Teaching The Achievements of Black People

From The Independent
If children don’t learn about the achievements of Black people, what hope is there for future racial equality?

Bigging Up Black People

What hope indeed. This culled from the Independent a newspaper apparently. Written by one Beverly Daniel Tatum. Dont know if this writer is one thing or the other. Perhaps a trannie hedging it’s bets.

We dont teach the great black writers because we are racist. Structurally and institutionally naturally. Let’s have a look at why this is:-

Chaucer, Shakespear even Dickens, the Brontes and so on predate black writing let alone the ‘great’ black authors.
So what are we supposed to be teaching at the expense of these white supremacists?

Some cunters may know of ‘great’ black writers. I’m fucked if I do.
Yet again, for the sake of inclusivity we must lower standards. Only a matter of time (hinted at in some universities) before maths, physics and chemistry go out the window in the cause of inclusivity. And Rastus getting the Nobel prize for Physics for passing GCSE.

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  1. @Admins:

    I gave just received intelligence that the producers of BBC televisions “Crimewatch” are looking to Sue IsAC for using an image from their criminal photo-fit section, as the header for this nom.

    • A right bunch of ne’er do wells if ever I’ve seen such – better pull it now before you get a writ served.


  2. If you want a greater future for black people do away with gangster rap Its not doing any good for them

    At least Funk and reggae had its moments gangster rap is all fucking shit

  3. Achievements in the field of medicine :
    De doktah say for you to get some leaves from da moringa tree an wrap them round ya member … All them sores an’ de pus oozin’ outtaya nob will go away.
    Dem leaves is also very good at healin’ open fractures. (Wid de ends of de bones a’ stick in’ outta de skin )
    In fact, clinical trials carried out by specialists at de Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria have shown dat de leaves mend de bones in jus’a couple of days whereas if you was bein’ treated by them white privileged doktahs who repair dem bones by performing’ intricate surgery in 100% sterile theatres it would take weeks for you to recover.

  4. I remember now! There were great things that came out of the nation of Wakanda!

    Oh. Wait…

  5. Desmond Morris proved that primates could be educated, and that evolution within the ape populations would produce speech.

    Educating apes was quickly taken up by Brooke Bond and PG Tips. The results were encouraging.

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