Grantchester – TV Show Gone Woke

Grantchester – ITV.

A quick nomination for the above, please. Thought I’d watch something, set in 1958 so no diversity. Fuck me, how wrong I was. Half the staff at the holiday camp were black, one of them was a black poofter. A true representation of 1950’s Britain.

And let’s not start on ‘Vigil’, a BBC PC shitfest with the cast of the United Nations running a British Trident submarine. One look at the trailer was enough for me.

(No specific link, admin as it was an episode).

Nominated by: DCI Gene Cunt

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  1. You don’t seem to know British history very well. It’s always been a mixed race nation founded by black LBGT+ space hoppers.

  2. My missus watches that Vigil. As I’m ex RN she asked me my opinion.
    Less than two minutes and I fucked off into another room (posh 2 rooms)
    Some guy had a fucking gun about to commit suicide and a bint talked him out of it. This was followed by the same woman then counseling him. All this while on patrol at sea ffs. Absolute shite.
    As I fucked off the woman was shown in bed with another woman and the skipper was blek.
    Jesus fucking wept, who watches this shit?
    Other than my wife that is.

    • No lesbian wimminz in my days in the RN – no women,as in mixed crews full stop and I think that was much better – it made for a tidier ship with less emotional baggage. Luckily for me Mrs Boggs never watches that sort of crap – she is too busy worrying about Charity or Sally or Callum from her serials.

      • Agree, mostly with what you say, W.C., but in my day, lezzers and carpet munchers tended to be senior non-coms and officers, but kept this very quiet. This was because, when a woman got married (to a man), she had to leave the service. (This used to apply to PC Plod, as well) So those ladies who tended to be full career, didn’t have a penchant for the opposite sex. Although, said career personal served honourably (see above), bravely and often with distinction

        The fancying of one of their own was actively discouraged. I remember once reading that a major power (across The Pond) during the 1980’s used to show homo porn to recruits to determine if they got hard/wet and if so, were shown the door! They even used an electronic moisture detector down the front of a lady recruit’s knickers to measure results – presumably, to prevent the embarrassment of displaying themselves “dripping like a gravel lorry at the lights”

        Saw the trailer for “Vigil” – well, only part of it. Utter bollocks, or fannies, or. to be wokie, total “non-binary androginous clefts”

        Not averse to some “girl on girl” fun, but in the setting of a RN submarine – get to fuck, and when you get there, fuck off again A disgrace to the image of the service and why the RN and MOD (what ever they are called now), don’t object is, er, wait, …. you know the answer?!

        Off to watch “Ain’ half hot, Mum” – some decent TV, but banned now in the UK, of course. Even Mrs Nanook tolerates me watching it. The TV series, not the “fun” referred to above!

        Last time she suspected me of researching aforementioned subject for the purposes of understanding modern enlightened thought, I slept on the sofa.

        PS anybody need a broken XBOX and a slightly scratched PC monitor?

      • I am still serving. Joined in 96 as a Tiffy. It’s all pink and fluffy now and annoying me. 2 years left then I am gone……..

    • No women should be allowed on a submarine, full stop.

      It is not fair on all the bisexual matelots who would otherwise be up to their grots in cocks.

      • The thing that I dont understand about Vigil is, if there has been a murder on a submarine, wouldnt the standard protocol be to order it back to shore to conduct a thorough investigation?

  3. What’s a pile of shite. The usual insertion of random multiple dark-keys into periods of history where they have absolutely no business being.

    They say it’s “colour blind casting”. In which case I look forward to a future BBC production about Rourke’s Drift in which the Zulu’s are all played by whitey’s.

    • That’s the young Flabbott, in her first election campaign, recruiting the Vicar of Hackney to her lifelong struggle against raaaaaay-sism and getting her brat into private education.

  4. I guess it’s a small mercy that Grantchester is at least screened on ITV. After all, had the BBC made it, the main Vicar would obviously be a transgender, mixed race, non binary, muzzie cleric with a disability (other than being a muzzie I mean) and with the obligatory ‘mental health’ issues.

  5. At the TUC conference today, Dame Keir went on again about his “dad” (Pater to you, Keir) and how “he worked from 8 till 5 then stopped for his tea and went back to the factory from 6 till 10, five days a week”

    Tell us the old, old story. It went down quite well, so at his own conference no doubt his dad will be played by Rudolph Walker

    • So?
      Lammys dad was in the factory when it was shut, and had to enter through the roofing and regularly had to stay away from home for upto six years.

    • Well of course he went back to work after his tea, you do that sort of thing if you own the place. You also go in Saturday mornings so that makes Keir’s dad a lazy sod.

  6. ‘it’s history Jim, but not as we know it’.
    Think I might check out ‘Vigil’ ; it sounds throughly representative of life aboard a Trident sub. I’m big on realism in dramas.

    • Spoiler, Ron, a straight white man rife with toxic masculinity and racism is wat dun it. I’m watching ‘The Shield’ on All 4 at the moment from the mid 2000’s, similar to Line of Duty but a lot better.

  7. The once great Endeavour is now teetering on the precipice of the woke abyss. The last series was total drivel. Trying to sell P@k!s to us as lovable peaceful types. Then there was the cliched ‘Enoch was a nasty man’ propaganda. Also the ridiculous Me Too feminazi vigilantes, like Carry On Girls with knives. And the bluebottle on top of the dog turd was some student activist Mills and Boon cunt gobbing off that the choccy drops were in Britain before the Romans, Vikings, Jutes, Saxons, Normans and every other fucker. They know that isn’t true, yet they still put it in the show. Pure woke lies to big up the blacks. What a load of corrupt shite. Also the blatant misandry and hatred of (white) men in Endeavour Series 7 was worthy of Hitler. A once brilliant show now ruined.

    Also, if Doctor Who survives what those complete cunts Chibnall and Whittakunt have done to it, the next Doctor will be as black as Newgate’s knocker. A cast iron guarantee. It’ll probably also be a woman and all. A ‘feisty’ black woman with attitude type. Fucking woke shite of the highest order and another institution destroyed by leftist nutters.

    • I used to love classic Dr Who as a kid; The good old days of Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker were simply divine.
      It should be retitled as Dr What-The-Fuck?! now though.
      Wokery at it’s absolute fucking worst.

    • Endeavour has got it all wrong. Morse was a bit of a cunt and had no time for Feminazi’s and stroppy effnik’s

    • Norm, you forgot to mention that she’ll be a vegan lesbian who travels around the universe on a bike. Either that or they’ll go for a non-binary look, perhaps with Tilda Swinton. Personally I can’t waizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…
      If it’s got to be a woman, why can’t they go for Salma Hayek? A effnick type right enough, but with a couple of proper ‘Golden Globes’ if I ever saw them.

    • Norman@
      The other morning I watched the film Dr Who and the Daleks.
      Peter Cushing as a bumbling grandad type Doctor.
      Roy Castle as the clumsy boyfriend (not the Doctors boyfriend! Although would be now)
      It was a completely different show.
      I enjoyed it, who doesnt like daleks?!
      Neo nazi dustbins- glorious.
      It also had Boris Johnsons family fighting the daleks on this barren world.
      Theyd had a nuclear war.
      Obviously the Daleks had pressed the button,
      Daleks have bottle.
      The Johnson’s just hid in the woods,
      Fuckin shitehawks.

      • Who doesn’t like Daleks? A chippie about 200 yards from us in Helston has a life sized Dalek plus about 100 models of the buggers.
        Superb fish and chips; Nettles of Helston.

    • Rumours around the film geek community are suggesting that 79 year old Harrison Ford has crocked himself so badly during filming, that his role in Indiana Jones 5 is being rewritten with Phoebe Waller-Bridge as the actual star of the film.
      Guess Kingdom of the Crystal Skull wasn’t the lowest they could go after all.
      Cinema is dead…

      • Hahaha. Oh well, serves them right for trying to flog a dead horse.

        Not sure if cinema is dead, as Hollywood haven’t really bothered with making films for a good decade. It’s all cooked up in computers by dweebs who’ve never lived their own lives and only know about life through earlier films.

        Sad cunts.

  8. Surely a dark key being shoehorned into a period drama or history program, completely out of historical context, is more insulting in its tokenism than not being included at all. The wokey race baiters who fuel this shit don’t see any harm in this. Neither do the dark key actors, who are clearly so self unaware or just happy with the pay check and the fame that they don’t utter a word. It seems principles go out the window as long as the money is alright.

  9. The worlds not gone daft just yet apart from the world 🌎 according to auntie. Set of cunts.

  10. Tellybox has gone so woke it’s gone in the other direction, bit like when being gay was all the rage back in the 90’s – shoved in your face so much I think straight people started wondering if they were gay (not that I have an issue with them but, only I can touch my own ringpiece).

    Vigil – watched that and what a load of fucking shite.

  11. The BBC are fretting about University Challenge at the moment. Apparently the participants are too male and too white. Oh fuck, what can we do?
    Expect a more diverse competition with questions like…..
    Your starter for 10
    “Name Stormzy’s first album”

    “What is Ru Paul’s real name?”

    “Who won last year’s Strictly?”

  12. I like being lectured about a variety of topics by actors and such.
    It’s far better than paying them to provide entertainment.

    Next news my telly will be telling me to wear a mask and hide under my bed.

    What a filthy set of totalitarian cunts.

    Full fucking oven booster.

  13. From serving on a boat, it was rather less roomy than the BBC depicted it. Try a lot closer than the average corridor and a lot less than the average bunk bed.

    • Ask yourself this.
      If you was a character on this shite,
      As a straight white male what would you be?
      Definitely not the hero!
      You’d be the villian.
      And they say that they like equality?!!!
      Like fuck.
      Heroes are now villians
      And villians are heroes.
      History being rewrote before our very eyes!!
      And no one seems to notice or care (except us)
      We can never win against the Left.
      They have the media, police, politicians, teachers,

  14. And you get on some programmes now a warning before they start- ‘contains outdated attitudes’.
    Well there should be a warning before any of these shows start- ‘contains historical bollocks’.

    • Or before Match of the Day…….

      Contains a really smarmy, virtue signalling tax dodging cunt and two BAMES, one of whom may be a Wimminz completely out of her depth.
      Bollocks will be spoken throughout.

    • It’s classic; I love the way that they cast themselves as arbitors of what actually constitutes ‘an outdated attitude’.
      Don’t they just luurve to patronise and condescend to those they consider as the great unwashed?
      Well I consider the Beeb as ‘outdated’, as in ‘fucking well past its sell-by date’.

  15. I remember when the writer of Midsomer Murders described it as “the last bastion of Englishness”. Of course the Left went ape and now its stuffed with black vicars, black country pub landlords, peaceful teashop owners and the rest. Its just complete fantasy bollocks, a world that just doesn’t exist outside of the mindset of these Guardianista mongs.

    • Their hatred of us and our traditional way of life trumps our hatred of them.
      Theyd exterminate us like cochroaches if they could.
      Just been a ruling at a employment tribunal that calling a female colleague ‘honey’ is unacceptable.
      Then it’ll be ‘luv’ ‘pal’ mate.
      Things I say without thinking,
      As does everyone I know.
      But I’ll continue to speak, think, say whatever the fuck I like.
      They can suck my sweaty balls.👆

      • I can’t keep up with this stuff any more MNC. I suppose taking offence at being called “honey” might depend on the tone used or context, could be used sarcastically for instance. I recently saw a woman have a strop because a man held a door open for her and as far as I could see he was just being polite. It could have been me. When I was young if I had failed to hold a door for a woman I would have been regarded as an uncouth oaf. I struggle to keep track of what term is acceptable this week for non-white people. It seemed there was a moment when “coloured people” became unacceptable yet “people of colour” was OK. Recently I heard a homosexual man on the radio complaining bitterly that school children were using the adjective “gay” as an insult. If my memory serves me correctly homosexuals adopted the term “gay” because they were offended by being called “queer”. I’ll shut up now, rant over.

    • I grew up watching Crimewatch and always used to have a chuckle at the sheer number of dark skinned, flat nosed and bulging eyed offenders that featured in every episode of it.
      Obviously the BBC can’t be showing such truths today though and would prefer to obfuscate such information as an offenders skin hue. It wouldn’t be politically correct after all which is all that apparently matters.

  16. Crimewatch had to go. It gave the impression that the coppers were out to catch criminals.
    Too much of a stretch of the imagination these days.

    • Theyll reinvent it.
      Donate money to a criminal of your choice.
      All criminals are victims
      Most wasn’t hugged as a kid.
      Help raise funding to get Colin Pitchfork a electric scooter.

  17. I don’t know if the UK gets this on Prime Video but Cinderella has been worked over to be a woke coil of warm shit. The fairy godmother is a black trans that looks strait outta Rupauls Drag Race. Claims to be #1 movie at the moment. True or not it seems these shit shows are not being boycotted like I would hope.

    • No I dont believe so. ‘Go woke go broke’ isnt really true.
      If this is all they are given this is what they’ll pay to see.

      • “Why feed pigs cherries when they’re happy with shit”

        Allegedly the words of an unnamed TV producer, so I was once told…

      • The sad thing is they know they’re producing shit and would rather be entertained at the theatre or concerts.

  18. Cannot help but agree with this nom.
    After that total abortion of a TV programme ” Anne Bolyen”, I’m refusing to watch any so called historical drama, or ” hysterical” as I prefer to call it.
    I do wonder, however, how Hillary ” howling dogface” Mantel would feel if a dramatisation of her ” Wolf Hall” series had a load of coloured folk in it?

  19. “Coming soon to BBC1, ‘World War 2. A realistic recreation of the events that shook the world…'”
    (Cuts to scene from series)

    “Wagwan Winston, some bredren tink dem Germaloids gonna get mandem crews on da Polish innit? But I ‘as got pinky swear from Ads the tache, dey is gonna be chill. Safe.”

    “Chambo mon, dat Adzolf iz tellin’ fairies blud. He want dat turf innit? Ya hear me fam? We need to get rasclart on dey ass already blud.”

    (Cuts to scene from Parliament)

    “Order bruv. Order sis. I is gonna put a cap in your ass innit if dem mandem don’t chill. Chill bitches, i mean order n sheet. Da right respectful Clem Bludclart Atlee. Hear me now!”

    “Dis madness fam. Calm in da tire swings bros. We need to get busy and mash fem da fuck up bro!” (Racous cheers erupt)

    • Dem Germaloids bin putting dem Jews, dem ZZ Top geezers, into dem Butlins and making dem sniff the bad powder fam!
      Dem is dying and shit.
      Dats bad fam. Really bad.

    • Maggie Smith said apparently, “no to diversity , you either behave yourself or fuck off from where you came.
      It was popular among the film crew

    • They did have a mixed-race relationship between one of the family and a black musician, which, was based on fact. But that’s about it. Oh, and a token poofter.

      • I am, Cuntologist. It’s very well written and quite clever, making you loathe a character and tjen ferl sorry for them and see them ‘come good’.

  20. Fuck me even radio commercials use black folks with voices that are obvious a black person. No medium is spared the box ticking cuntishness.

  21. If it’s the BBC what would you expect, honesty? The cunts live in a parallel universe where in Britain white British are not 87% of the population but 8.7% of the population.

  22. I imagine if you work for the BBC you can say to your boss….” can I have the day off tomorrow…..I want to go and sit on the M25 and bring down capitalism and save the planet.”
    He ( yes, white, middle aged, posh Public Schoolboy) will say….”sure, i’ll be watching on the screens and if the fascist police arrest you i’ll phone your dad at his chambers and he’ll give them a rocket. He’ll probably phone Cressida and get some of them sacked. Dreadful oiks.

  23. I’m quite fond of Channel 81, Talking Pictures TV. It has old films and series, plus old information and history shorts.
    On Sunday morning there was a short from 1959, old cine film from Southend, packed beaches and funfair, everyone having a good time.
    Reminded me of my childhood holidays.
    Happy days.
    I’ve never seen so many white faces in a short film.
    Jon Snow would be outraged.
    Fuck him.

    • Jack TC , it’s often more interesting to watch old archives of tv in from the 1960’s right up to the early 80’s
      So much more informative even the mundane looks more interesting than the diet of shit they call TV today
      So fuck em they can have it

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