Sha’Carri Richardson


She has been dropped from the Yankee Olympic team for testing for cannabis, which, although not a performance enhancer is still a prescribed drug.

And her reaction? – Cos I is black, innit.

‘The Olympics Don’t Care About Black Athletes. They Never Did.’

True enough, we have never celebrated black athletes. From Jesse Owens, through Daley Thomson to Usain Bolt, these athletes have been shunned and ignored by the shameful racists of the Olympic Commitee.

How the fuck these blacks perform with such huge chips on their shoulders is a mystery.


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46 thoughts on “Sha’Carri Richardson

  1. Daley Thompson. Decathlon World, Olympic and European Champion, plus world record holder simultaneously. A true legend. Also, he took the right piss out of Carl ‘I’ve never taken drugs honest’ Lewis when he did his gold medal lap of honour at the 1984 Olympics wearing a tee shirt which asked the (fair) question “Is the world’s second greatest athlete gay?”
    Those were the days!

  2. When it looks at its own reflection in a muddy puddle 6 miles from its village, I wonder if it asks itself “Just what fucking look am I aiming for?”
    I certainly have no idea.

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