Another Nail in the Coffin for Free Speech

The death of satire, humour and old fashioned piss taking.

Julie Burchill has been sacked by the daily Torygraph for a racist tweet regarding the Markle parasites. I have no particular liking for Burchill, she was tiresome all those years ago at the NME and I doubt much has changed.

But, what was this racist tweet that was so bad that even the fucking Telegraph was appalled?

Ms Burchill tweeted: “What a missed opportunity! They could have called it Georgina Floydina!”

I dont see any racism there. I do see piss taking out of a pair of self important fucking hypocrites.

But what disturbs me is that a right of centre paper should fire someone for satirising someone on twitter to show it’s woke credentials. That is truly worrying.
Once again Stalin would be glowing with pride.

Julie Burchill Sacked

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

(On reading this I have contacted the DT and cancelled my subscription with them – DA)

61 thoughts on “Another Nail in the Coffin for Free Speech

  1. Is there a possibility that they have used it as an excuse to clear out “dead wood”?
    A bit like Danny Baker with his ill-advised use of a baby chimp image, when Archie was pupped? (The stupid, stupid bastard☹️).

    Maybe such a high profile couple are regarded as the holiest if holy’s..,.

  2. I wrote to the Telegraph supporting Ms. Burchill. Didn’t receive a reply from the rude cunts.

  3. I read about this yesterday and cancelled my online subscription to the Telegraph and have swapped over to the Times. I should have canceeled it when the Sunday Telegraph started a column by a trannie, as though I and every other Telegraph reader gives a flying fucking about trannies.
    You can read JB’s new ‘liberated’column at
    Just for the record, I would, she looks nice and bouncy.

    • If you can’t make fun of tramp Sparkle, who the fuck can you make fun of ?
      She got a neon sign above her head …
      “Riddiculous tart – laugh at me!”

  4. Let’s get her on here – I’d love to read some of her edgy stuff the Cuntygraph won’t publish.

    • I wonder if we DO have any celebricunts on IsAC?
      Stealing all of the precious gags of the shop?

    • Careful. It might make Lord Fiddler’s fancy piece, Gemma Arterton, extremely jealous!

  5. You should’ve cunted the Torygraph. Burchill is a horrid, old bulldýýke but this is neither racist nor offensive,. Au contraire, it’s a good gag.

  6. It’s ok she’ll move to GB news and continue. The Telegraph is another sell out paper to the woke fucks ruining our freedom .

  7. I rarely bother with the Telegraph (or Torygraph, as it was called by Private Eye)

    Despite pretending otherwise the paper has slowly moved to the Left/Woke, while barely giving any lip service to the usual Tory traditions it once held. Principally, conservatism and putting Britain first.

    Just like the modern Tory Party, they’ve jumped ship and pissed off their loyal readership, not just with this article, but with their refusal to open up Comments Section under certain hot topics, thus preventing their readership from offering an opinion in case it causes offence, or doesn’t go with the editorial mindset of the paper.

    The only form of revenge you can take is to cancel your subscription with them, which gives a momentary bout of satisfaction, but then you’re left with fishing around trying to find another rag to read that isn’t Woke!

    • Totally agree. The Telegraph is going to the dogs. More woke than it used to be and scared of what it’s readers have to say.

      I liked Burchell myself. Not scared of saying it how it is. Hopefully she’ll find another home. She still writes the odd article for Spiked.

      • It is now more like the Maily Telegraph, as many of the stories run in there are identical to those found in the same day edition of the Daily Fail.

  8. They should have gone for Chicken Georgina and a tribute to Roots or maybe a name like Betty as a tribute to them poor slave girls

    It’s funny, straight up the woke Sussex cunts arses, anyone who doesn’t think it’s funny is a cunt!

  9. It wouldn’t surprise me if the pair of skanks toyed with the idea of Georgina, or even Georgia, but settled on the other attention grabbing name instead. I heard Hewitt was threatening to sue the BBC because they said he hadn’t asked Her Maj’s permission to use the name. That seems to have all gone quiet.
    Everybody has to be careful what they say these days. For some reason if you offend the wokies, which is very easily done, you get the sack.
    See that new Chief Constable in Manchester or wherever it is? (somewhere oop north) I’ve got a feeling he’s going to be in the shit very soon. I hope he’s got no skeletons in his cupboard……if he has the wokie police will soon find them.

  10. How’s this for pure hypocrisy from the Telegraph!

    Suzanne Moore was sacked from The Guardian last year because she didn’t follow the Woke Code of Conduct. Therefore The Torygraph employed,her, and published the following article (behind a paywall, so I can’t see the full article)

    Fast forward, 6 months and the Telegraph sack Burchill for more or less the same thing – not towing the line!

  11. Quite amusing but I do have to wonder what this lass was thinking posting such on Twatter.
    Even those with nil interest in it as a platform must know it is not a vehicle for free speech.
    Plus it’s infested by some of the biggest perpetually offended cunts you could never wish to meet.
    She would have been better off spray painting her joke on the side of her car and having a nice drive round to Chiggun Town.
    Fucking useless filth.

  12. No way on God’s little green earth is that tweet racist.

    Well done admins. Half a dozen posts in a row that are spot on. You’ve raised the bar. Let’s keep it there…

      • Hahahahaha talk about oxymoron in a nomination about free speech.

        Not to worry, I expect the other two Amigos will be here sharpish agreeing with you, Diva 😉

    • Hi Dioclese, bit off topic, sorry for going off on one a bit too much on the ‘Freedom Day Cancelled’ when you just said what I said was libelous. I requested admin to delete the post as I do respect this site. Hope that’s ok, cheers.

    • How dare they advertise free speech we should boycott them to show… free speech? I hate twitter.

    • Sorry. Think I made an error and was misdirected. This Tweet appears to be a call to boycott companies that are advertising on GB News. I advise you not to read the Tweet if you wish to retain your sanity.

      However, I’m certainly boycotting those advertisers that have pulled out. Cunts.

      • Apparently, Dear Darren whose tweet you linked to, has a headline: “Pro-EU, #FBPE, and of the view Brexit fails the people. In my other life, I am a Management & Leadership Learning Researcher, Facilitator and Coach.”

        And an inveterate wanker, perchance?

        Fuck off Darren, you drippy cunt. I love the Coop.

      • Dear Darren is a total numpty and an obnoxious twat. Cunt.

  13. On a more serious note I do fear that Son of Hewitt and Markle who Sparkles probably do not realise that they have made the whole WOKEY COKEY racist issue a massive and globally divisive issue – more so than it was before.

    On one hand I completely understand that if you have some kind of seleb status then you can use that power to influence change, for the good.

    All they (* more her I reckon) have done is added fuel to the fire. On one hand calling the monarchy a racist institution, then on the other given their spawn the queens nickname. Surely this just causes more confusion and blurs the lines of their true feelings – fucking bigots!

    And now, within our own Government there was a debate about the taking the knee at the Euro’s with Poppadum Patel and Reece the hog getting involved, coupled with Mings (the merciless) Footballer – though I did agree with old Reecy, it’s a push back to all the WOKEY COKEY’s..!

    Surely isn’t all this shit just stoking the fire of the shit-storm, socially and politically that is coming our way in years to come once the attention from COVID has shifted.

  14. My concern with this is that people are, as they say, being ‘cancelled’ this really is an Orwellian nightmare. How fucking dare they stop people earning a living because they have an opinion which does not match theirs. It really is beyond appalling. What on earth does the average person (us) do about it?

    • Sorry BC DCO but Ms Burchill has gone far beyond the pale with that awful joke regarding a name for the latest Earth bound angel to spring from the blessed loins of the Hewitt/Markle (TM) brand. This vicious attack on a Princess of the blood (wtf) has been dealt with in a totally woke way agreeing with all levels of pc practise. Fuck off your fired. Simple sweet and elegant and a warning to others who may wish to cast fun at such specially blessed persons without whom our World would be filled with more woe than my credit report.

  15. Julie Burchill is a bothersome old Baggage…I’m glad they sacked her.

    Won’t take the auld trout long to resurface.

    • Go on Dick, just admit you would nosh a Fray Bentos s&k pie off her giant round arse whilst she reamed her front hole with a 16″ dildo.

      • It’s the squeaky voice and fact that she’s ugly that makes her worth of banishment for me,Paul.

  16. As the Overton Window slides inexorably to the left, what do we expect, cunters? The Torygraph, like nearly every other paper, has experienced a 50% drop in paper sales over the last ten years. The focus has shifted online, and advertisers want ‘brand partnerships’ rather than paid-for ads. That is, the journalistic content is increasingly being determined by a purely commercial partnership. Or so I read it.

    Therefore it doesn’t matter a fuck what the journalist or the reader thinks…’toe the line or fuck off’ is the order of the day. The advertisers want the black/ LGBTQXYZ dollar. And the paper’s owners need the advertiser’s dollar. As we have seen repeatedly in cuntings passim.

  17. Ever wanted to know what Christopher Hitchens looked lie in drag? There it is…

  18. Free speech.
    If pre-approved by the sour, abusive and malicious free speech police.
    What a fucking joke.

  19. She was being total cunt for saying that. I read the telegraph, that was rather purile not racist. Still funny though.

  20. This woman looks like an overweight aged Dakota Johnson (from the 50 Shades of Cunt films).

  21. Burchill’s joke here was legendary, however – does it undo however many years of idiotic cuntishness this dumb bitch has racked up? She married a jewish guy then went straight into being exactly the type of goy-hating jew cunt which is currently causing 99.9% of the problems worldwide right now.
    Did you read that right? Yes you did you boring dead-head cunt. This site is full of ignorant cock-sucking inbreeds with nothing interesting to say, who decry the abduls yet support the same cunts bringing that battle to our doorstep.
    If you support Israel – you are a stupid anti-British cunt. End of. Look at how their state was created – through terrorist attacks against the UK – you stupid cunts!

    • Please enlighten me – how is supporting Israel anti-British (whatever supporting means) and how was Israel created with terrorist attacks against the UK? Thanks.

    • What I do know is Israelis didn’t commit mass murder in my home town (Manchester). Nor have they groomed and raped numerous girls in the area either.

      But I know the cunts who did.

  22. Freedom of speech isn’t up for someone else to say what is or not.
    Die for you fucking cause you weak cunts.

  23. When the Markle Locust is eventually unmasked in the press (when the very public and messy divorce happens, which it will), there will be so much egg on so many faces – black and white alike. She’s taking the piss out of both. Using being ‘black’ (when she isn’t) to play the race card. While also enjoying all the trappings of being white royalty (or at least being married to it). She has obviously fooled Harry, but she’s also fooled scores of virtue signaling pricks. All of them so eager to defend a grasping narcissist who is laughing at every fucker. When the time comes there will be loads saying ‘Oh, she didn’t fool me for a second. I knew she was no good’. At least Julie Burchill can say she had Markle sussed from the start.

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