Jacinda Ardern (4) Hero to Zero

Jacinda Ardern! The cunts cunt! The ayatollah of zero COVID and savior of all man kind! Does she go and meet the positive cases and heal them personally while signalling to an aid to take them to the oven!

The red rum lookalike learnt well from the evil Blair!

I would throw her one if the lights were dimmed but would need to shower in the morning!

P.s the world is watching you too you cunt!!!

Sorry about the randomness! Long time listener, first time cunter!

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Nominated by: Shit cunt

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49 thoughts on “Jacinda Ardern (4) Hero to Zero

  1. Jacinda…Jacinda….

    In some photos she looks almost fuckable. In others she looks like an old haridan wearing Red Rum’s dentures.

    Regardless, she’s a woke loon that’s turned NZ into a prison colony.

  2. In the photo she’s saying “this is how big Blair told me his cock was. The cunt was lying as usual.”

    • Julia Dreyfus is a definite.

      She was as fit as fuck in Seinfeld and Curb your Enthusiasm.
      She still is.

  3. Blimey, two ugly wimminz trouts on the bounce this morning, both of them as mad and as woke as bucket full of used condoms.

    Seems that NZ is under more lockdowns and restrictions than ever before, and yet she seems to be totally ambivalent to the total shambles she has created under her “Zero Covid” strategy!

    How the fuck she won the last election is beyond my understanding, but the cunts that voted for her only have themselves to blame for their new Prison Life

    • Conspiracy types love saying certain women in power are trans men. Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama, Melinda Gates etc etc.

      • Obummer is a beast of a woman. If he/she/it is indeed a woman and not a lizard in a suit.

      • Joan Rivers: Everyone knows Michelle is s tranny

        Dead not long after saying that I heard. Coincidence? Probably but you be the judge of that.

        I’ve seen some mad footage of Michael Obama (as Barack once ‘accidentally’ called her). Big schlong swinging in her pants and all sorts.

        It’s fucked up and weird at the very least.

  4. It’s certainly amusing that New Zealand has turned into a de facto communist state.
    All these politico cunts do like playing the Look At Me and My Commandments card.

    Is it a game?who can ruin their society the quickest?

    Woke Wankers.
    This cunt could eat an apple through a fucking letterbox.

  5. ”some old cunters fancy the arse off Shergar,”

    If this is so then RTC should be named and shamed.

  6. She’s a mental this ‘un.

    The vaccinations just protect against serious illness and death for the overwhelming majority, and yes, protects many from even catching it.

    However, covid can still be passed among the vaccinated, so demanding zero covid means you’ll always be in lockdown, the stupid horsed faced cunt.

    Would I give her one? Maybe, but she’s not giving me a gobble with those gnashers.

    • If I were the paranoid type, I’d say that permanent lockdown (for us plebs) was the goal…

  7. I’d consider giving her a lick whilst she gnashes out the crud from under my toenails with those glorious choppers.

  8. New Zealand is finished like the rest of the western world, thanks to Shergar Adern, notice something cunters?, she now has control as she took away the people’s firearms, an old communist trick, what a cunt she really is!!!!

  9. The New Zealand Jo Cox, and Muffin the Mule look-a-like ( Yes, I am showing my age ) has endowed the once beautiful backdrop to many a Hobbit Movie, to a semblance of Khabul in the latter stages of today.s chaos. Hug a rug and Camel Fanciers abound and the Nation is spiralling to the burden of extended families of many thousands, each demanding ( of course ) preferential treatment to any of the other populations.

    As far as Goofy Tooth’s politics, she is a fucking Blair Doll of Cooper type, and that makes her one hell of a cunt, and a titless one to boot. Good nom this.

  10. Apparently somebody at Davos dismissed her as “a slightly less annoying Trudeau with an easier country to run”. Talk about bad judgement; she’s way more annoying than Trudeau, by a factor of .

    Can’t stand the sight of the woman.

  11. The poster girl of woke, progressive politics, anti white racism, de facto communism and we love Covid it’s so terrifying lets lock a healthy population down forever insanity.

    She’s also a Skeletor meets Red Rum lookalike… and a cunt.

  12. I hope they keep NZ locked down for good.

    A few years ago I was about to have my dinner when I heard a knocking on the door…when the Hounds and I answered there was a youngish couple stood there. The lad said that he was some distant relative from New Zealand and this was his girlfriend….they were obviously looking for a meal and bed. I asked him his name and luckily he pronounced the surname differently to the way that it is pronounced up here…told him that I’d never heard of the family,shut the door and went back to my tinned-pies.

    Sponging Sods.

    • The Hobbit can fucking stay in New Zealand too…thieving Cunt is probably related to Warwick Davis.

    • Are your French Chefs still giving you Fray Bentos pies in your dining halls, Dick? You should fire them.

      • I would never allow a Froggie anywhere near my food,MMCM….I am an epicurist with a sophisticated palate..their vinegary wine and desire to eat slimy things that live under stones would not stack up well against my Frosty Jack/Special Brew (with a vodka depth-charge) shandy and beautifully prepared and presented tinned pies and cannonball peas ( the delicately-flavoured “jus” is H.P. sauce..that’s how fucking classy I am)

  13. Definitely a chip off the old Blair block but far more dangerous because she can’t be bought.
    Fucking wokie fanatic, loves the Peacefuls. This bitch will ruin that country.
    Looks like America, Australia and NZ are going to go down the shitter before us so it might inspire cunts in this country to wake up before it’s too late.
    It’s worth hoping for anyway.

    • Aussie truckers are planning to grind their country to a halt. My money is defo on the revolution starting there first, then that might inspire the French to go full hog too.

      Here’s hoping.

    • I’m quite liking the closed borders, no new foreigners and the uncompromising Avengers villian Premier Mc Lemongrab, hello and stay away from castle New Holland. Life is largely the same here while the rest of the world has gone to shit
      As for horse face Jacinta, I suspect she is Richard Branson in drag. Have they ever been seen together? I think we should be told.

  14. Women are shit at politics. (except for one exception). Politics is a mans game. The more women are involved in Western politics the further down the drain we go.

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