Wimbledon (3)

Come on Andy!

The Royal Box at Wimbledon is in sore need of a mass cunting. Apart from the Oscars and Baftas, I can’t think of an event or place where so many utter cunts are gathered together at the same time.

For a start, it’s not a box but seems to take up an entire fucking stand. I could understand if it was a little gold-plated box where Her Majesty could have a sit-down with whoever’s been anointing the royal bristols since Phillips’s demise. Perhaps a basket for a favoured corgi and kneeling space for one or two slaves.

Instead we have an embankment the size of the South Downs in which the likes of hee-hawing Prince William, Eddie ‘bearded-pedos-in-dresses-are-women’ Redmayne and whichever fucking Beckham needs a bit of camera time can sit and gloat to their heart’s content, along with an endless collection of other cunts who will never have to stand in a queue, catch a bus or pay to watch a fucking movie (or tennis match for that matter).

I could understand if the stand opposite had a small balcony for a sniper to pick the cunts off one by one, or even better a mounted great fucking sten gun to make a giant cunt-mince but no, it’s just a swathe of seats for lesser cunts.

What’s more, the fuckers are placed behind the service line so that they don’t even have to hurt their wringeable necks watching the ball being tapped from left to right.

I had more to say but I’ve wound myself up so much I’m off to have a poo and a lie-down until I feel better.


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88 thoughts on “Wimbledon (3)

  1. Fuck tennis.
    The UK is to give France another 54 million quid, to help them stop illegal gimmegrants making their way to dear old Blighty.
    What a laughingstock we are.
    Led by fucking donkeys.
    Get To Fuck.

    • Just the 54 mil Jack??

      Sure we aren’t throwing in a couple of passenger ferries an all?

      I’m sure it’ll be money well spent anyway.

      • We should just spend the 54 million on nukes to bomb the shit out of the Frenchies. A few mines and torpedoes for the Channel will also do nicely.

  2. Women’s tennis has had a reputation for serious sexual harassment against younger players for donkeys years. Nothing has been done about it, there’s been no #metoo type backlash, nobody has been prosecuted. The reason being, is that it hasn’t been carried out by horrible men, but by older tuppence lickers, who are beyond reproach.
    To date, no one has gone to jail and never will.

  3. By some stroke of extraordinary luck I managed to completely miss Wimbledon 2021 , didn’t see a single second of the fist pumping or the ladies grunting like a pregnant sow’s , I somehow know who won both the singles titles but couldn’t tell you who they beat , neither do I care , Wimbledon is a titanic borerathon and belongs on some fucking obscure channel watched by virtually nobody, so I suppose it found it’s natural home on the BBC
    Fuck Wimbledon
    Fuck the BBC

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