Dem BBC Fam Innit, boi! (47)

Non-British Broadcasting Corporation.

I was checking on the health of Sasha Johnson and came across this that I never knew existed:-

BBC Pidgin Speak

I don’t know if it’s been cunted before, but an uneducated website written by someone with a mental age of ten, trying to sound hard, with no respect for the British, really is taking the piss.

It’s bad enough having to admit that the Welsh language is British, without having part of the licence fee going to a bunch of thick as pigshit, pigeon brained, Pidgin mumbling, white hating cunts.

I was actually concerned that Sasha would not survive.

I hope she lives with permanent disfigurement and disablement. A living testimony to exactly how the people she claims are mistreated behave.

Nominated by: Duke of Cuntshire

54 thoughts on “Dem BBC Fam Innit, boi! (47)

  1. This isn’t a language. It’s the demented and illiterate lingo of an uneducated subset that are too lazy to talk correctly. Trust the BBC to cater to every ludicrous minority – at your expense. Cunts.

    • Just defund the humourless, woke, anti-white, anti-straight, anti-british, privelleged virtual signalling public schoolboys club.
      The sooner these self-important, over-paid arse lickers are sacked, the better off we’ll be.
      All aboard the ship of fools – destination : bottom of the ocean (apologies fish, crabs & mermaids).

  2. Jesus Christ, just how low will the BBC stoop to be as diverse and “street” as possible with the Gen Zs?

    Whatever next? The BBC news teams all dressed in Gangsta street gear and baseball caps, and saying “Yo, de word on da street dat de queen ting of england is out, man, caught a cap in da ass while in da ‘hood. laterz niggaz”

    • Fiona Bruce on QT talking about “Da Brexit n sheeet” while John Craven on Countryfile in his do-rag does a segment on “De rural racism for da brothers”.

  3. Didn’t know this existed, would not have believed it until I read it (or rather attempted to read this drivel) with my own eyes. I can only conclude that the BBC is awash with money and is desperately searching for ways to spend it.

    • I don’t think that the BBC is ‘awash with money’, it is just that common sense left their building some time ago.

  4. Fucking BBC. Did you see that BBC reporter cunt who was chased by the anti lockdown mob? All the politicians and media cunts are crying about it. The Jellyfish said “journalists must be allowed to do their job in a democratic society” What fucking journalists? They are all propagandists now you soppy cunt. Did you think we hadn’t noticed? Apparently they called him “sc*m” and “traitor”. Fucking right! The traitor in question used to be a political editor on the Guardian. Guilty as charged……take him down!

  5. Haha! Monkey chatter in the UK paid by compulsory taxation.
    What a marvellous jape!

    Gas them all.

  6. ITV news late last night first and main report about the damning conclusion of corruption in the Met following an inquiry into the failed investigation of a murder in 1987. 6am today Radio4, not even a mention of it until reporting the headlines in today’s papers at 06:08. switched it off at 06;13. Does the BBC have a problem reporting on corruption?

    • To the BBC, corruption is probably standard operating practice so it goes unnoticed.

    • What they should have been reporting on was the humiliation of Lord Hall (Dear Tony) at the Parliamentary select committee yesterday morning. About 8th on the list on BBC News At Ten last night. Lord hall should be thinking about a quiet room, a bottle of Scotch and the mess Webley. I was channel hopping and caught 2 items one about the Met. Police report and the other about the Biden/Putin summit. What I heard wasn’t news reporting but speculation about what would happen over the next couple of days. Can’t they just report the news?

  7. I taught myself this language so that I could communicate wid me peeps in da hood…..It’s surprisingly easy really…should bellow ” YO, N*GGA , WHEREUM DA CHIGGUN” out of the pickup window as you drive past ….I’d recommend a decent clear stretch of road in front of you….the buggers seem awfully keen to find out more about your offer of CHIGGUN and can cover ground remarkably quickly considering that there isn’t even a lion chasing them

    • If you really want to learn this language fully, I’d recommend buying a decent Black+ Decker drill….bore your way through the front of your skull…insert a pencil into the hole and have a good root around.

      That should do it.

    • ….either the drill method or go to a party dressed as Sasha Johnson and diss one of your bruvvas.

  8. Expect the next episode of University Challenge to look something like this:-

    Chiggun George, Oxford versus Da Martin Luther King Sistaz, Cambridge

    Panel Host – Bimber Gascoigne, innit

    Gasgoine (wrapping a Doobie) “Yo, ‘sup to my fam!”

    Students (shooting heroin and shit in arms) “sweet!”

    Gasgoine “First up. no chattin’ no conferring….

    Student “Yo! Wazzat, man?”

    Gasgoine “means zip it, boi”

    Student “Safe!”

    Gasgoine “Starter for 10 then…whoz got the stash on 4th and 8th? And who rolled Bigger Smalls on 7th?”

    I’ll give it a couple of years for that nightmare vision to actually become reality!

    • I hope when Sasha Johnson walks into a room from now on people scream, kids cry and old ladies faint just by looking at her.
      Also that she makes a whistling sound when the wind blows through her bullet wound.
      Piece of piss!
      My grandfather had pidgin lofts,
      ‘ccoo n coo ncoo n”
      Dat dem fineass talkin bwana.

      • I hope the machine is switched off so we can have a state funeral……

    • I think I might have dear old Bamber G in the dead pool so it will have to be sooner than a couple of years.
      Jeremy Paxman (the last decent journalist at the BBC) has early stages Parkinsons so it will be interesting to see who replaces him. My money would be on Andi Oliver, she seems to be on everything at the moment.

      • That lazy cunt Jay from da repair shop. Let da uvvers get on wiv fixing tings. Jay keeps dem of da work and wit him gone, da shop can fit in an extra ting to fix every show.

  9. Some of you cunts appear to have got the wrong end of the stick here. This isn’t Brixton street chat fam, this is proper pidgin English aimed at the BBC’s world wide African audience. I believe it’s based on Nigerian lingo, that being the most populous country on the Dark Continent.
    Which reminds me…..
    Do any of you remember England v Nigeria at Wembley, June 2018? Delle Ali was booed at every touch by thousands of “British-Nigerians”. (yeah we’ve got plenty of the cunts over here) This was because his deadbeat father was a Nigerian so they felt he should be playing for them. This despite the fact that he was born and raised in Milton fucking Keynes and probably knows about as much about Nigeria as I do.
    Did anybody complain about this racist booing then? Did anybody suggest that cunts should go down on one knee to protest about this terrible racism. Like fuck they did.
    I’ve just looked up the BBC report, Dele is mentioned for his performance but nothing else. There are extensive quotes from Wokegate and a video interview. The cunt doesn’t mention it and nobody asks him about it.
    So an England player gets boos and racist abuse on the pitch and it’s not a story? Some drug dealing Yank cunt gets offed resisting arrest ……….now that’s a fucking story!!
    Fuck you BBC. Fuck you FA. Fuck you wokies. Fuck all you fucking hypocrite bastards.

    • total respec’, innit (or whatever the Nigerian version is (done in bongo drums I think))

  10. A service, no doubt, dreamed up by some middle class white ‘boi’ attempting to ‘break through to those neglected effnik minorities within our inner city communities’ or some other bollocks.

    How the fuck this can be deemed a public service? The trouble with the Al Ja Beeba is that it strives to be a ‘worldwide service’ whilst insisting that its follies are funded exclusively by the British people.

    Fuck off.

    • Not funded “exclusively” by the British people. They make a shitload of money selling their programmes abroad. But they just bung it in with our money and piss it all up the wall on globalist, wokie anti British propaganda. I may have mentioned this once or twice before but I fucking hate the fucking BB fucking C.

      • I didn’t know that, Freddie, all the more for revoking the licence fee. Not that it will ever happen.

        On a lighter note, the BBC Licencing goons have written to me and told me to expect a visit from one of their goons tomorrow. I am quaking with fear. I have told those cunts that the house is undergoing major refurbishment and I neither have receiving equipment or a set. The cunts just don’t listen.

        If Mr Crapita turns up I will just tell him to go and make love with his own arsehole.

      • Good one. There are vids on YouTube giving you legal advice and what to say to the cunts, what your rights are etc.
        Might be worth having a look.

      • It’s my understanding you merely need to tell them to get off your property and say no more to them. That’s my plan of action anyway, although I might add that my Ring doorbell is videoing them trespassing on my property.

        If I had a dog I’d set if on them. If they give me notice of a visit I might borrow a friend’s dog for the occasion😁

      • I’m into my fourth year of not paying the BBC extortion tax, Paul. A visit from one of these nincompoops wouldn’t bother me either, in fact I have a feeling I would sincerely enjoy it 😉

      • @paul I’ve had umpteen letters… Will you be in on Xth of whatever. They never show up. Had one visit unannounced while out with the dog. I saw the cunt leave as I returned & drove past me. Cunt had left a scrawl on a card and I’ve never seen any cunt since. Get shitload of junk mail from them which I don’t even open. Darlington postcode on the back of envelope though you can usually tell by message on the front they use to try & scare old & vulnerable. Guy on YouTube gives could advice on regular uploads. Best advice is treat them like any other door to door salesman and don’t even interact with them. This guy has loads of advice…

  11. Listen to the continuity announcers on most channels with their pathetic, faux ‘Accent’ and it’s like listening to Huggy fucking Bear talking about ‘The word on the street’ to Starsky and Hutch.

    I’ve made a point of asking these cunts where they’re from as I don’t recognise their accent as a regional dialect of this country. Always politely, just to see the look on their stupid faces.

    • There’s some over the top Caribbean accent that sometimes reads the news or does the continuity announcements on Radio 4 (last time I listened some years ago). Drive me mad every time I hear it. Lord Reith it ain’t.

      • They get that cut price Robeson fucker to read the shipping forecast fer feck’s sake. That’s just not right.

  12. Men died for freedom in stinking trenches, so a bunch of BBC Marxists can peddle their woke propaganda and cow-tow to the illiterate and the lazy. Fuck the BBC. Fuck every last one of them.

    • Cow tow is the indian version of the AA/RAC/Green Flag. I think you meant Kowtow 😉

  13. It’s about time the Government sat down Timothy Douglas Davie CBE ( Cunt bollock brained egomaniac ) and punched him in the face a bit. This is pissing money down the pan whilst encouraging dem dark keys to come to Britain. We really must be seen as the land of milk and honey if we can spunk cash away on drivel like this. I’m incandescent, literally glowing in the dark, with anger. Nurse, where’s my pills?

  14. Maybe this is an example of B lack literature at its finest?
    And should fit in well with the previous Nom. Ha ha ha ha ha can’t make this fucking shit up.. Just to think some daft cunts pay for this bollocks.

  15. I can’t read that shite but it seems if you say de and put eeee in certain words often enough you’ve mastered it.
    The BBC is a cuntish organisation that needs dropping in the ocean from a great height.
    Fuck off.

  16. BBC are cunts, this Pidgin shit is a load of crap, pointless, the cunts who use this fucked up form of English probably never see the BBC init!
    It just sucks up to the likes of the acclaimed poet who was cunted the other day.

    The BBC are a national disgrace.

  17. Seems the composers of that masterpiece “Um bongo, dey drink eet in de Congo” was right all along.
    Who knew?
    (As the do NOT say in Africunt)

    • “dey drink eet in dee Congo”…hmmm… I’ll admit, I had the occasional Um Bongo as a lad, kinda fizzy fruity but don’t recall it tasting of cow piss, Bilharzia and crocodile shit.

  18. Some years ago now I heard an interview with a man who was, or had been, DG at the BBC.He related how he had received a phone call out of the blue from some politico who asked him “Would you like to be DG at the BBC?” His response to the interviewer was priceless; first some posh equivalent of “Ooh that sounds like fun!” followed by “I think I’ll get a television!”. You couldn’t make up this shit.

  19. Remember when the BBC was the guardian of the English language? What an admission of failure: even the World Service failed to wean the jigs off their filthy patois.

    Clearly in twenty years’ time we’ll all be grunting those half-formed vowels and slipshod consonants, and the language of Shakespeare, Johnson, Dickens and Chesterton will just be an amusing archaism.
    Cunts. Cunts. Cunts.

  20. There’s one who talks on an advert on some London Radio Channel for a Railway company or the Tube. “And remember to wear de face mask on our traynnnsssss”. Are you telling me they couldn’t get someone to speak English correctly? Saying that though he was probably the best English speaking bloke from inner city London.

    • Point being that they’re not remotely interested in getting someone who speaks English correctly. They are concerned wiv ge”ing sumun ta iden’ify wiv ver diverse* wo’evar communi’y inni’. Because the diverse community (sic) is the community taking least notice of social distancing…

      * The cunts can pronounce that, all right.

  21. After having a gander at BBC pidgin. I have requested asylum in the Russian Federation, have been informed that my application will be aided by the fact that I am prepared to learn the language ( speak a little already) I fucking hate all this woke shit, blm means British Leyland Motors and peacefuls ain’t. I want to be a Cossack.

  22. Fuck me, late to the party man as been working me arse off. Deez brethrin talk shit man. Bitch got caped in the arse because she is back innit bros?

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