studied in the petri dish, bought to us by her insanitary friends in Africa.

  2. Madness plain and simple, if you give people with a grudge the platform to spout rubbish they will do that…spout rubbish.

  3. You have to wonder how well these holders of non jobs sleep at night.
    I suspect that their warped values and delusions of self importance ensure guilt free kip.
    They are still cunts however.
    Great to see B&WC back amongst us; best not ask what he’s been up to.

    • B&W got nicked for peering through windows and stealing certain items from washing lines. He has…..err….been away for some time. At Her Majesty’s pleasure, as they say.

  4. Asinine by name asinine by nature. Ooops!….have I spelt your name wrong darling? Well i’m just dumb whitey who needs to be told what to think, what to say and what to do by a wokie intellectual like you.
    You can kiss my hairy arse and fuck off while you’re doing it.

  5. Time was, chippy effniks would only be seen in NHS trusts, mopping floors, serving in staff canteens or working as porters.

    Times change-but not for the better😢

  6. Talking to dark keys makes me uncomfortable nowadays. The cunts are always looking at you through squinty eyes and thinking how can I get this white dude in trouble.
    Cunts like this and BLM have pushed racial equality back 30 years.

    • Too true. Before this nonsense everything was fine. The vast majority of people were not racist at all. I never used to notice if someone was blek – it was of no consequence. Now race issues are front, right and centre – inflaming tensions, not calming them.

      • Not me…I was always racist and always noticed them….that’s why I’ve never been mugged/stabbed/carjacked.

  7. Reply

    Dear Black People,

    First thing you need to do is remove chip from shoulder
    Second stop blaming white people for your failings
    Third, not happy, there are other countries in the world to live ‘check your heritage’

  8. Revolting phat Ass-shine peeg.
    I hate the fucking BMA. They are only interested in serving the interests of GPs.(They aren’t bothered with hard working hospital doctors)
    They hoodwinked the Liebour government into signing a contract which involved them getting extra payments for things like vaccinations and smear tests which I would have thought were a part of their fucking job in he first place. (Actually it’s the practice nurses who do these things whilst the GPs pocket the cash !)
    What other job allows someone to retire on full pension at 60 years of age, wait 4 weeks and go straight back to work on full pay?!
    I’ve had my rant but this cunt can get on with her “diversity “ job which fails to include white people.

  9. Cunts like Asinine here are doing their level best to promote division. After all it is a cushy fucking job – where is the pressure to deliver a service on cost and on time?

    I will ask one of my work clients (who is a good friend as well) what he reckons of this bollocks. He is British, and of Indian descent. I already know he’ll declare it a massive pile of shit.

  10. The rules don’t apply if you just stay away from people with dark skin. All this bullshit is making me racist as now I DO pay attention to skin color as before I didn’t care. My “safe space” is among whites now.

  11. She’s the sort who, if you try to comment on black people, will say, ‘Only black people can comment on black issues and their behaviours, as only black people can understand these things.”

    In fact, quite a few honkies do it too. I recall listening to a footy podcast about 2 years ago, that I religiously downloaded (Arsecast – it’s an Arsenal podcast). Do I listen now? Do I fuck!

    Anyway, the honky host (woke as fuck nowadays) was doing his normal thing, then said there was a segment on racism towards black people within football next. And he said he will now leave and hand over to (some dark keys) because, as a white man, these are not things he could ever understand.

    Fuck off!

    As you can see, dark keys have no fucking problem telling honkies how to behave and how they all are in general.

    Here is the news.

    It seems dark keys need a fucking leg up constantly and blame honkies for their own failings. This will never end until we say, ‘Take some fucking responsibility!’

    You know what? Sometimes I fail at stuff too, but I don’t go around blaming dark keys in general if I fuck up a project at work. I blame myself and try and learn from it, offering an apology if it’s on me (hardly ever happens though, I am a honky after all.)

    Although I’m blaming that Emma Radecwotsit for the raging tennis elbow I got from watching her play tennis the other night.

    Fuck off.

    • Floella is a top lass who has done loads for children’s charities.

      The one in the nom is just a cunt.

  12. Seems the UK is a truly awful place to live for the delicate BAMEs (some, and not all). And yet they still choose to live here despite all the abuse and hostility.
    I wonder how they would fare “back home”. But you rarely see them back their bags and fucking off back to Africa or the Caribbean, or India et al, because they know they’d be facing far greater hardship and less of a “voice” amongst their own people.,

  13. Dear Black Person

    1 fuck off over there
    2 when you get there, fuck off
    3 then fuck off again
    4 then go fuck yourself
    5 then fuck off some more

    Best wishes


  14. I am so ashamed of being white, I shall have to black up. And then the cunts can bitch about my cultural appropriation. Face it, you can’t win.

  15. Yet another race baiting, ‘woe is me ‘cause I is blek and repressed by the whitey innit!’, pig ugly, she boon.
    Fuck her! (but not literally, obviously)

  16. My address to woke twats like this woman.

    1. Fuck off
    2. Fuck off further
    3. Fuck off even further
    Take all you illogical, reason denying beliefs with you and fuck off a bit further you twat.

  17. Thing is she ain’t fuckin black, she’s fuckin brown. Although she would say to me, I’m white, I ain’t white, I’m a colour in between, although im from Anglo Saxon hetitage, i aint fuckin white. The fuckin marshmellow man in Ghostbusters is white you fuckin racist cunts, not me. We had the right idea 30 odd years ago, they are coloured’s, not black. The true blacks are those in some fuckin African umbula umbula tribe with thier cocks and tits on show who probably haven’t even yet been discovered.

  18. Why are all these jobs and similar roles always occupied by a non-white person? Confusing. Cunts.

  19. These fuckers are on the crest of a wave at the moment, making up their own job titles and writing blatant racist crap.

    Hoo-eee, what a disgusting cunt.

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