Lily Allen (14) – She’s back at it again

Don’t cry honey, nobody would even know who you were without your dad or his friends.

A fuck you/ It’s not fair (see what I did there) cunting for our favorite musical mong aka Lily Allen. Allegedly music bosses knew her (in a biblical sense) she is now going to cunt them in a new album with naming and shaming. Lily a word to the wise, It ain’t going to end well.

Lily for the love of Christ why don’t you devote your self to dinghy riders and other peaceful cunts, better still take the motor out for a spin and ram a large tree or something?

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I felt abused listening to her mockney music back in the 2000’s.

Nominated by – Cuntymort


59 thoughts on “Lily Allen (14) – She’s back at it again

  1. Don’t cry, Lily. There’s still plenty of dinghy’s getting through.
    You won’t run out of cock anytime soon.
    Get To Fuck.

  2. Fat “gankled”, sloppy vocal’d, over exposed cum bucket!

    Been in the states?
    Been on the phone to “team” Mexit?

    Like every other wimminz in show business, she has climbed the greasy pole with 30% talent and 70% head-“motion”.

    I bet she will sell a few thousand copies-mostly to blokes she has “had”-who will only buy to see if they are mentioned😉

    What a cunt🤔

  3. How predictable. Lily joins the #metoo movement! A little late but it’s a crowded marketplace out there, know what me sayin’ innit? I wonder who this “senior figure in the music industry “ might be? Could his initials be SC i wonder? I doubt it……i’m sure he’s got better taste than that.

    • The SC you mention allegedly likes to play the b-side on the record, if you catch my drift. Mind you, Lily Allen does resemble a greasy adolescent boy so stranger things have happened.

      • And Philip Schofield and many others.

        Can’t hide the gayness voice. Big giveaway. Like trying to hide full blown sweary tourettes in a library.

        SC has gayness voice.

      • One of the giveaways is his ‘closing’ his eyes when a scantily-clad slut or several sluts used to appear on his talent shows, as if their bosomy bustling would sway a seasoned executive of the recording industry.

        ‘I’m so heterosexual I have to close my eyes before I’m overcome with lust’.

        They’re dogs, mate.

  4. I have managed a few big companies in the past, and owned a few smaller ones.

    Thankfully I didn’t earn millions.

    If I had then the sexual harassment claims from my past female staff would be never ending.

    They never go after the allegeded sexual preditors that are skint.

  5. Jeez. What an attention seeking mong.

    Just shut the fuck up. No one is listening and no one is interested.

  6. If I was a record company boss, I wouldn’t be wasting my time with some tart who looks like she gives £2 blowjobs to tramps in order to earn her drug money for the day.

    • I’m sure any self respecting tramp would rather spend his two quid on cheap cider rather than waste it on this immo loving old slag.

  7. Stop crying Lilly you mardarse.
    You had to spread your legs and take some old wizened cock?
    So did your dad(allegedly) and hes not crying.
    No! He cant smile wide enough.
    Its what you do for your craft.
    Your art.
    Some Michael winner looking fat music exec shot his baby gravy all over your face?
    Pick up your sodden knickers and smile 😁
    The show must go on.

  8. How the fuck can this druggy old skank remember the names of who has been up her anyway?
    That fanny has seen more traffic than the Blackwall Tunnel for fucks sake.

    • All this talk of her fanny is making for an uneasy breakfast.
      Best get some fresh air.
      Morning, Freddie.

      • I was disappointed by those nude celebrity photos. I was hoping for the one of Emily Thornberry topless in her gold lame’ bloomers, with the “dick hole” fully exposed for when Lammy hasn’t got the patience to pull them down to give her one.

  9. Bloody hell, she jumps on more bandwagons than blokes these days!

    Check your white privilege, you vacuous tart. And why not donate some of your wealth to those dinghy riders from France you so much care about!

    Better still have some of them stay in your various abodes for a few years, and then at least all your virtue signalling bullshit will have been at least mostly genuine.

    We await your response!

  10. She is beginning to look a bit “Karen Carpenter” in that recent photo of her in the Daily Wail.

    Clearly there are some brain wiring problems with dear Lily. Her father is a giant cunt, so much of her shortcomings are, sadly (for her) congenital.

    The best thing she could do is to take up cycling in Central London.

  11. I don’t think I’d bang her actually. Not fit and there’s no dirty angle. She’s just an annoying, pretentious, spoilt cunt.

  12. She was somehow popular for 5 minutes in the mid 2000s and yet for some reason still appears in the news despite having done nothing since. At least Kerry katona had big tits.

  13. Only got noticed by flashing her tits and snatch, maybe soon to branch out into the film business albeit a hastily made Snuff movie involving a gang of well hung boat Ch!mps.! That would be worth a quick J.Arthur.

  14. These social climbers that split the whisker never give back any awards or the money. Truth is they are just high paid prostitutes with profile. Better learn to keep your mouth shut after the last BJ or the truth will be known. Typical damsel in distress where her ‘Woke’ followers will crowd around to protect her from the ones that know how she got there.
    All the women I have employed have passed the CV rubbish bin, any hint of being ‘Woke’ gets binned. Welcome to the real world ‘Woke’ male or female, you will never get to an interview with me or get to play with my family jewels!

  15. Any cunt on here who wants to fuck this old scrubber needs to be kept away from washing lines and defenceless animals.
    Especially sheep and goats.

    • That must be the reason that CC and RTC havent posted. You know what those 2 are like for getting the horn.

  16. Fucking amazing, i knew the only way she got into the music biz was because she sucked some so called talent scouts cock until his head caved in.
    She will do and say anything for a bit of attention, she has a range of sex toys, makes sure everyone get more than a flash of her twat for a bit of publicity, this wanna be Megain Sparkle is a whore in more than one sense of the word.
    Hopefully whoever she mentions will sue the cunt for every penny she ever earned horizontally or vertically.
    She obviously knows no one is going to buy her fucking album on the strength of its musical merits [ cuz there wont be much of that], it will be more braindead mockney lyrics that my Jack Russel could do better on.
    You live by the sword, you die by the sword, fuck off Lilly, surely a career in rough porn or Iceland adds beckons….

  17. Crikey! If anybody really did try it on with her then a visit to Specsavers or a psychologist (or both) might be required. I can’t even look at it full face – so thanks for the pic which hides half of a very ugly boat!

    • Yes, she has a sickly, Owen Jones-esque countenance.

      You’d need to be on the verge of the vinegar strokes with another bird to nut over Lily.

  18. If they banned all social media for a month, then virtue signalling attention seeking tossers like this tart would either top themselves or go completely mad.

  19. ??huh?
    Don’t get it. in the article, she talks about waking up naked at 5am and being aware of somebody beside her in bed, then being alarmed, grabbing her stuff, and running out of ‘his’ room and back to her own.
    What was she doing there in the first place?
    What a fucking skank.

  20. To quote Sir Bernard Manning (would’ve been knighted if we were a real country), ‘ I bet she’s flattened some grass in her time.’

    Or ‘Seen more ceilings than Michaelangelo.’

  21. If she was forced into sex acts why didn’t she bite his cock? Bit of a legal grey area, sex acts for favours, suddenly remembered years later to publicise the new album. Maybe she should transition into a bloke and make him lick his pussy in revenge? The large majority of female to male transexuals keep their fannies, which is good to know in case of emergency, such as if stranded with one on a desert island and the goat gets fucked to death..

  22. She just loves getting seen t by these migrant types, doesn’t she?
    If you want a total cunt and a knickerless shagnasty pissed up scrag end, then she’s the one.

    If only everything was as reliable as Lily Mong.

  23. Her dad is a fucking cunt trumpet and all. I had the pleasure of seeing the obnoxious bald mouthy cunt getting deservedly slapped more than once in Manchester clubs over the years.

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