Lily Allen (14) – She’s back at it again

Don’t cry honey, nobody would even know who you were without your dad or his friends.

A fuck you/ It’s not fair (see what I did there) cunting for our favorite musical mong aka Lily Allen. Allegedly music bosses knew her (in a biblical sense) she is now going to cunt them in a new album with naming and shaming. Lily a word to the wise, It ain’t going to end well.

Lily for the love of Christ why don’t you devote your self to dinghy riders and other peaceful cunts, better still take the motor out for a spin and ram a large tree or something?

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I felt abused listening to her mockney music back in the 2000’s.

Nominated by – Cuntymort


59 thoughts on “Lily Allen (14) – She’s back at it again

  1. Why doesn’t she move into that shit hole in Calais that she so loves? She loves all the 25 year old, Nike wearing, gold chain wearing, muscle bound, hard done too blokes who reside there. Or why doesn’t she move into her ivory tower and spout some more shit.

  2. Fricking pissflaps from hell the sheriff from stranger things married this twat?! That is fucking weird what the fuck when this happen lmao first i’m hearing of it wonder how long that will last good luck to the stunned cunts the both of them

  3. Nearly as bad as ‘Dave’ Cameron when it comes to slumming for the proles.

    Educated at Bedales but sings like a slapper from Peckham. Supposedly grew up on a Portsmouth council estate but went to a string of independent and public schools.

    They can’t all have been scholarships.

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