Sha’Carri Richardson


She has been dropped from the Yankee Olympic team for testing for cannabis, which, although not a performance enhancer is still a prescribed drug.

And her reaction? – Cos I is black, innit.

‘The Olympics Don’t Care About Black Athletes. They Never Did.’

True enough, we have never celebrated black athletes. From Jesse Owens, through Daley Thomson to Usain Bolt, these athletes have been shunned and ignored by the shameful racists of the Olympic Commitee.

How the fuck these blacks perform with such huge chips on their shoulders is a mystery.


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46 thoughts on “Sha’Carri Richardson

  1. When will non native gingers realise that gingers, daywalkers (gingerbeards) and those that are carriers for the ginger gene think they look like orangutans. Stop it!

  2. Rupaul’s drag race.
    Aaaah-now I get it😀

    Silly bender should stick to “twerking” in kindergarten classes🤔

  3. Those bloody racists!
    Outrageous that she cant test positive for drugs,
    As a person of colour she can do as she damn well pleases and anyone says different is a nazi.
    She ran the 100m in 10seconds but can do it in 6seconds with your wallet.
    If you remember it you weren’t there, man…

  4. What is it with black Yanks and these stupid made up names they give their brats? Is it a competition to see who can come up with the biggest cunt name? Drugs or no drugs she should be banned for being named after a corner shop.
    Twat parents.

  5. Hideous racism at it’s worst.

    It’s time that we checked our white privilege,got educated and accept that People of Colour are never in the wrong….all Sooties must be allowed to wave the “get out of jail free” card every time some vile bigot spouts dares to suggest that they may be in the wrong…although,no, that doesn’t go far enough…it must be made illegal to even suggest such a thing in the first place.

    Dark-keys are blameless and don’t you dare suggest otherwise,you vile racists….now,take a knee while Rastus does you up the wrong ‘un and don’t forget to say “thank you,Oh immaculate one, and please forgive this despicable whitey for being the cause of every fucking problem,real or imagined, in history”

  6. How the fuck she ever manages to run 100m with those hideous false eyelashes obscuring her view is anyone’s guess.

    They look like a pair of Bird Eating Spiders nestling just above her eyes.

    What an arsehole.

  7. Jesse Owens should be stripped of his gold medals.
    He obviously cheated at the 1936 Olympics.
    Spoilt it for Adolf and the German people.
    Owens was clearly drugged up,
    A cheat, a disgrace, and a obvious addict,
    Bet he stole from the locker rooms too?

    • MNC@ – And the funniest thing? Jesse Owens was wearing running shoes created by German cobbler Adolf Dassler at the 1936 Olympics, said footwear now called “Adidas” so our darkened chums have been using them to run away from a white man with a pistol for longer than we thought! 😀
      Dasslers Brother also invented Puma.

  8. Perhaps an oversight by the Yank Olympic officials?
    Maybe they didn’t tell her there wasn’t a medal for the biggest whining cunt ?
    Just Fuck Off.


  9. Not only does “she” have huge chips on her shoulder, but a nice piece of cod, curry sauce, mushy peas and a couple of scallops, with a generous sprinkling of salt ‘n’ vinegar!

    The cunt tested for cannabis: clearly her advisors/coach/medical team, weren’t doing their job correctly if they thought they could hoodwink the Olympic Committee.

    But because they have been found out for the dopey (ha!) cunts they are, they’ve pulled out the good old R card, and turned nasty on the evil old whitey committee, hoping that they will suffer white guilt and reverse their racist decision.

    I suppose the next whinge will be that if black athletes get beaten fair-and-square in any competition by a whitey, they will suggest its all down to white privilege, or better funding for whitey, or better this, that or the other.

    Never mind about the past and the legions of black athletes who achieved genuine greatness. That doesn’t suit the current narrative. And I suppose black athletes at these Games will not only BtK but also give the good old Black Power Salute on the medals rostrum.

    Same old shite

  10. They are all on fucking drugs!!!! This cunt just got caught. She should have pulled the same excuse as that snow boarder years ago, passive smoking puff at a party innit.
    Christ she is one ugly cunt.

    • I had never heard of the cunt but the first thing I thought when I zoomed in on the nom picture was… 🎶”Transformers, faggabots in disguise”🎶

  11. ‘Tis lucky for this foul apparation there is no test for hideousness!
    It just takes a few of these chippy race baiters being banned for racially aggravated hate speech and facing legal action and they will realise they no longer get a free pass and this nonsense will stop.
    “It cos I blik & ting” 🙄
    No, it’s because you are a cheat.

  12. Just from reading that article you know that this shitfest is going to be an orgy of virtue signalling. Knee taking, clenched fists, disrespecting the flag and the anthem and there’s fuck all the IOC can do about it. All they can do is take away the medals but that would leave them up to their necks in very expensive court cases, all of which they would lose. You leave the sporting door ajar for politics and a whole bunch of cunts kick it in and take over the house. Bad luck on the people of Japan for drawing this particular Olympics but I won’t be watching and i’m sure I won’t be alone.

    • I wouldn’t be watching if it was being held in my back garden but this year promises to be a real shitfest. If it’s not cancelled, that is.

  13. I imagine if she was of any other caste she would of received the same punishment, melanin overdose is no excuse, drugs are bad M’kay cunt!!!

  14. If what she says is anywhere near correct, would it not be best for all black athletes to boycott the event? Da bruvvas and sistas should stick together on this one. I’m sure that losing sponsorships and endorsements wouldn’t even begin to come into it. It’s all about respec innit bruv?

    • And why do these outbursts go unchallenged? In what way do they not care? It’s a bit like me saying my boss is being horrible to me and everyone calls him a cunt. But the truth could be that I’m a lazy, militant, trouble maker and he’s just asking me to do my job.
      I suppose the truth gets in the way of a good story, especially a race baiting one.

  15. And then came the day, the day when the really bad people came, dark key cried ‘ Wolf ‘
    And nobody listened.
    Get To Fuck.

  16. This outrageous cruelty to these little lady athletes needs a strong response. Dame Keir will take the knee again. Just give him a minute to find his corsets, truss, elasticated stockings and incontinence knickers. Diane Abbott was going to join him, but in rehearsals, she rocked herself to sleep trying to get up again.

  17. There’s a Ugandan athlete who tried to run off as he wanted to live in Japan. Top idea mate you won’t stand out at all in one of the worlds hardest place to get a permanent visa.

    • They’ll give him a job at the Fukashima Nuclear power station,sweeping up glowing dolphins and such.
      Or they might just hang the evil cunt.

      • Silly cunt should have come here. Just waltz in no problem. Bring your 3 wives and 17 kids, we’ll pay for the fuckers.

    • If anyone doesn’t know to get a visa to live in Japan you need to be fully employed with a company that vouches for you. To live there permanently you need to have lived and worked there for 10 years. That’s why they don’t have immigration issues, well apart from cunty Nova type TEFL teachers.

  18. The cops have raided our house many times so me and the missus now leave our weed at the bank.
    We’ve got a joint account….

  19. I am sure this poor girls plight resonates with Linford Christie – cheated out of a run in the final and chance of a medal with a duff false start DQ at the Atlanta Olympics.
    I would make an example and start banning people from representing their Country if they behave like this whining cheat.
    This reminds me of the English wimminz footballer who was dropped for shit performances (how could they tell? 😀) and being toxic in the dressing room and immediately claimed waycism.
    Send madam pothead to South Africa, for that “more civilised and less racist experience”.

  20. Well I have every sympathy with this poor victimised woman of colour, as you may imagine.

    It is white people’s fault that she took an illegal substance in the first place.

    If there weren’t laws, then no offence would’ve been committed, would it? And who made the laws?

    White males, of course!

    And yes, the black athletes may get more medals, more fame, more fortune and be more likely to be given a job as a TV pundit, but she knows that the white officials and crowd members are all kkk members who are itching to string her up if she turns her back on them for a second.

    Indeed, has one noticed how they edit out the black athletes sometimes?

    Does anyone really believe, for one minute, that a white man, Alan Wells, actually won the men’s Olympic 100 metres in 1980?

    Obviously, his real name was Alshawn DeWells-Thompson and they used special effects to fake his race.

    It’s a fucking disgrace!

  21. What brought on the naming of black childrenz using De or Sha or even La infront of a more common name. Like the name Marcus would become Demarcus. Just wanting to be different n’shit?

  22. What’s the chances that Me-Again & HRH (He’s Really Hewitt) have been on the telephone expressing condolences for the oppression suffered and also offered a complimentary qualification for the invictus games to cure those hurty feelings🤔

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